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Title: Twos and Blues: 31/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 3000

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 For lovers everywhere... Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!



Chapter 31

“Jack…” Ianto called to empty air.

He turned huge panicked eyes towards Pete who was dragging his t-shirt back on.

“Go after him…it’ll be okay – he knows - when he stops to think, he knows that what he saw isn’t what he saw!” Pete pulled the trembling Welshman into a brief hug and pressed a light kiss to his forehead. “I’ll stay here ‘till you get back. Now an upset Jack drives; he gets into his car and he drives, so think Ianto, where will he go?”

“I don’t know…” the words were automatic, because he did know…well, knew a list of places to start looking at least. “I think…there’s a few places he might go…” Ianto turned and took a step towards the kitchen, pausing to ask the question he didn’t want answered “what if he doesn’t believe us? What if…” A strangled sob burst through the thin veneer “I can’t lose him, Pete…”

“You won’t….now go…sooner you’re out there, the sooner you’ll find him and then you can really welcome him home…” Pete paused, a soft smile curving his mouth “he loves you Ianto -  from what I’ve seen, he loves you more than anyone and anything…so move that cute little arse and go get your Captain back!”

Ianto gave a watery smile “thanks…you really are a lovely man…Nick’s very lucky…”

“Yeah, I know, now beat it, tea boy!”

Dragging the door to his flat open, Ianto grabbed his car keys out of the basket and pounded back down the stairs, turning the Audi towards the Fire Station, his first location on the list…all too short list…what if he’s not at any of them… He forced the thought aside, pushing his Bluetooth earpiece in as he tried Jack’s mobile. It didn’t even ring, just went directly to voicemail, which Ianto had been expecting. He cut the call without leaving a message.

Swinging into the yard at the station it was instantly obvious that Jack wasn’t there so he headed out towards Jack’s house, his mouth dry and his heart thudding painfully in his chest…

Jack had fled @Yanno, that image burning behind his eyelids, tears blurring his vision as he leapt back into the SUV and fired the engine. He’d known they were getting closer…the laughter the other day on the phone, Pete had rescued Ianto from Hart – there was a bond there for sure…but… It wasn’t true…please…it can’t be… Tears ran unchecked down his face and the hurt churned in his stomach as the car took him almost on auto-pilot to the one place he could think…   

Jack’s house was deserted. Reversing back out of the drive, Ianto swung towards the Marina. He didn’t really know why that was on his list, but they had just been there the other day…maybe… There was no sign of the SUV in the car park, the sixty second trawl around the marked bays costing him £2 for the privilege, which fortunately he had in a small pot full of change kept especially for car parking, otherwise he might’ve had a problem having rushed out in just his trackies and a t-shirt…

Next he headed towards Cosmeston Country Park, the place for their first official date…please be there Jack… tears coursed down his cheeks as he began to sob. His phone buzzed in his ear. “Jack?”

“Sorry, no…Pete… Just to tell you that Sue and Rhi are here and I’ve explained the situation. Sue’s going to use the take-Home grounds to make the coffees and I’m going to do the till…” his voice dropped to a whisper “You’ll find him, Ianto, I know you will…it’ll be okay…we’ll make it okay…I promise…you got that...?”

“Yes…” muffled through his sobs, a tiny “thanks Pete…” before the connection was cut.

Ianto’s mind drifted back over the past few weeks, the wonderful experiences he’d had, the places he’d be… He slammed on his brakes and belatedly indicated he was pulling over, much to the disapproval of the white van behind him who leant heavily on his horn and swept past him shouting and gesticulating.

Ianto paid him no heed. He knew where Jack would be.

He pulled up on the sandy incline next to the SUV and leapt out, shivering in the sharp sea breeze. Running down the slope to the beach his heart leapt at the sight of the hunched figure some way along the shoreline.

Jack…” he panted, fresh tears welling. What if he wouldn’t listen to him…what if… He took a deep breath. Now was the time to find out… Squaring his shoulders, he set off over the sand, the wind tugging at his hair.

As he approached, Jack turned to face him, tear tracks visible from red-rimmed eyes. Jack opened his mouth to speak, eyes filling with tears, but no sound came out. He took a step backwards and jammed his hands deeper into his coat pockets.

Teeth chattering with the cold now, Ianto reached towards the man he loved so much he thought his heart would burst, his own tears falling freely. “It wasn’t what…Jack, please…Pete…” he paused as Jack’s eyes narrowed “…he was teaching me how to do Lomi Lomi massage…I wanted to do it for you…he’s a trained masseuse – you told me that…please believe me Jack…ask Nick…Rhi…Sue…it wasn’t hidden or secret… Please Jack…”

They looked at each other, emotions churning in twin pairs of teary blue eyes, hands reaching simultaneously to tangle in each other’s hair as mouths crashed together and they kissed frantically…hungrily…desperately, pressing closer as they melted against each other, tasting the salty tang of tears and the sea…

“I thought I’d lost you…it looked like…” Jack mumbled against Ianto’s neck as he breathed in the unique aroma that was Ianto…his Yanno…

“He’s a friend…a very good friend…they both are, and they’re wonderful together…like us…we’re wond…” his words were lost, swallowed up by the passionate kiss as Jack claimed his lips once more, tongue sliding sensuously against tongue as each reacquainted themselves with the taste of the other and hot arousal strained against fabric…

“I love you so much, Ianto Jones…and I thought my life was over…without you…” Jack’s finger brushed the still falling tears aside, peppering Ianto’s cheeks, nose, temple and chin with soft tender kisses before returning to his mouth for a series of deep, satisfying kisses that quickly became hot and wet as he wrapped his trembling Welshman into his coat and they lost themselves in each other.

Lust-blown eyes met as they broke apart, panting hard, “take me home Jack...please...take me home and take me to bed...I need to feel you in me...loving me...possessing me...

Words weren’t needed as they scrambled along the beach towards their cars, pausing every few steps to kiss hotly, their kisses messy and misaligned as they grabbed at t-shirts to stroke the warm flesh below. Reaching the SUV, Jack was slammed against the driver’s door, Ianto’s hands roving hungrily over his Captain’s body beneath his t-shirt as his tongue swept the other man’s mouth and hips ground hard against hips...

Pulling back, breathless and shaking, Ianto moved his mouth to Jack’s ear, “Drive...before I have you”

A sudden smile lit Jack’s face as he gazed at his windswept partner, lover and best friend, love blazing from deep within his clear blue eyes. Delving into his pocket, Jack pulled the out a small black box.

“I got you these...”

Ianto eyes widened in surprise and opened the box carefully. A set of white gold coffee bean cufflinks lay gleaming on the red velvet within.

“Wow, oh Jack they’re beautiful...” he breathed in a hushed voice.

Cupping his Welshman’s face, Jack brushed his thumbs gently over Ianto’s cheeks “no... you’re beautiful...” his whisper laden with emotion as he closed the gap between their mouths to kiss him tenderly.

Breaking apart, Ianto nuzzled into Jack’s neck “are we okay, cariad?” mingled notes of love, hope and uncertainty prompting his Captain to tug him in closer as he reassured the man he loved with his entire being.

“...more than okay...and I’m sorry...sorry for not trusting you and for jumping to conclusions... I guess I was jealous that he was the one spending time with you...making you laugh...then seeing...” he broke off to kiss him again “I was wrong...forgive me?”

“Take me home and I’ll show you how much you’re forgiven...” Ianto moved his mouth to growl in Jack’s ear “I’ve had a master class in Hawaiian Lomi Lomi and I’ve got moves that’ll blow your mind...” he stared into Jack’s eyes “...and yes...pun definitely intended...” He ground their hips together and pulled out of the embrace, drawing a needy whimper from his Captain. “Home...”

They climbed into their respective cars. Ianto stroked his fingers over his cufflinks box before placing it carefully on the dashboard. He pulled his phone out, tapped a message and pressed send...

Firing the engine, he led the SUV back to @Yanno.

Smiling at the elderly couple as he handed the man his change, Pete nodded as they moved away with their tray; two slices of cherry cake, one hot chocolate and a fruit tea. He dug his phone out and slid it open, a relieved grin lighting up his face at the brief text We’re coming home. I & J x

Sue glanced across and smiled at the thumbs up, sharing the news with Rhi when she brought a customer’s breakfast special through. “Bloody men!” Rhi rolled her eyes, her smile warm as the two women chuckled.

The regulars had asked about Ianto, accepting the explanation that he’d gone to collect Jack from the airport...

Pulling up in the yard, Ianto turned the engine off and took a deep breath. He was still sat in the car when Jack opened the door and held out his hand. “Together, yeah..?”

“Yeah...” he smiled as Jack entwined their fingers and tugged him gently from the driver’s seat, the Welshman scooping his cufflinks box up as he slid out. They paused momentarily outside the back door. “You ready to face the music from my sister?”

“I’m ready...I love you, Yanno and I’ll never doubt you again...I promise...” he pressed a tender kiss to his lips. “I’ll pay whatever penance I have to, so Rhi knows I’m serious...”

“That’s good enough for me! Consider yourself on probation, Captain!” Rhi’s voice made them jump as the kitchen door was flung open to reveal Ianto’s sister stood there with her hands on her hips. After a fierce look through narrowed eyes, she grinned “C’m here you!” She dragged Jack into a firm hug. “You had us all worried there...” she released him and shook her head.

“Right, I want to have a word with my little brother. I think you need to see someone through there...” she nodded towards the shop and Jack nodded, his heart sinking despite knowing he owed Pete a huge apology...

Rhi gave him a gentle nudge “go get it over with...” She watched him walk slowly through the arch before turning back to look at Ianto. Physically he looked terrible; pale, tear-stained face and he was obviously frozen in just a thin t-shirt, but there was no doubting the blazing fire in his eyes, the love radiating from him with the intensity of a nuclear blast as his gaze followed his Captain.

“You okay?” she asked softly, laying a hand on his arm.

“Yeah, really, I’m good...we’re good...” his fingers tightened around the small box, a soppy smile lighting up his face.

 “Well before you go see your customers you’d better tidy up a bit!” She steered him into the downstairs shower room and grinned as he took in his bedraggled appearance.

“Oh shit, I look like..!” he thrust the box at her “hang on to these a minute” he ran hot water into the sink and splashed some onto his face, scrubbing the tear tracks away and smoothed down his hair. Drying his face and hands he turned to face his sister whose attention was solely on the contents of the box.

“Wow, Ianto, these’re gorgeous...”

“Yes they are...just like him...” the obvious sincerity and love in Jack’s dulcet tones bringing a smile to both Jones’ faces. “I wondered where you’d got to...”

Ianto moved past his sister to be wrapped in his Captain’s arms, reclaiming his cufflinks as he went. Jack pressed a gentle kiss to the Welshman’s forehead. “We need to get you back to work – your public are asking for you!”

“Is it okay out there? How...”he paused, unsure of how to word the question.

“All fine...promise!” he gave a rueful smile “Pete’s a much better man than I am...” Jack had walked into the shop, attempting to hide the fact he was terrified of the reaction and had gone behind the counter, pausing to press a light kiss to Sue’s temple as she operated Ianto’s coffee machine with impressive efficiency, using the Take-Home grounds...

Moving along to the till he stopped in front of his friend, the friend he’d let down, the friend he’d seriously misjudged... “Pete...I’m sor...”

“You bloody stupid sod!” Pete interrupted him, standing to tug the other man into a hug. “Yes, he’s gorgeous, and it was a pleasure, but I’ve got my own lovely man and if you’d not been working your arse off so you could come home...tiredness plays havoc with rational thought you know...” Loosening his hold, he’d kissed Jack’s cheek “now go back to your man and I hope you enjoy yourselves – he’s a great student and he really does have the most wonderful hands!”

“And that was the end of the discussion” Jack concluded his recounting of the conversation with Pete. “He’s still on the till though, and Sue’s doing wonders at the coffee machine so shall we go get you suited up and back out where you belong?”

Arms entwined around waist and shoulders they went up to the flat. Jack shrugged out of his coat and went into the bathroom to turn the shower on while Ianto sorted out his @Yanno suit, clean shirt and underwear before joining Jack in the now steam-filled room. They stepped under the cascading water and melted against each other, tiny brushes of lips and gentle strokes of skin building into deep, tongue tangling, open mouthed kisses and hungry, passion-laden exploration of wet flesh...

“ it for later...” Jack panted as their hips ground together and Ianto reached for him. “I want to enjoy every would be rushed and I never want to be rushed when it comes to loving you!” He nipped the Welshman’s earlobe and released him regretfully, reaching for the scrunchie and shower gel...

Leant against the bedroom doorframe, Jack watched as the love of his life covered his gorgeous body in layers of Swiss cotton and wool blend, finally adding the tie at his throat and finishing the ensemble with white gold coffee bean cufflinks...

Kissing him softly, Jack propelled Ianto towards the stairs “Now go! I‘ll be down shortly once I’ve sorted my bag out...”

Ianto sighed happily as he walked down the stairs to rejoin everyone in the shop. Thanking Pete warmly he hugged him tightly before relieving Sue at his coffee machine. “Welcome back!” she grinned as she took her seat at the till “my feet are killing me!”

Pete accepted a coffee and slice of cherry cake and sat down in a booth, Jack joining him a few minutes later with his own coffee and a lemon slice. They were soon deep in conversation, laughter ringing out over the room... Ianto watched, made coffee and loved his man even more than before...

Half hour later, Pete left to get ready for work and Jack began clearing tables. The rest of the day passed swiftly and it was closing time before Ianto had drawn breath. Jack vanished upstairs as the clearing up was finished, reappearing with some designer fragrance for each of the ladies, much to their delight.

They left shortly after, Rhi winking as she handed Ianto a small bottle “Pete left this for you, it’s his own mix of oils...he says he hopes you both enjoy yourselves...

The door closed behind them. Jack tugged Ianto into his arms and kissed him thoroughly, tongue sweeping the contours of his mouth possessively, to leave the Welshman with weak knees and lips that tingled deliciously. “So Mr Jones...I believe you promised to blow my mind...” Jack breathed against his ear...

Grinning wickedly, Ianto shook the bottle Pete had left “...not just your mind, cariad..!”

Hand in hand they climbed the stairs...

chapter 32


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