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Title: Seasons of the eternal circle
Author: zazajb
Rating: mild R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Brychan, Ammeline, Jacqui, Euan
Spoilers – none, set S2, AU
Summary: It’s Jack and Ianto’s anniversary... Words 2650

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise belongs to RTD & BBC, I’m just playing with them...
Written for the [ profile] longliveianto  bingo prompt: Courtship rituals.
[Remember when there’s anything above a PG rating in story-time, that you’re getting Jack’s x-rated version!!!] 

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Seasons of the Eternal Circle

“Have you got everything?” Ianto called over his shoulder as he hurried down the stairs to answer the door.

“Yep..! no..! Where are my flippers? Jacqui said we might go to the Lakeside Water Park and we could go in the CoralZone...I need my flippers...” sounds of frantic rummaging in wardrobes floated down as Ianto opened the door to a smiling Jacqui and a madly grinning Euan.

“Hi...come in...Bry’s just looking for his flippers..!” Cariad, can you help Bry look for his flippers before he empties every cupboard..!

Sure thing sweetheart...Amme’s ready...

Love you...

Ianto ruffled Euan’s hair. “Bry says you’re going to Lakeside?”

“ cool...we get to snorkel in the CoralZone...” Euan bounced enthusiastically, “and Amme and mum can play in the baby pool and they’ve got a whale that shoots water at you and a big sand pit with sea shapes like buckets...” he paused dramatically and took another huge breath, “and there’s a...”

“Okay...we get it – you’re exited!” Jacqui smiled at her son. “Why don’t you go and see if Bry’s found his flippers yet?”


Jack, hyper six year old on the way up..!

Noted and moving back from the door! We’ve found Bry’s flippers and his room doesn’t look too bad...considering!

Ianto rolled his eyes, a soft smile curving the corners of his mouth as Jack shared the happy sight of the two friends bounding around their son’s bedroom like mad kangaroos!

Come down when you’re ready...I’m just going over the arrangements with want coffee?


Ianto chuckled, startling Jacqui who was watching him with a puzzled look on her face. He shook his head, catching her gaze, “I’m just imagining the three of them going mad up there!”

“Three? But Amme’s only...”

“No, the boys and Jack! They’ll be trampolining on the bed before we know it! And yes – they’ve done it before which is why we had the ceiling reinforced!” He grinned and headed to the kitchen, “I’m joking about the ceiling...although it’s an idea..!”

“Is there anything else I should know about nap times or bedtime routines..?” Jacqui couldn’t help the blissful smile that spread over her face as Ianto handed her a mug of his famous coffee.

“Nope, think you’ve got long as she’s got her Dagga she’ll go off to sleep about six thirty and sleep through ‘till seven the next morning. She’s dry day and night now, but I’ve put some trainer pants in just in case...” Coffee’s poured cariad... She loves the water and eats just about anything you put in front of her, though she is particularly fond of her Farley’s rusks...” he rummaged in the vegetable rack and pulled out a new box, adding sheepishly, “I have to hide them from Jack!”

He thrust them at Jacqui quickly as Jack came bounding in through the door and pounced on Ianto first, kissing him soundly much to Jacqui’s enjoyment and amusement, and then grabbed his coffee, inhaling the aroma with obvious rapture, before taking a large gulp and finally swinging round to wrap Jacqui into a fond one-armed hug. Releasing her, he eyed the box in her hand, “Farley’s rusks..?”

Ianto rolled his eyes and Jacqui laughed, moving the box firmly out of reach before fixing Jack with an attempt at a stern glare, which failed miserably when he turned on the full-power puppy dog eyes.

“Get off!” she giggled, pushing him away, “these are for Amme, not you!”

Jack ginned and draped himself round Ianto’s shoulders, nuzzling into the Welshman’s neck and nipping lightly to send shivers of desire cascading through the young man’s body... Shall we see our children off for their weekend adventure away..? then we can... He left the suggestion hanging, knowing that Ianto’s trousers were becoming uncomfortably tight at the images he was flooding into his head.

Pulling away regretfully from the warmth of his partner’s body, Jack headed back into the living room where Amme was now in her large play pen and the boys were making her giggle by hiding behind each other and jumping out. Amme clapped her little hands and squealed with delight, the laughter intensifying as her daddy scooped her up and blew a loud raspberry on her tummy...

He put her down as Jacqui and Ianto followed him into the room and the little girl toddled happily towards them “...aunta Jaja...” she held her arms out up as Jacqui picked her up and swung her round, laughing at the “...more Jaja...’gain..!”

“Jaja always makes me feel like I’m that alien from StarWars..!” she grinned, “lucky there’s no such things as aliens!”

We’ll have to tell her one day that the Captain Coat and Coffee Man stories are all true...

Jack ticked his daughter under her chin before planting a soft kiss on Jacqui’s cheek.

“What was that for..?” she blushed, pleased.

“For being you...” He wound his arm round Ianto’s waist as the Welshman rejoined them with the boys in tow, each carrying an overnight bag. “We really appreciate this...”

“Anniversaries are special times and you deserve some alone time...ten years and two beautiful children is something that should be celebrated...and I’m going to have fun myself...” she turned to the boys who were edging hopefully towards the door, “are we ready to go..?”

The yells were deafening and Bry tore the front door open before the two excited six year olds charged down the driveway to Jacqui’s car. The three adults laughed and followed in their wake.

Jack and Ianto each kissed their daughter before strapping her into her car seat then hugged Bry tightly. “Have a great time kiddo...” Jack squeezed his shoulder and Ianto ruffled his hair.

“I will, bye dad...tad and I hope your super powers will be recharged for story time next weekend...” he laughed as he and Euan climbed into the car and strapped themselves in.

I’m planning on wearing them out first... Jack sent with a leer and a slow replay of the last sensual unwrapping of his gorgeous Welshman.

Ianto blushed and turned to Jacqui, leaving her wondering again how they seemed to have silent conversations...but then after so long they knew each other so well...she sighed wistfully to herself and dragged her thoughts back to the present. “Okay, we’ve got children, we’ve got overnight bags so I guess we’re good to go!”

Hugging both men tightly, she kissed each of their cheeks “Happy Anniversary...see you tomorrow evening...”

“Any problems, just call...” Ianto leant against Jack as Jacqui slid into the driver’s seat. They waved as the car pulled away and watched until it disappeared from sight around the corner.

“So...Mr Harkness-Jones...I have you all to myself...” Jack’s breath, warm against his ear, sent delicious shivers down Ianto’s spine and he turned to wrap his arms around the older man’s neck as he claimed his mouth, and they kissed sweetly as each revelled in the feel of soft lips moving against their own. Jack nibbled enticingly on Ianto’s bottom lip, the gentle moan lost as the Welshman opened his mouth so their tongues could enjoy a seductive slow dance as they twirled and the kiss deepened, each now pressing closer, passions rising...

Now...want you now... Their thoughts collided as they came up for air, hands clasped tightly and Jack led them indoors, kicking the door shut with his foot as Ianto slammed him into the hall wall. Lips crashed together, tongues now duelled wildly and hands grabbed frantically at clothing as their blood supply fled south... They broke their kiss for a split second as each tore the other’s t-shirt over their head, Ianto’s Blue Gillespie flung left, Jack’s Captain America – so apt that one, Ianto always thought – flying backwards as lips reattached and the blissful sensation of skin on skin accompanied the searing kisses while hands continued to roam, attacks now moving to belts, buttons and zips...

Lube in jeans pocket...

Got it...

Their thoughts swirled and entwined, words...just intense and beautiful emotion, taking their lovemaking to another plane as each lost themselves completely in the other, every cell of their being merged until they cried out as one and slumped in a tangle of sweat-slicked limbs on the hall wood-panel floor.

Love you, Ianto...

Love you too, Jack...

They headed to the shower where they exchanged tender kisses under the steaming spray, passion reigniting until they emerged, clean and glowing...

Ianto dressed carefully, his charcoal suit and purple Swiss cotton shirt with the deep red tie a favourite ensemble of Jack’s. His hands trembled as he buttoned up the waistcoat and tied a perfect knot of silk at his throat...

In Bry’s room, Jack was dressing in his wedding suit, a dark blue three piece, with palest blue shirt and deep blue tie...he ran his finger over the engraving on the pocket watch Ianto had given him J All the time we have...yours always..I x a surge of warmth and love cascading through him as he shared the image with the man he loved so very much in the next room.

You ready Yan?


Let’s do it...

What if I mess up...

You won’t...but it wouldn’t matter...just doing this with me is... Jack stifled a sob...


I’m fine...just a bit...overwhelmed...

Can I see you now?

We leave the rooms together...ready...three, two, one...

They stepped out onto the landing, simultaneous intakes of breath as they each took in the other’s attire.

Wow Jack, you look amazing...

You’re so beautiful...

Hands reached towards each other, hovered in mid-air before dropping back to their sides without making contact.

Jack went to the top of the stairs, Ianto close behind him...close enough to drown in the intoxicating scent that was Jack, enough to calm his nerves...

Wait here...I’ll just be a moment... Jack walked briskly down the stairs and gathered their scattered clothing from earlier, dumping it out of sight in the utility room. Next he went into the living room and moved the chairs and the coffee table, lit the tall candle and placed the two smaller ones, unlit, on either side. Finally, he retrieved the blood red towel and filled the ornate alien bowl with warm water, placing both carefully on the coffee table.

I’m ready now...

Descending the stairs on somewhat wobbly legs, Ianto took deep breaths in an attempt to slow his pounding heartbeat. He stopped at the closed door of the living room and bit his bottom lip nervously before knocking firmly on the solid wood, sounding loudly in the quiet hallway.

Jack opened the door, his eyes sparkling with unshed tears, echoing Ianto’s own emotional state. He attempted a tiny smile which was returned and a flicker of emotion broke through before both reasserted their mental shields.

Jack held out both hands and Ianto mirrored his actions, stopping when they were just inches apart. “Ianto Jones, you have consented to share new season, new hope and new life with me in accordance with the ancient Boshane Courtship ritual. Come and be cleansed, that we may be unburdened as we set out on our life together...”

Ianto followed as Jack led him to a chair, indicating that he sit. As soon as he was seated, Jack knelt down and carefully removed the Welshman’s shoes and socks, putting them to one side. Next he spread the blood red towel out on Ianto’s lap and picked the bowl up, holding it just above the towel. Their eyes met and Ianto gasped at the intensity of emotion that blazed out from those blue grey depths.

At Jack’s minute nod, he immersed his hands and spread his fingers, moving them gently side to side for several seconds until Jack nodded again and he removed them from the water. Jack replaced the bowl on the table and Ianto dropped his hands onto the towel. With a reverence that took his breath away, Jack dried each of Ianto’s hands, still not making any skin to skin contact. Next he repeated the process with Ianto’s feet.

Standing he took the bowl back into the kitchen and poured the water away, replacing it with fresh. Setting the bowl back on the coffee table, he sat down and placed his hands in his lap. Ianto moved to kneel in front of him and draped the towel over Jack’s knees, before repeating all of Jack’s actions; taking off his shoes and socks before washing and drying his hands and feet. He took the bowl into the kitchen and emptied it, bringing the bowl back to place it once more on the coffee table. Then he folded the towel and put it inside the empty bowl.

They both knelt on the floor and Jack held out his hands, “I ask that you take my hands in truth and love...”   as Ianto clasped them firmly in his own.

“I take your hands in truth and love...” as their eyes met once more with deep longing and both lowered their shields to let their thoughts entwine joyously.

“ come with me willingly on this journey...”

“I come with you willingly on our journey...”

“ share this new season, with new hope in our new life...”

“I share your new season, with new hope in our new life...”

Tears spilled down Jack’s cheeks as he released one of Ianto’s hands to pick up one of the candles, lighting it from the tall pillar candle on the coffee table. He offered the candle to Ianto who took it, his own tears also falling unchecked down his face.

Ianto now released Jack’s other hand and lit the second candle, offering it to the man he loved with his entire being. Jack took it and they linked their free hands together once more.

“ I commit myself to you...Ianto...”

“ I commit myself to you...Jack...”

“...for all seasons of the eternal circle...” they said together, their voices hoarse with raw emotion.

Both reached across and placed their candles carefully in the holder on the table before picking up their wedding rings that they’d removed earlier that morning. Eyes locked on each other once more, they each took turns to slide the ring onto the other’s finger. Smiling now, through their tears, they leaned forward, hands entwined and their lips met tenderly, the kiss a summation of every emotion that they shared...a kiss that grew in intensity, until it became many kisses and fired the simmering passion building in their nether regions...

I love you Jack Harkness-Jones... Ianto shuddered as desire rocked him back onto his heels, breathless and dizzy...

I love you Ianto Harkness-Jones... Jack paused, panting softly from the heat and intensity of their kisses



Take me to bed...

Thoughts melted into incoherence as they stumbled up the stairs and tumbled onto the bed, fiery kisses burning hot trails over sensitive skin as they undressed each other slowly and the world outside ceased to was just them, right here, right now... as they celebrated their newly made promises, finally falling into a sated sleep, wrapped in the eternal circle of each other’s arms...


The adventures of Captain Coat and Coffee Man will continue in the next prompt.




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Title: If you just believe...
Author: zazajb
Rating: NC-17, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team, Brychan, Ammeline
Spoilers – none, set S2, AU
Summary: A postcard sparks off a few memories... Words 5000

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise belongs to RTD & BBC, I’m just playing with them...
Written for the [ profile] longliveianto  bingo prompt: Vacation/holidays. [Remember when there’s anything above a PG rating that you’re getting Jack’s x-rated version!!!]  This story completes my first line.

X-posted Longliveianto, Jantolution, jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper, jantosparkle, ijs[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N This is dedicated to [ profile] lilferret  ‘cos she’s awesome!

Thanks to the wonderful talented [ profile] ianto_love_jack  for the banner and icon *hugs*


If you just believe...

The post clattered through the letter box and dropped with a plop on the floor. Ammeline and Bry both scrambled to get it, Amme squealing happily when she got there first to gather it carefully in her little fingers.

Bry laughed “you beat me Amme!” He shared a conspiratory grin with his tad as the two year old toddled back to the kitchen where the family were about to have their usual Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes, syrup and fruit before heading to the library for story time...

Ianto took the bundle of envelopes from his beaming daughter before letting her climb onto his lap where she settled to eat her breakfast. He flicked through the post mostly junk, looks like the quote for the new carpet...oh, and a postcard from Martha... his eyebrows raised and his face broke into a huge grin as he studied the picture and turned it over to read the few words.

What’s got you giggling like Amme when she’s watching Pingu? Jack expertly flipped the pancakes onto a large serving plate and turned the cooker off before coming to join his family at the table. He leant down to read over Ianto’s shoulder, taking the opportunity to nuzzle into the Welshman’s neck with light, barely there touches of his lips sending cascades of goose bumps racing over the sensitive skin as he breathed in the unique scent that was just Ianto...

Jack, Ianto, Bry & Amme

Tom & I finally made it to Lapland to check out the algae for Tom’s research! Couldn’t help but think about the time you were Santa – when was it again? Oh, yeah – Christmas! That must be, what nearly seven years ago now? That was when you found out you were pregnant – what a wild Xmas that was! Love that story!

Love to the kids, We’ll bring them a memento – something appropriate!

Love Martha & Tom xxx

Jack chortled aloud and tipped Ianto’s face up to kiss him softly. Now that was a story and a half..! We really were superheroes that night...all of us!

I think I’m gonna use that one today – our little off-world trip with the doctor can wait ‘till another day!

Jack pressed a tender kiss to the end of his Welshman’s button nose and dropped into a chair before piling his plate with pancakes, strawberries and lashings of syrup which he ate with obvious enjoyment whilst pulling faces at their daughter and discussing the merits of different superhero powers with Bry.

Ianto watched him, loving every single second they spent with their children and each other. He smiled at the gentle love you...always... caressing the sentiment and returning it as their eyes met above their children’s heads. Thank you Jack...

What for?

Loving me two beautiful children...everything you do...just being you...

You know I only fly because I have you...

Reaching out, Jack slid his hand around the back of Ianto’s neck and pulled him closer so their lips met in a tender kiss, slow and familiar as tongues explored every contour of the other’s mouth and soft moans were lost against lips...each losing themselves in the moment...

“Oi, dad..put tad down..!” Brychan made an impressive pseudo-Owen. “We need to get ready..!”

They pulled apart gently, lips pink and swollen and turned to smile at the indignant six year old who stood with his hands on his hips, big blue grey eyes gleaming and a perfect mini- Jack pout...

He gets more like his Godfather everyday!

He’s got his dad’s pout..!

I don’t pout!

Says he...pouting! You need to check a mirror, cariad! Let’s get moving or we’ll be late...

Forty minutes later they were headed for the library, Bry pushing Amme in her buggy, Jack and Ianto sauntering behind, hands entwined, their thoughts swirling contentedly...

Oh bugger!


Miss Martin’s here again...

They watched as the kind hearted but fierce-on-the-outside Head teacher disappeared into the building.

She loved you last week...

Ianto groaned that was last week..!

Get your cute little arse into that library and go wow your audience... He pressed a quick kiss to the Welshman’s lips and gave him a gentle push in the direction of the doors, nodding as Bry pointed at Euan and the two friends skipped past Ianto into the entrance hall. Jack lifted Ammeline from the pushchair, handed over her beloved Dagga and followed as she toddled through the doors. They found a spot at the back and settled down ready for the start of the story.

Jack glanced around are there even more here this week?

I think so...

Lots of mums...and aunties and sisters and... all Coffee Man groupies!

Ha ha ha! I’m gonna start get the x-rated version just for you!

“Good morning boys and girls, mums and dads...are we ready for another adventure with Captain Coat and Coffee Man?” He grinned at the deafening roar of approval, settling down in his chair before beginning...

“Owen...come back here..!” Gwen giggled as she chased the medic around the hub brandishing the sprig of green leaves and white berries. Owen doubled back and darted down the steps into autopsy, crouching down beside the dresser in an attempt to hide from the Welshwoman and her mistletoe.

Jack leant over the railings outside his office grinning broadly. He loved seeing his team so playful and carefree, his mind drifting back to the previous evening when he’d pinned Ianto up against the wall in the kitchen after everyone else had gone home. The mistletoe had gotten a thorough worshipping as he’d kissed his Welshman to the stars and back, those perfect lips soft and sensual under his own as the young man melted against him and threaded his fingers lovingly through his Captain’s hair...

When they surfaced, briefly, to recharge their lungs, Jack had taken Ianto’s hand and led him down to his bunker where he’d departed from the more traditional mistletoe kisses to press his lips to every inch of his Welshman’s skin until, trembling and sated, they’d fallen asleep wrapped in each other’s arms...

Tosh nudged him. “Penny for them, Jack – you had that dreamy look on your face again...”

Jack jumped and dragged his thoughts back to the present. “Just thinking about mistletoe...” he grinned, “can’t tell you any more or I’ll get into trouble!”

“You certainly will! Absolutely no kissing and telling..!” delicious Welsh vowels sounded behind them and they swung round to see Ianto smiling at them, a laden tray of steaming mugs and plates of mince pies in his hands.

“Talking of kissing...” Jack waggled his eyebrows suggestively, drawing a blush to the Welshman’s cheeks as he streamed a succession of steamy kissing sessions into the young man’s head.

Tosh giggled. “Yes, speaking of kissing...” she pointed down into autopsy as Gwen reappeared still on her hunt for the elusive doctor, “shall we go and watch Owen finally succumb to Gwen’s mistletoe?” she grinned at Gwen’s delighted thumbs up.

They walked down into the main hub and looked over the railings into autopsy just in time to see Owen finally cornered and thoroughly kissed under Gwen’s insistent attentions. Wriggling free from her grasp, Owen wiped his lips as they all laughed at his horrified expression. Gwen looked up “anyone else?” she waved the spray of berries at them.

Jack grinned and took a step towards the stairs “I don’t think I’ve had Owen under there yet...”

Owen muttered rudely under his breath and dragged out the carcass of a Rheddian tribug that had come through the rift the previous day. “I’ve got work to do, Captain, if you don’t mind...” he said with as much dignity as he could muster. He turned his back and began sorting out his instruments as Jack chuckled and returned to the main hub, took his coffee and a mince pie off the tray and headed for his office.

Gwen skipped lightly up the stairs and handed the mistletoe to Tosh. “I think Owen might need a bit more kissing..!” she winked. Tosh tucked the sprig of leaves and berries into her hair, picked up hers and Owen’s mugs and headed down the steps. Ianto and Gwen chuckled and left them to it.

The morning passed swiftly with nothing more taxing than a two foot lump of space junk landing in the bay which rapidly sank from sight saving them the hassle of immediate retrieval. Ianto added it to the logs for the spring when the weather was more amenable to wreck diving. All in all, it was a productive few hours and even Owen was heard humming Christmas carols contentedly down in autopsy once Tosh had returned to her own workstation after an extended and enjoyable session under the mistletoe.

At lunch, Ianto handed out the Chinese he’d ordered and they pulled crackers and toasted each other...

“Wow, thanks Jack..!” Gwen’s eyes shone as Jack handed out envelopes and she opened hers to find a five star London break with a show and spending money. Tosh and Owen had a similar package between them plus a simple diamond bracelet for Tosh and a season ticket for the rugby for Owen.

“Thanks Jack...” Tosh hugged him tightly and brushed a gentle kiss to his cheek.

“Oi, that’s my girlfriend, Harkness!” Owen protested good humouredly as Jack cupped Tosh’s face for a friendly kiss, grinning as she blushed prettily.

All eyes then swivelled towards Ianto who was smiling wickedly at his gift - the CD soundtrack to Pretty Woman and a scrap of torn blue pinstripe he recognised from his sadly demised favourite suit, sacrificed in the name of duty to a barbed wire fence...

“What film..? Pretty Woman?” Gwen was intrigued.

“Private joke..!” Jack supplied hurriedly as the Welshman rolled his eyes at the images streaming into his head from a previous shopping trip at Sartoriani’s which had them almost being caught with their trousers down – literally! “I’m taking him shopping for a new suit...or two...”

“Best behaviour...sir?” Ianto returned the images with interest.

Measuring tapes never lie...

So I’m told!  

There was frantic scurrying as they hurried off to collect the parcels each had hidden around the hub, lots of laughter and hugs as those gifts were then exchanged with promises not to open until the morrow.

Jack looked round fondly at his team. “That’s it then folks, grab your gear and get out of here...Ianto and I are doing tonight and tomorrow, Tosh and Owen Boxing Day and Gwen, you and Rhys the day after...the rift monitor isn’t predicting much so fingers crossed we get a peaceful Christmas holiday...”

After another round of hugs and “Merry Christmas”, the roller door clunked behind them, leaving Jack and Ianto alone. Jack grinned and tugged the Welshman into a hug, burying his face into the young man’s neck as he inhaled that unique scent that was just Ianto.

Just you and me...

And Myfanwy...

Just you and me and the pet dinosaur then!

She’s not a dinosaur, Jack she’s a...

Ianto’s thoughts ground to a halt as Jack’s lips crashed against his own and he was kissed senseless, melting against his Captain as tongues tangled, teeth clashed and his knees were weak when they finally surfaced to renew their air supply.

So what do you want to do now..? Jack’s arousal pressed hard against Ianto’s hip as he arched against him.

I should be clearing up...

So clear up then..!

Ianto moaned softly as Jack grabbed his backside and drew their bodies closer still, brushing the front of his trousers with his own straining fabric ...but I like this better! He tangled his hands in the older man’s hair and claimed his mouth again, passions rising as they arched against each other and delicious tendrils of desire spread through their bodies.

Strip,! I need you...

Bossy! I like... Jack groaned loudly as Ianto tore his mouth away from their frantic kiss to suck on his neck.

“I said now Jack!” he growled against his ear, the barely there touch sending shivers cascading down the Captain’s body. Hands clawed at buttons, belts and zips as they locked lips once more, crawling progressively further into each other’s mouth as the pile of discarded clothing grew and every touch of heated skin sent shudders of feral want raging through them.

Jack’s fingers trailed down Ianto’s back and over the rounded curve of his buttocks, brushing the entrance to his body to bring a breathless moan from the Welshman’s pink and kiss swollen lips.


Pocket...hurry...need you...really need you...

Ianto felt a needy whimper building when the warmth of Jack’s body vanished as he moved to where the Welshman’d kicked off his trousers and groped in the pocket for the small bottle he always carried – with Jack around it paid to be prepared!!

He gasped with mixed shock and relief as a cool finger slid into his body and Jack’s warmth wrapped around him once more, claiming his lips in a hungry kiss as his tongue swept possessively over every contour of the young man’s mouth and he gave himself to the pleasure spreading through his body, drowning himself in the intoxicating sensation of everything that was Jack...

More...please Jack... Ianto pressed back as Jack slid in a second finger then a third, brushing that magic spot to bring a gasp against Jack’s lips, their kisses hot and messy now, bodies trembling with desire ...

Now...I’m ready...needneedneed... Ianto’s low moan of pleasure against his ear had Jack teetering precariously on the edge as he shuffled them over to the railings overlooking autopsy, hoisting his Welshman up to lean back against them, wrapping his legs around his Captain’s waist as he pushed in slowly, both relishing the hot feel of the other...

Ianto arched his head back as Jack withdrew and slid back in at a tantalisingly slow pace, desperate for more yet wanting to prolong the pleasure as long as possible before neither could stand it any longer and he began pounding into him, misaligned kisses and deep guttural moans accompanying the sounds of hot flesh against flesh. The waves of ecstasy built gradually, starting in their toes and spreading up and out to burst like a crescendo as Ianto cried Jack’s name, the feel of his muscles clenching around him, enough to tip the older man off the edge into his own climax and they floated together amongst the stars before they collapsed, panting, in a tangle of limbs on the floor.

They came down slowly from their orgasmic high, breathing evening out as the chill air in the hub sent trails of goose bumps running over their exposed skin and they shivered.


Yep...and then a coffee...

Minutes later, they were wrapped around each other, sharing soft kisses as the steaming water cascaded down on them... Finally dry and dressed and their hands cupped around aromatic mugs of Jack’s favourite blend, they moved to their separate tasks – Ianto to clear up the boardroom from their lunch and Jack to tackle his backlog of files now the team had caught up on all theirs!

They worked until ten and then took a mug of hot chocolate down to Jack’s bunker where they hung up their stockings on the ladder. Did you leave a mince pie and drink out for Santa?

Of course! A mince pie, a flask of coffee and some carrots for the reindeer...

I love you!

I know! Now let’s get to bed or Santa won’t leave us anything...I hope you’ve been good Jack!

I’m always good..!

Even with the light off, Jack could sense the emphatic eye roll from his Welshman and he chuckled as he slid into bed and scooted over to give Ianto room to get in beside him. They faced each other briefly, kissed softly and then Ianto turned over as Jack curled up around him, pressing their bodies tightly together and entwining their hands as they snuggled up and drifted off to sleep.

Up on the Plass it began to snow, heavy flakes falling to coat the ground thickly. Christmas Day in Cardiff arrived under a blanket of white...

Ianto wasn’t sure quite what’d woken him, but he was aware that Jack was awake too and by the set of his body, he was on full alert. What is it cariad?

Don’t know...think there’s someone in the hub...

What time is it? One of the others you think? No alarms so it’s someone who knows the codes...and Myfanwy would make a fuss if it was a stranger... Ianto felt some of the tension leave the Captain’s body as he relaxed against him briefly, dropping a light kiss on his forehead.

It’s just after midnight... Coming? Jack slid his legs over the edge of the bunk and reached for his trousers. He pulled his Webley from its holster just in case...

Wait for me... Ianto scrambled into his own trousers and slid into his shirt, not bothering to button it up before tucking his stun gun into his waistband and following Jack silently up the ladder. He bumped into him in the darkness of Jack’s office, a muffled ouch lost against the mouthful of bare skin and solid shoulder blade that collided heavily with his face.

They stood, heads to one side, listening...Myfanwy was moving around in her nest, but not unhappily so – that was reassuring... They stiffened to attention at the distinct sounds of someone, something stumbling around over by the invisible lift and moved carefully towards the sounds, Ianto grabbed a torch off Jack’s desk and prepared to spotlight their nocturnal visitor once Jack was in position behind it...! Jack ‘s thoughts swept into his mind and he shone the torch over, his mouth dropping open in surprise as the light illuminated a rotund body clad in a red, fur-edged suit, a matching hat, black boots and a long white beard.

Santa Claus? Jack, that’s...that’s Santa...

Yep! And he doesn’t look at all well! Something’s Owen...

Now? Ianto shook his head Scratch that...just a bit stunned....

You hung stockings up, Yan...who d’you think was gonna fill them? Despite his concern over their guest’s health, Jack couldn’t resist teasing his slightly awestruck Welshman

Um...not really thought about it...I mean we’re grown ups...Santa’s...

If you just believe, Yan...and you obviously do or you’d not see him...

Ianto grinned Got me on that one! I’ll call Owen...

Can you put the lights on...

The low level night lights flickered on before Ianto dug his phone out of his pocket and dialled Tosh’s home number knowing they were spending Christmas at her flat. At first Tosh thought she was dreaming the conversation until Owen snatched the phone from her, his snarky “this had better be bloody good tea boy!” convincing her that Ianto had actually been telling her he and Jack had a seriously ill Santa Claus and nine unhappy and less than well reindeer at the hub.

After a quiet “that’s Coffee Man to you!” Ianto assured Owen it was indeed ‘bloody good’ and Owen should get his arse to the hub in double quick time if he wanted his stocking filled! He left the innuendo, knowing it had hit home when the medic simply growled “you’d better have the coffee on, Coffee Man” before hanging up abruptly.

They’re on their way in... Any idea what it is? He really doesn’t look well at all...

Sounds like some sort of toxic poison...he said he went through a cloud over Russia... Rudolph said it tasted he headed straight here in the hope we’d be able to help...

The reindeer talk?

No, not like we do, but Santa...Kris...his real name’s Kris Kringle, can hear their we can each other’s...

Oh! Shall I bring the reindeer inside?

Jack spoke quietly to the almost unconscious figure that lay prone on the raggedy old sofa.

He says no, they’ll get fretful indoors...oh and, as long as adults continue to believe on Christmas Day, that’s all that’s needed...yes, he can hear our thoughts too...reach out and you’ll find him...

Ianto closed his eyes and concentrated, jumping when his thoughts touched a different mind, a wise and ancient mind, full of deep and gentle love against a backdrop of sparkling humour...a mind that opened to him and linked him to the reindeer... He gasped as he realised he was thought swapping with Rudolph, unable to stop himself from wondering if his nose was as shiny as the song suggested. Jack’s chuckling at the back of his head told him that his beloved Captain was following the exchange. He blinked and shook his head briefly – it was getting a little crowded in there!

He was distracted by the roller door opening to admit Owen and Tosh, both dusting snow off their coats, their eyes widening as they took in the sight of the figure on the sofa. Owen immediately got his bag and began checking the man over.

Ianto beckoned Tosh over to her workstation. “Happy Christmas Tosh! Can we set up a perception filter to enclose the reindeer up in the Plass – we can use the invisible lift as an anchor for the signal...we just need to extend it so that they’re not seen...”

Tosh peered at the program the Welshman had pulled up and smiled at him. “It’ll only take a minute or two...” she said, her fingers flying over the keyboard. He kissed her cheek lightly.

“Thanks, now I’ve got to get the coffee on and take some straw and ginger biscuits up to the reindeer – Prancer says they’re his favourite and it’ll help them recharge their energy levels...” He grinned and tapped his temple, “yep, I’m having a conversation with Santa’s reindeer in my head! I’ll tell you everything later when I’ve made them more comfortable...”

He was on his way to the invisible lift with a huge bag of straw when Owen confirmed the diagnosis of toxic radiation poisoning and gave him nine large tablets, one for each reindeer. “They’ll need to take’ll neutralise the effects in a few hours and make them sleepy...”



They hate’ll need to stick them in chocolate..!

No problem... A brief change of course to the kitchen followed, Ianto pouring the coffee and pulling a box of twelve giant chocolate caramel cups from the cupboard. Quickly pressing a pill into nine of them, he dropped them back into the box and left the other three on the tray with the coffee which he then dumped on the coffee table next to the sofa.

Moments later he was heading up to the reindeer in their impromptu perception filter pen, straw and chocolate covered treatments in his hands. A brief conversation with Rudolph and he was offering each animal a chocolate, a bed of straw and a drink. He shivered and buttoned up his shirt as the snow continued to fall, wishing he’d put a jacket on.

Thank you Ianto Jones...your kindness will not be forgotten...  Rudolph’s mind pressed sleepily against his own. Now we must rest if we are to take over from you at sunrise...

Take over?

Your Captain has offered to deliver the gifts for us while we recover...

Ianto’s eyes widened before a smile curved the corners of his lips as he took in the full meaning. Jack? Are we playing Santa?


Shall I call Gwen?

Tosh is calling her and Rhys in as we speak... Kris is too ill, he needs a few hours rest for the medication to take effect so Torchwood is going into the parcel delivery service – we’re just doing the UK, Jersey and Guernsey...

Wow...I’m on the lift now...bring me back down... His smile widened as he saw Jack waiting at the bottom of the lift with a red Santa hat edged with fur on his head and another in his hands

A hat for each of us...they’re not your average hat as they’ve got entry codes for every single home in the country – valid only on Christmas Eve into Christmas Day...

A sudden thought hit Ianto... Jack? How we gonna fly without reindeer?

Myfanwy to the rescue...

Kris can talk to her too and she’s raring to go! Tosh has all the sleigh controls programmed into my wrist strap...

Less than thirty minutes later, they were bundled into the sleigh alongside an incredulous Rhys as Myfanwy headed north to Scotland... Few saw them and those who did waved and wouldn’t remember when they woke up again the next morning. It was fast and furious and arguably the most enjoyable thing they’d ever done, cramming gifts into stocking and pillowcases on the end of soundly sleeping children’s beds... This was one for the memories...

They were finishing St Peter Port in Guernsey as the first faint streaks of light appeared in the East and they headed back to Cardiff, weary but happy.

The first sight they saw was a much improved Kris Kringle stroking his reindeer up on the Plass. It had stopped snowing but everything was still covered in a blanket of white. Gwen peered over the edge,“it’s just so beautiful from up here...” she said, her voice hushed as Rhys squeezed her hand and the others nodded in agreement.

Myfanwy made a smooth landing and stood patiently while she was uncoupled from the sleigh, nuzzling into Kris’ hand as he fed her with her favourite dark chocolate. She made a soft clacking noise with her beak before heading back to her nest.

“Thank you all, so’ll never know just how much this means to me...” Kris was beaming, tears sparkling in his eyes. He rummaged in his sleigh, returning with a small parcel for each of them. “A small token of my gratitude...” He hugged them one by one, finishing with Ianto, delving into his pocket to pull out a tiny pair of pale blue bootees. “You’re going to be needing these before we meet again...” his impossibly blue eyes twinkled as the Welshman’s mouth dropped open and he gazed from Kris to Jack, his gaze dropping to rest on Jack’s flat stomach before returning to Kris. The wise old man nodded...

Anything is possible...if you just believe... I’ll see you next year, Ianto Jones...and congratulations...



You’re pregnant..?

Is that okay? We’re going to have a baby, Yan!



C’m here! I love you...

Love you too...

 The team watched as the reindeer lined up into their harness and moments later they took off, vanishing into the distance.

Ianto flung himself into Jack’s arms and kissed him soundly as Rhys spread his arms wide, declaring loudly “Merry Christmas, everyone!”

Ianto leant back in his chair. “And that’s how Captain Coat and Coffee Man – and their friends – saved Christmas.” He looked around at his audience “So do you believe in Santa Claus?” He grinned as the children went wild, clapping and cheering and the parents nodded and joined in. It was loud and prolonged and Ianto was blushing profusely at some of the comments and images Jack was streaming into his head.

 Karen, the librarian, held her hand up for quiet. “I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed that one! Now, last week’s picture winner was Euan Lloyd for his wonderful Wild West scene...” she presented a delighted Euan with his book voucher as Jack winked at him. “All last week’s pictures are displayed around the library with the winners in the entrance hall so do have a look...this week’s winners will have their pictures turned into Christmas cards later on in the year, so get drawing children and bring your Captain Coat and Coffee Man saves Christmas designs into us before next Saturday...

It remains for me to thank Mr Harkness-Jones as always, for sharing his wonderful stories with us...maybe we could persuade him to write them down so we could offer them in book form as well...” Ianto blushed at the cheering and resolved to give the idea some serious thought.

The crowd dispersed slowly, lively chattering and happy faces scattering to their different pursuits. Ianto congratulated Euan warmly and Jack clapped him on the back. “Well done, young man!” as Euan beamed proudly.

Jacqui laughed as her son bounced excitedly, “I won, I won, I won!” he chanted, waving his voucher in the air.

“So I see! You want to celebrate with lunch out? Bry can come if he’s allowed...” she glanced at Jack and Ianto who both nodded. “So, Pizza Hut boys?” She grinned as they cheered madly and, after Bry gave a quick hug to his dad, tad and little sister they charged out of the library. “Six thirty okay to bring him you time to rest your super powers if you need to...” Jacqui twinkled at them as Jack pressed a soft kiss to the side of Ianto’s neck and waggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Perfect..! Thank you...” Ianto grinned

 Jacqui headed out after the boys, calling “see you later...” over her shoulder. Jack and Ianto followed her out, strapping Amme into her pushchair before heading home. They gave her some lunch and put her down for her afternoon nap, watching as she fell asleep.

Y‘know listening to that story today...kinda made me broody...fancy practicing for a little brother or sister for our two..?

Ianto grinned and entwined their fingers before leading his Captain to their bedroom...


The adventures of Captain Coat and Coffee Man continue in the next prompt: Courtship Rituals:

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zazajb: (captain coat & coffee man)

Title: Tissues and tall tales...
Author: zazajb
Rating: NC-17, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set S2, AU
Summary: An illness in the family sparks off a few memories... Words 7250

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise belongs to RTD & BBC, I’m just playing with them...
Written for the [ profile] longliveianto  bingo prompt: Illness

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A/N Considering I’ve never done family/children Janto fic before I seem to be getting into it in rather a big way...forgive the indulgence here! Also apologies for the gap in posting [and reading – not forgotten you guys, honestly!] but work has been utter madness - six weeks of stress packed into three and a half, plus my Head of Department has been off ill so I’ve been doing all that as well and there haven’t been enough hours in the day! However, there is now a light at the end of the tunnel...

Thanks to the wonderful talented [ profile] ianto_love_jack  for the banner and icon *hugs*

Dedicated to [ profile] iantosdreamer46  for her birthday  


Tissues and tall tales...

“Tad...Dad..!” Brychan burst into the room and dropped his school bag in the middle of the floor. “Euan’s going to Splashdown and his mum says I can go too...can I?” he paused for a burst of coughing, “please..?”

Jack glanced at Ianto who was reading a Princess Bella storybook with Ammeline on the sofa. “What d’you think? He’s been coughing a lot this week...”

“P-l-e-a-s-e Tad...I love the water slides...” the big puppy-dog eyes went into full mini-Jack mode and Ianto felt himself succumbing despite his misgivings about the state of their son’s health. He’s turning those big Jack eyes on me!

“I’m not sure it’s...” he started.

Pleasepleaseplease! I’m fine, Euan’s got a cough as well and he’s allowed...” the pout appeared briefly before Brychan remembered that he never did as well with that strategy so he turned up the intensity of his pleading gaze, swinging round to give Jack the full benefit for good measure!

You know you’re going to let him go!

I guess I just can’t resist that look...for anything!

I’ll remind you of that later when the kids are in bed...

The two men grinned and shook their heads minutely. “Okay!” they said together.

“Thanks Tad” Bry squeaked excitedly as he flung himself on Ianto, half squashing his little sister in his exuberant embrace. He wriggled out of Ianto’s hug and repeated the action with Jack who’d now returned to the kitchen where he was sorting out Ammeline’s tea.

Jack hugged him tight before ruffling his hair and swatting him playfully on his backside as he scampered from the room. Amme’s toast’s done, he sent, adding a gentle love you which was caressed softly and returned.

Moments later Ianto and their daughter joined him at the kitchen table, Jack settling her into her high chair as Ianto moved to the coffee machine to make them a mug each. They leant against each other and watched Amme munching happily on her marmite toast fingers, a tiny pot of fromage frais that she managed to smear half into her hair and half in her mouth, and finally crunch contentedly on a sliced up apple.

Ianto dug his phone out of his pocket when it beeped. He flicked it open and read swiftly as Jack began to clean their daughter’s hands and face with a baby wipe before handing her a beaker of juice.

Euan’s mum...apologising for not asking about Splashdown first, and for not stopping when she dropped Bry off earlier – she had to pick Ellie up from a netball match. Apparently Ellie’s going to the cinema with a group of friends – Jacqui’s one of the designated drivers so rather than go all the way there and back twice she thought she’d take the boys into the water park while the girls watch their film and then they’ll all go to Pizza Hut afterwards...

So we’ll be all alone after Amme’s had her bath and gone to bed?

Yep! You better practice those puppy-dog eyes!

Done! Tell her yes and thank you!

Ianto grinned as he tapped a reply and pressed send, another beep returning almost instantly. He chuckled as Jack sent him a full-on big eyes puppy-dog look followed by some decidedly interesting scenarios.

Whoa tiger! We’ve got things to do first!


Like bath and tuck our daughter up in bed, sort out our dinner and get Bry’s school stuff ready for tomorrow...

The pout replaced the ‘come hither’ look and a quietly grumbling Jack scooped up their happy chattering two year old and headed up the stairs. He was chuckling with her by the time he reached the top – until he checked on Bry’s preparations for his swimming trip to find the entire contents of his chest of drawers scattered far and wide over his room.

Yan – your son’s turned his room into a war zone...

Why is he always mine when he’s made a mess?

‘Cause you’re so much better at sorting him out than me! Anyway, I’m bathing our daughter... He felt the emphatic roll of his partner’s eyes and grinned. “Bry, Tad’s on the way up – he won’t be happy with the state of your room!”

“But I can’t find my swim shorts!” Brychan protested. “I’ve looked everywhere...”

“In your wardrobe, in your swim bag, ready from last get this tidied or I might have to change my mind about you going...” Ianto said firmly, coming into the room quietly and making him jump.

“But Tad...Jacqui’ll be here in a minute...” the pout reappeared.

“Then you need to be quick about it, young man..!” he’s so like you Jack!

 But you love us and wouldn’t have it any other way!

Jack snickered at the further eye roll and tested the bath water, adding Lavender Baby Bath and splashing to make bubbles. He pulled the rest of Ammeline’s clothes off and tossed them into the hamper, smiling softly as he placed the little girl in the bubbles and dropped in a few of her favourite toys. He felt Ianto’s gentle caress of his mind as he shared the images of their happy giggling daughter as she squirted Jack with her plastic frog, dad and child having as much fun as each other.

The doorbell rang and there was an anguished wail from Brychan whose room was tidier but not finished. Jack grinned you great big softie as Bry hugged his Tad hard when he was allowed to leave the rest of the clearing up and the pair hurried downstairs to answer the door.

Euan’s twelve year old sister Ellie smiled at them “mum’s just turning the car round...” she said as Ianto handed Bry some money for his entry fee “...and you can spend the change if it’s okay with Jacqui...”

“Thanks Tad” He accepted a kiss and followed Ellie back down the path to where Jacqui was waiting at the end of the drive. She waved and waited until the two children had fastened their seat belts before driving off.

That’s one gone...

Amme’s almost ready for bed – just getting her jammies on and then I’ll read her a quick story...

I’ll finish Bry’s room and get his school clothes ready for the morning, then I’ll be in to say ‘night to Amme and then we can both start dinner...

Know what I’m having... the accompanying leer drew a chuckle and an instant tightening in Ianto’s trousers when he felt Jack’s hot breath on his neck as the older man started the seduction in his head and pressed feather light kisses to his skin...

You keep that up and it’ll all be over before we get anywhere near the bedroom! he gasped as a surge of heat rushed to his groin and he resisted the urge to give it some attention with the heel of his hand.

Jack grinned and retreated from his Welshman’s head, leaving Ianto’s skin tingling and his heart pounding. He hurried around their son’s room, anxious to get everything ready so he and Jack could enjoy some quality time...who knew that two children and a secret agency to run would take up so much time!

Shortly after, he joined Jack in their daughter’s pale pink and white bedroom. Jack was just finishing the tale of Tom and Pippo and the Washing Machine, one of Amme’s favourite bedtime stories, “...but I know he’s going to get dirty again because he won’t stop playing in muddy places!” he concluded and closed the book.

The two men smiled fondly at their little girl who was now fast asleep. They each pressed a gentle kiss to her forehead. “Sleep tight, princess...” and they left, closing the door quietly behind them.

Seconds later they were in each others arms, mouths crushed together as tongues duelled excitedly and hands raked eagerly over clothing, tugging shirts from trousers to reach the warm flesh below... Ianto moaned into the kiss as Jack swept every contour of his mouth, every flick at those sensitive spots sending sparks of heat cascading down his body where they gathered expectantly in his trousers.

They broke off momentarily for much needed air, Jack growling “bed” into his ear as their minds swirled together without conscious direction, concentrating instead on the sensations of throbbing arousal and pounding heart beats, super sensitive skin and the pleasure of heightened desire from shared thoughts.

Jack grabbed Ianto’s hand and pulled him urgently towards their room where they fell onto the bed as their lips crashed together once more and he proceeded to kiss his young Welshman senseless. Ianto’s hands raked over Jack’s body, one settling in his hair, the other groping at the buttons on his shirt, expertly undoing them one-handed until his shirt hung open and he tugged the sleeves over his hands, dropping the unwanted article on to the floor. Jack’s t-shirt rapidly joined the shirt on the carpet and he groaned against Ianto’s pink, kiss swollen lips as the Welshman’s hands raked over his bare chest, fingers splayed to cover as much of him as possible until they settled on his nipples, pinching and rolling them between his fingers as they hardened under his touch...

Ianto pulled his mouth from Jack’s and kissed his way down his neck, pausing to suck at the soft skin behind his ear which drew a growl of want from his Captain’s lips before he continued across his throat and back up to capture his lips once more, the kiss hot and open mouthed as desire mounted. Fuck Yan, I want you so much... the images that accompanied Jack’s thoughts were wild and wanton and sent fiery waves of passion coursing through them to converge in their groins as they arched their bodies together.

Jack tugged impatiently at Ianto’s clothes!  he ordered, fumbling at the Welshman’s buckle, button and zip as Ianto shoved Jack’s trousers and pants down to pool at his ankles, held captive by his boots. Ianto swiftly unbuttoned his own shirt and dragged it over his wrists, flinging it aside with abandon as he lifted his hips off the bed to allow Jack to push his trousers down. They paused for a moment to kick off shoes, socks and the tangle of clothing around their ankles as Jack rolled them over to finish on top, pressing Ianto into the bed. He ground their hips together, smirking at the wanton moan that fell from the young man’s lips, then rolled off to lay beside him.

Ianto shuddered at the delicious sensation of warm breath huffing a trail through the soft hair on his chest, running down across his stomach and back up, teasing his nipples...he opened his eyes, his lust-darkened ones meeting the sparkling blue grey of Jack’s as he lay propped up on one elbow watching the reactions of his gorgeously aroused Welshman...

Ianto smiled, parting his lips as Jack leant down to kiss him, allowing the Captain’s tongue to explore the contours of his mouth, winding his arms around the older man to pull him in closer... His body responded with enthusiasm more Jack...please... Jack’s hand slid down his body, the touch light, sensual, the promise of pleasure tantalising... Ianto arched against the touch, tiny gasps of desire escaping against his lover’s mouth as he moved his hand slowly and his body quivered with delight...passion building, feeling it echoed in Jack’s head...

The kiss grew in intensity, tongues duelling, fingers of flame creeping across heated skin, nerve endings stretching, trembling... Jack’s hand moved faster, pulling back from the kiss to drag his tongue down the side of the young man’s neck, biting down at the juncture of neck and shoulder, sharing the twin sensations of pain and pleasure that shot through his lover, drawing a loud moan from those deliciously pink kiss-swollen lips...

He trailed his tongue lower, down his chest, through the soft hair, seeking out his nipples and grazing them lightly with his teeth, teasing, blowing, sucking as Ianto’s breath came in short gasps, his eyes closed and head thrust back against the pillow...

Jack retreated from the young man’s body, his hand motion stilling as he gazed down at his Welshman, delighting in the way he unravelled before him, totally open and unburdened, his hips canting off the bed to press against Jack’s hand...his eyes opened, they were full of love, passion and desire in equal measure... “...please Jack...” he whispered hoarsely, “...please...make love to me...”

Jack crushed his mouth to Ianto’s feeling the familiar leap of wonder and butterflies in his stomach as their lips touched...the young man fisting his hands through his hair as Jack fumbled under the pillow for the lube, the kiss hot and messy as their passion rose. Ianto moaned against his mouth as he felt a cool finger slide inside him, pressing back against it as it was joined swiftly by a second where they sought out that magic spot, brushing across it, drawing gasps of pleasure from his lips... jacjkjackjack echoing through their heads... Jack added a third and Ianto cried out, arching his body, thrusting against him only to whimper as they were withdrawn...

He devoured Jack’s mouth hungrily, nothing mattered but the touch of Jack’s hands, the feel of Jack’s lips and the simply fucking fantastic feeling as he pressed into him...he was so aroused he almost fell off the edge as soon as Jack began to move...panting hard against his Captain’s mouth he concentrated on the feeling of hot skin to hot skin...the way their teeth clashed and that intoxicating and heady scent that was Jack...

His body was on fire, every cell tingled with electricity and he felt the wild euphoria building as his release swept him away, shouting out his Captain’s name as he saw stars and he exploded on a wave of pure bliss...the feelings cascading through his lover and pushing him to his own climax so they flew together, shuddering through the after-shocks to slump in a post-orgasmic glow...

Jack brushed a lock of hair from Ianto’s forehead and gazed into his eyes...everything he was feeling was reflected in those shining blue pools, no need for words... He kissed him softly, their minds and bodies totally in tune as they slowly got their breath back...

Ianto curled into his Captain’s embrace, his body tingling pleasurably from head to toe... He closed his you cariad...

Love you too...

Moments later they were asleep.

They were woken by an assault on the doorbell, the energetic pattern announcing the return of their six year old. Shit! Ianto sat up sleepily, his hair wildly dishevelled and glanced anxiously around the bedroom for his clothes.

Jack grinned as he dragged his trousers on, braces dangling down by his knees, his chest bare. I’ll go, you wake up a bit first... He planted a soft kiss on his Welshman’s mouth and scampered barefoot down the stairs, opening the door to an impatient Brychan who looked at his Dad with an all-knowing older-than-his-years quirk of an eyebrow.

“Hi dad, you were asleep in bed weren’t you!” he grinned up at Jacqui, “they do this’s because they’re old and they have to rest their superpowers...” he told her conversationally.

Jacqui received this information solemnly, controlling the urge to giggle as Jack waggled his eyebrows at her cheekily, her gaze noting the twinkle in his eyes, tousled hair and kiss swollen lips, coupled with the obvious lack of clothing... “Mmmnn, nice view...” the thought bringing a light blush to her cheeks as her mind supplied an array of interesting images.

Jack chuckled and winked at her. She blushed deeper and smacked him playfully on the arm “Stop it you!” she chuckled, “you’ll get me all hot and bothered! Anyway...” she added hastily before Jack could add any of his trademark innuendo and melt her brain completely, “...sorry we’re a bit late – Ellie was invited to sleep over so we called in for her school clothes and things first...”

His grin widening, Jack laughed, “we fell asleep af...” he broke off, “’s been busy...” by way of explanation, as Ianto joined them, his hair showing signs of hasty flattening and his lips equally pink and kiss swollen, his feet also bare.

“Hey kiddo!” he ruffled Brychan’s hair affectionately, “have a good time?”

“It was brilliant, Tad, the slides were so fast...”

“It’s a good job they both swim like fish! See you at the weekend Bry – you can come back after the story session if you like...” Jacqui chuckled as he bounced happily then yawned widely.

“Cool, thanks Jacqui...and thank you for taking me today...” he yawned again and leant against Jack’s legs.

“Okay young man, say goodnight and then off to bed.”


The three grown ups watched as he walked slowly up the stairs, huge yawns floating back in his wake.

“Thanks for taking him, it was good to have a few hours to ourselves once Amme was in bed...” Jack draped an arm round Ianto’s shoulders and pressed a light kiss to his temple.

Jacqui smiled, “ pleasure, now I’d better get Euan home before he falls asleep in the car” as Jack and Ianto waved at the face peering out of the car window, getting a sleepy half-wave in return. “Night Jack, Ianto...” she glanced back along the path to see them kissing softly in the open doorway, their hands framing each other’s faces. Hurrying to her car she slid into the driver’s seat as her brain supplied numerous hot images of the two handsome men...

It was long minutes later that Jack and Ianto surfaced from their sweet and tender kiss, closed the door and headed up to tuck their son into bed. He was coughing again but was soon fast asleep.

After a coffee and an omelette each for a belated dinner, Jack led Ianto back to their bedroom where they stripped quickly and headed to the shower in the en-suite. Pressed together under the steaming spray Ianto made love to his Captain, tenderly, with soft kisses and slow, deliberate touches as the water cascaded down on them, before they dried each other and slid under the covers to curl up sated and content in each other’s arms. They slept.

Ianto woke in the early hours to hear persistent coughing from Brychan’s room. Slipping carefully from Jack’s embrace, he crept into their son’s room. Bry was asleep but a single glance showed Ianto that he was far from peaceful. The six year old’s face was flushed and he moved restlessly on the bed, his quilt had been thrown off and was half on the floor. Ianto pressed a hand to his son’s forehead. It was hot and clammy. The boy stirred but didn’t wake. After covering him up again and checking that his glass of water was full, Ianto went back to his own bed, leaving Bry’s door ajar so he’d hear if he woke.

What’s up? Jack’s thoughts swirled against his own as he slid back into bed and was immediately wrapped back into Jack’s arms.

Bry. He’s been coughing and he’s got a temperature...

Do we need to call Owen? Jack was anxious, moving to sit up.

No, it’s just a cold I think. We’ll keep him off school today though, just to be sure... Ianto pulled Jack back down and turned to face him, capturing his mouth in a gentle kiss, lips warm and responsive under his own as he melted into the embrace. Kissing softly they drifted back to sleep.

Bry was still coughing, hot and restless when they checked on him at seven o’clock. I’ll go in today – got that scheduled call with HM and I need to go across to Flat Holm – you stay with Bry and I’ll be home as soon as I’ve done the essentials... I’ll see if Owen’s got any suggestions and I’ll drop Amme off at nursery on my way in... Ianto grinned you can play nurse... the accompanying images sending their own temperatures rising!

Ianto made coffee and prepared breakfast while Jack got Ammeline up and dressed and kissed them both goodbye shortly before half eight. Brychan was still asleep.

Once Ianto had driven away, Jack took his second cup of coffee and went to sit up in his son’s room. Ianto had left out the bottle of Calpol ready for when he woke, the pain killer for children would bring his temperature down and ease the soreness in his throat. He’d been sat quietly reading for about half an hour when the six year old stirred, coughing painfully as his eyes fluttered open.

“Dad...” he croaked, breathless from coughing, “my throat hurts...”

“I know...” he’s awake “here, sip this...” Jack helped him sit up and handed him a glass of water. Bry gulped some down and coughed violently as Jack hurriedly took the glass back off him.

Bry’s eyes filled with tears, “it really hurts, Dad...”

Jack squeezed his hand, “This’ll help...” he said as he shook the bottle of medicine with his other hand. Bry swallowed two teaspoonfuls and leant back against the pillows.

“Why don’t you or Tad ever get ill? Is it because you’re super-heroes?” He broke off to cough painfully.

Jack grinned and shared the question with Ianto, getting a chuckle in return. How’s it going at the hub?

Just done the call to HM, she’s more than happy with the updates and says there’ll be a garden party invite in the next week or so for her birthday – what do we buy the Queen of Great Britain for her birthday?

Huh? No idea!

Never mind – I’ll think of something! How’s Bry?

Coughing! I’ve given him the Calpol...

Hopefully that’ll make him him a story or something and he’ll probably nod off again. Make sure he drinks something though...

Yessir! The salute that accompanied the reply made Ianto smile as he prepared coffee for the team before he headed out to Flat Holm. He kept the link with Jack active, their minds nestled together comfortingly so they could share both home and work.

Jack plumped up Bry’s pillows and settled him more comfortably under the quilt. After another burst of coughing he repeated his question, his cheeks flushed red and his eyes puffy above dark circles confirming Ianto’s diagnosis of a bad cold... Chuckling, Jack grinned and leant back in the chair...

“We might be superheroes but even we get ill sometimes... There was this one time when Coffee Man was bitten by a nasty bug while we were searching an old abandoned warehouse. The signal was jumping all over the place so we split up to try and cover as much of the ground as possible. This bug was about the size of your bedside table and was flying at Tosh when your Tad pushed her out the way behind him...

Next thing I know and Tad’s on the floor with this huge alien insect on top of him. I felt his pain as it bit him – you know that we can hear each other’s thoughts and feel each other’s emotions don’t you?”

“Yes and you can’t ever die...” Brychan rasped painfully, “those are your super Tad listening now?”

“Yes he is and he’s sorry he’s had to go to work...he wanted to be here with you....”

“Tell him it’s okay...what happened next?”

“Well, Uncle Owen was closest after Tosh and he stabbed the bug in it’s soft belly with a syringe of sedative...a medicine to make it go to sleep...and it just curled up into a ball like a giant bluey-green woodlouse. When he saw it was really asleep, Owen checked Tad over. He was shivering violently and looked so pale, even though he insisted he was fine – you know your Tad!

“Oi, tea boy, look at me! Where did it get you?” Owen tipped Ianto’s head up to shine a light into his eyes, noting the lack of focus and the sluggish reactions of his pupils.

“That’s Coffee Man to you...” Ianto’s voice was on the edge of being slurred, like he’d had just a little too much to drink, “and it bit me on my thigh...”

Owen grabbed at his belt buckle and swiftly yanked the Welshman’s trousers down.“In your dreams Owen!” The slurring was more pronounced now and his pupils had narrowed to tiny pinpricks of black Owen noted worriedly. As he examined the large puncture wound, Ianto’s eyes rolled in his head and he slumped in the medic’s arms.

“Ianto! Fuck! Jack, help me here, see if you can reach him – do that bloody irritating mind thing you two!” to me...don’t you dare leave me! dark and so alone...

I’m here sweetheart...I’m here...

Jack... he shuddered violently I bloody hate insects!

The Doctor told me about one time he regenerated after being attacked by blue spiders the size of sheep...that was way back though... He felt Ianto’s horror at the mention of the spiders, followed swiftly by a flash of hurt at the memory of Jack flinging himself at the big blue Police Box on the Plass.

Hey, I came back for know were all I thought off in that long dark year – your smile, your gorgeous Welsh vowels, the way your eyes sparkle when we...

I know... A pause. Jack..? Am I going to die? I’m so cold and it’s so this the this what it’s like?

I don’t know, sweetheart, but Owen’s trying to find out...

Hold my hand...please...I don’t want to go into the dark on my own...

“That’s good...keep doing that....” Owen’s voice broke into Jack’s thoughts and he realised the medic had his poison kit out. “I’ve given him a shot of anti-venom and a sedative, but quite honestly, I have no idea what this is ‘till we get them both back to the hub. He glanced at Gwen who was comforting a sobbing Tosh, well aware that his girlfriend was blaming herself for Ianto’s condition as he’d pushed her out of the way. “Ladies, we need to get that thing back to the lab so I can see what it is... I’ll help Jack with Ianto...”

Jack stood carefully and scooped his Welshman’s limp body into his arms, heading for the SUV where he set him gently on the back seat before reluctantly climbing into the driver’s seat as Owen slid in beside his patient.

Tosh and Gwen followed them out, carrying the body bag they’d shoved the unconscious bug into. They dumped it in the boot and climbed in, Gwen up front, Tosh next to Owen, the medic squeezing her leg briefly. Jack screeched the tyres before they’d even closed the doors and they hung on, knowing his worry over his partner meant he would make the SUV practically fly back to the hub...

Mere minutes later they were laying Ianto gently on the table in autopsy. Owen shone his torch into the young man’s eyes, breathing a sigh of relief when they reacted automatically to the intrusion. “I think the anti-venom’s done the trick, but Tosh and I’ll do a work up on his know, the usual stuff, just to make sure. “Here...” he slid a cuff on to Ianto’s wrist, “this’ll monitor his vitals and feed the data directly to my monitors down here so you can take him back upstairs – your office sofa might be better than your cubby hole...just in case...”

“Is he going to die? He kept saying he could see blackness – that’s what I see – and he was cold...”

Owen shrugged, “He’s not dying as far as I can tell...although it would’ve been useful to know...”

“You’re still not killing him just to make sure he comes back!” Jack huffed indignantly, even though he knew Owen was teasing him in an attempt to lighten the mood. He gathered the Welshman back into his arms and carried him up to his office, setting him down gently on the battered sofa. Grabbing his greatcoat from the coat stand, he arranged it over the still form, tucking it in tightly around him. Then he knelt on the floor gazing down at the man he loved so very much, willing him to come round.

He reached out to his mind but it was a swirling void – nothing bad...just was like he’d closed down... He stroked his fingers lovingly over Ianto’s forehead, then traced down his cute button nose and then around the outline of his mouth...those delicious pink lips that he loved to capture with his own so they moved sweetly against each other...

He frowned. Something was wrong...  His lips...they were turning blue... Panicked, Jack crushed his mouth down onto Ianto’s, filling him with his life force as his mind searched in vain for some sign of consciousness. So caught up in what he was doing, he didn’t notice when Ianto’s arms snaked around his neck and the Welshman began kissing him back with a vigour and passion that drove his blood supply south and he moaned softly into the kiss...

“Keep an eye on him I said – not snog his face off!”

Jack jumped as Owen snarked behind him, pulling back from Ianto’s mouth and suddenly realising that the young man’s arms were wrapped around him. He gazed into those crystal blue eyes as their minds reconnected and the rush of emotion filled him with a warmth that resonated from the roots of his hair to the tips of his toes.

“Jack!” Owen sounded pissed now and even without turning Jack just knew that the skinny medic would have his hands planted on his hips and a scowl on his face. “You wanna tell me why you disobeyed my orders...”

“He was having trouble breathing...”

“Not according to my monitors...”

“His lips were turning blue...honestly..!” he protested, glancing down at the Welshman’s face, even though he knew his evidence would had been kissed away. “Owen, his mouth is still blue...”

Cariad, I’m fine...I feel fine...well maybe got a bit of a cold...

We’ll let Owen be the judge of that...

“Jack...Owen..?” Tosh called up from where her and Gwen were looking at her workstation, “you need to see this...”

I’m coming too...

Jack helped Ianto to his feet and wrapped an arm around his waist as he guided him down the stairs to the main hub. They joined the others at Tosh’s workstation.

“What is it, Tosh?”

“We’ve found that bug – it’s a Maolosian Bhle bug – they’re nocturnal and their bite carries a powerful venom to paralyse their prey...”

“The anti-venom seems to have worked so far...” Owen moved across to Gwen’s computer and pulled up the results of the blood test, “Ah...we have a problem...”

Owen! What kind of problem?” Jack tightened his hold on Ianto’s waist, pressing him closer still as he felt the young man sag in his embrace.

It’ll be okay...I promise...

I’m scared Jack...

“The venom’s neutralised now, but as it was metabolised into his bloodstream it left certain anti-bodies and it’s going to take time for them to work through his system...there are a few side effects...” his voice trailed away.

“Exactly what kind of side effects?” Ianto leant heavily against Jack.

“Well, the blue skin colouring will take about a week or so to fade once it’s spread all over...”

All over?” Ianto’s voice was an anguished squeak.

It could be an interesting week... Jack sent in an attempt at light-heartedness, the variety of suggestive scenarios accompanied by a simple declaration of his love and a promise that they’d get through this...

“And you’ll also have to stay out of the light or you’ll get blisters...that’s why their skin is blue – it’s their camouflage against the night sky and hides their weakness from predators...”

“Are you sure about this, Owen? Is there anything else we can do?” Jack looked pleadingly at the usually acerbic medic who shook his head briefly and mouthed a sombre “sorry, that’s it...”

“Thank you Owen for your honesty...I’ll be fine and let’s face it, I don’t out that much anyway...not sure blue is really my colour, but I guess we’ll find out as the week progresses! Now if it’s okay with you, “he looked at Owen, “I need to make some coffee...” as the doctor nodded.

You want some help making the drinks?

Give me a minute...need to get my head around all this...

Ianto walked elegantly up to the kitchen, a picture of control until he was out of sight, his breath coming in heaving sobs as he leant against the worktop. The door opened and Jack came in, wordlessly drawing him into a tight embrace as he stroked his hair, whispering words of love and nonsense that he repeated like a mantra into the young man’s head.

Eventually Ianto’s sobs subsided and he managed a tiny smile as Jack tipped his face up to kiss him softly, his tongue seeking its mate to slow dance first in one mouth then the other... This wasn’t about passion or desire, just a need to be close and to reaffirm love and commitment...

They broke apart, foreheads resting together as they shared warm breath. “You know the blue Smarties were always my favourite...” Jack whispered into Ianto’s ear, the revelation teasing a muted chuckle at the thought of being compared to a child’s sweet. “You’re gonna be the most gorgeous blue Welshman in the universe and I’m going to kiss every inch of you...” he pressed a light kiss to the end of the young man’s nose. “Why don’t you make a coffee for the two of us while I kick the others out...”Cupping his cheek briefly, Jack left a still-trembling-but-better-than-he-was Ianto selecting beans in a well-worn routine that he found strangely comforting as his Captain sent the rest of the team home. 

Jack...thank you...

Welcome, you...

You too...

Tosh wanted to say goodnight to Ianto and left protesting quietly as she was ushered out the door by an unusually tactful and thoughtful Owen.

They’re gone...

Ianto brought the mugs up to Jack’s office and even in the muted light the pale blue skin was noticeable...Jack thought it gave him an ethereal quality that reminded him of winter sunlight glinting on freshly fallen snow.

Ianto placed the mugs on the desk. What?

You’re beautiful...

I’m blue!

I like blue... He tugged the young man into his lap and captured his mouth in a searing kiss that had the Welshman seeing stars, his knees weak and senses blown. The coffee went cold as they lost themselves in each other. Some considerable time later, they surfaced long enough to slide down the ladder to continue without clothes and tangled around each other in Jack’s tiny bunk...

The next morning the blue was a shade deeper and Ianto found he preferred the shadows of the main hub to the brightly lit workstations and he made coffee by the subdued glow of the emergency lighting...

Owen had checked him over from top to toe, smirking at various points of the examination as he pronounced that blue made everything look smaller! Jack had cuffed the medic affectionately around the ear and informed him that blue seemed to add a certain je ne sais quoi to the proceedings, much to Ianto’s embarrassment, as he turned a delightful shade of lilac when his pale blue skin blushed.

Tosh had hugged him tight, coming to the shadows to talk to him about cataloguing the species and the effects of the bite into their digital archives... Gwen had dragged him, wincing, into the light to “get a good look at you” before he’d scuttled back to the shadows like a beetle bloody typical, I’m turning into a cockroach!

By day four the blue was a midnight shade and his skin held a lustre that made him gleam as he moved around the archives in the semi darkness. When walking through the main hub he wore dark glasses to protect his eyes and a hooded cloak over his suit as the light made his skin feel like it was bubbling under the surface.

A giggling Tosh and grinning Owen had presented him with a child’s toy light saber the day after he’d first worn the cloak and Jack had thoroughly enjoyed the Star Wars role play that night as they’d immersed themselves in fantasy use the force Jack..!

Day five saw the first signs that he’d turned a corner with his earlobes paling a shade lighter, although Jack claimed he’d sucked the colour out of them, and the whites of his eyes seemed a little less blue... Ianto was now heartily sick of being cocooned underground and yearned for the outside. Jack came in from a weevil hunt at three in the morning to find Ianto gazing longingly at the sky on the CCTV...

As they tumbled back into bed and he wrapped Ianto into his arms he had a sudden thought and grinned into the darkness, kissing his Welshman’s neck softly as the young man dropped into a restless sleep. Jack increased his shields by one point and thought through his plans for the following day...

While Ianto was making their early morning coffee, Jack rang Tosh, pleased to hear Owen’s dulcet tones as he sang in the shower in the background, and ran through his plans with her. Tosh suggested a few additions to his plan and they’d just finished thrashing out the details when Ianto reappeared in his hooded cloak and glasses.

Taking the tray of toast and coffee from him, Jack plonked it on the desk and wrapped the young man into his arms as their lips met and they kissed tenderly as their minds swirled pleasurably. Threading his fingers lovingly through his Captain’s hair, Ianto melted into the embrace and lost himself in the heady sensations of everything that was Jack and the world and all things blue faded was just them, right here, right now...

The roller door siren announced the arrival of Gwen and they parted softly. Jack entwined their fingers and they sat in the semi-darkness of his office to eat their now cold toast and drink their lukewarm coffee. Tosh and Owen arrived shortly after and, after making and distributing the coffee, Ianto headed for the archives and the shadows that he felt comfortable in.

As soon as he was out of sight, Jack and Tosh got busy. Tosh downloaded what they needed from the internet and set to work, while Jack grabbed his coat and vanished in the Welshman’s Audi.

Ninety minutes later he was back with several bulging carrier bags which he carried up to his office. Tosh grinned and followed him, grabbing a memory stick from her workstation. She went into the office, closed the door and pulled the blind down. Gwen watched the proceedings with raised eyebrows, shrugged her shoulders and carried on with her reports.

Preparations completed, Tosh left Jack’s office smiling broadly. She stopped at Gwen’s desk and whispered in her ear. Gwen giggled and picked up her bag, skipping to the roller door before disappearing behind it. Tosh waited for Owen to come up from autopsy, they linked hands and they too left the hub, flicking the lights off on their way out.

Jack emerged into the gloom and carried his large tray down carefully, setting it on the neat pile of files at the side of Tosh’s work station. He pulled his i-pod out of his pocket and set it in the speaker dock on Gwen’s desk. Running back up to his office he returned with a desktop fan, a four inch square open box of smooth pebbles and a piece of alien tech that he set on the floor behind the two workstations. Finally, he shrugged into his coat and draped Ianto’s black wool half-trench over the back of Gwen’s chair. Satisfied that everything was ready he lowered his shields and reached out for Ianto’s mind... okay sweetheart?

I’m fine...just filing...routine...

Can you come up? I need to show you something...and I’d actually really love a coffee..!

I knew there was an ulterior motive! Give me five minutes to finish this batch and I’m all yours...

Promises, promises...

Think yourself lucky that the others are still there or I’d have you stripped so fast you’d...

Yan, files, quickly...all that talk is...

Sod the files, I’m on my way...

Grinning inanely at the surprise he’d planned for his gorgeous blue Welshman, Jack stood ready with his multi-function remote control. As Ianto’s footsteps sounded on the stairs, Jack pressed his remote. Sounds of birds tweeting and the rustle of the wind in the trees filled the hub and the roof was suddenly transformed into a dusky pre-dawn state with the first pale vestiges of colour peeking up from the distant horizon. The fan began whirring, gusting over the box of scented pebbles to fragrance the air with that crisp, fresh, early sunrise sensation.

Ianto stopped in surprise, cariad?

You couldn’t go outside so I’ve brought the outside in to you... He strode over and took Ianto’s hand in his, leading him to the main workspace where the screens were all dark and without the projected half-light it would’ve been impossible to see anything! Ianto  gazed at the tray, the green turf edged in tiny plants to form an indoor garden on a large tea tray and he was rendered speechless, overcome with emotion that Jack had noticed his growing frustration with his enforced captivity and devised this wonderful plan to bring the outside to him...

A strangled sob burst through as he flung himself into Jack’s arms and their lips crashed together in a searing kiss, fingers tangling in hair, keeping him close...

Thank you cariad...this is perfect and it’s better than the real thing...

 Love you, my little boy blue...

Love you take me to bed...

I was hoping you’d say that..!  as he led the young man to a pile of blankets...thought we’d embrace nature..!

They sank to their knees, mouths locked together, teeth clashing, passions rising, as they gave themselves to the moment...

Four days later, a very faintly pale blue tinted Ianto spread the blankets out under the trees at their favourite picnic site at the top of a steep hill before making love to his dashing and handsome Captain as the breeze tickled their skin and they revelled in the joys of simply being alive...

Jack grinned and leant back in his chair as he finished the story of Coffee Man’s blue illness and how Captain Coat had tried to make him feel better he’s asleep again...

Good! I’m on my way back from Flat Holm so I’ll be home soon...

I’ll have the blankets laid out in the living room...



The Adventures of Captain Coat & Coffee man continue in the next prompt...
zazajb: (captain coat & coffee man)

Title: Into the sunset...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set S2, AU
Summary: An alien adventure holiday causes havoc on a film set. Team Torchwood saddle up to help... Words 3800

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise belongs to RTD & BBC, I’m just playing with them...
Written for the [ profile] longliveianto  bingo prompt: Era: Old West

X-posted Longliveianto, Jantolution, jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper, jantosparkle, ijs[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

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Into the sunset

Saturday mornings were eagerly anticipated in the Harkness-Jones household these days – and not just by the children! Ianto found himself thinking about the story he was going to tell as early as Monday morning as he made the coffee for the team... His mind wandered during team briefings, half an ear on the proceedings enough to ensure he didn’t miss anything, and it was not unheard of for him to be found hidden in the archives scribbling notes in his special Captain Coat and Coffee Man notebook...

Jack had professed to finding the whole situation highly amusing, loving the sparkle in his partner’s eyes and the more adult version of the story telling that he had streamed directly into his head just for him... Highly amusing that was, until a blushing blonde had stopped them this morning and asked Ianto for his autograph...and the Welshman had been so taken aback that he’d signed the library story time flyer she’d held out without hesitation, smiling when she’d gushed at how wonderful his stories were. She’d taken the signature and darted forward, planting a swift kiss on his cheek before giggling her thanks and departing hurriedly.

Jack and Ianto had swapped “what the..?” messages in their heads as Brychan had hopped excitedly on the spot...”told you told you told you..!” he chirped happily, “all the girls fancy Tad...”

 “What?” simultaneous exclamations burst forth. Brychan grinned broadly in a miniature carbon copy of Jack as he squeaked breathlessly at his parents,

“...all the mums think Tad is sexy and they’re all coming to story time today so they can see him...” he drew in a huge breath before continuing dramatically, “even Miss Martin is coming!”

Bloody hell! You really are the hot favourite..! Jack teased Ianto, knowing the Welshman was always slightly intimidated by their son’s Headteacher good job she won’t be getting the X-rated version...I figure you’d be in detention for at least a month!

Don’t joke, cariad...what am I going to do...what if she...I mean...she might... he sighed heavily, biting nervously on his bottom lip.

“Don’t worry Tad, I told her that Dad would be there too and he’d sort her out if she upset you!”

That’s it, I’m done for! Ianto streamed despondently into his Captain’s head not only is she coming to hear our life’s adventures, your son has effectively told her to behave herself or else he’ll set you on her! He furrowed his brows, are there any other schools we can send Bry to when he’s kicked out for insubordination?

Jack laughed and ruffled Bry’s hair fondly, “Nice one champ! I’m sure I won’t need to ‘sort her out’ but it was a good thought to protect your Tad...” he leant down to whisper conspiratorially in his ear, “it’s our secret that Tad is scared of her, okay?”

Bry grinned and winked, nodding, before resuming the pushing of his sister along the pavement as they approached the library.

Jack straightened and reached for Ianto’s hand, drawing him into a gentle hug. You’ll be fine...she’ll love the story...and you... He chuckled as his partner groaned, maybe she’ll become a groupie and want your autograph like that cute blonde back there...

Jack, that’s so not funny...I don’t think I can... His thoughts stuttered as Jack pressed their lips together in a sweet and tender kiss as he stroked his fingers through the younger man’s hair, love and encouragement washing over him as Ianto sank into the embrace.

They broke apart, minds swirling contentedly thank you cariad... Ianto sent a soft smile.

All part of the service...

Love you...

You get your gorgeous arse through those doors – your audience awaits..!

They hurried after Brychan who was waiting impatiently by the door, his best friend Euan beside him gazing at Jack in undisguised hero worship. Bry grinned and nudged him, “Don’t stare too much, it’s supposed to be a secret...”

“But it’s Captain Coat..!” Euan breathed, gasping when Jack patted him on the shoulder and winked as he bent down to release Ammeline from her pushchair, scooping his sleeping daughter gently against his chest where she snuggled into him without waking.

“Can I go in now dad?”

“Yeah, after you’ve handed me Amme’s bag...” Jack bent his knees so Bry could slip the strap over his shoulder. “Thanks, now let’s go listen to the superhero story for today...”

“Thanks dad, come on Euan...” as he dragged his still awestruck friend away and they vanished into the library.

Beware one hyper son on the way in..!

Yeah, just seen won’t believe this Jack...about fifty kids and almost as many parents...

Lots of mums..?

Uh ha...lots of sign of Miss Martin though...

There was a pause...Jack?

“So good to see you Miss Martin...yes, she’s just turned two...” Jack streamed the conversation to Ianto’s head, grinning at the heartfelt groan that greeted it... They made their way into the library and through the arch to the children’s section. Karen, the librarian was waiting to guide the Headteacher to a chair at the side so Jack took the opportunity to move to the other side where he settled himself carefully on the floor with Ammeline curled up in his lap. He gazed adoringly at their sleeping daughter, sharing the picture with her Tad...she looks so like you Yan...she’s beautiful...

She is...and got her dad wrapped around her little finger..! I’m gonna start now so the noise might wake her...

I’ll cover her ears...have Coffee Man..!

My hero Captain Coat!

“Good morning children, mums and dads...are we ready for another adventure with Captain Coat and Coffee Man?”

The cheers and applause was tremendous, falling to expectant silence as Ianto leant slightly forward and began...

“ you need to take...” Tosh leant over the railing into autopsy where the Captain was going over Ianto’s latest chronon readings with Owen, “It’s Jonathon Penn...”

“Be right up Tosh, Owen that’s great news...”

“He still hasn’t tested it properly yet...”

“You are not shooting him just so he can prove he’s immortal!”

Owen shrugged “then he’s still on a provisional licence as far as my prognosis is concerned, but yeah, chronon levels are stable and match yours exactly...”

Jack grinned and clapped the medic on the back. “Thanks Owen, now to see what Jonathon wants...” He took the stairs two at a time and bounded over to Tosh to take the phone from her. “Jonathon, you got another charity fundraiser for us? It’s not Ianto’s birthday ‘till August...” His grin faded and he frowned, “okay, we’ll be over as soon as Gwen and Ianto get back...” He hung up and turned back to Tosh. “See what you can pull up on that old film set out towards the river...any history of rift activity, rumours, old wives’ tales...ghosts...that sort of thing...”


“There’s an independent film being shot there at the moment - apparently the set’s haunted and it’s playing havoc with the schedule...”

“I’ll see what I can find...”

“Thanks, Tosh...Ianto?” he touched his comm.  unit. “You all done with those weevils?” He chuckled at Ianto’s wry reply, “haha, okay, pick me up on the Plass, you and I are going to check out some ghosties...”

Ten minutes later Gwen hopped out of the passenger seat and Jack slid in. His eyes narrowed at the familiar paper bags from their favourite bakers clutched in her hand and she laughed. “Don’t worry, yours is in the glove box and there’s another one for when you get back – Ianto knows your habits all too well..!” She raised an eyebrow suggestively and giggled as the Welshman blushed. “Have fun..!” Moments later she was on her way down on the invisible lift and the SUV was vanishing from sight.

Jack delved into the glove box and sank his teeth happily into the large slab of chocolate brownie, scattering crumbs everywhere, much to Ianto’s displeasure. “mmnn...what?” he mumbled through his mouthful, earning himself another frown from the driver’s seat. “S’nice...” the frown deepened as he crammed the last of the cake into his mouth and shook the crumbs off his coat and onto the floor before settling back in his seat.

“Tosh...what you got for us?” as the pretty tech genius sounded in his ear.

“It’s not been used for some twenty five years – seems there’s not much call for an old-fashioned film lot these days, but going back over the records there’s been reports of gunfire and strange noises for years...Police always put it down to kids...there’s a roving patrol that passes it, but no on-site security or anything and it’s pretty much forgotten.

We’ve never noticed it on our systems so whatever it is hasn’t come through the rift...but those monitors I gave you should be able to pick up anything unusual once they’re in place...”

“Thanks Tosh, we’re almost there now.” He turned to Ianto, “okay, now what’ve I done? You’ve gone all grumpy on me!” he slid his hand onto the other man’s knee and squeezed gently, “I don’t like upsetting my favourite Welshman...should I’ve saved you a bit of brownie...I would’ve but it was just so chocolaty and chewy and...”

Ianto rolled his eyes “you’re drooling Jack! And since you’re asking, you can clean up all those crumbs when we get back...” his face broke into a grin at the expression on his Captain’s face, “...and it’ll be me stood close behind you in the garage as you’re bent over sweeping... Role reversal..!” think about it before you start pouting!

Jack’s face lit up as he translated the telling off into the promise of a pleasurable encounter to come... yes, Ianto...sir! “Now let’s go see what Jonathon has to say...” he said aloud as they pulled up into the car park that was crammed with film vehicles of all sizes.

Jonathon was waiting for them and led them over to the director, a beefy looking man wearing rather unflattering too tight trousers and a check shirt whose buttons struggled to contain his beer belly. He had that ‘running time against the world’ weary look of defeat in his eyes as he shook hands and gazed hopefully at them.

“Jon says you’re experts at dealing with this kind of stuff...I really hope you can sort it out because all my extras quit this morning when we tried to do a scene in the Saloon and a squid thing suddenly appeared and started playing the piano and that’s just the latest...”

Jack interrupted what appeared to be the start of a long drawn out list of everything that had plagued this production “did you manage to capture any of these strange events on film?”

“Not until’s here...” he indicated the monitor and they watched the scene replay exactly as he’d described it, the screen going dark after the panicked exit of the actors was followed by that of the cameraman!”

Jack grinned.

You can’t be serious!

Why not, I’ve always wanted to see you in hot pants, leather chaps and a cowboy hat!

Very Rhinestone Cowboy!

Oh yeah!

You’re drooling again!

Well I’m liking the picture I’m seeing...


No, NO? Or no, you’ll think about it?

You’re incorrigible!

You’re irresistible!

Okay, Jack, but before you get too excited, I don’t think they wore hot pants in the Old West!  

The pout appeared and seemed to confuse both Jonathon and the director who’d not been privy to any of the rapid thought swapping.

Ianto grinned and this just perplexed them even more! “I think we can sort a couple of problems out for you here, “he said calmly, ignoring the whoops of excitement from Jack going off in his head like fire crackers you’re such a kid!

C’mon, don’t tell me you never wanted to play cowboys and Indians on a proper Old West film set? I was in the right time but never the right place...yeehaw!

Jack! Unless you want me to hog-tie you I suggest you pay attention!

Oh promises promises...

The frown and an image of a large pot of decaf had the desired effect and Jack grinned happily at the two bemused men. “What Ianto’s saying is we’ll be your extras on this shoot and see if we can solve the mystery of your strange goings-on at the same time...”

The director looked like he was about to throw himself on them in gratitude so they stood hurriedly. “We’ve got a couple of monitoring devices to put in place and then we’ll be back with some more equipment and the rest of the team.

“We’ve got a scene to film at either of you ride?”

Jack, behave!

“Yes, we both do...”

I said, behave!


“If you can be back here for rehearsals in two hours and then we’ll film into the early evening...” the director was beaming now, seeing an end to his cast and budget problems.

Jonathon saw them back to the SUV. “Thank you for doing this, I’m advising and producing on this and you were the only people I could think of who wouldn’t think I was mad!”

“We’ll be back in a couple of hours...wait ‘till we tell Owen!” The three men laughed at the thought of the acerbic medic’s face...

Thirty minutes later they were in the boardroom, steaming mugs of Ianto’s coffee and plates of cakes beside them as they watched the film they’d brought back from the set.

“So, I told them we’d be their extras and...”

Owen spluttered into his coffee and his expression was pretty much exactly as they’d predicted. “You said what? I’m a doctor not a bloody cowboy! I’m not prancing about in leather chaps and...”

“Actually Owen, they want you to be the Sherriff...I think you get to sling us in jail...” Ianto cut across the incredulous and rising tones, seeing the indignation morphing into a grin at the thought of playing the lawman...

“ might be a laugh..!” he said grudgingly, attempting to hide the excitement that was charging adrenaline through his bloodstream and fooling nobody!

“Ladies? Do you fancy being in on this? Tosh will be waiting to greet Ianto from our long trek and Gwen, you’ll be in the Saloon, waiting for me...” Oh...Yan, is that okay...I never thought...

It’s a film Jack, and the green eyes are long since dealt with...

Oh yeah...what about last Christmas when she got me with the mistletoe..?

That was different..!


“Oi, stop chattering in your heads and talk out loud like the rest of us mere mortals!” Owen was back to his snarky best, “what about these ‘ghosts’ on set?”

Tosh took the remote and clicked to an image from the film. She zoomed in on one of the squid’s arms to focus on a thin band with unintelligible writing on. “That’s ‘Zarnott’s Adventure Holidays’ – it’s actually a really clever idea – an old disused film set is the ideal playground for visiting aliens who don’t want to interact with the locals, but do want to play here on earth...

Ianto and I found several recorded visits over the past seventy years in the archives... All we need to do is try and talk to one of the visitors, get them to contact the holiday rep and delay their trip until the film’s finished...then business as usual...everyone’s happy! And they didn’t show up on our systems because they’re beaming down from cloaked ships up in orbit...”

They talked animatedly about the coming evening, Gwen even managing to talk Rhys into playing the Saloon bartender...”It’ll be fun sweetheart...” she grinned over the phone...

Ninety minutes later they pulled up in the car park, Owen parking behind the SUV, before they all shook hands with the beaming director. They were taken through to wardrobe and sorted out with costumes, before going into rehearsals.

Jack looked at Ianto as he stood there in heavy cotton trousers that hugged his hips, leather chaps, a red check shirt and a red neckerchief under a wind battered worn brown leather waistcoat, a brown leather gun belt and holster with a Colt .45 Peacemaker and a beige cowboy hat that completed his ensemble... Wow, Yan you look h-o-t! Remind me to take this home with us later...

You don’t look half bad yourself... Jack’s outfit had a heavy blue cotton shirt, yellow neck tie and long blue overcoat, his cowboy hat was black and he had a Winchester rifle slung casually over his shoulder as a companion to his own Colt .45 Peacemaker slung low on his hip.

They grinned at each other and then at Owen who looked transformed in black, a shiny Sherriff’s badge pinned to his chest and a gleaming pair of spurs on his Black leather boots. He looked up from his script, “I’m going to enjoy this...”

He stuck his chest out as Tosh wandered over, her floor-length dress the classic period piece and perfect for the sweetheart waiting for her beau...

Owen’s loving the attention from Tosh...

There’s a wedding waiting to happen..! They’ve been together a while now...

Don’t you meddle Jack...

They turned to see Gwen and Rhys walking towards them, Rhys was decked out as a typical bartender with an apron tied around his waist and Gwen looked amazing as a Saloon girl with a low cut tight fitting dress and high leather boots. They grinned at the others.  

Jack strode over to talk to the director to explain what might happen with their visitors and then they got stuck into rehearsals, Jack and Ianto riding into town from the first signs of what was going to be a beautiful sunset...

They were on the second real take when the squid appeared at the piano and a second appeared on a barstool. Ianto had just ordered a shot ‘shaken not stirred..!”Rhys nearly dropped the bottle he was pouring from and filled the glass several times over as he gazed at the new arrival. Ianto grinned and grabbed the neck of the bottle, taking it from the bartender’s trembling hands, “that’s quite shaken enough, thank you!”

Rhys snorted, his eyes still fixed on the squid, his mouth dropping open when a long slim tentacle beckoned him over and pointed at the bottle on the bar.

Jack grinned and removed the hand he had creeping up the inside of Ianto’s thigh. He moved over to the squid and nodded, indicating to Rhys for a second glass. When the drinks – cold tea – were poured, Jack picked them up and offered one to the alien who took it with a bubbling noise.

Ianto reappeared with Tosh and a universal translator, Jack explaining to the Skerrit what was happening. The two Skerrits had a hasty bubbled conversation over by the piano before a shimmer of light announced the arrival of a third alien who introduced himself as Zarnott. Jack explained the film set was now being used and that visitors were spooking the locals. In an amiable discussion, Zarnott agreed to suspend the holidays until the site had been unoccupied for one earth month and then vanished with his customers.

The bar was suddenly filled with the sound of clapping and cheering from the film crew and the director ran in and flung himself on Jack who clapped him briefly on the back and wriggled out of his grasp.

“Take it from the top of the scene...” the director ordered and they moved to their places... It was with a huge sense of satisfaction that they heard the final “cut, print it!” to wrap for the night.

Their starring roles completed, Tosh, Owen, Gwen and Rhys made plans to go to the pub for a bite to eat and a few drinks. Jack had a quiet word with the director before shaking hands with a relieved Jonathon. One by one the film vehicles took their leave until it was just the SUV remaining.

Ianto came out of the Saloon where he’d retrieved the tiny monitoring devices they’d put in place earlier. Where’s everyone gone?

It’s just us...I thought we could ride off into the sunset...

Like the films..?

Yeah...wild west and all that..!

You’re daft!

Yeah, but you love me...

Got me on that one! Saddle up then?

Yeah...stables are not far and then we just need to bed the horses down for the night...


Lots of straw and hay..!

They mounted their horses for the final time and headed down the main street of the film set...riding into the sunset...

Ianto sat up and glanced around his audience, smiling, “and that’s how Captain Coat and Coffee Man, and their team, became cowboys on a Wild West film set so they could solve the mystery of the strange ghosts... Thank you for listening and I hope you’ve enjoyed the story...”

He blushed at the outbreak of clapping and cheering, the pink deepening on his cheeks as Jack streamed their own final’ bedding down’ in the stables amongst the straw and hay into his head, with no-one but the horses to hear their cries as they toppled over the edge into ecstasy...

Karen thanked everyone for coming and announced the winner of the picture from last week’s story, presenting a delighted five year old with her book voucher. “There will be another competition this week, so bring your pictures of Captain Coat and Coffee Man and the Old West in with you...and we’ll see Mr Harkness-Jones again next Saturday...”

They made their way outside to be intercepted by Miss Martin. Brychan gripped Ianto’s hand supportively. “A fine tale young man and I must commend you for encouraging our youngsters to read and visit the library. I look forward to hearing more of their adventures.” She looked down at Bry, “...and thank you, Brychan, for telling me about your Tad’s story time...” Nodding and smiling she walked away, leaving a relieved Ianto behind her.

Jack looked at Bry, “she said you told her..?”

“In show and tell time...” Brychan grinned, “I didn’t tell her that the stories were all about you and Tad...she’d never believe that!”

Ruffling his son’s hair, Jack reached for Ianto’s hand and the family headed for home...



The Adventures of Captain Coat and Coffee Man will continue in the next prompt.
zazajb: (captain coat & coffee man)

Title: Sit down, shut up and hang on!
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set S2, AU
Summary: A visiting spaceship causes the team a few minor problems... Words 4950

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise belongs to RTD & BBC, I’m just playing with them...
Written for the longliveianto bingo prompt: Piloting a spaceship

X-posted Longliveianto, Jantolution, jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper, jantosparkle, ijs[apologies to those getting this multiple times]
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Sit down, shut up and hang on!

Ianto shifted Ammeline onto his hip and reached down to pick up her Dagga, the now rather battered Welsh Dragon soft toy she’d had since she was a baby, a gift from Tosh and Owen. He placed it in his daughter’s outstretched hand and she beamed happily at him, her startling blue eyes, so like his own, lighting up as she hugged the beloved plushie.

Breakfast’s coming down? Jack’s thoughts caressed his mind softly.

Yep, on our way...

Jack was dishing up the family’s favourite Saturday breakfast of pancakes as they joined him and Brychan, who was busily setting the table. Setting the pan back on the cooker, Jack leant in to press a light kiss on the end of his daughter’s cute button nose. She giggled and batted him away with her Dagga as he moved to capture his Welshman’s soft and sensual lips in a tender kiss that was never supposed to develop...but he just couldn’t kiss him without it building into a full blown tongue twirling event...

Ammerline watched fascinated, her blonde head tilted as she surveyed them from her ringside seat in Ianto’s arms. Brychan looked up from the table, making retching noises as he placed the final fork in place. “Oi, Dad, put Tad down...breakfast is getting cold!” sounding eerily like a certain acerbic medic...

Chuckling, Jack released a breathless and flushed Ianto, who turned to roll his eyes at their son, “you, young man are spending way too much time with Uncle Owen! You’re even starting to talk just like him!”

Brychan grinned and reached across for the maple syrup to go on his pancakes. Ianto’s heart melted as the six year old miniature version of Jack shook his unruly hair out of his eyes...each of their children were precious gifts and he adored them completely.

He set Ammerline down in her high chair and cut a pancake into pieces, adding strawberries and raspberries to her plate before putting it down in front of her with a beaker of juice. “Ta...tadda...” she smiled at him and began eating contentedly, her little fingers chasing the fruit pieces around the rim with a series of giggles.

With both children now focused on their breakfast, Ianto moved to the coffee machine to make himself and Jack a much needed caffeine infusion. Jack grabbed a pancake from the big plate and tore it in two, cramming one half in his mouth and feeding the other to Ianto a piece at a time. The Welshman grinned and opened his mouth obediently for each mouthful, finally sucking the older man’s fingers clean when they were presented after three pancakes had been shared in a similar fashion.

“Dad, that’s disgusting..!” Brychan frowned at them in an Owen-like manner as Jack stuck his tongue out at his son.

Laughing, Ianto smacked Jack lightly on the arm. “Don’t encourage him, he already sounds like a carbon copy of his’ll be like living with Owen on a permanent basis..!”


“Yes Bry...”

“Are we going to the library for story time again today?”

“Yep...that okay?”

“Yeah...” there was a pause before “...T-a-d..?

Ianto winced at the contemplative tone and braced himself for one of those impossible questions that only children can ask...and no-one can ever answer to their satisfaction. The last time this tone had surfaced he’d had the Devil’s own job trying to explain the how’s and why’s of human biology when Bry’s teacher had refused to believe him that Jack was pregnant, because “Dad’s a man and Miss Ellis says that men can’t have babies because they don’t have the right bits...but Dad is pregnant...I told her to came and see if she didn’t believe me...”

Jack, of course, heavily pregnant with their daughter had mumbled about feeling tired and sloped away to lie down, leaving Ianto to try and explain the impossible...and he still wasn’t sure he’d come out on the winning side! Inwardly groaning, he smiled, “...yes Bry..?”

“Is Dad Captain Coat? Y’ the stories?”

Jack preened and pushed his chest out as Ianto stifled a chuckle, keeping his face equally as serious as the six year old’s “Yes, Dad is Captain Coat...”

“So does that mean that you’re Coffee Man? Is that why you and Dad drink coffee all the time? Does it give you magic powers?” Brychan leant forward, his blue grey eyes wide, chin jutting like Jack, Ianto mused fondly...

“Yes, that makes me Coffee Man...and...”

“Oh cool! My Dad and Tad are superheroes..! Can we go now? I’ve finished breakfast...”

Jack laughed at their son’s enthusiasm. “Go clean your teeth and find the books you need to take back...we’ll get Ammeline ready...”

“’K...thanks Dad...” he jumped off his chair and ran to the door, stopping as he opened it to look back, “...will you show me your magic powers later..?”

“Maybe...if you’re good...”

Ianto drained the last of his coffee and began gathering the plates as Jack lifted Ammeline out of her high chair after cleaning her face and fingers with a baby wipe. She snuggled against him, curling her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck.

A pounding of footsteps thudding down the stairs announced the return of Brychan as Ianto dropped the last of the cutlery into the dishwasher, added the cleaning tab and closed the door. Pressing the start button he glanced over to where Jack was encouraging Ammeline into her coat, Dagga clutched firmly in her fingers.

Jack felt his gaze and looked up, smiling softly. Love you he sent, the thought filling Ianto with a delicious warmth that started in his toes and swept through him. He caressed the feeling and sent it back.  Jack...what magic powers are you going to show Bry? You know he won’t memory and your penchant for science...he won’t be easily impressed...

Well, how about I show him that I can get his Tad hard just by looking at him..!

Ianto spluttered and opened his mouth to protest aloud, the images of their rather enjoyable shower that morning flooding his brain, sending his blood supply south in a surge of heat...


You’re incorrigible..!

You’re irresistible...and so cute when you blush..!

Brychan burst noisily back into the room. “Can we go now? I want to tell Euan about your super powers... ”

Don’t you dare, Jack! Ianto sent fiercely as Jack opened his mouth before closing it again without speaking and twinkled lovingly at his partner as the family made their way outside. Ammeline was strapped into her pushchair with Bry pushing her proudly as they headed towards the library. Jack reached for Ianto’s hand and they strolled behind their children, enjoying the early morning sunshine, the reassuring warmth of hand in hand and the gentle swirling of entwined thoughts...

Arriving at the library, Brychan abandoned his sister and rushed off to find his best friend, leaving Jack to see to Ammeline and stow the buggy under the stairs alongside a surprising number of others. Ianto slipped an arm around Jack’s waist and tugged him close to brush their lips together lightly I’ll go set up...see you inside when you’ve got your hero cape out! His lips curved into a smile as Jack’s hand slid behind the back of his neck to prolong the kiss and he leant into the touch briefly before pulling back, straightening his already perfect tie as he headed towards the children’s section through the arch at the back of the main building.

The librarian, Karen, greeted him warmly. “Your audience is much bigger this week, “ she smiled at him, “so we’ve had to move things around a bit...” as she led him to the story corner. Ianto gaped – there were at least thirty children already sat down on the floor, some on the giant cushions and on the bean bags and numerous parents...

Jack..! Captain Coat’s got a fan club!

You mean Captain Coat and Coffee Man...we’ll be there in a moment – just getting Ammie’s crayons...

 Ianto made his way to his chair amid a smattering of applause and a distinct increase in the volume of chattering and settled himself. He grinned at Brychan who was excitedly talking to Euan with much hand waving and head bobbing. Euan’s eyes widened and he gazed at Ianto in awe. Ianto winked and began.

“Good morning everyone. Are we ready to hear some more adventures of Captain Coat and Coffee Man..?” The deafening cheer made him chuckle, meeting Jack’s eyes as he sat down on the floor at the back with their daughter on his lap...

“Then I’ll begin...” The crowd fell silent and leant forward to listen...

The rift siren blared as the team sat around the conference table listening to Owen’s explanation of the respiratory system of the Vuxx that they’d found dead on the shoreline in Penarth the previous day. It was a relief to all when the alarm sounded as they were all in danger of falling asleep – Owen always got a bit carried away when they discovered a new species...

Tosh pulled her hand held scanner towards her and tapped the controls “It’s big, whatever it is...looks to be at the end of Cathedral Road...”

Jack stood up, “Tosh, you coordinate from here, the rest of you with me...”

Ianto was already waiting by the door with Jack’s coat, smoothing it over his shoulders in that familiar and intimate way. They piled into the SUV as Gwen’s phone rang...

“Andy? Yeah, we’re on our way there now...yes, it sounds like one of our ‘spooky do’s’ We’ll be there soon...” She hung up. “Strange reports of RTCs coming in...road traffic collisions...” she explained to Owen’s questioning look. “Seems cars are crashing into something in the road but no-one can see what it is...”

They hung on as Jack put his foot down.

When they arrived, there were seven cars in various states of crumpled, two ambulances and two police cars. Members of the public wandered around somewhat dazed and Andy greeted the team with obvious relief. “There’s something right across the road...blocking it...”

Jack took control. “Gwen, help Andy...get everyone might want to give everyone a drink...” he nodded imperceptibly, “Owen, see if you can help the paramedics, Ianto with me...let’s see what we’re dealing with...”

His team set to work as Ianto followed him towards what seemed to be a perfectly clear road... “Tosh...what you got for me?” as the pretty tech genius sounded in his ear.

“It’s a ship, cloaked obviously, the system doesn’t recognise the signature so it’s a new one on us for now – maybe something in the archives...?” she paused, “Where exactly are you?”

“Cathedral Road, just before the junction with Coweridge Road East...”

“That hedge running alongside the road...quite high, about eight feet..? There’s a field behind it...two life signs...unknown energy patterns...”

Ianto pressed his comm. unit “thanks Tosh, on it...” He strode briskly towards the hedge and crouched down to peer through into the field. “ need to see this...”

Jack joined him and they gazed at the two squat, almost triangular shaped, orange tinged aliens as they staggered around the field, pausing to scoop something from the grass and shove it into cavernous mouths. As they watched, one of the aliens quivered and fell over, flailing briefly before becoming still. The other made a rumbling sound and continued on its unsteady exploration of the field.

“Shit!” Jack and Ianto cursed simultaneously in their heads, a momentary flash of humour at their synchronised thoughts, before Ianto began to push carefully through the hedge, mindful of his much loved charcoal grey suit and maroon shirt ensemble...

Jack pressed his comm. unit. Gwen, Owen...we got two aliens on the loose in the field behind the hedge. Gwen, I need you to retcon everyone here ASAP...I don’t care how you do it, but we need them asleep now... Owen, I need you down here with us – one of them has collapsed and the other doesn’t look too idea what they are yet...”

Without waiting for a response, Jack began to follow Ianto’s path through the hedge, grinning at the enjoyable sight of the Welshman’s perfect wool-clad rear moving enticingly in front of him. He flashed the image and several suggestions for ‘hidden behind the hedgerow’ activities into the young man’s head, chuckling at the conflicting responses of Ianto’s head and his body parts!

Finally through to the other side they watched as the second alien gave a final wobble and fell to the ground. Muttered curses from behind them announced the arrival of the acerbic medic who scrambled up from his knees pulling twigs from his hair before gazing at the prone aliens.

“Okay, they dead or what?” he snarked, looking from Jack to Ianto.

“No idea..! We haven’t gone any closer yet – that one there...” Ianto pointed to the body farthest from them, “has only just gone down...”

Striding out, his Webley drawn and his coat billowing out behind him, Jack led the way,  “...okay, kids, let’s go see what we got...”

They slowed as they got closer, Jack waving Ianto round to approach it from the other side, stun gun poised. Owen jumped as the alien suddenly turned its head – it didn’t appear to have a neck and close up it really did look like a triangle on stumpy little legs – and made a deep gurgling sound, its double-lidded eyes blinking blearily at them before it slumped to one side, apparently unconscious.

He ran the scanner over it and stared at the readings, holding them out to Jack for double checking. “They’re drunk?”

“Yup..!” Owen indicated the dandelions still clutched in the creature’s three-fingered hand, “...and these would appear to be the culprits... Tosh?” he hit his comm. unit, “sending you the readings now...”

“Got them...yes, their internal physiology seems to be very similar to ours so I’m guessing where they come from must have a much denser gravitational field which would account for their appearance... Their blood alcohol readings are off the scale – they’re going to have some wonderful hangovers after this...”



“I think there’s something in the archives about a species encountered by TW1 who were caught digging up entire fields back in the seventies...I remember reading about the speculation over what it was they were after as it was just an ordinary field of grass with nothing but dandelions and weeds... As far as I can recall they never found out as they just blew the ship out of the was their way back then...”

Jack scowled, the reminder of how ruthless and short-sighted TW1 was, grating against the very core of his being...

Owen was now on his knees, feeling for a pulse, or the equivalent of one, on the alien’s arm. He looked round at Jack. “I think they’ve overdone it – I’m seeing clear signs of alcohol poisoning here...we need to get them back onto their ship...”

“Jack...” Gwen’s voice came over the comm. “everyone’s asleep here, apart from Andy who’s just moving a couple of the cars so it looks like they were ‘head-on’s’...”

“Okay, thanks Gwen...”

Wouldn’t it be simpler to move their ship into this field..? Ianto streamed into his Captain’s head, the ship’s cloaked, the hedge is high enough to shield us from the road...

Good call... “Gwen, have Andy go stand by the Road Closed sign to turn back any other traffic, you get yourself over here with Owen and Ianto and I’ll try and move the ship... Tosh, any signs of screening or defences on that ship..?”

“Nothing I can see, Jack...I’m going to have a look down in the archives for that file now...”

“Gwen...” Ianto touched his comm. “In the back of the SUV is a small axe...can you bring it with you and I’ll meet you at the gap we made earlier – wait ‘till I come to you or this ruddy hedge’ll ruin your leather jacket...

This hedge is going to get a haircut so we can at least get through it without it ripping our clothes off...

Nah, that’s my job..!

Ianto rolled his eyes and headed for the tiny gap in the hedge where he carefully made his way through to the other side. His eyes lit up at the sight of the axe and he proceeded to hack at the offending branches until there was a narrow, but clear, path through the dense foliage and brambles. Wiping the sweat off his brow with his handkerchief, he grinned at his colleagues... “There, all done!”

You enjoyed that..?

Oh yeah! Very satisfying...

Don’t forget I’m going to get you all sweaty later when the kids have gone to bed...gotta keep my superhero powers well oiled...

Ianto turned a snort of laughter into a cough as Gwen looked inquiringly at him “Pollen!” he said as he turned away to hide the grin that spread over his face.

Jack smirked in his head and followed him to the marker they’d left to indicate the position of the cloaked ship. Jack felt his way carefully along the contours of the ship until his hand vanished into nothingness... Looks like we found the door...ready?

On your coat-tails..!

Jack’s answering grin was lost as he stepped through into the force-field, reaching out to take his Welshman by the hand as they were swallowed up and vanished from sight. The saucer shape spaceship was exactly the design of every childhood comic and Hollywood B movie, the obligatory ramp up to the open doorway completing the picture.

Ianto scanned the area, no other life signs...looks like it’s a crew of two...

“Jack, you need to hurry, they’re getting worse...” Owen’s urgent message stirred them from their light-hearted mood and they hurried up the gangplank into the craft, looking around them with interest. It was a simple design with what looked like a control panel with two seats on one side and two bunks on the other. A purple cross symbol, the universal symbol for ‘hospital’ on the locker at the side, marked another bunk as a med-bed.

“Owen..? Looks like there’s a medical bay on board...”

“Good! Bloody hurry up and get that thing shifted over here...out!” Owen was brusque and impatient...not a good sign for the condition of their patients.

Okay, let’s fly this thing...


Jack surveyed the controls, running his hands over several levers and dials that looked promising...nothing...

Ianto watched as his Captain got progressively more irritated with his own lack of progress.

Yan, can you see anything that looks like it might make this heap of junk leave the ground...or turn on...or do something other that sit here doing sod all...

“Any time yesterday..!” Owen rasped acerbically in their ears...

“There aren’t any obvious controls...” Ianto kept his voice low and controlled, knowing that the two men were liable to explode with frustration any moment and he’d be in the firing line from both sides, “it might be a while until we figure it out. Can you and Gwen get them through the gap in the hedge and into the least you could use the med-bed while we work on moving this thing... It’s not ideal but...” his voice trailed away, leaving the other man to work out it was that or nothing for the time being!

“On our way...keep working at it...” Owen shut off his comm. unit and Ianto heaved a sigh of relief that the immediate danger of exploding medic had been avoided...for now! He turned back to survey the panel of unintelligible dials and switches, watching what Jack was doing before he began to mirror his movements on the other side of the panel.

Owen and Gwen were just heaving the first alien up the ramp when the craft gave an almighty shudder and pulsated into life, the jolt sending Owen stumbling into the doorway to smack his head hard against the bulkhead. Uttering a stream of words that turned the air blue, the dazed doctor glared in the general direction of the pseudo-pilots and moved back to help Gwen with the surprisingly heavy unconscious body of the alien and they heaved it painstakingly up onto the medical bunk where Owen immediately began rummaging in the locker for supplies.

Back at the control panel, Jack and Ianto were trying to work out what they’d done so they could repeat it. They ran their hands back over the array of dials and were rewarded with another violent shudder and this time the craft tilted up on Jack’s side, the sudden lurch sending both Ianto and Owen crashing to the floor to bang their heads against whatever hard surface was nearest.

“For fuck’s sake Jack, I thought you could pilot a spaceship..!” Owen rubbed numerous aching and damaged parts of his body. “We’re going to get the other one now, try not to kill this one while we’re gone!” He looked at Gwen who’d had a face full of alien belly when the ship had tilted, “ okay?”

Too breathless to speak, Gwen just nodded and followed the grumpy medic back down the ramp to retrieve the other owner of the craft. okay?

Bit shaken, but yeah I’m okay... What did we do?

No idea...let’s do it again and see if we can get it off the ground!

Ianto grinned Go for it!

They ran their hands over the panel once more and the craft pulsed into life with less violence than before. Ianto spread his fingers and the ship tilted again, this time lifting up on his side before crashing heavily to the ground again, shaking them roughly although they kept their feet.

A flash of something flew across the Welshman’s consciousness, remaining frustratingly out of reach as he groped in the darkest recesses of his mind to no avail.

What’s up?

There’s something about was there...just for a second and now it’s gone... He screwed his face up in concentration in his efforts to find whatever it was before shaking his head regretfully, no, it’s gone...

They turned their attention back to the panel as Gwen and Owen staggered back into the craft with the second body and dumped him onto one of the sleeping bunks. “You two brain boxes figured out how to fly this thing yet? ‘Course you have, that’s why it’s still stuck on the ground!” Owen was at his sarcastic best with aches and pains all over his body...

Ianto’s face lit up with a beaming smile, rushing over to Owen to plant a wet kiss on his lips, surprising everyone else who looked at him like he’d gone mad and leaving a speechless Owen spluttering!

Ianto? Jack was confused and a teeny bit jealous – if there was something to celebrate it should he him on the receiving end of Ianto’s kisses...

Owen’s brilliant! He said ‘you two’ and that’s it – these aliens are D’eux – synchronous beings who do everything in pairs at the exact same time...remember in Golden Eye the keys had to be turned at exactly the same time to arm the weapon...that’s how we fly this thing...

Jack suddenly caught on –there was something to be said for having a partner who adored James Bond so he’d watched them all umpteen times and could actually understand the reference! “We have to do it together!” he said aloud, startling both Gwen and Owen, the latter scowling.

“We’ve got more things to worry about than who tea boy here kisses! Like getting this bucket off the ground and out of the road!”

“Owen, sit down, shut up and hold on! We know how to fly this thing...we have to synchronise our movements over the controls...” Ianto barked at the stunned man.

Nicely done! Ready..?

As I’ll ever be...together...three, two,!

The spaceship shuddered and lifted slowly off the ground, the doorway vanishing as it began to move. Their thoughts linked, Jack and Ianto mirrored each other’s movements on the control panel. It wasn’t the smoothest of flights, but it was enough to get them over the hedge and into the field where they landed again with a bump, the door reappearing when they took their hands off the controls.

“Nice job boys...” Gwen was impressed.

“Not bad!” Owen conceded, still chaffing over Ianto’s kiss and his painful collisions with various parts of the ship. “Now we have to figure out how to stop these D’eux from dying of alcohol poisoning on us...

Jack grinned at Ianto as the same thought hit them both and they moved away from the pilots’ stations, linking hands and heading for the door. “We’ll be right back...”

Owen was talking to Tosh as they vanished down the ramp and they grinned at each other, hearing his voice rising as he attempted to get across his message that they’d all gone barmy.

I suppose we could’ve told him...

Yeah, but much more fun not to! You know I was jealous when you kissed him...

Um, yep, sorry, it was a spur of the moment thing...I was just so pleased to work it out!

Just you wait ‘till later...I’ll show you synchronised movements like you’ve never had before..!

Jack squeezed his hand and leered at him as Ianto blushed. They reached the SUV and opened the boot, Jack leaning in to retrieve the flask of coffee that Ianto had tucked in earlier when the rift alert had sounded. Ianto grabbed some packets of sugar from the side pocket and they closed the boot, lingering just long enough to share a soft and tender kiss before they once again entwined their hands and headed back to the ship.

Owen was mercifully quiet when they presented him with the flask and sugar and informed him that they were going take pictures and scans while he got the D’eux sobered up...

With Gwen helping Owen and Tosh directing Jack and Ianto as to the shots and readings she wanted all was peaceful, the background silence broken only by the low moans from the D’eux as they gradually sobered up with the help of generous helpings of Ianto’s coffee.

An hour later and both aliens were sober enough to explain that they were newly married and on their equivalent of a honeymoon. Their friends had told them they had to visit earth and to make sure they tried the dandelions as they were the best in the Milky Way but no-one had told them how potent they were...

After promising to be careful of how many ate, the D’eux were overcome with the bulging carrier bag of freshly picked dandelions that Jack presented to them. They bowed and gave thanks to Captain Coat for his generosity, to Coffee Man for his magic healing drink and then to the team for saving their spaceship, presenting Jack with a miniature model of the craft as a token of their gratitude. Farewells dispensed, the team retreated down the ramp for the final time, moving well away from the craft as it began to spin and lifted gracefully off the ground, gathering speed until it shot up into the sky and was instantly out of sight...

Ianto sat up slightly in his chair and looked out over his audience who were hung on his every word, the parents as well as the children, he was amused to note... “They went back to the Hub where Ianto made them all coffee and they had the Captain’s favourite chocolate brownie to go with it and that was the story of how Captain Coat and Coffee Man learnt how to pilot a spaceship so they and their team could save the day again...”

There was a thunderous round of applause during which Jack bombarded Ianto’s mind with their synchronised hand movements of later that evening and hand and hip even later still, drawing a deep blush over his partner’s face much to Jack’s wicked delight, chuckling loudly when Ianto streamed them back with a promise of a repeat performance...

Karen held her hands up for quiet before thanking Ianto once again and announcing a drawing competition for the children to create their pictures of Captain Coat and Coffee Man from today’s story. “The best ones will go on display an there’ll be book vouchers as get drawing and bring your entries to next week’s story time when I hope Mr Harkness-Jones will be sharing more Superhero adventures with us...”

The floor gradually emptied as Jack and Ianto chatted to some of the other parents. Brychan bounced over with Euan in tow to ask if he could go to his friend’s house so they could do their pictures and stay for tea... As Ianto arranged with Euan’s mum, Jacqui that she would drop Bry back by 6:30, Jack was whispering to the two boys about some of the superhero powers that Captain Coat might have with much excitable laughter from all three!

It was lunchtime by the time they made it home, Ammeline so tired she was almost asleep in her highchair. Ianto tucked her up for her nap before Jack led him to their bedroom to remind him of the energetic delights of synchronous pairs until they fell asleep wound in each other’s arms...


The story of Captain Coat and Coffee Man continues in the next prompt...



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Title: And that’s how it all started...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set S2
Summary: A rift alert has all sorts of consequences... Words 3170

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time
Written for the [ profile] longliveianto bingo prompt: Bodyswap

Icon and gorgeous banner by the wonderfully talented [ profile] ianto_love_jack  Thank you *hugs*

X-posted Jantolution, jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper, jantosparkle, ijs[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N for [ profile] sassysailorgirl 


And that’s how it all started...

Muttering in very expressive Welsh, Ianto dragged his highly aroused and indignant body from Jack’s bunk and grabbed his clothes from their various scattered locations around the room before climbing up to join his Captain at Gwen’s workstation. Jack grinned at the flushed cheeks and tousled hair as the young man peered at the screen.

“Just as we were getting started..!” he pressed a light kiss to his Welshman’s temple before turning his attention back to the rift alert that had interrupted what was promising to be a monumental evening.

“D’you recognise that pattern? It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before...” Ianto frowned and tapped industriously on the keyboard as he searched through their databases for anything remotely similar. “Nothing like it in our records...”

“So, a new contact...we’d better go in prepared...” Jack said, automatically reaching for his Webley to check it, as Ianto keyed in the code for the armoury to get a Glock pistol to accompany his preferred non-lethal stun gun. They filled their pockets with fresh cans of weevil spray and a syringe of swift acting strong sedative and headed for the underground car park. Two minutes later they were en route to the child’s playground in Barry where the signal appeared to be stable...

The roads were clear - which was just as well with Jack’s usual breakneck driving, Ianto thought, hanging on tightly to the door frame as Jack hurled the SUV around corners at unbelievable speeds. Slamming the brakes on, Jack brought them to a standstill and they both peered at the hand held scanner. The signal was unchanged and seemed to be hovering over the sandpit...

Shining their torches ahead of them, they made their way over the playing field towards the enclosed children’s play apparatus. There was nothing visible although the signal still held steady. Jack nodded as Ianto motioned that he’d approach the signal so Jack could circle around to come in behind it. His heart thudding so hard he swore it was audible, Ianto crept forward, checking the scanner every step. There was no change until he stepped into the sand pit.

In a flash of blue light that cracked like rifle shot, a four feet high, bi-ped dinosaur-like creature that resembled a Bambiraptor launched itself at the Welshman, wings flapping frantically as its talons ripped into the soft flesh of Ianto’s chest. There was no time even to cry out as the young man hit the floor. He dropped his torch and the scanner and struggled desperately to get the stun gun within reach of the creature’s flesh as Jack emptied his entire supply of bullets into the tough hide.

With a howl as the lead rounds buried themselves into its back, the creature released its prey and vanished in another crack of blue light, leaving the air tainted with a metallic tang...

Jack leapt towards his prone lover, fear and horror washing over him as he saw the extent of the injuries. He dragged his phone from his pocket and hit #2 on his speed dial, barely registering the fact it was Tosh’s sleepy voice that answered the medic’s phone. “Tell Owen; Ianto’s seriously hurt, children’s playground, Barry...get him here...” before dropping the phone to the floor and gathering the semi-conscious young man into his arms... “Ianto...stay with me...stay with me please...” his voice an anguished whisper as he shook his beloved Welshman urgently...

Ianto’s eyelids fluttered and he opened his eyes, pain clouding those normally sparkling blue depths, “I’m sorry was too quick... I’m cold...that’s bad isn’t it..?” his voice trailed away and his eyes closed again, “Jack...” the whisper was barely audible and Jack had to bend closer to catch the words, his eyes filling with tears at the faint “I love you...I’ve always loved you...have to tell you...before it’s too late...”

Ianto...don’t....Ianto...stay with me....don’t leave me...” Dipping his head, Jack pressed his lips to Ianto’s, reaching deep inside himself to share his life force as a golden glow flickered briefly and was gone... Jack’s head swam and he blinked, dazed and confused by the sudden pain in his chest and the fact he was now lying down gazing up his own face...

“Jack..?” Ianto sounded similarly confused, but reassuringly alive. “It doesn’t hurt any more...” he opened his eyes and stared down wide-eyed at his body... “Jack...what’s happening..? Jack...” He shook his own body as its eyes slid closed and it went limp in his...ok...Jack’s...arms... no no no no...don’t you dare leave me Harkness...”

He sat there rocking the unresponsive body back and forth, tears streaming silently down his cheeks, his mind searching desperately for answers to impossible questions he had yet to formulate – somehow he and Jack had swapped bodies and now Jack was dead – or was he dead himself – his body was but...

He was spared further tortuous thought processes as his body tensed and drew in a huge gasp of air in a strangely familiar Jack-like way and his eyes opened again, meeting his relieved gaze from Jack’s blue grey pools. Words weren’t needed as Ianto-in-Jack’s-body crushed their mouths together in a passion and relief-laden kiss that had their heads spinning, tongues swirling until they were both light-headed and they broke apart, panting softly... and restored to their own bodies...

“What the..?” Ianto heard himself think...his synapses snapped to attention – wait! Heard himself think..? I think you’ll find that was my thought..!” Now that was most definitely Jack in his head! They stared at each other, eyes wide, mouths dropping open as they heard each other’s thoughts, so intent on the tumbling confusion whirling around they failed to hear the frantic arrival of Owen who shoved Jack bodily aside and grabbed the Welshman’s hand to check his pulse, the skin to skin contact sending a spark through both men as they blinked dizzily...

“What the fuck was that?” Owen’s emphatic curse sounded strangely muted coming out of Ianto’s mouth.

Ianto shook Owen’s head to try and shift the irritating buzzing as his thoughts grappled with the undeniable knowledge that they’d body-swapped and he still had Jack’s thoughts in his head...Jack’s rather distracting thoughts of hot kisses creeping their way down his pale neck, warm breath sending trails of goose bumps scurrying across his skin and a rush of blood to’s groin...

Jack grinned wolfishly despite their bemused predicament and reached out to grab a handful of the medic’s sweatshirt, hauling him in to plant a steamy open mouthed kiss on unfamiliar lips knowing that the jolt of electricity and the instantly recognisable lightheaded sensation meant another body swap... Ianto gave in and snaked Owen’s arms around his Captain’s neck, his fingers threading lovingly through his hair as Jack continued to fill his head with provocative images, gentle moans lost against his mouth...

“Oi, put my body down – even if it is the tea boy inside! I need to know what’s going on here – you said he was seriously hurt and where’s all that blood come from? I need answers!” Ianto’s soft welsh vowels didn’t quite do the acerbic medic’s words justice, but they got the message and pulled apart, somewhat breathless, stepping away from each other to avoid any further skin contact.

“Will someone tell me what’s happening..?” Owen was getting irate now, hands tugging at Ianto’s perfectly tied red silk at his throat to pull it awry in a manner that made the Ianto, now back in Jack’s body, want to slap him or at least serve him decaf for a month!

“I think that the alien that attacked Ianto left more than torn flesh seems to be some form of electrical charge that’s activated by skin contact and is able to move consciousness from one body to another...trouble is we’ve never seen anything like it before so I have no idea how to stop it! Oh, and Ianto’s body died and came back when I was him...”

Ianto bit thoughtfully on Jack’s bottom lip “Maybe if we each touch the person who has our mind all at the same time or just all touch together..?”

Owen nodded Ianto’s head slowly, finally releasing his death-grip on the Welshman’s tie, much to the relief of its owner “ could work and we don’t have any other fucking clues anyway! I’m game...” he held Ianto’s hand out towards his own body. Jack and Ianto looked at each other, shrugged and swapped why the hell not? messages in their heads as they reached out their host body hands...

The three sets of fingers touched and a loud crack of electricity accompanied with a vivid blue flash lit up the darkness, each man falling backwards as the intense power of the shock knocked them unconscious. Darkness closed in on them once again as they lay in the sand...

Ianto groaned and held his pounding head – it felt like he’d done ten rounds with Janet and several of her friends! Wincing at the demolition team hard at work on the inside of his skull, he struggled into a sitting position and looked down at his hands, relieved to find that they were indeed his hands – he was back in his own body. A heartfelt moan echoed in his head alongside the drilling and hammering and he turned to look at his Captain. Jack was still unconscious so the mind link was obviously still active and the quiet questioning Ianto..? confirmed his suspicions as moments later the prone figure moved painfully to sit up. They reached for each other...stop! Ianto sent, recalling the skin to skin transfer when Owen had tried to take his pulse...

Oh...yeah, right! Good call... How’s Owen?

They turned to see the medic’s eyes opening, the grimace on his face more than confirmed the presence of an equally painful headache. “Fuck! I’ve got the hangover from hell! What were we drinking?” Owen muttered a few more choice profanities under his breath as he, too, struggled to sit up. The three of them looked at each other warily.

“How are you feeling?” Owen stretched towards Ianto as the doctor in him reasserted itself, before swiftly withdrawing his hand as the Welshman jerked himself out of reach.

“Don’t touch me!” he growled, his hand automatically reaching to adjust his tie, frowning when he found it mangled out of its usual perfect shape.

Jack moved his head carefully from side to side in an attempt to ease the cramped muscles in his neck. “Right, we need to get back to the hub...find out what happened here and if it’s permanent... No-one touch each other...” he added rather unnecessarily as each man resumed the perpendicular and shoved their hands into their pockets before stumbling across the grass towards the two vehicles in the distance.

Owen slid into his car and nodded approvingly as Ianto got into the back seat of the SUV and Jack climbed into the driver’s seat. “Good! See you at the hub then, Tosh’s already there...” he blushed at their raised eyebrows and the grin that flashed across both faces. “Yeah, we’re...”

“We know, Owen..!” Jack chuckled despite the pain in his head, “Should I feel bad that I kissed you...and with tongue?”

“Just...just don’t go there!” Owen spluttered as Ianto grinned, his quiet chuckle echoing in Jack’s head. Slamming his car door so hard it made them all cringe, Owen set off at speed with the SUV following in his wake...

Tosh was waiting for them down in autopsy, scanners and monitors at the ready. She’d put non-conductive gloves on as a precaution and handed each man a pair as they greeted her.

Scanning each of their heads, Owen found slightly elevated levels of adrenalin and dopamine, but nothing unexpected for the kind of experiences they’d just been through and declared it safe for them to take their gloves off. He pointed at the table and looked at Ianto.

Now, tea boy!”

Ianto had been edging towards the stairs with the intention of making a swift escape to the kitchen, the need for caffeine growing stronger by the second.

“Do I have to?” he sent into Jack’s mind, realising with surprise that it felt totally natural to have access to the other man’s thoughts...

“You do!” Jack smiled softly, “we need...I make sure that you’re did die out there, remember?” He streamed the golden kiss memory into the young man’s head, drawing a delicious flush over his cheek that didn’t go unnoticed by the medic.

“Okay, what’s going on – why’s tea boy glowing like a Belisha Beacon? What don’t I know?”

“You want the long list or the condensed version?” Ianto deadpanned as he slid reluctantly onto the table. Tosh stifled a giggle as Owen frowned and she moved to stand by his side so she could see the readings on the monitor.

“Ha-bloody-ha!” Owen snarked. “Now spill..!”

“I can hear Jack’s thoughts and he can hear mine...ever since my body died when Jack was in it...” the blush deepened as Jack streamed a rather energetic session with Ianto bent over his desk into his head...

“I don’t want to know the details, thank you” he glared at Jack, “and you, stop harassing my patient!”  He pointed to the stairs, “behave or leave!”

Jack grinned again and leant against the dresser. “I’ll behave...promise...” as the medic’s eyes narrowed at him before turning back to examine the readings on the scanner. “Oh fuck!” Owen’s jaw dropped and Tosh looked at Ianto with a stunned expression on her beautiful face...

Ianto sat up, “what’s wrong with me?” gripping Jack’s hand tightly as his Captain leapt to his side and the two men looked anxiously at their doctor.

Despite the inappropriateness of the moment Owen couldn’t resist...”you want the long list..! Sorry...okay, when you died, what did you feel?”

“Nothing...I wasn’t in my body...but watching it was just like Jack when he comes back...”

“Are you ready to be the immortal tea boy?” he nodded seriously and tugged the monitor closer, “see, these readings are Ianto’s I’ve just scanned...these are Jack’s from his last physical...the chronon levels are identical...”

Frantic thoughts tumbled back and forth between the two – joy at being together for eternity mingled with shock and horror at the implications for Ianto’s family and the many questions...

Owen looked from one to the other and planted his hands on his hips . “Oi, share with us – we can’t hear what you’re thinking – us lesser mortals need to have it spoken out loud!”

They turned wide, somewhat damp, eyes towards him. Ianto’s mouth opened and closed again without any sound making it past his lips. Owen could sympathise with that, it was a big shock...

“How do we know if it’s permanent?” Jack voiced Ianto’s question for him.

Owen shrugged, “I could shoot him..? What?” he looked innocently at Tosh as she smacked his arm, “we’d know if it worked...”

“Thanks, Owen, but I think I’d rather not test it quite like that!” Ianto muttered dryly. He squeezed Jack’s hand. I’m fine cariad...I just need a little time to take it in... he sent in response to Jack’s anxious presence in his head. He jumped down off the table. “’I’m going to make a coffee...I know it’s three in the morning but I need one, so, if that’s okay with you..?” he glanced at Owen who nodded, before walking gracefully up the steps and disappearing from sight.

Jack gazed after him, resisting the urge to either follow or press his mind, knowing that his young lover needed time to absorb the events of the night. He jumped as Tosh laid a gentle hand on his arm. “He’ll be okay...he’s got you and he’s got us...”

“Yeah...I know...thanks... Now it’s late...well, early actually so why don’t you two get off home and I’ll see you later...midday? Oh, and can we hold off telling Gwen until Ianto’s ready to face her barrage of questions...I’ll give her the morning off as well and we’ll see you later...” He tugged them in for a joint hug, whispering a heartfelt “thank you” before releasing them and following them up to the main workspace. Moments later the roller door clunked shut behind them.

Jack tugged his phone out of his pocked and sent a swift message to Gwen, telling her it had been a busy night so they would be sleeping in, adding a brief ‘bring pastries!’ to his instructions to stay home till midday. As he pressed send, Ianto appeared from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee.  He looked calmer and smiled softly in response to Jack’s gentle questioning thoughts...I’m fine Jack...really...

They met at the raggedy old sofa and Jack took his coffee mug with one hand before sliding the other around the Welshman’s neck as he pulled him in for a tender kiss, lips soft and responsive under his. They kissed sweetly, minds swirling together without conscious thought, each losing themselves in the other until they broke apart to recharge their oxygen supply. Jack gazed into Ianto’s eyes, catching his breath at the intensity of emotion that blazed within the cobalt blue depths...Love you too...he sent, pressing a light kiss to the end of his Welshman’s cute button nose before they sank down onto the sofa and leant comfortably against each other as they drank their coffee...

Ianto looked down at the sea of faces who were following his every word with avid attention, his glance lingering on his Captain’s, smiling that just-for-Jack-smile at the man he loved so much, seeing him sat cross legged on the floor with a sound asleep two year old Ammeline curled up in his lap. Jack grinned back...yeah, she’s how you took out all the saucy bits but kept them in for me... Ianto winked and continued his roving glance across his audience, finding another very familiar pair of blue grey eyes under a shock of dark hair and the wide grin of their six year old... He twinkled at him before spreading his arms out and declaring “...and that’s how it all started...”

The librarian walked over, joining in with the applause from the audience. “Now children, say thank you to Mr Harkness-Jones and he’s promised to come back to tell you some more stories about Captain Coat and Coffee-man next week...


A/N This is the first of my longliveIanto bingo card. All stories will be set in this verse and will follow the lives of Jack, Ianto and their children as well as the wonderful heroes: Captain Coat and Coffee-man

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