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Title: You know what they say...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – TTLM, set S2
Summary:   In the aftermath of ‘To the Last Man’ the team are coming to terms with everything that happened... Words 3750

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC

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A/N Written for the [ profile] redisourcolor  challenge #18 - Theme: Medicine; tightwad, creamy, babbling ‘Well then, how about you try it and see how it goes...’ Still up to my ears in exam papers, but withdrawal symptoms were too strong and this demanded to be pinned to the keyboard!

 A/N1  Dedicated to [ profile] iolo1234  a special friend who is celebrating a special birthday– have a wonderful day K... *champagne and hugs* xxx


You know what they say..?

Jack held out his hand, fixing the grumbling medic with a steely glare of grey blue eyes. “Come on, hand it over..!”

“But I was going to get something...” Owen protested as Gwen joined them, giggling, to add her voice to that of her Captain’s.

“Don’t be such a tightwad Owen! You can still get her something else just from you, this is a team know - from the team...” The sarcasm was wasted on Owen as he grudgingly handed over a ten pound note which Jack folded carefully and tucked in his trousers pocket.

“What are we getting her?”

“That’s Ianto’s department – I’m just the collect-the-money-with-menaces...” Jack waggled his eyebrows suggestively as Owen backed around the other side of the partially dissected carcass of a scaly Lispistos he’d been working on.

“I’ve paid now so you can keep your menaces well away from me them for the tea boy – oh, and if I catch the pair of you on my autopsy table once more I’ll...”

Gwen fled up the stairs, snorting with laughter at the expression on the acerbic medic’s face as Jack launched into an impassioned account of the amazing feeling of cool steel on heated skin... She was still laughing helplessly when Ianto joined her, a tray of steaming mugs and sticky Danish pastries in his hands.

The Welshman smiled at her, “Jack finally extracting money from Owen?” he nodded towards the sounds of an increasingly tetchy Owen shooing the Captain out of his workspace.

“Oh, he got the money out of him ages ago, now he’s exaulting the delights of your wild sex sessions on his table...” Gwen grabbed her mug and an apricot Danish off the tray and fled, dissolving into giggles again as Ianto blushed scarlet and descended the stairs muttering what sounded like “decaf for a month...”

Peace finally reigned once more after Owen had given Ianto the same lecture on ‘1001 reasons not to shag on my autopsy table’, claimed his coffee and the biggest apple Danish and sent him on his way...

Jack looked up, grinning, as the harassed Welshman dumped his coffee on the desk and dropped heavily into the chair opposite him. “You managed to escape from Owen then?”

Ianto rolled his eyes “if I have to suffer his snarky comments once more I’ll put you on a sex ban – and I mean anywhere, not just his blasted table..!”

Jack’s face fell and he jumped up hastily, rounding his desk and tugging the young man up into his arms. “Sorry...” he whispered against his ear, “I was just winding him up...y’know, trying to lift everyone’s spirits after Tommy...”

Ianto leant against him as Jack’s arms tightened around his waist and he immersed himself in the intoxicating aroma that was just Jack...

I really should punish you remember not to wind him up again...” his hands slid down to settle on his Captain’s arse, arching towards him so their hips ground together... “Do you deserve to be punished Jack..?” Ianto growled softly, a brief smirk tugging the corners of his mouth up as Jack let out a low moan and thrust his very obvious arousal back against him.

“Yes...I think I need to be punished...please...”

Ianto smiled briefly and grabbed the older man’s hands, planting them firmly by his side. “Your hands don’t do exactly as I it?”

“Yea...oh God, yea..wha...” the rest was lost as the Welshman crushed his mouth to his Captain’s, sliding his tongue into the welcoming warmth to map every contour possessively, moving his hand down to cup Jack’s rock hard arousal and press against it... Ianto smirked into the kiss, swallowing the deep wanton groans that escaped Jack’s mouth as he increased the pressure against the hot swelling with the heel of his hand, causing the older man to clench his fists tightly in an effort to remain still...

Breaking off for air, Ianto launched an assault on Jack’s neck and that sensitive spot behind his ear, moving round behind his Captain to press his own prominent bulge against the cheeks of Jack’s arse as he grabbed his hips to hold him in place and thrust hard... Jack’s hands clenched tighter and his moans got louder, his eyes closed and head thrown back to allow Ianto’s lips more access to his sensitive skin...

With a final hard grind against Jack’s back, Ianto stepped away, chuckling at the needy whimper that dropped from the older man’s pouting lips as the heat of the Welshman’s body left him...


I-a-n-t-o...ple...” A finger pressed to his lips stopped the older man mid-plea, the firm shake of the younger man’s head and the mischievous twinkle in his clear blue eyes promising all sorts of pleasures later if he behaved now. Jack shut up, squirming a little at the uncomfortable tightness of his trousers that he didn’t dare adjust.

A soft just-for-Jack smile lit up Ianto’s face and Jack’s heart skipped a beat; this man was so utterly gorgeous and the newfound confidence that radiated from him since that kiss the night before Tommy had gone back to 1918 was so darned sexy... He let out a tiny gasp as he recognised the loved this man... Ianto’s eyes met his, love blazing from those cobalt blue depths as they mirrored the sentiment from his own blue grey pools. They stood motionless for long moments as they absorbed the enormity of the realisation, unspoken, yet undeniable...

Their lips met, the kiss light and reverent, each relishing the feel of the other, butterflies swooping in their stomachs as tongues slid almost shyly against each other... This was no longer about lust or sexual desire, it was deep and meaningful...commitment and promises all conveyed in a simple kiss that left them both gasping with its intensity when they finally pulled apart...

 The blaring of the roller door dragged them back to the here and now, Tosh looking much more rested and almost herself again as she headed for her workstation. “She looks better again today, I think she must actually be taking those sleeping pills that Owen gave her...” Their thoughts rolled back almost a week...

They’d noticed the change in Tosh immediately, even though she was as immaculate as ever, the dark rings under her eyes carefully hidden with clever make up, but that spark that was Tosh had been missing... Owen and Gwen had seemingly seen nothing as they continued their banter from opposite sides of the hub...

Jack and Ianto had nodded at each other, their plans preset and put into action... They walked towards the pretty tech genius, seemingly deep in conversation about an artefact Ianto had been working on, pausing briefly to say good morning, Jack’s voice unusually gentle as he chided her for being an hour early... “Don’t come in till twelve, I said...your clock’s wrong...” he smiled at the typical Tosh response – it was always “...must be the alien batteries...” before the two men continued to the kitchen where Ianto brewed the coffee as Jack leant against the worktop and watched those long slender fingers in motion, every movement a symphony of efficiency and elegance...

“She’s not herself Jack...she needs to see Owen...”

“I’ll get her to my office...”

“I’ll bring Owen...”

Ianto headed down the stairs first, grinning as he rolled his hips, knowing that Jack’s eyes would be fixed on his rear view. The quiet chuckle that floated down behind him confirmed that his Captain was enjoying the show, further reinforced by the quick squeeze of his blue pinstripe covered backside as the other man passed him when he leant over to hand Gwen her mug and a slice of carrot cake.

Jack paused by Tosh’s workstation, peering over her shoulder at the complicated program she was working on. “Can you spare me a minute to look at something on my screen, Tosh? It’s from one of my contacts and it looks rather interesting...” He nodded imperceptibly towards the Welshman as Tosh immediately got up and followed Jack up towards his office, leaving Ianto to explain their worries to Owen...

Fortunately, Owen was also worried about her, realising belatedly that he had stronger feelings for the pretty tech genius than he’d allowed himself to acknowledge, admitting sheepishly that he’d been incredibly jealous when Tosh had taken Tommy home, knowing what would happen there...

Moments later Ianto and Owen were tapping lightly on the door to Jack’s office. Tosh was sat in the chair opposite, her eyes full of tears which spilled out as they entered, “...I have nightmares...I keep seeing him’s so unfair, he was so brave and they just executed him like a coward....” she dissolved into huge wracking sobs that shook her body. Jack and Ianto both moved towards her, beaten to it by Owen who dragged a hanky from his pocket to hand to the distraught woman before wrapping her in his arms where he rocked her gently...

Ianto tugged Jack out of the office and they leant against each other, each drawing comfort from the other without the need for words. Jack slid an arm around the Welshman’s waist to pull him closer before capturing his mouth, Ianto’s arms snaking around his Captain’s neck as he immersed himself in the wondrous sensations of Jack’s lips moving softly against his own and they lost themselves in the moment... They pulled apart reluctantly and rested their foreheads together, secure in the warmth of their embrace despite their worry for Tosh’s wellbeing...

When they glanced back into the office, Tosh had stopped crying and Owen was on his knees by the chair. He was speaking quietly but they could see urgency of his words. Tosh had tight hold of his hand and was nodding, her tearstained cheeks and red-rimmed eyes testament to the depth of her distress. As they watched, uncertain whether to go back in or not, Owen stood and pulled her to her feet. Wrapping his arm around her trim waist he steered them towards the door.

Jack raised a questioning eyebrow as Owen released Tosh and beckoned Jack to one side, while Ianto brushed his lips to Tosh’s temple and squeezed her shoulder reassuringly... A few minutes later, Jack reappeared at Ianto’s side and Owen wrapped himself around Tosh once more as he led her down towards autopsy. Watching them vanish out of sight, Jack pushed the Welshman gently back into his office and closed the door.

“Tosh admitted she hasn’t slept since Tommy went back; she can still hear him in her head and every time she finally falls asleep she has the nightmare where he’s shot for cowardice. Now she doesn’t dare close her eyes... She’s agreed that Owen will give her some medication to give her dreamless sleep, she’ll take it for ten days and see how it goes. I suggested she might like someone there with her...”

They grinned at each other, remembering the medic’s possessive clasp of Tosh’s hand and the closeness of the hold around her waist, “somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem...”

Tosh waving cheerily as she sat down dragged them back to the present and they parted, Ianto headed to the kitchen to make Tosh a coffee, Jack dragged a pile of files towards him with extreme reluctance and began work...

The rest of the day passed without major incident, Ianto went on a supply run with a couple of extra stops thrown in, Gwen and Jack dealt with a lone Weevil late in the afternoon and they were shooed out of the hub by five thirty “...for good behaviour...”

The reference wasn’t lost on the Welshman and he chuckled at the barely concealed impatience as his Captain exchanged goodbyes with the team. Taking advantage of the distraction he quietly vanished down into the archives...punishment meant learning to be patient – something Jack was never very good at! Sure enough the CCTV camera blinked on no more than ten minutes later.

Grinning, Ianto slipped on the perception filter TARDIS key he’d removed from Jack’s drawer earlier that day and sat quietly reading the paper after carefully wrapping the various accessories that went with Tosh’s birthday gift, ignoring the increasingly frequent beeps from his phone as Jack tried in vain to track him down...

As predicted, Jack came looking in person not long after, bursting exuberantly into the room, “Yan, I know you’re in...oh..!” He stopped abruptly and gazed around the room, his eyes coming to rest on the corner farthest away from the door. Ianto chuckled and removed the key, standing to meet his Captain’s eyes. “You’ve been here all along?” his voice rose an octave, “I’ve been looking everywhere!”

“Punishment, Jack...remember?” The soft Welsh vowels made the older man pause and a smirk crossed with a hungry leer flew across his face. He strode over to Ianto and reached for him, gasping when Ianto dodged his hands and nipped behind him, grabbing Jack and slamming him against the filing cabinet as he crushed their mouths together in a searing kiss... Jack’s hands tangled in Ianto’s hair as he kissed back fiercely, their tongues battling for dominance until they broke apart panting hard.

Ianto’s hands settled on Jack’s hips, tugging him closer so their bodies ground against each other, causing low guttural moans to collide as their lips crashed together once more and hands raked feverishly at clothing, desperate to touch warm skin below...

“Ha...have you been punished enough now..?” Ianto’s head was swimming and he was trembling with desire, knees week from the ferocity of their kisses.

“Yes...God, yes...I’ve learned my lesson...” Jack growled, raining hot, wet kisses down the side of the Welshman’s neck as their hands fumbled with buttons, belts and zips and clothes flew wildly in all directions. They made love with abandon, the passionate desire that had built all day finally let out to both their satisfaction and they collapsed in a tangled heap of sweat-slicked limbs... A shower, a take out Chinese dinner, each other for dessert followed by another shower and they curled up, pressed closely together, in Jack’s tiny bunk to fall into sated sleep.

Tosh’s birthday dawned early, the rift alert dragging them out of bed at five o’clock to deal with a party of lost Darner Annux fire-flies, their three feet wingspan of vibrant colour a glorious sight to behold in the soft light of the morning. After some directions and tail-spark of thanks, they were gone, leaving the two men now wide awake. Back at the hub Ianto made coffee and they took it up onto the roof of the Millenium Centre to watch the city as she slowly came to life for another day.

Coffee drunk, view absorbed and numerous kisses and cuddles exchanged and enjoyed, they made their way back to the hub and indulged in a leisurely and mutually satisfying session in the shower before starting the work of the day. Gwen and Owen arrived a little after eight thirty, with Tosh not due in until midday...

After the first team coffees were made and dispensed, Ianto went to collect Tosh’s cake from the baker’s, a vision of Angel cake with a light creamy filling between each of the three layers – Tosh’s ultimate favourite! Landing the cake out of sight in Jack’s office, Ianto then carried on with the rest of his morning plans which included restocking the leaflets and generally sprucing up the Tourist Information office whilst he waited for the delivery of Tosh’s main gift from the team.

He’d only been there fifteen minutes when it arrived and, after signing the delivery note, he took it down to the others who were going to assemble it ready for her arrival. Gwen was tapping away industriously on her reports, Owen was wiping down his table after finishing his latest autopsy, the sight of that sleek steel surface bringing a smile to the Welshman’s lips and a definite stirring of fond memories below his waistline...

He chuckled to himself and headed up the stairs to his Captain’s office where Jack was...Jack was...the smile was wiped of Ianto’s face to be replaced with a thunderous frown as he stepped over the threshold. “Jack!

Jack spun round guiltily, his finger in his mouth as he licked the cream from it, having just run said finger along the side of the Angel cake... He grinned sheepishly around his finger and sucked suggestively in an attempt to distract the younger man from the ticking off he was about to dispense. “I was was...there was didn’t mean...”

Ianto planted his hands on his hips and quashed the further squirms from his nether regions, along with the amused smile that tugged enticingly at the corners of his mouth, schooling his features instead into a stern and disapproving stare. “You’re babbling Jack, and that’s Tosh’s birthday cake...leave. it. alone...” He frowned, his feet shifting minutely on the floor as his blood flow continued southwards to congregate in the front of his trousers at the lewd noises now dropping from the older man’s lips as he lapped his tongue around his finger.

“Don’t Jack! I’m cross and I guess I’m just going to have to punish you again...only this time it’ll be worse...” He moved across the office and hooked a hand into his Captain’s braces, dragging him away from the cake and towards the glass wall to slam him up against it as he ground the hot swelling in his trousers hard into Jack’s thigh... Bringing their lips together, he let them touch for a second and pulled away, ignoring the protest from his own body that echoed the plaintive whimper from his boss.

He turned swiftly on his heel and moved back to the door. “The easel’s here, I suggest you take it down to autopsy and put it together, Tosh is due in at twelve, but we all know her ‘alien batteries’ mean she’ll be here in about twenty minutes! Oh, and you go near that cake again and you’ll be sleeping alone for a week...” he threw back over his shoulder, considerately not smirking until he was out of Jack’s line of sight. He snuck a quick glance back from the roller to see the forlorn figure of his Captain carrying the box down to where Owen and Gwen were now waiting. Chuckling, he made his way back to the TI office...

He’d just finished dusting when Tosh came through the door, looking refreshed and almost herself again. “Happy birthday...” Ianto hugged her warmly, planting a soft kiss to her cheek. “You look so much better...nightmares all gone now?”

Tosh giggled and hid her face in his neck “Owen’s stayed every night...he makes sure that I’m...” she paused and blushed prettily, “...tired before I go to sleep...”

Squeezing her tightly, Ianto grinned. “Good for you, it’s way, you ready for the mad house? If we go to the kitchen I can make the coffee before we join the others...”

“I’m early..!” Tosh shrugged lightly, “...I can’t help it, it’s those...”

“...alien batteries!” Ianto finished for her, and they both laughed, linking hands as they headed down to the hub.

Down in autopsy things were not going well. Owen was in charge of construction “it’s my autopsy bay, my girlfriend...” he glared up from opening the box, daring either of them to make a comment, “so I’ll be the one putting it together..!”

“Fine by us Mr Producer..!” Jack grinned at Gwen who merely shook her head as they watched a mass of wood, stainless steel and electrical gadgetry tumble out of the packaging and on to the table. Owen wrenched open several bags of screws, washers and fixings and heaped them to one side, tossing the box and empty bags behind him.

“Don’t you want the instructions?” Gwen suggested tentatively.

“Real men don’t need instructions!” Owen snorted in a dismissive and superior manner that had Gwen biting back several very ‘Owen-like’ replies. Instead she settled back to watch. It became obvious rather quickly that Owen had no idea where to start or even what he was building, his rapidly rising exchanges with Jack who interjected with helpful – and more frequently - unhelpful suggestions, leaving Gwen laughing so much that she had no breath left to offer her own direction to the acerbic medic!

The coffee was made and Ianto could delay no longer, leading the way down the steps from the kitchen slowly and hoping that they’d had enough time... They stopped by the railings and peered over. Gwen was sagging helpless with laughter against the far wall, Owen had a stainless steel pole he was waving dangerously in the air, snarking loudly, “well then, how about you try it and see how it goes!” as Jack gesticulated wildly at various different lengths of wood. It was like looking down into a bear pit!

A tug-of-war ensued over the pole which ended abruptly when Owen threatened to shove it so far up Jack’s backside that he wouldn’t sit down for a month! Jack relinquished his hold and drove his hands into his pockets, a sulky pout on his face...

Ianto glanced worriedly at Tosh, relieved to see her smiling broadly before she broke down into fits of giggles and the three in autopsy looked up with horror on their faces. Ianto attempted a glare at his squabbling colleagues, failing miserably as Tosh nudged him in the side, “you have to admit, Ianto...they’re hilarious..utterly hopeless, but so funny!” and he grinned, nodding.

“Right, you lot, Jack’s!” He chuckled as they hastened to obey causing a minor rugby scrum at the bottom of the steps as each tried to be first.

Tosh clutched her sides and wiped the tears of laughter from her eyes, “It’s true what they say...” she gasped as she followed the Welshman into the office and collapsed into Jack’s chair, “...laughter is definitely the best medicine...”



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Title: Storm warning...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary:   An alien visitor has a disastrous effect on the climate... Words 2650

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC

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A/N Written for the [ profile] redisourcolor  challenge #17 - Theme: Weather; dowdy, vituperate, chocolate wrapper ‘That night [x] drank the last of the [x] him/her/itself...’

 A/N1 For [ profile] badly_knitted who is still weathering the storm - hang in there *hugs* xxx


Storm warning...

Ianto tutted to himself as he surveyed the array of chocolate wrappers and crisp packets littered on the desk and floor of Jack’s office. Yes they’d been up for 48 hours straight now and they were dead on their feet, pun totally intended he thought wryly, but all that sugar...

As he bent down to pick up the brightly coloured array of wrappers he was grasped firmly by the hips and a somewhat damp Captain pressed himself up against his back. Ianto straightened and turned in the embrace as Jack shook his head and droplets of icy rainwater flew everywhere.

“You’re wet, sir!” Ianto stated mildly, brushing second-hand drops from his face before pressing a quick kiss to Jack’s cold lips and slipping out of his arms to help him off with his sodden coat.

“It’s raining out there! You wanna see Owen – he looks like a drowned dog – with the expression to match..!”

“I’ll make hot chocolate...”

“With whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles..?” Slightly damp puppy dog eyes came into play, drawing an indulgent smile from the Welshman who’d already set the mugs and ingredients out in the kitchen.

“If you go and dry off...” he raised an eyebrow at the pout, “...alone! I’ll come down when I’ve done the drinks unless you think we should get everyone in the reports..?” He chuckled at the obvious slump of the older man’s shoulders.

“Yeah, boardroom...but you’re making it up to me later...” the trademark leer reappeared as the sugar high kicked back in!

Ianto glanced over his shoulder, “I’ll hold you to that promise..!” His blue eyes twinkled despite the bone aching tiredness. ‘I’ll rally the troops...five minutes?”

Jack nodded, already half down the ladder to his quarters. Five minutes later the team were assembled around the table, each looking slightly brighter as Ianto handed round large mugs of frothy hot chocolate, with the required mini marshmallows, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles! Jack and Owen each had towels around their necks as they rubbed their hair dry.

Ianto slid into his chair as Tosh tapped on her PDA and the view-screen lit up with the rift activity matrix for the past ten days. “Okay, we first saw the pattern ten days ago and then it began to rain – relentless twenty-four hour downpour, unexplained...almost biblical in intensity...only no Ark to take shelter in.!

Coincidence? Maybe, but after the third identical spike followed by the same rain pattern and it looks like they’re definitely connected...”

Gwen took over the remote and loaded a series of more traditional weather charts. “I met with the weather forecasters at Cardiff university and they said that this particular weather didn’t belong – they were baffled as all their data completely contradicted the actual weather we’ve been getting, so...” she slid the remote back to Tosh.

 “ Ianto and I started delving into the archives to see if there was ever anything like this before...and we found several documented unexplained periods of rain – of course, they didn’t have half as much technology at their disposal so they could just be poor forecasting...anyway, in 1902 Newport had six days of non-stop rain, 1927 it was Swansea’s turn – eight days, 1955 Cardiff had a week, plus never-seen-before tornadoes...”

“I remember that...” Jack leant forward, a gleam appearing in his blue grey eyes as he wrinkled his brow in thought, stabbing absently at his empty mug with the spoon. “We were certain it was alien initiated or through the rift but no idea how...” He met Ianto’s gaze, the smile tugging at the corners of the young man’s mouth suggesting that there was more to this than his tired brain had yet assimilated... He shook his head briefly...”no...I know there’s something else but I can’t think...I need a rooftop!”

“The summer of 1976? No rain for fifteen weeks...” Ianto’s smile widened as illumination dawned.

“Weather Vanes!” Jack smacked the table, making everyone jump. “Of course, the reverse effect...”

“Will someone please explain for those of us who don’t speak geek!” A tired Owen was always a snarky Owen!

Jack leant forward “They’re ‘weather vanes’ but no-one knows their real name – they travel the universe seeking their partner...their one true soul mate. When they find them, they bond for eternity...“

“What do they look like?” Gwen was intrigued, despite the pounding headache from too much sugar and too little sleep.

“No-one knows – that’s the problem. They’re creatures of myth and legend whose mystical love stories play out against the stars – they’re not supposed to be planet bound. I’m guessing that this one got too close to our atmosphere and was pulled in by the gravitational field...or it could’ve been injured..?” he shrugged, “pure speculation...but that’s all we’ve got so it’ll have to do!”

“But you said it’s happy stuff so why is it raining?”

“Think about the traditional Swiss weather clocks – two little people: she comes out if it’s sunny, he comes out if it rains and never the twain shall meet! The reverse effect occurs here with our elusive weather vane...she’s stuck here on earth...Cardiff...and she’s broadcasting her sorrow at the lack of – or loss of – her mate which translates in our climate as non-stop rain...”

“ in 1976 it was the male who was stranded...” Owen nodded his understanding. “But what about the tornadoes? That wasn’t usual..?”

“No, and it was only that one time as far as I can recall. They’re said to be very sensitive creatures so I’m assuming that something was done or said to upset them so we don’t take that risk...again just we need to find her and her missing mate or Cardiff is going to drown. Any ideas?”

 “Did you notice if there were many people about when you went looking for that weevil earlier?” Ianto looked at Owen questioningly.

“No-one stupid enough to be out in that...” Owen scoffed, “only us...even the weevils had pissed off by the time we got there...”

“But if you were broadcasting a message then surely you’d be out looking for a reply..?” Ianto pondered thoughtfully before looking at the others, “...stands to reason that sensible people will be indoors so if there’s someone out alone it might well be our missing vane...”

“Makes sense...” Tosh agreed.

“So how are we going to...oh fuck! I’ve only just got dry!” Owen hung his head as he realised they’d be going back out into the rain.

Ianto glanced at the weary faces around the table. He gathered the empty mugs and slipped out of the room. Moments later he was back with shot glasses and Jack’s decanter. Plonking it on the table, he poured five shots of the amber liquid and handed them one each. Lifting their glasses, they downed their shots, feeling the warmth of the smoke-infused whisky as it burned down their throats and settled in their bellies like tiny fires as it spread outwards.

“Good call, Ianto, now let’s go... oh and Owen, don’t think I haven’t noticed your little drinking habit these last couple of days!” He shook his head, “you drink any more of my best whisky and you buy the next bottle!” He chuckled as Owen swore profusely under his breath, reaching for his still sopping coat...


Bundled up in coats, boots, scarves and gloves they hit the streets, comm. units activated as they split up to cover as much of the city in as little time as possible. By the time they’d been out an hour they were cold, wet through and the whisky fires had long since gone out...

The few people they’d seen were quickly eliminated as potential aliens and allowed to continue rushing to their destinations. After another forty minutes when they were all numb from the waist down, Jack called everyone to return to the hub, they’d get some rest and try again tomorrow.

As he and Gwen approached the Tourist Information Office from different directions they became aware of a lone figure leaning on the railing looking out over the rain-lashed murky grey of the bay. At this distance it was hard to tell age or even gender...


“I see it, Gwen. Wait where you are....”

Gwen stepped back behind the building, blinking the incessant rain out of her eyes. Jack came up behind her and they peered round the corner. The figure hadn’t moved. “Tosh, Owen, Ianto...” Jack pressed his comm. unit. “Got a potential target by the bay, get here fast as you can, use the lift and monitor...Gwen and I’ll approach it...”

Three quiet affirmatives sounded in his ear and he nodded at Gwen, offering her his arm “shall we?”

She grinned and linked her arm through his, “lovely day for a stroll by the bay..!”

As they got closer they could see it was the figure of an elderly woman, her face worn and lined. They stopped a short distance away from her and looked out over the sea. Glancing sideways through his eyelashes Jack noted that the figure hadn’t moved or noted their presence in any way. “I love watching the sea on a rainy day, don’t you?” he said conversationally.

Unusual amber eyes flickered briefly in his direction before they resumed their unseeing gaze over the water. Jack nudged Gwen and nodded briefly.

“That dowdy old woman is a weather vane?” Gwen hissed incredulously, “I thought she’d be beautiful, not an...”

“Shut up, Gwen!” Jack was furious. After his warnings earlier...

It was too late. The figure turned towards them, expression set as those amber eyes swirled dangerously, reds and golds deepening their hue until they were like molten lava... A gnarled old finger lifted to point at Gwen who was now gaping like a goldfish.

“I’m sorry...I didn’t mean...” she gasped as Jack pushed her behind him, standing tall to face the enraged vane.

“She meant no disrespect...she’s young and has much to learn of the old ways...” he offered, spreading his arms in a gesture of openness.

The vane eyed him thoughtfully before crooking her finger and Jack was thrown aside to land in a breathless heap in a deep puddle. Gwen froze as the finger pointed at her once more. She saw the spark in the old woman’s eyes and dived sideways as a burst of energy shot from the extended finger, passing over her head to hit a young couple as they hurried through the rain, heads bent forward. The blast hit them and they disintegrated instantly, nothing to show they’d ever been there.

“Oh fuck!” Owen’s voice in their ears confirmed the others had been watching from inside the hub.

Gwen stood and faced the old woman. “I’m so very sorry...” she whispered, “and those people didn’t deserve to die so if you have to kill me I won’t resist...”

“Gwen...” Jack watched helplessly as the vane approached and stopped inches from the Welshwoman’s face. Gwen flinched but stood her ground. The old woman lifted her finger, pointing it at Gwen’s heart.

A tear trickled down Gwen’s face and she closed her eyes, mouthing her husband’s name. With her eyes shut she missed the damping down of the fire in the vane’s own eyes as they returned to their previous amber colour. The finger moved to track the tear, Gwen jumping when it touched her face, her eyes flying open.

“You have love...always stay true to him...” the voice was soft and mesmerising and filled the air around them. The old woman moved back and raised her arms over her head, spinning round, faster and faster until she was a blur, finally forming a tornado-type funnel that lifted off the ground and retreated up unto the sky until it closed in on itself and was gone. Moments later the rain stopped.

For a second or two there was silence, before the yells of the team sounded over their comm. units. Jack strode over to fold Gwen into a hug as the others piled out of the Tourist Information door to join them, relief on their faces.

They stared up at the sky, watching as it cleared little by little. “Is it gone?” Owen wondered aloud.

Tosh tapped her PDA. “I think so – those weather patterns have completely dispersed and we’re back to the forecast again...looks like rain tonight!” She smiled, “okay, cloudy, but dry!”

Jack ushered them all back inside. “Tosh, run a full check please, track everything until it vanished, Owen sort out towels and dry clothes for everyone, Ianto, coffee all round please...” he paused, “Gwen, my” he added, the anger barely contained.

The others exchanged glances and hurried to their assigned tasks as Jack slammed his office door.

“What the fuck were you doing out there? And just what part of don’t upset them did you not understand? You realise that because of you two innocent people are dead..?”

Down on the main level they could hear Jack’s voice rising as Gwen was well and truly vituperated into the middle of next week. Owen handed a towel to Tosh as Ianto descended the stairs to join them, a laden tray in his hands. He put it on top of the files by Tosh’s workstation and accepted a towel from the medic as Jack’s door flew open and Gwen ran out, sobbing hard.

Jack followed her out, a mix of hurt and fury on his face. He watched as she snatched up her bag and stumbled towards the roller door.

“And Gwen...I meant every word, got that?”

She paused and nodded before the door clunked shut behind her. The others looked at each other and then up at their Captain who rubbed his hand wearily across his face. “I told her I’d retcon her back to the seventies if she pulled a stunt like that again and she’s to find out who that couple were, tell their families and arrange a suitable memorial...” He sighed. “Tosh, Owen, get yourselves home soon as, Ianto...” a tiny smile flickered across his face, “I could really use that coffee now...and a towel!” He shook his head and water flew everywhere.

Ianto grinned, picked up their coffee and draped a second towel around his neck, heading up the stairs. The office door closed behind him. Jack took the tray, placed it on the desk and pulled the Welshman into his arms as he buried his face into the young man’s neck to immerse himself in everything that was Ianto. Ianto’s arms closed around him and held him tightly.

They remained motionless for long minutes until the cold seeping through their soaked clothing forced them apart. As Ianto began stripping off his clothes, Jack sloshed some whisky in their coffee, swirling the remaining amber liquid around in the decanter before setting it back down.  He joined Ianto in removing his clothes and they picked up their mugs and climbed down the ladder. Moments later they were pressed up against each other in the shower as the steaming water cascaded down on them, sharing gentle kisses as the warmth penetrated their cold bodies.

Drying each other carefully they slid into bed and snuggled up, kissing softly as they fell into an exhausted sleep. Later that night Jack drank the last of the whisky himself before returning to the warm arms of his Welshman to kiss him into oblivion as they shared the lingering rich smoky flavour of the drink on Jack’s tongue and the temperature in the bunker rose...






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Title: The beauty inside...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary:   An alien contact and a new way of seeing things... Words 2600

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC

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A/N Written for the [ profile] redisourcolor  challenge #16 - Theme: Apocalypse; nonplus, mucilaginous, table-lamp ‘What we need is a ...’

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The beauty inside...

“Talk to me Tosh..!” Jack slung the SUV around another tight bend as the team hung on to their seats, groaning when various parts of their bodies collided with the hard surfaces inside the car.

“It’s still in the park, moving towards the woods...same speed, same could still go off at any minute...” Tosh gasped somewhat breathlessly as she found herself squashed against the door by Owen at another violent swerve of the SUV.

“Sorry Tosh...” Owen grunted, muttering “Christ, Harkness, try not to kill us on the way to the Apocalypse – I want to be there to see the world go up!” under his breath, forgetting completely that he had his comm. unit on so he was broadcasting to everyone...

Jack just grinned and glanced in the mirror, his blue grey eyes meeting a pair of crystal blue ones that danced with amusement as the Welshman braced himself against the bulkhead. The Harkness grin intensified and he tugged forcefully at the steering wheel again as they wove in and out of the rush hour traffic.

Screeching to a halt, they flung the doors open and spilled out, immediately falling into the well-practiced cover-advance-cover formation as they closed in on the signal.  Tosh checked the portable scanner and indicated the copse of trees at the far end of the expanse of grass. Keeping formation, guns drawn, they moved carefully towards the unknown. At the edge of the woods they split up and slipped behind the cover from the thick old trunks. “No heroics people...this thing could blow any moment and I’d like to take everyone home safe if we can...” Jack spoke quietly, four brief acknowledgments returning over the comms.

“It’s moving again...” Tosh whispered into their ears, “...coming your way Ianto...looks like there’s a clearing up ahead...”

They heard it before they saw it, mechanical beeps and an unknown language drifting on the light breeze. Peering from behind their respective trees they got their first glimpse. “Oh wow, it’s an Imperial probe droid...” Ianto breathed, obvious awe in his voice.

“And just what the fuck might one of those be?” Owen was snarky.

“You really need to watch Star Wars...” as the medic scoffed in dismissal. “In fact, if we survive this encounter I’m going to tie you to a chair, gag you and personally make sure that you’ll recognise every future reference to some of the best sci-fi cinematography that’s ever been made!”

“I’d like to see you try!” the sarcasm was biting

“So would I – he’s good at the tying up...we’ve had a lot of fun...I remember last week in the Tourist office when he...” Jack’s leer was evident, even from behind the foliage as Gwen’s smothered snort of laughter echoed in their ears

“Er, the alien..? It’s right next to you, Ianto!” Tosh’s hushed whisper interrupted their dialogue.

“Shit! Yan? Stay very still, no sudden moves...” Jack moved swiftly through the trees towards the Welshman’s position.

Ianto turned slowly to face the strange metallic object. Close up it really did look like something from a movie – about three feet tall and hovering two feet off the ground. He felt a minute tremor as it scanned him and then it moved away to the centre of the clearing.

Two strides and Jack was by Ianto’s side, barely disguised panic on his face, “...are you okay? What did it do to you?” He grasped the young man by the shoulders and stared into his eyes, searching anxiously for any sign of trauma.

“I’m fine, it didn’t do anything, I...” Ianto’s words were cut off as Jack’s mouth crashed against his own and he was kissed hard, relief merging with passion as their tongues danced and they melted against each other...

The probe spun and emitted a series of high pitched beeps, spinning faster and faster until it was just a blur.

“Everyone get back, the readings are off the’s going to blow!” Tosh’s eyes widened in horror as the scanner predicted an imminent explosion, “less than a minute...”

Jack released a breathless Ianto and grabbed his hand, “you heard it, people, move back...” he ordered as the probe rose several feet higher into the air and exploded, the sound wave shorting out their comm. units and showering them and the surrounding area with mucilaginous gloop as shards of alien metal rained on them like confetti.

Owen wiped his face with his hand disgustedly, “Okay, tea boy, what the fuck did you do to it?”

“Nothing...”Ianto frowned, “it was like there was something reaching out for just a moment...but...” he shrugged and turned to face the acerbic medic, unable to prevent the awed “wow, Owen!” that fell from his lips at the sight before him.

“Yeah, yeah, covered in alien crap...again..!” Owen’s eyes narrowed as he glared at the Welshman who was gazing at him like he’d never seen him before. “What? I know – what we need now is a magical sonic shower to clean all this muck off or don’t your precious sci-fi shows have anything that practical..?” A pissed off Owen was always a sarcastic Owen! “What? Why are you staring at me like that? Have I suddenly grown another head or...or...” Owen’s voice died away as Ianto reached out to stroke the side of his face, the touch gentle, almost reverent.

“You’re amazing...did you know that Owen..? A prize prat, but still amazing...” He tugged the stunned medic in for a hug as the others gazed at them nonplussed.

“What’s wrong with him?” Gwen hissed as they exchanged glances. “Jack?”

“I don’t know...he’s right about one thing though, Owen, you’re definitely a prat!” Jack joked lightly.

“Ha, bloody ha!” Owen wriggled out of Ianto’s arms, “I prefer tea boy’s other observations!” His eyes met Jack’s, seeing the worry in them. “Let’s get back to the hub and get cleaned up, then I can check everyone out in case this probe’s had any unusual effects...” he nodded imperceptibly towards Ianto, acknowledging the Captain’s concerns.

“What about all this?” Gwen waved her hand at the trees dripping slime and the tiny bits of metal covering the undergrowth and lodged in the foliage.

Jack paused, anxious to get Ianto back to the hub. “I think we’re far enough off the beaten track here to leave it to nature...” he indicated the heavy rain clouds swirling overhead. “Let’s go...”

As the others began moving back through the woods Ianto stood staring after them, trying to make sense of the strange sensations in his head as he looked at each of his colleagues. When he’d looked at Owen, it was like someone had been messing with the balance levels on a cd player – the treble was drowning out the true bass beat that pulsed below it...the beat that was comforting and familiar and rock solid and make him feel safe in its presence..

From Tosh he’d felt warmth and softness with a hidden vibrancy like the essence of a new day – that perfect early morning drew a fond smile to his lips and he knew he’d happily die for her if it came to it...

Gwen was a mass of contradictions – there was dark and prickly entwined with swirling masses of shimmering pink cotton candy and he knew instinctively that he could trust her with his life...with all their lives...yet there was an underlying conflict between them that wove itself into everything else at the deepest level...muted, but always there... He frowned as he attempted to trace it back to its source, biting absently on his bottom lip, his gaze moving to the final member of the team...

In a flash he understood as he finally looked at his Captain and the universe imploded in his head. It was like every corny movie he’d ever watched – fireworks and orchestras set against a backdrop of something sweeter, like honey...and then there was a rush of...of.. He had no words for it, but it was wonderful and intoxicating and he wanted to immerse himself in it – like dancing in the rain or wrapping himself in a freshly laundered drowned his senses and made him giddy...

Ianto!” he jumped as he realised Jack was calling his name and he dragged himself reluctantly back to the present. “You coming..?”

“Oh, yes Sir...sorry!” he hurried after the others, passing Jack without looking at him, distracted by the sudden tingle under his skin as he came within arms reach...

The drive back to the hub was subdued, the team still in shock at the lack of berating from the Welshman when they all piled back into the SUV dripping slime all over the pristine upholstery. Something was definitely troubling the young man...

Truth was, Ianto was so distracted by the way he was drawn to the dynamic Captain that he barely registered the others, or their questioning glances, caught up in the delicious way his heart beat faster and his breath hitched every time he caught those blue grey depths flick towards him in the mirror.

They showered and changed swiftly, each submitting to a check up from Owen and if Ianto’s took three times as long as everyone else’s, the Welshman didn’t comment on it, docilely following all of the Doctor’s instructions and holding his arm out as blood was taken. Eventually, Owen ran out of tests to do and released the young man, watching as he ascended the steps elegantly and made his way into the kitchen.

The coffee was as perfect as ever, delivered with a smile and accompanied by Tunnock’s teacakes, a particular favourite sweet treat of Jack’s, before the young man retreated to clean the SUV thoroughly and finally settle in the archives...

Watching him closely on the CCTV, Jack was reassured to see no outward signs of disturbance, despite Owen’s assurance that he could find nothing amiss...noting, in fact, the opposite, as frequent smiles were directed towards the blinking cameras – Ianto was obviously aware he was being watched...  

Long after the others had packed up and gone home, Ianto delivered a final coffee to Jack’s office to find the Captain involved in a rather intense discussion with the UNIT Commander about reallocation of resources on the phone. Usually, they’d chat and kiss and touch and kiss some more...frequently Ianto found himself down in the older man’s bunker where they enjoyed each other’s company in every way imaginable. On these nights Ianto would stay, spending the night wrapped in his Captain’s arms...

These nights had become more and more frequent of late, both aware that the casual arrangement was becoming something more, neither daring to voice it... Ianto knew without doubt that he loved Jack and had done for a very long time. Today’s encounter with whatever that thing had been had merely served to underline all the reasons why he loved this handsome and dynamic man and he ached to be pressed up against him, to be kissed into oblivion and to drown himself in the intoxicating sense of everything that was Jack...

He contained his disappointment, resisting the almost overwhelming urge to fling himself on the man and headed home to his empty flat... He was on tenterhooks all night, checking his phone, listening for a knock at the door...something...anything to show that Jack was thinking of him... Finally, after a tasteless meal for one from the freezer, a cup of Jack’s favourite blend – well it was one way to feel closer to the man he was missing so acutely – he took himself off to bed, tossing and turning in his lonely bed that felt way too big after Jack’s tiny bunk, until he fell into a restless sleep.

He wasn’t sure what had woken him until he heard a quiet footstep in the living room. Still half asleep he grabbed the table-lamp from the bedside and up-ended it as a suitable weapon, knowing his gun was in its holster slung over the back of a dining chair under his jacket. Creeping forward he paused by the bedroom door, head on one side as the footsteps also halted and the door was pushed slowly open. A shadowy hand and arm preceded further body parts across the threshold.

Ianto held his breath and raised the lamp, ready to bring it crashing down on his night-time prowler. Inches away from a bone crushing impact he caught a whiff of fifty-first century pheromones and gasped aloud, a matching intake of breath from his Captain. “Jack! What are you doing creeping around at...” he blinked at his watch, “...twenty past bloody three in the morning..?”

“I missed you tonight. I would’ve been here earlier but after that wretched call there were several rift alerts – nothing major – a couple of weevils and some space junk – and then a pesky Graske led me on a...”

Ianto dropped the lamp to the floor and pressed a finger to the other man’s lips, silencing him. “Just shut up, Jack and kiss me..!” he rasped throatily as he reached out to haul the Captain towards him, fisting his hands in that awesome coat as Jack’s arms slid one around his waist and the other to the back of his neck... He moaned happily as their lips met and melted into the embrace, opening his mouth to Jack’s probing tongue as his senses swam and everything slotted into place...Jack was where he should be...was meant to be...he knew that now – the probe had told him and it all made perfect sense.

They came up for air only when self preservation demanded they breathe and rested against each other, panting softly.

“That touched you didn’t it – you saw us like you’d never seen us before...” Jack’s whisper against Ianto’s ear sent delicious shivers of desire coursing through his body. “I saw it in your face...what did you see?”

“What was it? You knew – but you never said?” Ianto countered with his own question.

“It was a Yerren probe – they’re from the future and many light years from home and I’ve no idea how it got as far as earth in the twenty-first century... Anyway, the Yerren people – gentle empathic  humanoids – sent these probes out to find other races that were compatible with themselves – radiation from their sun had made their men infertile and they needed new life if their species was to survive...”

“What happened? Did it work?”

“No...their sun went supernova and wiped out their entire solar system – it really was Armageddon for them. Those probes are the only part of their way of life that realise that it marked you as a suitable candidate – it saw how beautiful you are...”

“Men aren’t beautiful, Jack...”

You’re beautiful...inside and out, but the probe was looking for inner beauty and it saw what I see...” he pulled back to gaze deeply into the Welshman’s eyes, “you are beautiful and I love you, Ianto Jones...”

Fisting his hands into Jack’s hair, Ianto crushed their lips together and devoured the older man’s mouth hungrily as they staggered backwards to tumble in a tangled heap onto the bed before Jack explored every beautiful inch of his Welshman and they floated on a wave of ecstasy amongst the stars...





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Title: Burnt offerings...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary:   A long night and Jack cooks... Words 2690

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC

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A/N Written for the [ profile] redisourcolor  challenge #14 - Theme: Kitchen; condign, expel, shower gel ‘Look a map of Cardiff. Isn’t it brilliant?’

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Burnt offerings

The roller door siren blared to admit Gwen, Tosh and Owen, all looking bright eyed and bushy tailed...unlike the weary and unusually crumpled Welshman who was currently leant against an equally dishevelled Captain as they sipped from their mugs of extra strong blend.

“Morning!” Gwen chirped breezily, “good night?”

“Fantastic!” Ianto deadpanned “...half a dozen weevils, a Blowfish and our crop circle friends are back...we’ve spent the last six hours retconning the farmers, workers and a pack of cubs out doing their camping badge...”

“Ooh, I love looking at the crop circles..!” Tosh skipped happily to her computer and logged on. “Look, an, that’s clever...and I love this wheels and cogs kind of thing – so intricate...”

Jack and Ianto looked at each other and couldn’t help grinning – it wasn’t often they got to see Tosh like this! They chuckled as she squealed in delight “Look, a map of Cardiff, isn’t it brilliant? That’s my favourite so far...” Gwen grinned and went to join her, the two women discussing the numerous different patterns enthusiastically.

Owen muttered something under his breath and stomped down to autopsy, his brief good spirits evaporating rapidly. He clanged around and banged drawers moodily, the actions drawing further smiles from the two weary men. Jack tightened his grip around Ianto’s waist as the young man went to move away, “stay...” he mumbled into his neck, the warmth of his breath sending delicious shivers down the Welshman’s spine.

“I need to make the coffee Jack...” he turned in the embrace and brushed their lips together lightly. “You go to your office and I’ll bring you a fresh mug, it might ...” His words were cut off as Jack captured his mouth in a sweet and tender kiss that grew progressively hotter as tongues swept each other’s mouths and desire reawakened tired bodies. Jack’s free hand settled in the small of Ianto’s back, pressing him closer as Ianto’s tangled in his Captain’s hair and they lost themselves in the moment...just them, right here, right now...

“Oi, go get a room! I haven’t had my breakfast yet!” They sprang apart, panting, as Owen glared at them. “What with giggling females talking bloody crop circles and the boss snogging the tea boy all over the place..!” he stomped off back to autopsy and crashed a few more unfortunate bits of equipment around.

“I believe Owen’s feeling left out...he’s got no-one to play with!” Ianto murmured into Jack’s ear.

“I’ll go snog him too if you like?” Jack offered...”joke!” he said hastily at the frown on Ianto’s face. “Why don’t you go an make our delightful medic a lovely cup of decaf...he’s clearly far too wound up for the real thing...”

Ianto grinned and moved regretfully from the warmth of Jack’s body. He smiled at Gwen and Tosh, still immersed in their discussions over the different patterns currently scattered over Cardiff and the surrounding area.

By the time he’d made the coffee and plated up the Danish pastries that Gwen had brought in, the ladies had settled to work at their own computers. They smiled their thanks as he handed them their drinks and resumed working.

“At last!” was Owen’s attempt at a thank you and Ianto was doubly pleased he’d gone for the decaf. Any more snark from the acerbic medic and he’d be on the instant!

“You’re welcome!” he remarked, smothering the snort of laughter as Owen wrapped his fingers around his Gremlins mug and inhaled deeply, muttering about really needing his caffeine fix. He retreated gracefully up the stairs and headed to Jack’s office where his Captain was attempting to do some paperwork.

Jack pushed the file aside and held out his hand. Placing their mugs on the coasters and dumping the tray on the floor, Ianto allowed himself to be tugged onto the older man’s lap where they rested weary heads together. Ianto felt his eyes closing and snuggled closer into Jack’s warm and comforting body, a tiny smile curving the corners of his mouth as Jack’s fingers threaded gently through his hair.

Both were almost asleep when the rift alarm blared out, dragging them back to harsh reality. Sighing heavily they headed down to Tosh’s workstation. “Strange bits of metal raining from the sky in Bute Park, a jogger’s been hit on the head with one piece, emergency services are en route...looks like something’s broken up in the atmosphere...”

“Okay, containment exercise. We’ll need to assess the spread, Owen get on to Ambulance HQ and tell them we’re nearer, Gwen, liaise with the Police – we might need them to cordon off the park, lots of retcon and hopefully no alien bodies to go with it!”

Grabbing their gear quickly, they hurried off to the SUV. Ianto suppressed a yawn as he pulled the hand held scanner out of the glove box. It was going to be a very long day...

Four hours later, they had about a third of what Jack said was an Arteiren freighter, gathered up from across the park. Fortunately, the rest – and any bodies – had burned up in the atmosphere, the jogger had been treated for a gash on his head, lightly retconned and sent home. The media had the story of a downed weather drone and the team were headed back to the hub.

Ianto dealt with the mangled metal before staggering wearily into the kitchen to make the coffee, industrial strength for everyone, even Owen! He rubbed his hands over his eyes and took a deep breath, willing his aching legs to carry him down the stairs without too many tremors. The gratitude in his colleagues’ eyes more than made up for their lack of words as they hurried to complete the cover-up story, reports and updated their data-bases.

Taking the tray and the last two mugs up to Jack’s office, Ianto yawned widely and rolled his shoulders in an attempt to ease the dull ache that had settled throughout his body. He slumped into the chair and managed a grin at Jack’s pout when his offer of his lap was rejected. “I’d be asleep in two minutes Jack, and we’ve still got work to do...real work!” he amended hastily as a flicker of desire lit in the other man’s eyes.

Jack chuckled quietly and allowed the Welshman to drink his coffee unmolested before hauling him to his feet and steering him gently towards the hole in the floor that led down to his bunker. “You are going to lie’s an order – we’ve been up all night and you need to get some rest...”

At the bottom of the ladder he removed the young man’s jacket and waistcoat, hanging them over the back of the chair, then undid the perfect knot of silk at his throat and the top three buttons. Shoes were slipped from his feet and he was propelled towards the tiny bunk. Ianto looked at him, all resistance had gone and now he just wanted to sleep, “stay a bit, please?”

Jack smiled and removed his boots, sliding onto the bed to wrap Ianto into his arms. He pressed a soft kiss into his hair, “now sleep...” Minutes later the slow breathing and heavy warmth of Ianto’s body against his confirmed the young man was sound asleep, exhausted from their busy night. Jack smiled and closed his eyes. He wouldn’t sleep but it was restful just laying here with his arms full of his beloved Welshman.

Moving carefully to avoid waking the sleeping man, Jack climbed off the bed and gazed down at him. Ianto looked so young and innocent in sleep and a rush of emotion washed over him, an emotion Jack recognised as love... Ianto made him complete, gave him a reason for living and he loved him totally.

He brushed a kiss over the young man’s temple and laced up his boots before returning to his office where he tackled some of the mountain of paper on his desk. After an hour, he’d had enough, grabbed his coat and, after a brief conversation with Tosh, left the hub.

Ianto yawned and stretched, somewhat surprised to find himself still clothed and alone in Jack’s bunk.  After retrieving his waistcoat, jacket and shoes, he climbed up the ladder into Jack’s deserted office. A brief glance at his watch told him he’d been asleep for a little over three hours and he had to admit he felt better for the rest.

Tosh looked up, smiling, from her workstation. “Feeling better?”

“Yep, much thank you. Where is everyone?”

“Gwen and Owen are out on a supply run – coffee and cake, Jack left a couple of hours ago, said he’d see you at home...” her eyes twinkled fondly at her friend at the soft expression that lit up his face at her words.

“ home? He said those exact words?” he blushed, knowing he sounded like an excited teenager after her first kiss!

“Those precise, exact words... I take it things are going well?”

Ianto smiled, his eyes sparkling as he spoke of the man he loved with every fibre of his being “it’s early days, but yeah, seems to be... Well, I’ll be heading home sure you don’t want coffee before I go?”

“Honestly, we’re fine. Yours is the best of course, but they’ll be back any minute...” She stood and hugged him, “get out of here while you can!”

Ianto hugged back and pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek. “Thanks Tosh, see you tomorrow.” The roller door clunked behind him and he grinned all the way to the car and all the way home, noting absently that Jack must’ve walked as the SUV was still in its parking bay. He climbed the stairs, aimlessly humming whatever tune had been on the radio without conscious thought and a thrill of excitement shot through him as he turned his key in the lock.

A mix of delicious smells wafted out as he opened the door...Jack had been cooking... His brain shrieked an alert Jack had been cooking – in his their kitchen he told himself quickly...

“Hey sweetheart, did you sleep well?” the sight of Jack coming out of the kitchen in one of Ianto’s Blue Gillespie t-shirts, an apron tied around his waist and a tea towel thrown casually over his shoulder took the Welshman’s breath away and he just gaped, a domestic Jack so different from the dashing hero-coated dynamic leader he was used to.

Jack grinned at him and swept him into his arms, kissing him softly. “I missed you...” he whispered when they parted. He took Ianto’s hand and led him into the kitchen. “Roast lamb in the oven with roast potatoes, parsnips and baby onions, green beans and carrots ready to boil on the hob and for dessert...” he broke off following the Welshman’s stunned gaze. “I’ve been making pastry!” he said proudly, “for a lemon meringue like that don’t you?”

Ianto nodded mutely as he took in the state of the kitchen – saucepans, dishes and mixing bowls were piled up in the sink and the kitchen table was awash with flour, as was the floor and, now he came to look closer, so was Jack adorned with a layer of fine white powder. Warning lights came on in his head as his brain caught up and he looked down at his favourite blue pinstripe, now decorated with floury hand prints.

“Say something?” Jack’s face fell as he took in Ianto’s expression.

“I’ve got flour on my suit!” Ianto frowned and then looked horrified as he realised he’d said it out loud. “Jack...” he reached out hesitantly as Jack’s eyes narrowed. “I didn’t mean...” he stuttered, “I just...”

Jack moved closer, his eyes glittering dangerously, before he picked up the surprised Welshman and dumped him bodily on the table, on top of the flour and the pastry trimmings. Ianto yelped, the noise smothered as Jack’s lips crashed onto his and he was consumed in a passionate kiss that drove all conscious thought from his head. Jack’s tongue swept purposefully through Ianto’s mouth, tangling with the young man’s before retreating to map every crevice and contour until he was a moaning mass of delirium in his Captain’s arms, his hands tangling in the older man’s hair as he melted against him.

Jack moved to slide the jacket from Ianto’s shoulders, their mouths still locked together as the kiss deepened further and desire burned in their groins. The jacket fell onto the table as Jack’s hands moved to the buttons on Ianto’s waistcoat, that item joining the jacket briefly before it fell off onto the floor. Ianto was past caring, his focus on the heat of Jack’s mouth, Jack’s tongue and Jack’s hands...

Gradually the rest of Ianto’s clothes followed until the Welshman was leant back naked on the table as Jack made love to him, wildly and passionately, and they toppled over the edge together into blissful oblivion, panting hard as they came down from their orgasmic high... Jack moved carefully from where he’d slumped over Ianto’s spent and trembling body as they became aware of the haze of smoke to the accompaniment of the acrid smell of burning.

“My pastry case!” Jack stumbled to the cooker, the action made more difficult due to the tangled mass of trousers, braces and pants around his ankles, and yanked open the oven door. The kitchen was engulfed in thick black smoke as the singed-beyond-all-recognition pastry case was removed, charred bits of silicon paper floating into the air. Jack’s expression was one of dismay and horror combined as he took in the current state of the usually pristine kitchen, glancing worriedly towards Ianto who was now sat up on the table.

For a moment he looked like he might explode, then, taking in the multitude of emotions on Jack’s face, the totally absurd sight of him with his bare arse on display, clutching the ruined pastry case in oven-gloved hands plus his own ridiculous naked and flour-strewn appearance, his anger melted away and he threw back his head and laughed.

Jack shuffled over to the sink to drop the disaster onto the draining board and opened the window in an attempt to expel the smoke, before making his way back to his still-laughing Welshman, tugging him into his arms to squeeze him tightly.

“I’m sorry about your kitchen...I’ll clear it up I promise!”

Our kitchen...and yes, you will clean it...and you’re taking my suit to the cleaners,” he added, still breathless from laughing. “She didn’t believe me last time so you can face those all-knowing eyes and tell her whatever story you concoct – I think that’s fair and condign punishment for the chaos you’ve inflicted on me and my clothing!” Ianto chuckled, picturing the woman’s pinched expression the last time he’d had dubious stains on his trousers and shook his head, nope, not even Jack would be able to charm his way out of that one, but it’d be fun to see him try!

He hopped off the table and turned the oven off. Dinner could wait a while. Reaching out, he grabbed Jack’s hand and led him towards the bathroom, the older man kicking off his clothes as they went. They slid under the steaming spray, Jack reaching for the shower gel and scrunchie to wash his gorgeous Welshman from top to toe. Thoroughly cleansed, they sank into a tight embrace, bodies pressed close and mouths locked together as the water cascaded down on them and all memory of burnt offerings faded from their minds as they lost themselves in each other.




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Title: It’s written in the stars...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary:   Words  2100

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC

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A/N Written for the [ profile] redisourcolor  challenge #13 - Theme: Fate/destiny; doff, dexterous, escalator ‘If you look closely you’ll be able to see a pattern’

A/N1 I think it’s safe to say the fluff bunnies are firmly in control at the moment!


It’s written in the stars

Jack wrapped his coat more closely around their naked bodies as Ianto lay back against him and they gazed up at the black velvet sky, the stars sparkling like diamonds...

“You know, if you look closely, you’ll be able to see a pattern...” Jack breathed against his Welshman’s ear.


“Nah, I don’t mean constellations...look...” Jack slid his hand over Ianto’s, slipping his fingers into the gaps between the young man’s own and lifted their joined hands to point up at the sky. “Start at that big red one and join the dots...ready?”

Ianto turned his head to brush their lips together before settling back, “...ready..!”

Jack began tracing the letters, his heart thudding nervously in his chest – he’d planned so many different ways, so many times, how he was going to do this and each time he’d bottled it. Now, fresh from loving his gorgeous Welshman and snuggled together in the heavy warmth of his coat as they soaked up the fragrance of the warm night air, he knew that this was the right time...

He finished the first word and dotted the ‘i’, moving on to the next word...and the next...and the last. He felt Ianto tense as he added the question mark and dropped their joined hands back to their sides. He held his breath.

Ianto continued to stare up at the sky, his mouth moving silently, repeating the words... He scrambled up onto his knees and turned to face his Captain, a shy smile curving the corners of his mouth as he met the anxious gaze of the man he loved with every fibre of his being...

“Yes!” he said simply “yesyesyes...” as he wrapped his arms around Jack’s neck and crushed their mouths together, passion, love and desire merging as they fell back against the heather...

The bleating from Jack’s wristband dragged them back to earth from a succession of heady kisses that had them floating amongst the stars above them. Lust blown eyes met and rueful smiles were exchanged as they tugged on their clothes and prepared to chase down whatever alien had decided to threaten their beloved city.

Ianto smoothed the heavy wool over his Captain’s shoulders, the familiar and intimate action bringing soft smiles to their faces before both men focused on the readings from the rift alert. “Shopping centre...several signals...” Jack held his hand out, grinning as Ianto took it, entwining their fingers, “ready..?”

“Yep...let’s go save the world one more time...”

They set off across the field towards the SUV at a brisk pace. Within minutes they were speeding towards the shopping centre, Jack’s enthusiastic driving leaving Ianto braced against the door frame as he checked the readings on the hand held scanner from the glove box. He groaned.

Jack glanced across anxiously “...what is it?”


“Shit!” he put his foot down and the car surged forward, “why do those pesky alien pixies like this place so much?”

They pulled up outside the shopping centre and Jack used their universal passkey to open the door. The first sight that met their eyes was the two security guards tied up and gagged in what looked like every reel of ribbon ever made. It was colourful, if rather uncomfortable, and Jack was tempted to snap a quick photo, chuckling at Ianto’s quiet “don’t you dare Jack!” How well the other man knew him!

Ianto tossed the scanner at his Captain “I’ll sort this out, you go find our visitors...”   

Moving to the security desk, Ianto’s dexterous fingers made quick work of the guard’s gags and set about sawing through the multitude of knots that held the two men captive to their chairs and each other. Finally free of their bonds they drank the water Ianto gave them gratefully whilst regaling him with the tale of their capture by an army of tiny creatures with ‘court jester’ heads and pointed teeth...

Ianto sympathised and soothed, pressing his comm. unit “Jack...seems like we have a party on our hands...”

“Yeah, I’m seeing multiple groups...better call the team in...”

Groping in his pocket for his phone, the Welshman smiled reassuringly at the two security guards as their eyes began to close. Moments later their quiet snores announced another retcon success. Ianto moved away from the desk and dumped the bag of shredded and tangled ribbon into a bin as he explained the call to a sleepy Tosh, knowing from the acerbic swearing beside her that he had one less phone call to make. Grinning he hung up and dialled Gwen, apologising to Rhys for the disturbance when he answered the phone.

“Team’s on their way in – Owen was at Tosh’s again...two Sleeping Beauty lookalikes at the front desk...where are you?”

“Upper level...there’s a large group in the Candy Box pick-n-mix at the far end and downstairs there’s another group in The Early Learning Centre – they all seem to be relatively well behaved considering what they are...the group I’ve been chasing are now in the Hair and Nail Palace and they’re wrecking it from what I can hear...I’m just going in...”

“Be careful...I’ll be there in a minute...I’ll get the others to go after the sweet and toy shop groups...”

“Good – and watch out, there’s still a few random signals scattered about...”

Setting off at a run Ianto disconnected from Jack and called the team, giving details of the groups and their locations. He was sprinting up the silent ‘down’ escalator, heading towards Jack’s location when a Graske jumped out at the top in front of him blocking his path, another high pitched giggle told him there was at least one other out of sight... Suddenly the escalator began moving, the jolt knocking him off balance to send him tumbling backwards, over and over... Reflex action curled him into a ball to protect his face from the sharp edges of the moving stairs until he crashed in a heap, smacking a glancing blow at the bottom that made him see stars – and these were most definitely not the pleasurable ones from earlier...

The Machiavellian pixies giggled loudly and bandy-legged themselves away to cause trouble elsewhere. Ianto groaned and lay where he was as he blinked dazedly. A battered arm dragged itself of its own volition to press his comm. unit. “Jack...” he croaked painfully, attempting to assess the damage to his limbs and accepting ruefully that his favourite Blue Gillespie hoodie was a write-off and his designer ripped jeans were now a tad more ripped...

“Ianto..? Where are you? These blasted Graske are...stop that...put it down...little shit..!” Several more choice expletives followed in a variety of languages and the sound of crashing china and the familiar grating high pitch giggle could be heard above Jack’s panting. “Ianto..?” this time, the concern was evident in the Captain’s voice, “what’s happened...are you okay? This lot have escaped out the back to Lord knows where...this place is trashed...” he sighed heavily, “Yan..?”

“I’m o...not permanently damaged...” he amended, “...they started the escalator and caught me off balance so I went down it broken bones – just complete loss of change there..!” he quipped heavily, pushing himself slowly to his feet and dabbing his handkerchief to the cut above his eye that was dripping blood irritatingly down his face.

“I’m coming down...” Jack could be heard thudding along the walkway above him, pounding down the still moving escalator to land in front of his precious Welshman. He tugged him into his arms and hugged him tightly, causing the young man to let out a howl of pain. Jack released him immediately. “Where does it hurt? Where’s Owen, he should be here by could’ve died...“his panic was palpable, “I can’t lose you, Ianto...”

“I’ll live, Jack, I’m just a bit battered – certainly not ready to doff my hat to the Grim Reaper just yet a while...” he cupped the older man’s face and kissed him lightly, “’re stuck with me a bit longer...

Now mindful of his injuries, Jack folded Ianto back into his arms and kissed him hard, relief and passion colliding as tongues embraced and fingers threaded through hair... They were resting their foreheads together, panting softly when the team ran in to join them.

“Oi, put the bloody tea boy’ve dragged me out of my bed...”

“Tosh’s bed I believe that was...” Ianto cut in mildly, moving regretfully out of the comforting warmth of Jack’s arms to the gasps of horror from the others as they took in his damaged appearance.

“Fuck! What happened to you..?” Owen was by his side in an instant, acerbic comments forgotten as he checked the Welshman over while Jack filled them in on the situation – basically what seemed like the entire Graske population was having a happy rampage through the shopping centre...

Ianto nodded or shook his head in response to the medic’s questions, submitting without protest to the butterfly sutures that were applied to the cut above his eye. They joined the others to find Jack grinning widely, his arm around Tosh’s shoulders as he dipped his head to kiss her gently on the cheek.

“Oi, that’s my girlfriend you’re’ve got your tea boy...” Owen blurted out loudly, causing a pretty blush to spread over Tosh’s face as all eyes turned towards her. “Oh, sorry Tosh!” Owen grinned apologetically and moved to her side.

Gwen giggled, “...we all know anyway...and your brilliant girlfriend has got us a way to get rid of these pesky Graske...tell him Tosh...”

“Ultra sonic soundwave...upsets the balance of their tri-horns...get ready to cover your ears, but be prepared to feel disorientated...” She turned the dial on the device in her hand and the air shook as sound waves powered outwards. Within moments hoards of Graske ran from shops in all directions to gather on the lower level before they vanished in a crack of light.

Tosh turned the device off and they shook their heads, grimacing as the sound continued to pound in their heads for several minutes. “What’re we doing about all the mess...we’ll be here till this time tomorrow if we’ve got to clear it up!”

Ianto put his hand on Jack’s arm, “I’ve got that covered...back in a couple of minutes...” he strode away towards the security desk.

Jack grinned, “Okay, thanks for tonight, now get yourselves home and don’t come in ‘till midday...I think we’re all going to sleep in after this...”

Owen glanced at Ianto’s retreating back “...will he be okay after his tumble down the stairs?”

“I promise to check him over thoroughly...”

“Head to toe?”


“I don’t want to know!” Owen chuckled and held his hand out to Tosh who took it, smiling. Jack offered his arm to Gwen and they sauntered after Ianto, waiting by the door until he rejoined them, smiling broadly.

“I told them that when they woke they were to call the police immediately as they’d chased a gang of vandals from the centre, all wearing hoods or masks so nothing to identify them...and I’ve erased the CCTV footage...” He looked at Jack, “can we go now ‘cos I ache like hell!”

They headed to their respective cars. As Ianto slid gingerly into the passenger seat, Jack grinned at him. “I promised Owen I’d check you over...”

“You will?”

“Uh ha...head to toe...”

“No time like the present...”

Jack put his foot down and minutes later they were walking hand in hand back across the field...

Ianto slumped breathlessly against Jack’s sweat slicked body, the night air chasing trails of goose bumps over their skin. Urging his Welshman back into the cocooning warmth of the coat, Jack pressed gentle kisses to the side of the young man’s neck. “Right hand pocket...” he whispered, unable to stop the huge grin that spread over his face as Ianto’s hand delved into the pocket and pulled out the tiny velvet box...

The young man’s eyes widened as he opened it to reveal two simple matching platinum bands. Slipping the rings on to each other’s fingers they kissed tenderly. “Love you, Ianto Jones...”

“Love you too,’s written in the stars...” As the night faded into day, two men snuggled into a 1940s greatcoat and planned their future...




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Title: And that’s how it all started...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set S2
Summary: A rift alert has all sorts of consequences... Words 3170

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time
Written for the [ profile] longliveianto bingo prompt: Bodyswap

Icon and gorgeous banner by the wonderfully talented [ profile] ianto_love_jack  Thank you *hugs*

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A/N for [ profile] sassysailorgirl 


And that’s how it all started...

Muttering in very expressive Welsh, Ianto dragged his highly aroused and indignant body from Jack’s bunk and grabbed his clothes from their various scattered locations around the room before climbing up to join his Captain at Gwen’s workstation. Jack grinned at the flushed cheeks and tousled hair as the young man peered at the screen.

“Just as we were getting started..!” he pressed a light kiss to his Welshman’s temple before turning his attention back to the rift alert that had interrupted what was promising to be a monumental evening.

“D’you recognise that pattern? It’s nothing I’ve ever seen before...” Ianto frowned and tapped industriously on the keyboard as he searched through their databases for anything remotely similar. “Nothing like it in our records...”

“So, a new contact...we’d better go in prepared...” Jack said, automatically reaching for his Webley to check it, as Ianto keyed in the code for the armoury to get a Glock pistol to accompany his preferred non-lethal stun gun. They filled their pockets with fresh cans of weevil spray and a syringe of swift acting strong sedative and headed for the underground car park. Two minutes later they were en route to the child’s playground in Barry where the signal appeared to be stable...

The roads were clear - which was just as well with Jack’s usual breakneck driving, Ianto thought, hanging on tightly to the door frame as Jack hurled the SUV around corners at unbelievable speeds. Slamming the brakes on, Jack brought them to a standstill and they both peered at the hand held scanner. The signal was unchanged and seemed to be hovering over the sandpit...

Shining their torches ahead of them, they made their way over the playing field towards the enclosed children’s play apparatus. There was nothing visible although the signal still held steady. Jack nodded as Ianto motioned that he’d approach the signal so Jack could circle around to come in behind it. His heart thudding so hard he swore it was audible, Ianto crept forward, checking the scanner every step. There was no change until he stepped into the sand pit.

In a flash of blue light that cracked like rifle shot, a four feet high, bi-ped dinosaur-like creature that resembled a Bambiraptor launched itself at the Welshman, wings flapping frantically as its talons ripped into the soft flesh of Ianto’s chest. There was no time even to cry out as the young man hit the floor. He dropped his torch and the scanner and struggled desperately to get the stun gun within reach of the creature’s flesh as Jack emptied his entire supply of bullets into the tough hide.

With a howl as the lead rounds buried themselves into its back, the creature released its prey and vanished in another crack of blue light, leaving the air tainted with a metallic tang...

Jack leapt towards his prone lover, fear and horror washing over him as he saw the extent of the injuries. He dragged his phone from his pocket and hit #2 on his speed dial, barely registering the fact it was Tosh’s sleepy voice that answered the medic’s phone. “Tell Owen; Ianto’s seriously hurt, children’s playground, Barry...get him here...” before dropping the phone to the floor and gathering the semi-conscious young man into his arms... “Ianto...stay with me...stay with me please...” his voice an anguished whisper as he shook his beloved Welshman urgently...

Ianto’s eyelids fluttered and he opened his eyes, pain clouding those normally sparkling blue depths, “I’m sorry was too quick... I’m cold...that’s bad isn’t it..?” his voice trailed away and his eyes closed again, “Jack...” the whisper was barely audible and Jack had to bend closer to catch the words, his eyes filling with tears at the faint “I love you...I’ve always loved you...have to tell you...before it’s too late...”

Ianto...don’t....Ianto...stay with me....don’t leave me...” Dipping his head, Jack pressed his lips to Ianto’s, reaching deep inside himself to share his life force as a golden glow flickered briefly and was gone... Jack’s head swam and he blinked, dazed and confused by the sudden pain in his chest and the fact he was now lying down gazing up his own face...

“Jack..?” Ianto sounded similarly confused, but reassuringly alive. “It doesn’t hurt any more...” he opened his eyes and stared down wide-eyed at his body... “Jack...what’s happening..? Jack...” He shook his own body as its eyes slid closed and it went limp in his...ok...Jack’s...arms... no no no no...don’t you dare leave me Harkness...”

He sat there rocking the unresponsive body back and forth, tears streaming silently down his cheeks, his mind searching desperately for answers to impossible questions he had yet to formulate – somehow he and Jack had swapped bodies and now Jack was dead – or was he dead himself – his body was but...

He was spared further tortuous thought processes as his body tensed and drew in a huge gasp of air in a strangely familiar Jack-like way and his eyes opened again, meeting his relieved gaze from Jack’s blue grey pools. Words weren’t needed as Ianto-in-Jack’s-body crushed their mouths together in a passion and relief-laden kiss that had their heads spinning, tongues swirling until they were both light-headed and they broke apart, panting softly... and restored to their own bodies...

“What the..?” Ianto heard himself think...his synapses snapped to attention – wait! Heard himself think..? I think you’ll find that was my thought..!” Now that was most definitely Jack in his head! They stared at each other, eyes wide, mouths dropping open as they heard each other’s thoughts, so intent on the tumbling confusion whirling around they failed to hear the frantic arrival of Owen who shoved Jack bodily aside and grabbed the Welshman’s hand to check his pulse, the skin to skin contact sending a spark through both men as they blinked dizzily...

“What the fuck was that?” Owen’s emphatic curse sounded strangely muted coming out of Ianto’s mouth.

Ianto shook Owen’s head to try and shift the irritating buzzing as his thoughts grappled with the undeniable knowledge that they’d body-swapped and he still had Jack’s thoughts in his head...Jack’s rather distracting thoughts of hot kisses creeping their way down his pale neck, warm breath sending trails of goose bumps scurrying across his skin and a rush of blood to’s groin...

Jack grinned wolfishly despite their bemused predicament and reached out to grab a handful of the medic’s sweatshirt, hauling him in to plant a steamy open mouthed kiss on unfamiliar lips knowing that the jolt of electricity and the instantly recognisable lightheaded sensation meant another body swap... Ianto gave in and snaked Owen’s arms around his Captain’s neck, his fingers threading lovingly through his hair as Jack continued to fill his head with provocative images, gentle moans lost against his mouth...

“Oi, put my body down – even if it is the tea boy inside! I need to know what’s going on here – you said he was seriously hurt and where’s all that blood come from? I need answers!” Ianto’s soft welsh vowels didn’t quite do the acerbic medic’s words justice, but they got the message and pulled apart, somewhat breathless, stepping away from each other to avoid any further skin contact.

“Will someone tell me what’s happening..?” Owen was getting irate now, hands tugging at Ianto’s perfectly tied red silk at his throat to pull it awry in a manner that made the Ianto, now back in Jack’s body, want to slap him or at least serve him decaf for a month!

“I think that the alien that attacked Ianto left more than torn flesh seems to be some form of electrical charge that’s activated by skin contact and is able to move consciousness from one body to another...trouble is we’ve never seen anything like it before so I have no idea how to stop it! Oh, and Ianto’s body died and came back when I was him...”

Ianto bit thoughtfully on Jack’s bottom lip “Maybe if we each touch the person who has our mind all at the same time or just all touch together..?”

Owen nodded Ianto’s head slowly, finally releasing his death-grip on the Welshman’s tie, much to the relief of its owner “ could work and we don’t have any other fucking clues anyway! I’m game...” he held Ianto’s hand out towards his own body. Jack and Ianto looked at each other, shrugged and swapped why the hell not? messages in their heads as they reached out their host body hands...

The three sets of fingers touched and a loud crack of electricity accompanied with a vivid blue flash lit up the darkness, each man falling backwards as the intense power of the shock knocked them unconscious. Darkness closed in on them once again as they lay in the sand...

Ianto groaned and held his pounding head – it felt like he’d done ten rounds with Janet and several of her friends! Wincing at the demolition team hard at work on the inside of his skull, he struggled into a sitting position and looked down at his hands, relieved to find that they were indeed his hands – he was back in his own body. A heartfelt moan echoed in his head alongside the drilling and hammering and he turned to look at his Captain. Jack was still unconscious so the mind link was obviously still active and the quiet questioning Ianto..? confirmed his suspicions as moments later the prone figure moved painfully to sit up. They reached for each other...stop! Ianto sent, recalling the skin to skin transfer when Owen had tried to take his pulse...

Oh...yeah, right! Good call... How’s Owen?

They turned to see the medic’s eyes opening, the grimace on his face more than confirmed the presence of an equally painful headache. “Fuck! I’ve got the hangover from hell! What were we drinking?” Owen muttered a few more choice profanities under his breath as he, too, struggled to sit up. The three of them looked at each other warily.

“How are you feeling?” Owen stretched towards Ianto as the doctor in him reasserted itself, before swiftly withdrawing his hand as the Welshman jerked himself out of reach.

“Don’t touch me!” he growled, his hand automatically reaching to adjust his tie, frowning when he found it mangled out of its usual perfect shape.

Jack moved his head carefully from side to side in an attempt to ease the cramped muscles in his neck. “Right, we need to get back to the hub...find out what happened here and if it’s permanent... No-one touch each other...” he added rather unnecessarily as each man resumed the perpendicular and shoved their hands into their pockets before stumbling across the grass towards the two vehicles in the distance.

Owen slid into his car and nodded approvingly as Ianto got into the back seat of the SUV and Jack climbed into the driver’s seat. “Good! See you at the hub then, Tosh’s already there...” he blushed at their raised eyebrows and the grin that flashed across both faces. “Yeah, we’re...”

“We know, Owen..!” Jack chuckled despite the pain in his head, “Should I feel bad that I kissed you...and with tongue?”

“Just...just don’t go there!” Owen spluttered as Ianto grinned, his quiet chuckle echoing in Jack’s head. Slamming his car door so hard it made them all cringe, Owen set off at speed with the SUV following in his wake...

Tosh was waiting for them down in autopsy, scanners and monitors at the ready. She’d put non-conductive gloves on as a precaution and handed each man a pair as they greeted her.

Scanning each of their heads, Owen found slightly elevated levels of adrenalin and dopamine, but nothing unexpected for the kind of experiences they’d just been through and declared it safe for them to take their gloves off. He pointed at the table and looked at Ianto.

Now, tea boy!”

Ianto had been edging towards the stairs with the intention of making a swift escape to the kitchen, the need for caffeine growing stronger by the second.

“Do I have to?” he sent into Jack’s mind, realising with surprise that it felt totally natural to have access to the other man’s thoughts...

“You do!” Jack smiled softly, “we need...I make sure that you’re did die out there, remember?” He streamed the golden kiss memory into the young man’s head, drawing a delicious flush over his cheek that didn’t go unnoticed by the medic.

“Okay, what’s going on – why’s tea boy glowing like a Belisha Beacon? What don’t I know?”

“You want the long list or the condensed version?” Ianto deadpanned as he slid reluctantly onto the table. Tosh stifled a giggle as Owen frowned and she moved to stand by his side so she could see the readings on the monitor.

“Ha-bloody-ha!” Owen snarked. “Now spill..!”

“I can hear Jack’s thoughts and he can hear mine...ever since my body died when Jack was in it...” the blush deepened as Jack streamed a rather energetic session with Ianto bent over his desk into his head...

“I don’t want to know the details, thank you” he glared at Jack, “and you, stop harassing my patient!”  He pointed to the stairs, “behave or leave!”

Jack grinned again and leant against the dresser. “I’ll behave...promise...” as the medic’s eyes narrowed at him before turning back to examine the readings on the scanner. “Oh fuck!” Owen’s jaw dropped and Tosh looked at Ianto with a stunned expression on her beautiful face...

Ianto sat up, “what’s wrong with me?” gripping Jack’s hand tightly as his Captain leapt to his side and the two men looked anxiously at their doctor.

Despite the inappropriateness of the moment Owen couldn’t resist...”you want the long list..! Sorry...okay, when you died, what did you feel?”

“Nothing...I wasn’t in my body...but watching it was just like Jack when he comes back...”

“Are you ready to be the immortal tea boy?” he nodded seriously and tugged the monitor closer, “see, these readings are Ianto’s I’ve just scanned...these are Jack’s from his last physical...the chronon levels are identical...”

Frantic thoughts tumbled back and forth between the two – joy at being together for eternity mingled with shock and horror at the implications for Ianto’s family and the many questions...

Owen looked from one to the other and planted his hands on his hips . “Oi, share with us – we can’t hear what you’re thinking – us lesser mortals need to have it spoken out loud!”

They turned wide, somewhat damp, eyes towards him. Ianto’s mouth opened and closed again without any sound making it past his lips. Owen could sympathise with that, it was a big shock...

“How do we know if it’s permanent?” Jack voiced Ianto’s question for him.

Owen shrugged, “I could shoot him..? What?” he looked innocently at Tosh as she smacked his arm, “we’d know if it worked...”

“Thanks, Owen, but I think I’d rather not test it quite like that!” Ianto muttered dryly. He squeezed Jack’s hand. I’m fine cariad...I just need a little time to take it in... he sent in response to Jack’s anxious presence in his head. He jumped down off the table. “’I’m going to make a coffee...I know it’s three in the morning but I need one, so, if that’s okay with you..?” he glanced at Owen who nodded, before walking gracefully up the steps and disappearing from sight.

Jack gazed after him, resisting the urge to either follow or press his mind, knowing that his young lover needed time to absorb the events of the night. He jumped as Tosh laid a gentle hand on his arm. “He’ll be okay...he’s got you and he’s got us...”

“Yeah...I know...thanks... Now it’s late...well, early actually so why don’t you two get off home and I’ll see you later...midday? Oh, and can we hold off telling Gwen until Ianto’s ready to face her barrage of questions...I’ll give her the morning off as well and we’ll see you later...” He tugged them in for a joint hug, whispering a heartfelt “thank you” before releasing them and following them up to the main workspace. Moments later the roller door clunked shut behind them.

Jack tugged his phone out of his pocked and sent a swift message to Gwen, telling her it had been a busy night so they would be sleeping in, adding a brief ‘bring pastries!’ to his instructions to stay home till midday. As he pressed send, Ianto appeared from the kitchen with two mugs of coffee.  He looked calmer and smiled softly in response to Jack’s gentle questioning thoughts...I’m fine Jack...really...

They met at the raggedy old sofa and Jack took his coffee mug with one hand before sliding the other around the Welshman’s neck as he pulled him in for a tender kiss, lips soft and responsive under his. They kissed sweetly, minds swirling together without conscious thought, each losing themselves in the other until they broke apart to recharge their oxygen supply. Jack gazed into Ianto’s eyes, catching his breath at the intensity of emotion that blazed within the cobalt blue depths...Love you too...he sent, pressing a light kiss to the end of his Welshman’s cute button nose before they sank down onto the sofa and leant comfortably against each other as they drank their coffee...

Ianto looked down at the sea of faces who were following his every word with avid attention, his glance lingering on his Captain’s, smiling that just-for-Jack-smile at the man he loved so much, seeing him sat cross legged on the floor with a sound asleep two year old Ammeline curled up in his lap. Jack grinned back...yeah, she’s how you took out all the saucy bits but kept them in for me... Ianto winked and continued his roving glance across his audience, finding another very familiar pair of blue grey eyes under a shock of dark hair and the wide grin of their six year old... He twinkled at him before spreading his arms out and declaring “...and that’s how it all started...”

The librarian walked over, joining in with the applause from the audience. “Now children, say thank you to Mr Harkness-Jones and he’s promised to come back to tell you some more stories about Captain Coat and Coffee-man next week...


A/N This is the first of my longliveIanto bingo card. All stories will be set in this verse and will follow the lives of Jack, Ianto and their children as well as the wonderful heroes: Captain Coat and Coffee-man

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Title: New season, new hope, new life...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, minor mentions of team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary:   A spring morning and an interesting chat over breakfast...gentle fluff! Words 1730

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

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A/N Written for the [ profile] redisourcolor  challenge #12  - Theme: Spring; truncate, demonstrable, earth ‘It was a week before he could walk normally again’

 A/N 1 This is for [ profile] wanda1969  a fellow hopeless romantic... *with love* xxx

New season, new hope, new life...

Jack drove his hands into his pockets and took a deep breath in, relishing the chill of the early morning air as he watched the sun rise over the city that he protected...his own tiny corner of this earth that he loved... A self indulgent smile lit up his face as he pictured all the reasons he adored this planet so much including the gorgeous Welshman currently sound asleep in his bed, thoroughly loved and sated...

He stood taller and gazed at the familiar landmarks as the pinks and golds of the sunrise kissed the rooftops and bathed the view in the promise a glorious spring day... He watched absently as the sun reflected off the water, reminding him of the dancing lights in Ianto’s crystal blue was time... Turning abruptly, he made his way off the rooftop and back to the hub.

He slid quietly down the ladder and shed his clothes quickly, slipping in beside Ianto’s deliciously warm naked body, the Welshman snuggling in closer despite the cold hands and feet that wrapped around him as he mumbled drowsily, “weevil or rooftop?”

Brushing his lips softly against the young man’s neck Jack smiled – Ianto knew him so well! “...rooftop...glorious sunrise...”

“mmmnnn lovely, now go to sleep...” Ianto yawned and pressed back even closer as Jack entwined their fingers, smiling fondly as the younger man’s breathing evened out and he drifted back into peaceful slumber. Burying his face in Ianto’s hair, Jack closed his eyes and ran over his plans for the coming day, finally joining his Welshman in dreamland...

They woke again just before seven and shared soft kisses, fingers threading through sleep-tousled locks, content just to lie-in, snug and warm under the quilt. Eventually, pressure on their bladders forced them to stir from their cosy haven. Bodily needs dealt with, Ianto pulled on Jack’s shirt which was on top of the rapidly shed heap of clothing from the previous night and without bothering to button it up, headed barefoot to the kitchen to make them a coffee  - he loved this first blend of the day with just him and Jack; loved waking in his lover’s arms, kissing sweetly to welcome the new day... All in all, he concluded as he filled their mugs, he was content with his life...

Sliding down the ladder with practiced ease, the mugs balanced in one hand, Ianto made his way to the bathroom where Jack was waiting, the shower was running and the room was filling with steam. Taking his mug, Jack grinned and cupped one hand around the back of the Welshman’s neck, tugging him gently forward to capture his lips softly, the kiss tender and full of love. Ianto’s free hand settled in the small of the older man’s back and they lost themselves in the delicious sensation of slow and sensual kisses.

They pulled apart...gently, sharing warm breath, before taking gulps of their coffee, setting their mugs down and linking hands to squeeze into the shower cubicle where Jack kissed his young man tenderly, reverently, from head to toe, finally making love to him as the water cascaded down on them and Ianto floated on wave upon wave of pure pleasure... The water was cooling when they emerged and dried each other carefully.

Back in Jack’s bedroom, Ianto pulled a clean suit out of the wardrobe, surprised when Jack shook his head, “just us today, I gave the team the day off...rift predictor says nothing on the horizon for a few days so we’re going to grab a bit of down time while we’s been a bit frantic lately and we’ve earned a rest...” he pressed their lips together lightly. “As soon as you’re dressed we’re going out for breakfast...”

It was a matter of minutes before they were both similarly attired in jeans and casual tops – Ianto’s a tight-fitting Blue Gillespie tee whilst Jack’s black Ed Hardy one had an impressive tiger’s head on it. They climbed up the ladder to find their jackets, Jack sliding into his coat that Ianto held out for him as usual, smoothing the fabric over his shoulders in their familiar and intimate routine.

They took the invisible lift, Ianto melting into his Captain’s arms to be kissed passionately as Jack’s tongue mapped his mouth with possessive intent and Ianto was moaning softly when they reached the Plas where he was released to step unsteadily off the stone, lips pink and swollen, cheeks flushed, eyes glazed and seeing him so carefree and undone, Jack quietly fell in love with him all over again...

Linking their hands, they headed towards their favourite coffee bar. Deciding to sit outside in the gentle spring sunshine, Jack settled at a table and Ianto went inside to order their brioche and cinnamon blend coffee. Jack chatted to one of the regular waitresses as she cleared the table from the previous customer. When she moved away he opened the newspaper that had been left behind, turning straight to the crossword and was immersed in it when Ianto rejoined him with their mugs of coffee which he put down on the table before moving behind Jack to rest his chin on his Captain’s shoulder and slide his arms around him.

“They’ll bring the brioche out in a minute – there’s a fresh batch in the oven, almost ready... How’re you getting on?”

Jack held up the paper. “Not bad, stuck on two down – ‘to shorten by’, eight letters...cryptic clue ‘period clothes case precedes something eaten...any ideas?”



“period clothes case – trunk, something eaten – ate...truncate”

Jack filled in the letters, grinning, ”ok, how about nine across, ‘showing, visible’, twelve letters, starts with a d, ends in l-e...”

“what’s the cryptic clue?”

“Angels’ foe are within a dining piece...”

“...demonstrable...” Ianto rolled his eyes as Jack frowned trying to follow the clue, “demons are the angels’ foe and if you put an ‘r’ in the middle of the word ‘table’ and fit it all together you get ‘demonstrable’” smiling as Jack filled in the letters triumphantly.

“How’d you know all this stuff..?”

“I know everything remember!” he pressed a soft kiss to the older man’s neck, releasing him as the waitress approached their table with their order – fresh brioche warm from the oven with some maple twists.

Jack immediately abandoned any further attempts to complete the crossword and concentrated on their breakfast. They ate contentedly, enjoying the sunshine and the simple normal-ness of the situation. Ianto glanced at the tubs of dancing tulips and daffodils arranged at intervals alongside the glass front of the shop. He chuckled. Jack followed his gaze and laughed, “ thinking about Owen’s little brush with those alien tulips? He wasn’t impressed when we laughed at the attack on his gonads – poor sod! It was a week before he could walk normally again..!”

“At least we know it didn’t damage him permanently...Tosh looks good, pregnancy suits her... I hope they enjoy their long weekend away – I booked them into the Presidential Suite...” Ianto smiled fondly as Jack reached across the table to take the young Welshman’s hand, rubbing his thumb gently over his knuckles.

Looking up Ianto saw the waitress watching them intently. As she caught his eye she blushed and looked away and busied herself with clearing another table. “We’ve got an audience...” he murmured, “...she must think we’re hot!” he chuckled.

Jack squeezed his hand. “She’s waiting to see what you’ll say...” he gazed into Ianto’s beautiful blue eyes, the Welshman gasping at the depth of emotion blazing out of his Captain’s blue grey depths.

“Jac...” he broke off as Jack continued.

“Did you know that today is the first day of Spring? ‘course you do – you know everything!” he grinned nervously at the puzzled Welshman. “Back on Boshane, the first day of Spring was a National holiday...the new season symbolised new hope and new life...” He slipped from his chair and sank down onto one knee, still holding tightly on to Ianto’s hand.

“I love you Ianto Jones, just you...only you...would you share new hope and new life with me...will you...marry me?” His free hand delved into his coat pocket and bought out a small velvet box which he flipped open to reveal matching white gold bands.

Ianto gazed at his Captain, his mouth forming goldfish-like circles as he was rendered speechless. Neither noticed the other customers had fallen silent, all holding their breath to hear the young man’s answer...

With no words forthcoming from his stunned brain, Ianto flung himself into Jack’s arms and crushed their mouths together, kissing him with a passion that made the air surrounding them sizzle from the heat, hands cupping faces and tangling in hair until they broke off for air and Ianto found his voice “yesyesyesyesyesyes..!” as Jack slid the ring onto his finger and he did the same for Jack. Ianto jumped as the customers and waitresses clapped and cheered, along with a dozen or so passers by who’d stopped to watch the two men wrapped around each other on their knees.

Blushing profusely and grinning like the Cheshire Cat, Ianto got up from the floor and tugged Jack up with him, whispering in his ear as he leant down, “...take me to bed, Jack, make love to me...

Jack looked at the waitress, “...could we have the bill please?” he asked, knowing he was grinning inanely but unable to stop himself.

“Boss says it’s on the house...and congratualtions...”

“Thank you...” Both men smiled and wound their arms around each other’s waists as they left the coffee shop table and hurried back towards the hub. Once on the invisible lift they sank into a tight embrace as their lips met in a tender kiss. As the lift descended and he lost himself in Jack’s kisses, Ianto reflected that his life was now perfect...


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Title: Rank has its privileges...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary: A rift signature leads the team to a warehouse...Torchwood fun and frolics ensue!    Words 2050

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC

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A/N Written for the redisourcolour challenge #11 - Theme: Costumes; tissue paper, flying, silvery ‘Agrh, somebody get this thing off me!’

A/N1 This is for [ profile] too_beauty  because the last one I wrote made her cry so this is the reset button she wanted!


Rank has its privileges...

“There it is again..!” Tosh frowned and leant forward as she peered closer at her screen. Her fingers raced across her keyboard as she endeavoured to track the elusive and fleeting rift signature that had appeared at the same time every day for the past week.

Jack bounced down the stairs to stand behind her. “what ‘ya got Tosh?”

“Not sure...there’s been this signal every day at this time over the past week – at first I thought it was just a flicker in the energy flows as it was so small, but yesterday I narrowed the bandwidth and today I got this...” she pointed at the tiny specks moving haphazardly on the screen. “So, any ideas..?”

Jack leant closer, “are they airborne do you think? It’d explain the haphazard movements...”

They both stared at the swirling pattern of dots... Ianto joined them, offering them the tray with steaming mugs of his awesome coffee which they took gratefully, Jack immediately cramming a large square of his favourite chocolate brownie into his mouth from the plate on the tray.

“mmnnnn s’lovely” he mumbled with his mouth full as Ianto rolled his eyes at him.

Gwen hung up the call from Andy and came over to join them. She took her mug from the tray and added her eyes to the three sets already following the aimless movements on the screen. Ianto offered the brownie plate round again before setting the tray, with the one remaining mug, to one side and the four of them sipped their drinks and munched as Tosh began tracking the signal...

A howl of protest floated up from autopsy, “Oi! Where’s my coffee tea boy? You’d better not be snogging him while my coffee’s going cold, Harkness..!”

There was a general chuckle from the group gathered around Tosh’s workstation. Jack picked up Owen’s mug and took it to the railings that overlooked the autopsy bay. “That’s Captain Harkness to you!” he pointed out mildly, “...count the stripes..!” He held the mug out as Owen looked up from the body of the slippery eel-type creature that’d washed up in the bay the previous day.

“And I drink that how?” Owen snarked, “seeing as how I’m elbow deep in this stinking crap...” he scowled down at the rancid smelling alien corpse.

“Just open your mouth and I’ll pour it from here – a mouth as big as yours, I’m sure to get some in..!” Jack grinned as the others sniggered.

“Ha ha, very funny!” Owen grinned back, “right, fish-face here can wait...I need my caffeine.” He dragged his hands out of the creature’s innards and washed them before bounding up the steps to grab his coffee from Jack’s outstretched hand. “Why thank you Captain!”

Owen followed Jack back to Tosh’s workstation where her fingers were now flying over the keyboard as she closed in on the elusive signal. “Got it! It’s a warehouse on the Cardiff Gate Business Park in Pontprennau...owned by Aspect Television...” she looked up at Jack, “if they’re true to form we’ve got about another twelve minutes until they’re gone again...”

“Okay kids, let’s go..!”

“All of us?” Owen sounded hopeful, the chance to delay his return to stinking fish guts an enticing possibility...

Ruffling the acerbic medic’s hair as he swept past him on his way to the door, Jack nodded, “but don’t you dare complain about my driving..!”

Owen grinned and followed in the wake of the billowing coat tails. Moments later they were speeding towards the Business Park, blue lights flashing, hanging on for grim death as Jack took corners at impossible speeds... With more luck than judgement, they screeched to a halt outside a warehouse at the far end of the park. It was locked with a rusty old padlock which suggested it had been a while since anyone had been inside.

Ianto had picked the lock before Gwen had even got the alien tech out her pocket. He shrugged, “we used to sneak into the Lido when we were was easier to pick the padlock than climb over the six foot fence!”

Jack squeezed Ianto’s arse as he went past, whispering in his ear so the others couldn’t hear “nice work, but you still can’t get out of those handcuffs..!” chuckling as the blush crept over his Welshman’s cheeks.

“Tosh?”Jack glanced at the pretty tech genius as she studied her hand held scanner.

“Two minutes, forty seconds if they follow the same pattern as before...far end of the warehouse...nothing to indicate that they’re hostile...whatever they are...”

“Gwen, Owen...take the left hand side; Tosh, Ianto...go right; I’ll take the centre...everyone ready?” Four heads nodded, his team each armed with torches and side-arms... They made their way into the building, eyes widening at the rows and rows of laden clothes racks and shelving units full of props...

Moving swiftly they made their way to the end of the warehouse, Tosh indicating that the signal had shifted to the left hand side. Gwen covered Owen as he moved towards some old fashioned heavy diving suits. As he got within touching distance there was a flash of light and the complete row of suits toppled towards him, knocking him off his feet and pinning him to the floor under a pile of metal...

The lights swooped around the rest of the team’s heads, diving down amongst them only to soar up to the high vaulted ceiling where they danced before sinking back down to weave amongst them once again... They were beautiful and radiated a feeling of bliss and contentment before another sudden flash...and they were gone.

The four standing looked at each other, serene smiles on their faces...until an exasperated yell from Owen dragged them back into the here and now, “Agrh, somebody get this thing off me..!” as he struggled to move under the weight of all the diving suits.

Jack looked down at the red faced medic and laughed. “Hang in there, Owen, we’ll get you out...”

They began shifting the tangled mass of metal off the cursing doctor, “just what the fuck was that anyway?”

Jack glanced at Ianto, “you know don’t you..?” seeing the Welshman’s tiny smile.

“They’re salus flies – a bit like our fireflies, apart from the fact that salus flies spread feelings of well being and contentment along with their light... I read about them in the archives, they seem to like our atmosphere...maybe they like to be near humans..?”

Owen grunted as he was finally free of the diving suits and Jack hauled him to his feet “then what the hell were they doing in a fucking abandoned warehouse..!” Owen was clearly unimpressed...

“...maybe we should get them back here...someone could use a bit of contentment and well-being right now!” Gwen muttered under her breath as the others chuckled, wiping the smiles off their faces with difficulty as Owen glowered at them.

He stalked over to the nearest rail of clothes, “what is this place?”

“Wardrobe and Prop Store 3B...” Ianto supplied helpfully

“How the hell did you know that?”

“I know everything!” Ianto deadpanned back, “and it says so on the inventory on the wall!”

Owen rifled through the rail, pulling out a men’s complete ensemble from the 1890s era. He held it up, “I always wanted to be a gentleman...” He swung round to face Jack, the question unasked but...

Jack grinned, “I don’t think it would hurt anyone if we made sure the costumes were unharmed after their alien visitors...” he grabbed Ianto’s hand and tugged him in the direction of the military uniforms as Gwen and Tosh headed for a rail of long gowns wrapped carefully in crisp sheets of tissue paper underneath the protective plastic covers.

Tosh pulled out a slim fitting elegant gown in a flowing silvery material, “I’m trying this one...” She grinned at Gwen who’d picked out a deep red low backed frock of raw silk, nipped in tightly at the waist. “Shall we..?” The girls moved behind another row of tightly packed rails as a makeshift changing room, giggling happily.

In the far corner, hidden amongst a vast array of uniforms, Jack had an armful of happy Welshman as he kissed him tenderly, hands caressing each other’s faces softly as their tongues slow danced against a backdrop of mounting desire... They broke apart gently, lips almost touching, as they shared warm breath and enjoyed the closeness of their bodies, relishing the stolen moment...

Jack threaded his fingers through Ianto’s hair as the younger man leant against him contentedly. They both smiled as delighted shrieks floated down from the other end of the building – Owen, Tosh and Gwen were admiring each other’s choices of costume. They sighed simultaneously at Gwen’s shout...

“We’ll be out in a minute...we’re still deciding...” Jack called back, ignoring the giggling that followed Owen’s muttered comment, the only word of which they could make out was ‘shagging’ so it was fairly obvious what was being suggested...

Ianto wriggled reluctantly out of Jack’s arms, shaking his head at the pout that appeared on his Captain’s face and ignoring the very prominent bulge in his trousers. “We’re not doing that in here, Jack so you can put those ‘puppy dog eyes’ away! Now, we need to find something to wear...”

Jack mumbled under his breath and drove his hands into his pockets, Ianto barely making out the disgruntled “ choose then...”

He grinned to himself as he spied the perfect outfits for them on the next rail. Gathering them up, he tugged Jack back into the mass of costumes and began removing his clothes, batting Jack’s groping hand away with a sly smile “ play nicely now and we might have to borrow these for a little light role play when we get home...” he breathed against Jack’s ear.

The result was instantaneous! The pout was gone and his Captain was smartly attired in a full RAF Group Captain’s uniform within seconds and Ianto had to admit that the effect was stunning, confirmed by the sudden southwards rush of his entire blood supply! “Now turn away while I get dressed – I don’t want you to see me until I’m completely ready...” He leant forward, his lips, pink and swollen from their kisses, brushing the older man’s ear as he purred throatily “’ll be worth it, I promise...”

Jack turned away obediently, grinning happily...this certainly made a nice change to the usual alien encounters, plus the enticement of some fun when the others had gone home... He adjusted his trousers carefully and forced his thoughts away from the tantalising knowledge that there was a nearly naked Welshman behind him....

Ianto smoothed down his shirt for the final time, satisfied that he was as pristine as possible. “Okay Jack, you can turn round now...”

Jack spun round and his mouth fell open. Ianto smirked at the very obvious bodily response and pushed his chest out, thrusting his medals forward.

Jack let out a low growl of want and reached forward, “c’m here gorgeous, I’m going to snog you senseless...” his eyes darkening with lust...

Ianto suppressed a grin and stepped back out of reach “I think that should be ‘I’m going to snog you senseless Sir!” He tapped his epaulettes as Jack looked puzzled, “Air Marshall, Captain...count the stripes!” as he grabbed at Jack’s shirt and hauled him forward, “now Captain, snog me senseless!”

Jack’s grin lit up the building “yes, Sir!” as he pressed their mouths together, lips soft and responsive under his own, gentle moans lost into the kiss... As the Air Marshall melted against his Captain, Ianto reflected for the briefest of moments that rank definitely had its privileges before his Captain tightened his arms around him and proceeded to kiss him into oblivion...



Owen’s diving suit


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Title: I won’t send roses...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Summary:   Set mid s2, Alien flowers, an infatuation and enough blackmail photos to last a lifetime! Words 2350

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - anything you recognise belongs to RTD and the BBC, this is purely for fun.
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A/N Written for the redisourcolour challenge #10  - Theme: Flowers; wipe, route, clear ‘Thank you so much’

A/N1 Dedicated to [ profile] jedi_harkness  because the last one I wrote her made her cry so I owe her a smile!

I won’t send roses...

Jack..!” Tosh frowned as she listened to the emergency call in her ear, before turning to look up at her boss who was leaning on the railings outside his office, his eyes fixed on the perfectly attired, blue pinstriped-clad backside of his beloved Welshman as he handed out the mugs of coffee on the main floor of the hub.

“Huh? Tosh..?” Jack blinked and refocused, turning his gaze towards the pretty tech genius.

Tosh indicated her comm. unit “...really odd call from the electricity board to the sounds like they had a suspect house stealing power so they asked for police presence, turns out it was draining power from next door so the police thought it might me a cannabis farm and now everyone’s declaring their undying love... The dispatch caller is a bit confused and I must admit, I am PC 726 is singing...uh, ‘everything I do, I do it all for you..!” She pulled her comm. unit out her ear and dropped it onto her desk “I can’t listen to that – the man’s completely tone deaf! It sounds like a case for Torchwood!”

Jack grinned and slid down the handrail, landing with a thud at Ianto’s feet as the Welshman approached the stairs. He cupped his hands around the young man’s face and planted a wet and noisy kiss on his lips before grabbing his mug off the tray and bouncing over to Tosh’s workstation.

Ianto blushed and grinned happily at the same time, Jack’s unexpected displays of affection always secretly thrilled him, yet never failed to turn his face pink...

“Put the bloody tea boy down, Harkness!” Owen leant on the wall at the top of the steps from autopsy, sipping his coffee. It was a slow day alien-wise and the medic was putting off the inevitable – namely tackling his mountainous backlog of reports that covered his desk in haphazard piles... In the meantime it was much more fun to tease Ianto!

Ianto rolled his eyes as Jack blew him a kiss and smiled sweetly at the acerbic medic, “haven’t you got reports to do..lots and lots of reports..?” the comment enough to wipe the smirk off his face instantly.

Owen scowled and detached himself from the wall as he glanced at Jack, waiting for the ‘well get on with them then’ command which signalled the end of his tease-the-tea-boy interlude... His expression changed to one of relief as Jack read the transcript of the emergency call and handed out assignments, “Owen, as our resident alien flora expert, you’re with me...Ianto, you and Tosh see what you can find out about the history of this house...the usual...oh, and contact Gwen – when she’s done retconning the library staff, get her to find out what’s happening with that police constable with the bad taste in music...” he paused and scanned the screen, “...PC 726...” he grinned, “ok, kids, let’s go!”

He strode over to the roller door where Ianto was now waiting with his coat and the keys to the SUV. Sliding into the heavy wool he leant back into the touch as Ianto smoothed it over his shoulders, the action intimate and familiar. He turned and pressed a light kiss on the end of his Welshman’s button nose before sweeping through the door, his coat billowing impressively behind him.

Tosh giggled as Owen stopped in front of Ianto and playfully pursed up his lips “don’t I get a kiss goodbye?”

The eyes rolled “ your dreams Owen!”

O-w-e-n..!” floated back down the corridor and the medic grinned before hurrying after his Captain.

Tosh and Ianto chuckled as the roller door closed; an exuberant Jack always had an enlivening effect on the team so it was good to have something other than paperwork to work on as Jack positively chafed with nothing but reports to do...

“Okay, you see what you can find out about that house and I’ll check in with Gwen...” Ianto moved across to Gwen’s workstation and opened the archived files on alien flora as he called Gwen’s mobile.

“Hi, you done with the li...yeah, can you get over to the cop shop and check up on a PC 726, sorry, don’t have a name...bad case of singing the blues...Jack and Owen have gone to check out a house with suspect flowers...I know, just in time for Valentine’s...” He paused as Tosh waved at him, “Right, gotta go...yeah, they’re on comms...I’ll let you know if we find anything...”

Snapping his mobile closed he moved to stand behind Tosh as she pointed at her screen. The owner of the house, one Toby Miles, 24, six counts of petty theft and handling stolen goods, had a rather unusual advert on-line...he was apparently guaranteeing – or your money back! – that one sniff of his love potion Paper Whites would bring undying love from the object of your desire... Why send a dozen red roses when you can give one Paper White... emblazoned across the screen...

Tosh pointed to the price and their mouths fell open, “thirty quid for one flower?” Ianto was incredulous, watching as Tosh called up the species specifics...

‘Paper Whites (Narcissus tazetta) are one of the smaller flowered Narcissi which belong to the Jonquilla cultivar. Their bright white flowers are quietly fragrant...’ they read together.

Ianto touched his comm. unit. “Jack..?”

“Hang on a minute...Owen...enough! we’ve got work to do, quit fooling about..! Okay, Ianto?”

“We’ve identified the owner, a Toby Miles, and he’s got an interesting ad on the net that claims one sniff of his magic flowers will map a direct route to the heart of your chosen Valentine...”

There was a scuffling sound at the other end, followed by some heavy breathing and a muttered curse...


“It would seem that his claim is correct and not just your chosen Valentine! I’d say it works on the first person you see after you’ve inhaled its scent...Owen has, shall we say, shown some unusual interest in me since he examined these bloody flowers...”

Ianto felt the sudden grumblings of jealousy at the thought of his Captain and their medic, even though he knew that the idea was ridiculous... He bit his lip...hard...

“Ianto?” Jack’s voice held a mix of impatience and anxiety, “ know there’s nothi...”

“We’ve got the ad on the screen...” Ianto cut across Jack, “can you send us a picture of the actual plant so we can check it against the alien database...we might find a way to counteract the effects...”

“Yes please..!” Jack groaned as Owen whined plaintively in the background, “please...Jack, I just want to hold your coat...”

“Photo, Jack, now...and you can tell him that’s my job!” He looked at Tosh as she nodded; the picture was up on screen... Together they compared the photo with the file they’d downloaded on Paper Whites and there were clear similarities but the loft full of white flowers were most definitely of alien origin...

Ianto stepped across to Gwen’s workstation and began a search through the alien flora database. Moments later the screen flashed – it had found a match... “Jack...we’ve found a match on the database and they’re Amaryllidaceae...bad news is their scent is a powerful aphrodisiac but it doesn’t say how to counteract the effects... I’m going to have a look in the archives in case there’s something down there – I’m sure I read something about mind control flora, but no name...”

“Okay, let me know as soon as you find anything... Tosh, any luck tracing this Toby Miles yet? We need to know where these things came from...”

“Nothing yet Jack...I’ll let you know...”

“Do that...have you heard from Gwen yet?”


“Gwen – perfect timing...what’ve you got for us?”

“I’ve found Toby Miles – here in the cells, he’s been arrested for stalking his Post-woman...and PC 726 has been sedated by the police doctor. Apparently he was trying to serenade one of the blokes from the Electricity board... Do you want me to bring Toby and the PC back to the hub?”

“Yeah, shove them in a cell till we get back and then could you work with Tosh to find the Post-woman and the Electric guy – we might need them if we ever find out how to break the effects...”

“Okay, I’m on it...” Gwen clicked her comms off.

“Tosh...I’m going to seal this place off and come back to the hub with my new biggest fan...could you sort out a hyper sedative to have ready when we get back...just in case I need to stop Owen from hurting himself – we don’t know how powerful this effect is yet...”

“No problem...we’ll be ready...”

Gwen had been back five minutes when Jack and Owen arrived. Owen trailed in after Jack like a lovesick puppy with a look of total adoration on his face. The girls giggled when Jack stopped to look at the screens with Toby’s advert and the alien database entry and Owen sidled in close enough to stroke his fingers through Jack’s hair, making the Captain jump. He glared round as Owen whispered reverently to no-one in particular, “...soft hair...lovely hair...”

Owen turned to Gwen, “I love his hair...soft lovely hair...I love my Captain...” he sighed wistfully and moved in closer.

Stifling their giggles, the girls watched as Jack slid an arm around Owen’s shoulders and the medic visibly swooned, resting his head on the older man’s chest. “It keeps him quiet!” he said briefly, “now any luck with our two other potential Valentines?”

Tosh nodded, I’ve got the addresses for both and Gwen’s just off to bring them in.

“Good, do whatever it takes. Hopefully we’ll have a cure by the time you get back...that’ll be good won’t it Owen?” he squeezed the medic’s shoulders as Owen smiled dreamily and snuggled in closer.

The roller door closed behind Gwen as Ianto reappeared from the archives, a dusty file in his hand. “Found it!” his eyebrows arched into his hair as he took in the sight of his Captain with an armful of adoring medic. Jack met his gaze apologetically and shook his head minutely as the Welshman moved to take his coat, earning himself a murderous glare from the besotted doctor.

“Is there a cure in there?”


“I don’t care what it is! Just spit it out – I can’t take much more of this! Remind me never to complain about his moods and sarcasm ever again..!”

Ianto grinned. “This is one of the original Torchwood House files. It describes a white flower that was believed to have demonic powers...”

Jack sighed heavily, “the cure first...history lesson after...” he looked wearily into Ianto’s clear blue eyes, “...please...”

“You have to kiss him...”


“The infatuation is broken by a kiss...just like a fairy princess asleep in a tower...” Ianto broke off as Tosh giggled.

“You sure about this?”

“Yep! Sixteen cases documented, all cured, although the infected were then imprisoned for witchcraft so not the best outcome I guess... Oh, and extreme cold prevents release of the offending pollen...”

Jack caught Tosh’s eye and glanced up at the hidden CCTV cameras. The tech genius grinned and nodded as Jack tugged Owen into the open space between the work stations before sliding a hand behind his head and pressing their mouths together. Owen gasped and tangled his hands into Jack’s hair as he kissed back enthusiastically while Ianto looked on reluctantly, conflicting emotions battling it out in his head.

As they watched, Owen suddenly froze and the hands threading through Jack’s hair stilled, pulling his head back to break the kiss. “...what the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

“Saving you from the effects of an alien flower...cure comes kiss-wrapped – and apparently, it works!”

“Well thank you so much!” Owen snarked, obviously by way of thanks, dragging himself out of Jack’s embrace and wiping his mouth with his hand. He glanced over towards Ianto, “I could murder a coffee!”

Ianto rolled his eyes and headed towards the kitchen. They could all do with one, he thought as he pondered his reaction to the recent events. By the time the coffee was ready, Jack had debriefed a now rather embarrassed Owen who’d been given the job of ensuring that their other victims also received the appropriate cure from the imminent arrivals – Gwen was on her way in with the two rather bemused unwitting Valentines.

As Owen took them down to the cells to dispense first their cure and then a nice cup of retcon-laced tea, Gwen and Tosh printed out dozens of stills from the CCTV footage of Jack and Owen’s kiss and decorated every surface in autopsy with them, Jack and Ianto watching fondly from above.

“You know what this reminds me of?” Ianto murmured as he leant contentedly against his Captain.

“Your brief spell as a magic tea dragon?”

“Yeah, and Owen’s wild decorating of the kitchen with flags and stuffed toy dragons...” The Welshman grinned, “...this feels like a bit of divine retribution...but there’s no way I’m singing to him!”

Jack chuckled and leant in for a kiss, relishing the feel of those soft and sensual lips as they moved sweetly against his own and they lost themselves in the moment. Breaking apart after long enjoyable minutes, panting softly, Ianto brushed his lips against Jack’s ear, “Jack...about Valentine’s Day...”

Shuddering with mounting desire, Jack stroked his thumb tenderly down the side of Ianto’s face. “Don’t worry” he whispered, leaning in to capture his lips once more, “I won’t send roses...” as their kiss deepened and the stresses of the day faded into oblivion.


 Paper Whites


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Title: All in a day’s work...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary:   Owen teaches Gwen about alien autopsy, Ianto gets mucky and Jack gets him clean!  Words 1230

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

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A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: the Lesson; pineapple, thermometer, studio ‘If I’d wanted to do that I’d have found someone to show me!’ Guess what – [ profile] redisourcolor challenges are back check it out peeps...

A/N 1 This is for [ profile] badly_knitted  H*A*P*P*Y   B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y to a very special lady *hugs tight*

All in a day’s work...

Jack and Tosh leant on the railings looking down into autopsy where Owen was teaching Gwen, both dressed strangely in thick jumpers and bobble hats, about the fine art of alien dissection, working on the alien Jack and Ianto had brought in during the night.

“Where’d you find it?” Owen shouted up, frowning as he made the first incision into the mottled purple scaly skin and Gwen screwed her face up at the disgusting aroma that filled the air.

“Studio flat in Barry, landlord called it into the police when he went to collect the ‘rent.’ Seems this little baby is capable of shape shifting as Mr Swendall had been paid in sexual favours for several months by a buxom redhead – he was somewhat upset when we told him that he’d been shagging an alien!”

“Upset is a bit of an understatement!” Ianto joined the two at the railings, a tray of steaming coffee mugs and millionaire shortbread in his hands. “Did you tell them his right hook knocked you off your feet?”

“I wasn’t going to mention that bit..!”Jack shrugged as Ianto’s cobalt blue eyes twinkled playfully at him and the others giggled, adding ruefully “so, he caught me off balance...”

He grinned at the younger man as he took his mug off the tray and bit hugely into a piece of shortbread, scattering a myriad of crumbs everywhere. Ianto looked expressively at him as he chewed loudly, making appreciative noises. “Mmmnnn ‘s nice...”

Rolling his eyes, Ianto offered the tray to Tosh who took her Princess mug, a slice of shortbread and a plate, nudging Jack who took that to mean he should have another slice...still without a plate! Ianto gave up at that point and headed down the stairs to autopsy , blanking his mind to the sea of crumbs he knew would be falling to the floor above him...all in a day’s work... He shivered as he reached the bottom of the steps, “why’s it so cold down here?” he asked, glancing at the thermometer on the wall to see it reading a chilly thirty two degrees farenheit.

“I think this is a Feli’th...anything above freezing and they have a habit of exploding...I’ve never seen it but...”

“Right...I’ll go and check in the archives...I’m sure I’ve seen something in one of the old files...” he unloaded his tray quickly, plonking Owen’s Gremlins mug and Gwen’s Funky pineapple mug on the dresser, plus a plate with two slabs of the chocolate covered, soft toffee shortbread that Gwen loved so much and beat a hasty retreat from the icy air.

At the top of the stairs he thrust the tray at Jack, grabbed his mug and headed towards the archives. Jack grinned and reached for a third slice...

Down in autopsy, Gwen took the arrival of the coffee as an opportunity to back away from the stench and inhaled the nutty aroma from her mug gratefully, snatching a few sneaky bites from her sweet snack while Owen’s attention was fixed on the grisly innards of the Feli’th...

“Oi, get back over here! You don’t get coffee ‘till I do!” Owen was cold and grumpy and didn’t care who knew it.

Gwen shrugged and pulled on a new pair of gloves, put her mask back in place and moved back to Owen’s side. Picking up her scalpel she leant over and prodded the bulbous fluid sac that Owen was pointing at. There was a whoosh of air and the body shuddered on the table as the sac exploded and showered them and every immediate surface in vile smelling slime and bodily fluids...

“Fuck Gwen, if I’d wanted to do that I’d have found someone to show were supposed to observe not stick your sodding scalpel in it!“ He glared up at Jack and Tosh who chuckled and moved away, ignoring his howls of protest as he stood and dripped on the floor.

Gwen shoved her way past him and squelched up the stairs, muttering under her breath about stinking aliens and snarky medics as she headed for the showers, leaving a trail of black slime footprints behind her. Owen swore profusely and followed her, adding a second set of footprints to the floor.

Ten minutes later, Ianto reappeared clutching a dusty old file triumphantly in his hand, the smile dying on his lips as he surveyed the floor and then the state of autopsy. He swung round to look enquiringly at Tosh.

“Gwen burst a fluid sac with her scalpel...they’ve gone for a shower...” she smiled gently, “guess they’ve left the clearing want a hand?”

Ianto shook his head, “no point in us both getting covered...all in a day’s work...” he grimaced as he took a closer look before going to change into a boiler suit. By the time Owen and Gwen had returned, autopsy was gleaming again, their mugs had been removed, washed and refilled and they were able to resume their work, a muttered “Thanks tea boy” in passing from the acerbic medic the only acknowledgement of his efforts.

Ianto frowned as he clattered away with the mops and buckets, his boiler suit fit only for the incinerator... This called for decaf...he didn’t mind clearing up their accidental mess, but they could at least say a proper thank you...

He headed for the showers after glancing up at Jack’s office to see his Captain busy on the phone, sighing heavily as he resigned himself to showering alone... This was turning out to be a trying day to say the least!

 Jack watched as Ianto walked slowly away and said a hurried goodbye to Martha, running down the steps to burst into the shower room, straight into the naked arms of his Welshman who wrapped him into a tight embrace and crushed their lips together, driving his tongue into the older man’s mouth as they arched their bodies together... It was hot and hard, passion bruising lips as teeth clashed and desire swept through them, leaving them gasping as they broke for air briefly before sinking straight back into more fiery wet kisses...moaning against each other’s mouth as they ground their hips together...

Ianto stripped Jack swiftly and tugged him into the shower stall, kiss following mind-blowing kiss as they melted against each other under the steaming spray... As Jack’s mouth worked its way tantalisingly down his body, Ianto reflected that it wasn’t such a bad day after all...crumbs, slime and amazing blowjobs...all in a day’s work at Torchwood – and he wouldn’t have it any other way!



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Title: There’s a reason...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, mentions of team
Spoilers – none, set mid s2
Summary: a school trip, a painting and a pleasant surprise... Words 2100

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

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A/N [ profile] iantosdreamer46 and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: romance; wish, stage, canvas ‘Wait, it’ll only take a minute or two!’

Thank you to [ profile] too_beauty [ profile] iolo1234 [ profile] sassysailorgirl [ profile] jedi_harkness and [ profile] badly_knitted  the lovely mystery gifts. Love you all so this is for you...

There’s a reason...

Ianto moaned against Jack’s mouth as his Captain did that thing with his tongue that made his toes curl and sent his entire blood supply charging southward. Tangling his hands in the older man’s still damp hair, he pressed closer, passions rising as they writhed in Jack’s tiny bunk.

Breaking apart, panting heavily, Ianto gazed into Jack’s lust-blown eyes, reading desire, need and love in equal measure... Wrapping his legs around his Captain’s he rolled them over so he finished on top, grabbing Jack’s hands to bring them over his head before pinning them to the bed. Jack arched up against him, lips parted as he let out tiny gasps of anticipation...

Ianto leant on Jack’s hands, breathing into his ear “hands stay where they touching...okay?” He nibbled on Jack’s earlobe as his Captain nodded eagerly, the game well practiced and guaranteed to bring exquisite release as each attempted to out-last the other... Ianto scraped his teeth lightly down the side of Jack’s neck, sucking the skin hard to leave a trail of tiny bruises, drawing a hiss of combined pain and pleasure from the older man.

Grinning, the Welshman shuffled backwards, the drag of hot skin on hot skin sending shudders of desire through his Captain and a breathless ” I-a-n-t-o...” floated from between pink kiss-swollen lips. Jack’s hands clenched involuntarily as a warm tongue swirled lazily around his left nipple and teeth nipped gently, teasing the hardened nub of flesh. The moist trail meandered across his chest to impart similar treatment to his other nipple as Ianto’s hand danced downwards, just his fingertips making the lightest of contact with Jack’s skin...

Jack mewled and writhed, arching desperately towards the touch, lost in the tantalising sensations of every brush of the young man’s mouth and fingers... Pulling back, Ianto gazed at his Captain, debauched and completely undone...he loved seeing him like this, knowing that at moments like this he was simply Jack, not a leader or a hero...centuries of saving-the-world responsibilities temporarily lifted as he was pleasured into orbit...

The needy whimper died on Jack’s lips as Ianto’s mouth re-established contact with his skin, trailing lower as his fingers now tiptoed backwards, ghosting the entrance to Jack’s body... Jack’s breath hitched in his throat as Ianto’s hot breath teased his sensitive flesh before his mouth closed over him and he let out a strangled moan, waves of pleasure building inexorably from his toes upwards, gathering pace as he moved ever closer to the bliss of release...

Flicking his tongue just so, Ianto hummed, knowing his Captain was close, the gasps and moans now interspersed with mumbled words from a variety of languages...

The rift alert blared out, startling them from their exclusive paradise and they froze momentarily. Ianto sat up, the wails of protest from his Captain both fervent and explicit...

Their eyes met, frustration sharing centre stage with rueful acceptance of duty, as they slid off the bed and reached for their clothes, scrabbling at the tangle of garments hastily discarded before their shower earlier... Jack was first up the ladder, tapping into the system at Tosh’s workstation... He frowned at the screen as Ianto joined him, resting his chin on the older man’s shoulder as he stood behind him.

“The Welsh Gallery?”

“That’s what is says...” Jack tapped a few keys, “yeah, looks like it’s several the Expressionist Hall...” he sighed heavily, “I wish it’d waited...just...”

Ianto’s arms tightened around his waist and he turned in the embrace to kiss his Welshman softly before they grabbed their coats and headed for the SUV.

Arriving at the Welsh Gallery, Jack used alien tech to open the door noiselessly and they slipped into the dimly lit entrance hall. The night security guard was slumped at his station, his quiet snuffling snores reassuring their initial fear that he was dead. Ianto checked the hand held scanner and indicated the corridor on the left. They moved quietly along the passageway, stifling a gasp as they entered the Expressionist Hall to find a dozen silent, two feet high aliens accompanied by two slightly larger versions as the whole group gazed at the famous canvas in front of them.

Jack cleared his throat loudly and they swung round towards the sound, every face a mirror image of the The Scream they stood before. Jack dropped a reassuring hand on Ianto’s arm. “They’re Munchnarvians and not dangerous...and this looks like a pilgrimage...” he moved towards the group. “Captain Jack Harkness at your service...”

The tallest Munchnarvian met him and held out a three-fingered hand to shake Jack’s own extended hand. Ianto snuck his phone out of his pocket and took a couple of pictures of their visitors in front of the famous painting before joining Jack who was conversing animatedly in what Ianto assumed was the alien’s own language. As the Welshman joined him, Jack turned and explained rapidly, “ I thought, it’s a pilgrimage to show these children their most famous ancestor’s last resting place... They’ll be gone shortly once they’ve done their Resting Ritual...the guard’s out for another hour according to Baisooe here...just a sedative... I’ve said we’ll go for a wander while they finish...” He nodded at the alien, grabbed Ianto’s hand and tugged him away down the corridor until they came to what was some kind of storage area. He pushed the Welshman up against the wall and kissed him soundly, hands raking over his body as he ground their hips together.

Ianto wriggled out of Jack’s arms, “not here Jack...not like this...with Munchnarvians, and children, just down there...”

Jack grabbed Ianto’s hand and pressed it against the hot swelling in his trousers “...we were interrupted earlier...” his voice heavy with want...

No, Jack...not here...” he turned to walk back down the corridor, frowning as Jack grabbed him and tugged him back.

“Wait,’ll only take a minute or two...I need you...

Ianto snatched his hand away, “this isn’t the back room at Babylon and I’m not doing it here..!” He turned and stalked away, “sometimes it’s about more than what you want, Jack...I’ll be in the Impressionist Hall when we’re ready to go...” he threw over his shoulder, leaving Jack open mouthed and wondering where he’d gone wrong...

Fifteen minutes later, the Munchnarvian teacher, Baisooe, found him still leant against the wall, hands driven deeply into his packets as he surveyed his shoes moodily. He straightened and followed the alien, walking through the Impressionist Hall to where Ianto was gazing at the different works of art there.

“I’m sorry...” he said quietly, sliding his hand into the Welshman’s, “I wasn’t thinking...”

Ianto glanced at him, reading genuine regret in those blue grey depths. He smiled minutely and squeezed their joined hands, following Baisooe back as he rejoined his class. They shook hands and the Munchnarvians shimmered briefly and were gone. They stood looking at the painting for several minutes, grinned at each other, before heading back to the hub where they curled up in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

The next two days were full of weevils, rift alerts, space junk and two dozen trays of sentient bedding plants at B & Q that caused havoc and ended with a mammoth retcon session in the cafe... Ianto had been on his feet for forty hours straight and was exhausted, his face pale and dark shadows under his eyes. Taking the steaming mug of coffee from him, Jack led him firmly by the hand to the ladder and settled him in the tiny bunk after removing his shoes, tie and jacket, ignoring the Welshman’s feeble protests as he lay down, his eyes closing the moment his head hit the pillow. Pressing a soft kiss to the young man’s cheek, Jack returned to his office, piled his files up neatly before grabbing his coat and heading down to the main hub. After a quiet word with Tosh, he left, the roller door blaring closed behind him.

When Ianto woke two hours later he was surprised to find himself dressed and alone in Jack’s tiny bed. He struggled to his feet and climbed back up into Jack’s office, further surprised to find it not only clean and tidy, but apparently deserted as well. He ventured out to gaze down onto the main hub – Tosh was working at her computer, there was no sign of Gwen or Owen.

“Tosh? Where is everyone?”

Smiling, Tosh looked up at him. “Hey, you feeling any better now? Gwen’s gone home...some romantic thing she’s going to with Rhys...y’know – Valentine’s Day... Owen’s gone to get Chinese and Jack’s been summoned to the Welsh Assembly for some emergency protocol conference...he said as soon as you’re awake can you go to your flat, collect the folder he left on the table and meet him at the Assembly building...” She shrugged gently, “he said sorry, but it looks like it’s going to be an all night-er...”

Grimacing, Ianto nodded and slid back down the ladder to retrieve his shoes, tie and jacket, bidding Tosh a quiet farewell as he headed down for his car. He didn’t hear Tosh get out her mobile and make a brief call...

It was raining and he cursed at the traffic, rush hour in Cardiff was a nightmare, he concluded, finally pulling up outside his flat. He jumped out and ran up the stairs, bursting through his front door to discover the delicious aroma of Tandori spices that made his stomach rumble, and an apron...the sight brought him to an abrupt standstill, his mouth open, eyes wide...

“Ianto?” Jack’s voice resonated uncertainty shit, this is too much...too domestic...

“’s this for?”

“For you...” he tugged the Welshman towards him by his lapels and kissed him softly. “You were right...and sometimes I just need reminding... There’s a reason the hub works so well, why we’re all fed and watered, why we’re not knee-deep in alien carcasses, why those people who’ve seen the most awful things can sleep soundly without fear of nightmares...why I’m the happiest I’ve been in so long...and it’s all down to you’re the reason...

He met Ianto’s eyes anxiously, relief spreading through him at the love blazing from those clear blue depths and the tiny smile that curved the corners of those soft and sensual lips...lips that begged to be kissed as he crushed their mouths together for a deep and tender kiss that left them tingling when they came up for air.

“Now, you, Mr Jones, have an appointment with a bath and I need to finish the dinner...” He propelled Ianto gently towards the bathroom, the young man gaping as they passed the table laid with proper linen, crystal glasses, a single red rose across one place setting...only to gasp aloud as he was steered into the steam-filled room. Scented candles flickered enticingly around the room and a fragrant bath of bubbles was ready, soft fluffy towels were set out on the heated rail and Ianto’s favourite relaxing classics played softly from Jack’s ipod...

Turning to face his Captain, he kissed him tenderly, hands threading through his hair as their tongues explored each other’s mouths carefully, every brush and flick laden with emotion... Ianto moaned softly as his senses soared and he melted into the embrace. Breathing heavily, they rested their foreheads together as they recharged their lungs.



“The dinner...can it...wait..?” He met Jack’s gaze...hopefully.

“It’s on timer...” Jack smiled, his just-for-Ianto-when-we’re alone-smile, as the young man reached for the tie on the back of the apron before capturing his lips once more...

Much later as he lay curled around the sated sleeping warmth of his gorgeous Welshman Jack sighed happily, content in the knowledge that he belonged here, in this this bed...and Ianto...Ianto was the reason...after centuries of wondering, Captain Jack Harkness finally knew he was home.



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Title: In your arms
Author: zazajb
Rating: NC-17, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set immediately after Countrycide S1
Summary: Nightmares of the events in the Brecon Beacons leave Ianto needing comfort.... Words 3350 Warnings: mild horror

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution, jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: scared; night, corner, raindrops ‘I’ll promise to look after you”

This is for [ profile] badly_knitted ...wish I was closer... Thinking of you with love *hugs tight carefully, mindful of migraine* 

In your arms...

It was two days after the Brecon Beacons and some of his bruises were starting to turn into spectacular displays of yellow and green amongst a backdrop of black and blue, all standing out starkly against his pale skin. His cracked ribs hurt and he ached from head to foot. He moved carefully and painfully around the hub but was doggedly determined to do his job.


At least the team were now treating him as a human being rather than a leper – not that he had blamed them after...after Lisa...the dull ache reverberating in his chest was nothing to do with the cannibals... He shook his head minutely and pushed the thoughts away. Time for the final round of coffee... Slowly ascending the stairs he felt the stare fixed on his back and he glanced out the corner of his eye to find Jack watching him intently... Jack...just looking at him made his heart beat faster...


Snatches of memories from his suspension flitted across his brain – Jack holding him close as he cried, Jack kissing him softly, tenderly, soothing away the hurt, even if only temporarily...Jack looking at him like he could see right through him, deep into the confused and tortured heart of his tangled emotions...


His body cried out for Jack, to be held and kissed...and more...his rational mind wanted to hate him for killing Lisa...for ruthlessly setting Myfanwy on the woman he loved...but she wasn’t that woman - he knew that now, so it was ok not to hate him...but it was wrong to want that... His Tad’s voice echoed in his head “sodding poofter had it coming...” as he read aloud a story in the local newspaper of the brutal murder of a young gay man...This kind of want was wrong...but it didn’t feel felt right..he wanted it...wanted Jack...the battle in his head waged onwards...


With a start he came back to the present, realising that Jack was now looking concerned... He gave a tiny smile and turned back, resuming his slow climb to the kitchen. Once the coffee was brewing he leant forward against the worktop and covered his face with his hands, biting back the sobs that threatened to engulf him.


Lost in tortuous thought, self loathing and general despair, he didn’t realise the older man had come to find him until a warm hand was placed gently on his back and he jumped, grunting as red hot pain shot through him in protest at the sudden movement. He turned slowly, trying desperately to ignore his heart thudding double-time and the spikes of desire twitching in his groin...


“Hey...” Jack spoke softly, “you ok..?”


Ianto didn’t trust himself to speak, so just nodded, not meeting Jack’s eyes, biting hard on his bottom lip to stop it from trembling...


Gentle fingers tipped his chin up so he could meet the worried gaze in those endless blue grey eyes, his worldly-wise Captain seeing at a glance that all was not ok... He folded him into his arms, encouraging the young man to rest his head on his shoulder while he stroked his hair...”it’s going to be ok...I promise to look after you...” he whispered.


Ianto leant against the warmth of Jack’s body, giving in to the little voice at the back of his head and snaked his arms around the older man, rubbing his cheek against the soft fabric of his shirt and breathing in the scent that was uniquely Jack. He sighed deeply and pressed closer...




Ianto mumbled incoherently into Jack’s shoulder, tightening his grip despite the pain in his ribs. Somehow when he was with Jack nothing else seemed to matter...he felt safe...he closed his eyes, letting the weariness wash over him...


They remained still for long minutes until Jack pulled back, gently, not wanting to hurt the young Welshman. He brushed his lips lightly over Ianto’s. “Coffee...then home – get some rest...ok...” Releasing him, he stepped back and watched as Ianto poured out the coffees, adding cream and sugar to those who needed it and placing a plate of chocolate biscuits on the tray before picking it up carefully, wincing as pain shot through him.


Jack watched him limp down the stairs then hand out the drinks and biscuits. Tosh accepted hers with a smile and quiet thanks, glancing up from her work to make eye contact, Gwen nodded her thanks, also with a small smile and Owen grunted a gruff “thanks, tea boy...” without looking at him... He was almost at the top of the steps from autopsy when Owen called out, asking about his pain levels, offering both pain relief and sleeping pills... Ianto thanked him, declining both...


Finally, he took Jack’s coffee to his office and set it down on the desk, turning and colliding with the Captain as one attempted to leave the office and the other entered at speed... Ianto gasped as his body protested wildly at the impact and he staggered into Jack’s outstretched arms... “...back again so soon..?! Not that I mind..!” he leered at him, drawing a blush across the young man’s cheeks as he attempted to wriggle away...before Jack could feel the hardness in his trousers.


“....see you tomorrow...sir...”


Back home at his flat, Ianto stood under the shower, feeling the warmth of the water soothing some of his aches and pains. He closed his eyes and ran his hands gingerly over his chest, bubbles from the shower gel disguising the welts so he could almost make believe it had never happened...he hadn’t been tenderised...hadn’t had a meat cleaver at his throat...he shuddered violently as waves of nausea ran through him, his eyes flew open in an attempt to escape the visions of horror in his mind...


Jack...think of he’d held him and soothed him and gently bathed his his eyes had shown a vulnerability only recently discovered...after Jasmine and the faeries...a Jack who could hurt, who could question his actions even as he knew they were the right ones...a Jack he wanted to spend more and more time with...a Jack he was falling for... His hands had settled in his groin, absently stroking, as his thoughts had turned to his Captain and he realised he was rock hard...this was starting to become a he increased the motion of his hand, gasping his release after an embarrassingly short space of time...


Sliding under his quilt he closed his eyes and was grateful when exhaustion-inspired sleep claimed him...


He was dreaming...he was back in that dingy stinking cellar, there was blood everywhere and someone was laughing-a cold hysterical laugh that filled him with terror... Tosh, he needed to save Tosh...he tried to roll over but his hands and feet were tied...he fought against the rope binding him, feeling it bite deep into his flesh, finally managing to turn round... A scream froze in his throat as he came face to face with Tosh’s severed was her blood he was laying in...he’d failed...she was dead and now it was his turn...the meat cleaver swung in an arc high above him as a hand grabbed hold of his hair to pull his head back, exposing his neck...


He jerked awake, shudders of horror shaking his body and a layer of sweat beading on his skin...he could still feel the cleaver, ice cold against his neck and his fingers flew automatically to brush against the scab that had formed over the cut on his throat...


Ianto climbed out of bed on shaking legs and staggered to the bathroom where he threw up in the toilet, retching painfully as he’d eaten nothing since breakfast. He turned on the shower and stood under the warm spray, scrubbing his body roughly to rid himself of the sensation of Tosh’s blood coating his flesh... As the water ran cold he climbed out and dried himself, cleaned his teeth and dressed in his suit...his flat felt oppressive and threatening...he had to get he might as well go to the Jack...


It was 2:40am and Jack had just returned from a spell on the roof of the Millenium Centre to clear his head, taking in the chill of the night air as he turned his face up to feel the soft caress of gentle raindrops on his skin...he loved this planet and its eco-systems...


Now he back was in his office, reluctantly reaching for the pile of files that he’d ignored earlier... The roller door grated open and Ianto stepped in. He was pale – aside from the bruises- dark shadows under his eyes and he looked so vulnerable... Jack jumped from his chair and practically flew down to meet him, folding him into his arms and stroking his back...


“...nightmare...Tosh...too much blood...” his body shook uncontrollably.


Jack held him tight, whispering in his ear, soothing and calming, finally loosening his hold so he could pull back enough to press a tender kiss to the young man’s lips. Ianto tangled his hands in his Captain’s hair and kissed him back, wildly, passionately, thrusting his tongue into the older man’s mouth, pressing his body hard against him...


“...make me forget...please Jack...” he gasped when they came up for air, reaching his hand down to press against the hot bulge in Jack’s trousers...”I need you...sir...please...”


Jack pulled back and looked searchingly at him. “What do you want..?”


“You...everything...but I’ve never...” his voice trailed away uncertainly, the blush rising across his cheekbones.


“I could just give you retcon..?...if you want to forget...”


“No, Jack...I want you...” He buried his face in the older man’s shoulder, suddenly very aware that he’d actually voiced his desires...what if he said no..?...what if he couldn’t if..?


Jack silenced his fears with a kiss so full of passion it made his head spin and he moaned against his mouth, his body aching with longing. When they finally pulled apart he was light-headed and breathless, his lips tingling... Wordlessly, Jack took his hand and led him to his office then down to his cubbyhole where he pressed him up against the ladder to kiss him into oblivion once more.


Ianto was weak at the knees when they resurfaced and he held on tight, gasping...


“...ok so far..? We can stop any time you want...” Jack whispered, breath hot against the Welshman’s ear, sending tiny shivers down his spine...


Arching his body against his Captain so he could feel his arousal straining against his trousers, Ianto pulled him back for another hot and messy kiss, his hands sliding down to rest on Jack’s hips. They came up for air, Jack pulling back to look deep into the young man’s eyes, checking before he went any further...


Blushing at the close scrutiny, Ianto gave a tiny smile as they both reached towards the other’s clothes, Ianto sliding Jack’s braces off his shoulders before his shaking hands began unbuttoning his shirt...Jack running his hands upwards under Ianto’s jacket to slide it off his shoulders where it fell to the floor, before slowly undoing his waistcoat and then loosening the red silk at his neck, keeping his eyes fixed on the younger man’s... He pulled the tie from his collar and dropped it to the floor, following it with his waistcoat, before reaching towards the buttons on his shirt...checking again before he continued.


Ianto had run out of buttons on Jack’s shirt and he pushed it off the older man’s shoulders, then, with hands that shook, he tugged the undershirt out from his trousers, hesitating, he bit down on his bottom lip nervously...


Jack smiled encouragingly and cupped the Welshman’s face, stroking his cheek softly with his thumb, before resuming his careful unbuttoning of his shirt, slowly revealing his chest with its soft covering of hair that had Jack itching to run his hands over...He reined himself in, not wanting to rush the young man...


Ianto took a deep breath and slid his hands under the fabric of Jack’s t-shirt, his hands trembling as they made contact with the warm body beneath...he let out a sigh and ran his fingers up his Captain’s back, relishing the feel of his soft skin. Emboldened, he pushed the t-shirt up and tugged it over Jack’s head, dropping it to the floor before running his fingers over the older man’s smooth chest, desire raging through him.


Wrapping the young man into his arms, Jack slid his shirt off where it joined the rest of their discarded clothing. He pressed his mouth to those soft and sensual lips, their tongues dancing as they explored each other, feeling the shudders that shook the Welshman’s body and the soft moans that escaped him as they kissed...the feel of skin pressed to skin sending their senses soaring...


Ianto tangled one hand in his Captain’s hair, the other pressed in the small of his back, keeping him close as he was kissed with a passion that made his head swim and he lost himself in the intoxicating sensation that was Jack...coming up briefly for air before sinking back into exhilarating kiss after kiss...finally pulling apart, gasping, lips swollen, cheeks flushed, knees weak...


“ ok..?”


mmmnn...” Ianto nodded, incapable of coherent speech, his senses blown...


Jack moved them to his tiny cot and pushed the young man gently until he was lying back, his heart pounding frantically, those delicious pink lips parted...


Jack quickly toed off his boots and socks as he untied Ianto’s laces and slipped off his shoes and socks, adding them to the pile of clothing on the floor. He moved back towards the Welshman and carefully slid in beside him, their bodies pressing together in the restricted space. Jack kissed his mouth tenderly before planting soft kisses down the side of his neck, feeling him trembling at the touch. He continued his trail of kisses across his throat, stroking his fingers reassuringly through the young man’s hair, before moving down...


Ianto’s breath became a series of tiny gasps as Jack’s tongue explored his chest and teased his nipples, gently grazing his teeth over the nubs of flesh, feeling them harden under his attention...his body shook with desire and he moaned softly...


Sliding back up to reclaim his lips, Jack’s hands moved to unbuckle Ianto’s belt, tugging it out of the loops and dropping it over the side of the bed, before returning to the button on his trousers, feeling the young man’s breath hitch as he slid down his zip and eased his trousers and boxers down to join the heap on the floor... Pulling away he gazed into Ianto’s eyes...checking...seeing his own desire reflected in those shining blue pools...


Shuffling backwards in the confined space, Jack quickly shed his own trousers and underwear before he resumed his exploration of Ianto’s body, reaching one hand out to entwine with the younger man’s as he kissed his way down across his stomach, moving lower... He paused to glance up before moving any further – Ianto’s eyes were closed, his body arched off the bed and his gorgeously kiss-swollen lips were parted, tiny sighs escaping him as his body quivered in anticipation...


Jack lowered his gaze and blew softly over the tip, drawing a wanton moan from the Welshman’s lips that turned into a strangled gasp as Jack took him into his mouth, rolling his tongue and lightly grazing with his teeth...feeling Ianto writhing beneath him, his hips bucking, heart hammering in his chest as his senses swam...


Ianto gripped Jack’s hand tightly as he lost himself in delicious sensation never before experienced – his body was on fire, white hot tendrils of pleasure coursed through him and tingles stretched from his head to his toes...this was way beyond pleasure...the waves of exquisite release building slowly, gathering pace until they burst through and he came, crying out Jack’s name as he arched his shuddering body and his eyelids fluttered, all movements totally beyond his control...


Moving swiftly back up his body, Jack crushed his lips to Ianto’s, sliding his tongue into the young man’s mouth so he could taste himself as they kissed...lost in post orgasmic bliss, trembling through the after-shocks as his body slowly returned to normal...


When they pulled apart to draw breath, Ianto opened his eyes to find himself gazing into Jack’s sparkling blue grey ones, a gentle smile on his lips, “ ok..?”


“...that was...just...fucking amazing..!” he gasped and he tugged Jack back for another kiss, tongues tangling lazily, until they ran out of air and broke apart panting.


“ had enough...or you want to carry on..?” Jack pressed his body against the young man’s, his own arousal nudging against his stomach...


A brief look of trepidation flew across the Welshman’s face, to be swiftly chased away as he reached for the older man, “I” He arched against his Captain as his lips were claimed in a kiss that took his breath away and he was wrapped in a tight embrace as Jack rolled over to finish on top of him...


Kiss followed kiss as Jack reached into his bedside drawer to retrieve the lube, flipping the lid he coated three fingers, sliding his hand down to brush over the entrance to Ianto’s body, stroking gently, feeling the young man shudder involuntarily, then freeze as he pressed the tip of his finger inside... He pulled his hand away instantly as the Welshman’s eyes flew open in alarm... ” want to stop..?” his voice was soft, gentle and he smiled reassuringly...


“ want’s just...” fear mingled with desire...


“...I know...relax...concentrate on the sensations...and we’ll stop...all you have to do is any point...” his voice was cut off as the young man crushed their lips together and thrust his body towards his Captain...


They lost themselves in the kiss as Jack resumed his gentle stroking, pressing a finger in slowly, preparing him, angling to brush that sweet spot to draw a startled gasp from his young lover, adding a second finger and then a third, kiss following kiss as Ianto writhed and trembled beneath him, moaning with every brush of that magic spot...


Removing his fingers, Jack coated himself in lube and pressed in slowly...gently...pausing when Ianto hissed, their eyes locked on each other...   “...that feels amazing..!” Ianto gasped, thrusting his hips impatiently...


Jack moved slowly, deliberately, wanting this first time to be extra special, memorable... speeding up when the young man met his thrusts, pushing up towards him as blissful, indescribable sensations flooded his body...multiplying when Jack reached for him, pumping in time to their movements...

Ianto reached up, pulling the older man down for a messy, open-mouthed kiss, every cell in his body tingling with electricity as he hit his second climax and he cried out against Jack’s mouth, wave after wave of pleasure washing over him, driving Jack to his own release and they shuddered in unison, finally collapsing in a tangled heap, panting hard, enjoying the post-orgasmic glow that radiated through their bodies.


They lay there, kissing softly...”thank you, Jack...” Ianto mumbled into his neck as his Captain folded him into a warm hug...


Reaching into the drawer for wipes, Jack cleaned them up and urged the young man under the covers, before sliding in beside him and wrapping his arms around him. “ do you feel now?” he whispered softly against Ianto’s ear.


Ianto snuggled in closer, “ feel your arms...” his eyelids fluttered shut as Jack kissed him gently and tightened his hold as they drifted into contented sleep...




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Title: Worth dying for...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none, set in the days just after KKBB S2
Summary: Ianto adjusts to Jack’s return, weevils, temporary deaths and some unexpected outcomes.  Words 2550

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution, jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: unexpected; lion, paper, horizontal ‘Look, it’s not going to fit, can’t you put it elsewhere?’

Worth dying for...

Fuck, Jack...what happened?” Ianto hurried to help his Captain as he staggered through the roller door, an entire body’s worth of dried blood crusted on his ragged, once-blue shirt, all manner of detritus stuck to his coat [Ianto suppressed a shudder at the amount of cleaning that wonderful coat was going to need before it was restored to his particularly high standards of presentation] and in his hair...

“ one but the other one got me...I bled out...” he gasped and leant gratefully into the young Welshman as an arm was wrapped around his waist and he was urged down the steps towards autopsy. It wasn’t until he was sat on the table being helped out of his coat that he raised an inquisitive blood-spattered eyebrow, “...what are you doing here at...” he squinted at the Gremlins alarm clock on Owen’s dresser, “...five to four in the morning..?”

Ianto shrugged, now undoing the buttons of the ruined shirt, “...couldn’t sleep...” he pushed the mangled fabric off Jack’s shoulders and eased the now completely red-stained t-shirt out of his trousers, concentrating on his clothes so he didn’t have to meet his Captain’s eyes, “...thought I’d see if you wanted some company...or coffee or...something...” his voice trailed away and a faint tinge of pink coloured his cheeks, deepening as his hands moved to Jack’s belt and trousers...

Jack winced a little, a tiny hiss of pain escaping his lips as Ianto pulled him forward so he could tug his torn trousers down over his hips...the Welshman immediately stopping and gazing anxiously at him, worry crinkling his brow, “what is it...where does it hurt..?”

A tight smile graced the older man’s face, “I’m fine...just takes a bit longer to recover after... y’know...bleeding out...takes time to die...”

Ianto frowned and scanned Jack’s body closely for any visible signs of injury, leaning in so close that the other man could feel his breath, warm against his skin where it chased trails of goose bumps over his exposed flesh... Jack shivered, clad now only in his jersey boxers with his trousers hanging down round his ankles, prevented from any further escape by his socks and boots.

He quashed a happy sigh as the young man wrapped him into his arms as he murmured “...c’m here...I’ll warm you up a bit, then I’ll get you some clean clothes...or do you want to shower first..?”

Jack nuzzled his face into Ianto’s neck and inhaled the unique scent that was just Ianto, melting into the embrace as he slid his arms around the young man’s waist and snuggled closer...”I’m fine here...stay here...” he mumbled, his grip tightening as Ianto pressed soft kisses to his filthy hair...

Jack closed his eyes and let the heat from Ianto’s body transfer into his own, enjoying the warmth and feeling of security it gave him after that year...he suppressed a shudder, pressing closer still...

Ianto’s arms tightened automatically, a smile curving his lips – Jack might have the heart of a lion, but sometimes he was a cute pussy cat just needing a cuddle...not that he minded of course he admitted ruefully...he hoped that Jack had meant it when he’d asked him out on that date...maybe...just maybe they could make this work?

They remained in silence for long minutes until Ianto asked thoughtfully “...does it hurt? Y’know...coming back?”

Jack didn’t reply, but tightened his hold further.


“Yes...” he whispered into the Welshman’s neck as Ianto pulled back to look at him quizzically, “yes, it being hauled over broken’s not so much coming back to life as being flung away from death... It’s not something you ever want to see...”

Ianto shivered at Jack’s tone – he had no doubt that it was far worse than Jack had actually described, but said nothing, merely folding his Captain back into his arms to hold him a while longer. Eventually Jack mumbled that his backside had gone numb and he had pins and needles in his toes so they parted heading for the shower in his cubby hole, the other to work his magic with the coffee machine...

By the time Jack was showered and dressed, Ianto had made coffee and rustled up bacon sandwiches which they sat and ate in Jack’s office. By unspoken consent, neither mentioned their previous conversation, focusing instead on the more pressing items in the mountain of paper on Jack’s desk. By eight they’d had another two coffees and rattled through most of the files in the ‘urgent’ pile and were enjoying a soft and sensual kiss when the others arrived.

Ianto moved to pull away as the roller door sirens blared, Jack’s hand sliding behind his head to keep his lips firmly in place as he deepened their kiss... Ianto was powerless to prevent the moan of pleasure that was lost against Jack’s mouth as he was kissed into oblivion.

Seeing them thus happily occupied the team chuckled, nudging each other. “Do you think they’ve been..?” Gwen giggled and waggled her eyebrows, the girls breaking out into delighted laughter as Owen added a few choice hip movements

“You mean the old horizontal bop! Oh yea, they’re at it all right...I’ll quiz the tea boy you I can get him to spill the beans...”

 Jack and Ianto came up for air, the Welshman panting hard, his head spinning and his knees weak, floating on a wave of 51st century pheromones and the warmth of Jack’s body against his... He moved unsteadily towards the door, Jack grinning at the mussed hair, flushed face and deliciously pink, kiss swollen lips as Owen yelled up the stairs from autopsy.

“Oi, tea boy, when you’ve got the coffee on, I need a hand with something down here...”

Ianto rolled his eyes and headed to the kitchen as the others settled at their workstations. Coffee and Danish pastries, provided by Tosh, duly delivered, Ianto turned his steps towards autopsy where it looked like Owen was attempting to bring order from the usual chaos... “Ok, grab hold of the end of this and we need to get it over to that corner...” Owen instructed indicating a large heavy old chest of drawers. With much grunting and effort they shifted the unit to the opposite side only to find the gap wasn’t big enough despite Owen’s increasingly loud and grumpy protests that he’d measured it first...

Sighing heavily, Ianto finally lost patience, “look, it’s not going to fit, can’t you put it somewhere else? I’ve got better things to do than stand around while you try and shove it in a hole that’s clearly too small..!”

“I bet that’s what you say to Jack all the time..!” Owen snarked back, remembering his bet with the girls...

His cheeks flushing, Ianto looked Owen in the eyes, amusement twinkling in those bright blue depths, “’ll have to do better than that...I’ll leave you to it...” he added as Owen howled in protest, his autopsy bay in disarray and the prospect of no additional labour to help him move it. At the top of the stairs, Ianto turned back and delved into his pocket. “Here, try’ll help you get it in..!” he chuckled and tossed the measuring tape at the acerbic medic before vanishing down to the archives.

When the rift alert blared out half an hour later, Jack took Gwen, Tosh and Ianto, leaving Owen to finish his grumbling and reorganisation. After a frustrating game of hide and seek through the city they finally managed to corner the Hoix in the left luggage store of the bus station... Jack and Ianto headed back to the SUV via the network of alleys with their captive whilst the girls entertained those staff who’d witnessed the alien, Gwen slipping a light dose of retcon into the tea.

They’d barely got half way back to the SUV when there was a terrified yell from around the corner and a woman ran towards them, screaming. Ianto dragged the Hoix out of sight behind a large skip as the woman drew closer, pointing towards the alley with a trembling finger, “there’s a thing in that’s huge...ugly...big teeth...” she breathed some impressive alcohol fumes at him and veered away from Jack’s outstretched hand... running unsteadily towards the city centre.

Ianto reappeared from behind the skip. “Do we go after her..?” as he gazed at the empty space where the woman had been.

Jack shook his head, “no-one will believe her...” he waved his hand in front of his face, “alcohol poisoning just from her breath!” he explained as Ianto nodded his understanding. “Obviously a” he tossed the car keys at the Welshman, “take Hoixy and stick him in the SUV – give him another shot to put him out completely...don’t know how long this’ll take – and bring the car back here... I’ll go sort this...”

He frowned as Ianto hesitated, obviously recalling the events of earlier that morning, “Hey, I’ll be fine – and it’s not like I won’t come back...” as he turned and strode away, his coat, carefully brushed and lovingly sponged back to full hero condition, billowing impressively behind him...missing the Welshman’s expression of mixed anger and concern and his quiet “be careful, Jack...” as he tugged the Hoix rapidly in the other direction.

As he hurried back towards the SUV, the lightly sedated and currently docile Hoix trotting alongside him, Ianto resolved to have a stern conversation with his Captain about his cavalier attitude to his life – and deaths...his mind flashed the blood soaked images from earlier into his head and he hastened his steps, finally tucking a now soundly sleeping Hoix into the boot before leaping into the drivers seat to return to Jack.

With no response from Jack over the comm. unit, urgency gave his driving a hitherto undiscovered aggressive quality as he carved his way through the traffic, earning himself all manner of rude gestures and curses from other road users. He screeched to a halt at the end of the alley and leapt out, pulling his can of weevil spray out of his pocket, along with his gun... Senses on full alert, he made his way down the alley...

His breath caught in his throat and his heart sank as he gazed down at the two bodies in front of him. Jack lay in a rapidly spreading pool of blood, the dull, open fixed gaze of his blue grey eyes indicating he was dead, pinned down by the body of the weevil which was very obviously dead as it’s head was partly blown away.  Grimacing, he dragged the weevil off and shoved it unceremoniously into a body bag, dumping it on top of the Hoix in the boot.

He returned to Jack and crouched down, taking in the unnatural angle of his head – there was much less blood than that morning, although there was a very messy gash on his neck and shoulder that probably would’ve killed his Captain if he hadn’t died of a broken neck... Carefully removing Jack’s Webley from his hand he tucked it into his own pocket he sat down on the floor and wriggled forward until he had Jack’s head in his lap, stroking his face softly as he smoothed the hair from his forehead.

He couldn’t bear to see Jack’s lifeless eyes staring up so he closed them gently, pressing tender kisses to each eyelid, his heart breaking to see Jack so broken... He tightened his hold and bent down over his body, whispering all manner of endearments in a string of different languages as he waited for Jack to come back to him...

Owen sounding irritably in his ear made him jump and he realised he’d been sat for almost an hour. He pressed his comm. unit to reply, telling Owen that he and Jack were delayed due to a weevil and they’d be back as soon as...”

Owen grunted and agreed to go and collect the girls and pick up something for lunch... Ianto gazed down at the pale face in his lap and wondered why he’d not told Owen the truth... He pondered that question long and hard as he continued to stroke his hand tenderly through his Captain’s hair as the minutes ticked by... So lost was he in his thoughts, he didn’t notice the wound closing and the skin repairing and he jumped when the body in his arms tensed and Jack took a huge agonising gasp of air as he was dismissed roughly from the blackness, his arms flailed wildly until they connected with something warm...something with a familiar and reassuring scent and soft Welsh vowels whispered soothing words of comfort in his ear...

He opened his eyes to gaze up into the anxious cobalt blue pools of his gorgeous Welshman. “” he asked hesitantly, remembering every word of the older man’s description of the painful journey back to life.

Jack nodded carefully and closed his eyes again, the raw anguish in Ianto’s face more painful than any amount of physical agony. “You waited...for me...why...I didn’t want you to’s...”

“Sshh, it’s ok...and you’ll never have to come back alone again...if I can be there I will shouldn’t ever have to go through that’s...” his words were cut off as Jack dragged his head down to crush their lips together, kissing him with a passion that made his head spin until they broke apart gasping.

Struggling to his feet, Jack held his hand out to haul Ianto up from the grubby alley floor, tugging him into a fierce hug as soon as he was upright, whispering a heartfelt “thank you...” against the young man’s ear. “C’mon, let’s get back to the hub before the others...”

“I didn’t tell them...” Ianto cut across Jack’s words, “I just said we were delayed...”

Jack raised an expressive eyebrow but said nothing, wondering for the millionth time what he’d done to have been blessed with this amazing man. He slid into the passenger seat, glancing across with a smile – a rare and special smile that he now realised he only ever gave when he was alone with Ianto his Ianto... this could work... “You fancy going out for that date tonight?” he said quietly, reaching for Ianto’s hand.

Ianto looked startled, but grinned his agreement “...and Sir, we are going to have a conversation about you not getting yourself killed every day...” he squeezed Jack’s hand before releasing it and starting the engine.

Jack sat back and closed his eyes as his body continued to recharge, considering that of all his countless deaths and revivals, this was the one that had most definitely been worth dying for...

Requested sequel: Worth living for


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Title: Hidden depths
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Tosh, mention of Owen & Gwen
Spoilers – Cyberwoman s1- via memory, fic set mid S2
Summary: Jack is thinking about the many faces of his gorgeous Welshman.  Words: 2550

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto & TW_classic, tw_proper, jantosparkle [apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer46 & I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we challenged each other: This week’s theme – You can’t judge a book by its cover, her words for me: ghost, candle, score ‘Look it’s me, please let me in’

A/N1 this is for [ profile] wise_n_witty  and [ profile] crimsonkildare  – wishing you both a speedy recovery *gentle hugs* xxx


Hidden depths

Jack’s eyes followed the pristine blue pinstripe-clad backside as it disappeared silently out of the door, leaving him with a steaming mug of his favourite blend, a large slab of his favourite chocolate brownie and a longing in his nether regions that made him squirm uncomfortably in his chair... If he sniffed the air he could just make out the faint scent of ginger and lime shampoo that lingered as the Welshman vanished from sight... He was an enigma – a gorgeous, sexy, blue eyed, coffee-making dream of an enigma – but still a mystery nonetheless...

He did his job quietly and efficiently, moving around the hub like a ghost, fading into the background so he was invisible...and if he was honest with himself, Jack knew that it was ultimately his fault that Ianto had been able to hide his secret from them for so long...his fault that innocent blood had been shed and now he would have to deal with it...and try to explain his decisions to the team... He grimaced, knowing it wouldn’t go down well... He closed his eyes and thought back over the past few days...

The air cleared briefly before it was filled with flashes of a fully mobile part-converted Lisa beside a dead scientist, the emergency lighting of the Hub in lockdown and Ianto was flung across the room to land crumpled on the floor. Jack was taunting her, taking tremendous static shocks that killed him time after time, only to revive after each one to bait her once more – buying the rest of his team time to get away.


Jack crawled across to Ianto, slapping him in a vain attempt to rouse him before realising it was too late. .. “Nooooo, Ianto...” he felt again the burning grief that shot through him, reliving the moment as he pressed his lips to the young man’s to give him a life-force laden kiss, overwhelming sadness and rage sharing centre stage in his head as he brought him back to life.


The memory jumped ahead to the scene of a bloodbath deep in the lower levels – Lisa lay dead alongside the body of another young woman, Ianto was on his knees, sobbing...the air was ice cold and the team stood with guns drawn... The picture changed again, like a kaleidoscope, reforming in the main area of the Hub...Jack stood resolute while Gwen and Owen vented their fury on him and Tosh sobbed...”...he tried to fucking kill us..!” “ can’t let him go – retcon the bastard and dump him in the bay...”


No! He’s suspended while I decide what to do...” Gwen and Owen continued to out-shout each other until Jack bellowed at them to “SHUT UP! Get your gear and go home...I mean it...go home, get some rest...back here midday...” Nobody spoke while they packed up and left, the roller door closing behind them. Weariness flooding off him, Jack went into his office and sat down next to the blood smeared, trembling young man and pulled him into his arms, holding him tightly as he cried...


The images shifted, taking shape in Ianto’s bare and sterile flat, a single candle flickered on the table next to a picture of a dark-skinned beautiful young woman – Lisa. The Welshman sat limply on the sofa as Jack towered over him, suppressed anger at Ianto’s betrayal all the more poignant as he spoke in barely a whisper,


“You know the score - they think I should retcon you and dump you somewhere, preferably after letting Owen give you a beating so it looks like a mugging...”


“No worse than I expected...” Ianto shrugged, his eyes fixed on his bare feet, “unless you want to kill me...” his face was white and drawn and his eyes sunken and red-rimmed.


“I don’t know what I want! I thought we had something, or a chance of something, but it was all for show – you just wanted me distracted, no matter what it took – you played me, Ianto – played me for a fool...”


Ianto shrugged again, “so do it...death...retcon...doesn’t matter anymore...I’m dead already...”


Jack knelt down in front of him, forcing his knees apart to push into the space between them, then tipped his chin up to look the young man in the eye.


“...tell me that’s what you really want...and I’ll do’ll never have known that what you want..?”


“” Ianto whimpered, “I couldn’t bear not knowing you...”


Jack slid his arms around him and pressed his lips softly to the younger man’s, feeling him trembling in the embrace before they both gave in to the passion and crushed their mouths together, tongues duelling fiercely, hands raking urgently through hair and over each other’s bodies...


Panting hard, they broke apart. “what do you feel..?” growled Jack, his breath hot on Ianto’s ear...


“...alive...I feel...alive...” he shivered violently, “...but...”


Jack’s mouth on his silenced the guilt and doubt they both knew would have ended that sentence, the kiss both hungry and reassuring as they each lost themselves in the other. Pulling away, Jack rested his forehead against the Welshman’s, closing his eyes as he steeled himself for what had to come next...


“You betrayed me, Ianto, and I don’t know how long it will be before I can trust you again...” his voice was low, controlled, with an undertone of menace, completely at odds with the gentle stroking of the young man’s hair. “...Lisa died at Canary Wharf, what we killed was not the woman you loved but because of you, two more people are have to live with that...and you put the team in terrible danger...they could have died too...that’s something else you have to live with and so will they... It’s going to be a rough ride – they hate you right now...” he paused and his tone softened, “...but no more than you hate yourself...”


He wrapped Ianto into his arms and the young man broke down, wild sobs shaking his body. Jack held him until his sobs had subsided and he’d stopped trembling, although he still clung tightly to the older man. Gently extracting himself from the Welshman’s hold, Jack hauled himself to his feet.


“Make sure you eat something. I’ll be back later...”  Without a backward glance, he left the flat and strode away...


Ianto glanced into the fridge, grimaced and closed the door again. He poured himself a glass of water and sipped it carefully before moving back to the sofa. He sat down and stared at the photo, tears filling his eyes. He blinked them away forcefully and stood up, blowing the candle out and laying the photo face down on the table, “...I’m sorry...” he whispered, “so sorry...goodbye Lisa...”


He turned and went into the bedroom, flinging himself down onto the bed, his sobs shaking his body until he fell into a fitful sleep, his dreams filled with tortuous scenes of metal men, whirring knives and terrified screams...


He woke with a jump to a knocking on his front door, a knocking that grew more urgent as he dragged his reluctant body off the bed and headed towards the door, “Ianto...look it’s me, Tosh...please let me in... Ianto..?”


Taking a deep breath, he opened the door, Tosh’s anxious face melting into an expression of relief as she saw him still in one piece... He grimaced ruefully, reading her correctly as he stood aside to let her in.


Tosh preceded him into the kitchen and dumped her carrier bags on the worktop. “Jack said you needed groceries...I got the basics and some stuff I know you need to eat...” she said sharply as he shrugged. “Why don’t I make us some tea and a sandwich...” she began pulling things out of the bags without waiting for an answer.


Ianto watched her, uncertain of what to do. Tosh threw him a casual glance, taking in the pale face, dark shadows and red-rimmed eyes. She stepped towards him and laid a gentle hand on his arm. “You go and take a shower and I’ll sort out things here...” She gave him a tiny smile and a nudge towards his bathroom.


Ianto did as he was didn’t occur to him to disobey and it was a relief to have someone else make the decisions. He closed the door, nodding automatically in response to Tosh’s question about clean towels...


As soon as she was sure Ianto was in the shower, Tosh set about efficiently rigging the kitchen, lounge and bedroom with the latest tiny CCTV... Jack had explained to a reluctant Tosh that he wasn’t spying on the young Welshman, rather more concerned with keeping him safe and making sure he didn’t do any harm to himself as he grieved for his lost Lisa and, quite probably, really faced up to the events of Canary Wharf for the first time... “I don’t want to lose him...not like this...” he’d said quietly, leaving her wondering...


Once it was all set up, she sent a swift text to Jack and busied herself making the tea. She was looking at the picture on the table when Ianto reappeared, jeans now replacing the grubby jogging bottoms and a polo shirt in place of the faded t-shirt. He was towelling his hair as she turned guiltily towards him, replacing the photo where she’d found it. She held out a mug towards him, smiling softly as he eyed it suspiciously, “’s just retcon, I promise! She took a sip of her own and offered it to him, “...swap if you like..?”


A hint of a smile flickered across his face and he sank onto the sofa, taking a deliberately large mouthful of the hot sweet tea. Tosh sat in the armchair and watched him. He looked so young and vulnerable, she thought, quashing the urge to hug him tightly and tell him everything would be ok... She reached out and took a sandwich off the plate, “...cheese and pickle” she said in response to his unasked question.


Ianto took one too, taking a tentative bite, chewing slowly and swallowing, before deciding that he was hungry and devouring three more in rapid succession. Tosh leant back, nodding to herself, Jack had been right on every count so far... “Ianto..?”


The Welshman tensed and shrank back on the sofa. “You and Jack...” she let the statement hang in the air for a moment before continuing... “”


“We never shagged, if that’s what you’re asking!” the young man stated bluntly, well aware of the numerous CCTV recordings the tech genius had of their various snogs and occasional blowjob...


Tosh blushed and dropped her gaze to her mug, “no...that wasn’t what I meant!” she said swiftly, “I meant...well, was it just a way of keeping Jack distracted...while you...sorry...I was just wondering...only...”


Ianto sighed heavily, “if I’m honest...yeah, in the beginning it was...I could see he was interested and it meant I could keep a watch on where he was, y’know...but...” he broke off and looked at her searchingly, wondering how much to say... He liked Tosh, she’d been the only one really, who’d acknowledged him as a person.... “Too soon it became something else...I liked kissing him, being with him...and I hated myself for it...I kept telling myself it was for Lisa...but it wasn’t – it was for me and I hate that I’ve let him down...but I still want him...and I hate myself for that as well.”


He stared at his now empty mug, his voice dropping to a whisper so she had to lean forward to hear him, “I really wanted know...sleep with him...but I just couldn’t betray him like that...I really like him Tosh...and now he hates me...everyone hates me...” his eyes filled with fresh tears, “I hate me...” He drew his knees up to his chest and wrapped his arms around them, biting down hard on his bottom lip in an attempt to stop the tears falling...


Tosh blinked back her own tears before reaching out a hand towards the now trembling young man. “We don’t hate you...we hate what you did – there is a difference...and Jack...if he didn’t think you were worth saving, we wouldn’t be here now...” She moved across to wrap him into a hug, stroking his hair gently, feeling him lean against her, before releasing him quickly and standing. “I’d better get back now...Jack said he’d be back later sometime this evening and you’re to stay indoors...ok?”


Ianto nodded, watching as she gathered up the mugs and plates and took them back into the kitchen, before slipping into her coat and heading for the door. “Tosh..?”




“Thank you...for...everything...” he gave her a tiny smile as she nodded and left, clicking the door behind her.


In his office, Jack had watched, his eyes full of unshed tears. He’d known there was something about this young he was sure...hidden depths... They’d be fine...his team...his Ianto...


 J-a-c-k!” Ianto’s whimper roused him from his stroll down memory lane and he grinned up at the naked Welshman, his hands tied to the headboard with two of his own silk ties, his body arching off the bed, desperate for the return of Jack’s warm mouth to his heated skin...


Jack scrambled back up the bed and crushed his lips to Ianto’s, driving his tongue into the young man’s mouth where it duelled wildly with own, their moans lost against each other’s flesh as they writhed together and passions mounted...


They came up for air, panting hard, “thought I’d lost you for a while there...” Ianto gasped, tilting his head to allow his Captain more access to his neck, shuddering with desire as Jack grazed his teeth down the sensitive skin, sucking down hard where neck met shoulder to draw a hiss of combined pain and pleasure from between pink, kiss swollen lips...


“Just we got to here...” Jack paused, gazing lovingly into his Welshman’s eyes, before kissing him slow and deep as his hands danced down to tease his tender flesh...


“...too much thinking..! You dropped your pen, I bent over to pick it up...we fell through the bedroom door...we ended up here...” Ianto’s eyes sparkled with love, lust and desire in equal measure, “now, you gonna finish what you started..?” he thrust his body towards Jack’s, every nerve ending tingling with electricity...”now Jack...need you now...”


“Yessir!” Jack grinned as he reached for the lube and flipped it open... Oh, his Welshman had lots of hidden depths and he was going to enjoy exploring every single one of them..!






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..who will come out on top?
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Title: Not my time...
Author: zazajb
Rating: NC-17, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – set mid S2
Summary: A weevil hunt goes wrong... Words 1450

Warning: angst

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: Anguish; disrupt, print, blood, ‘Press there, as hard as you can bear!’

A/N 1 For Jedi_harkness and everyone else who loves that coat


Not my time…

“Owen…get down here now…Ianto’s hurt Jack cradled his Welshman’s head on his lap, stroking his hand tenderly through his hair, “…stay with me…Ianto…stay with me, sweetheart…” he attempted a reassuring smile as the young man’s eyes fluttered open, “…you’re gonna be ok…Owen’s on his way…” He linked their fingers together and brushed his lips softly against the cold and clammy skin…don’t leave me…I can’t lose you…I need more time…don’t…

“Ianto..!” Jack’s voice shook, panic setting in as the young man’s eyes rolled in his head and he lapsed into unconsciousness… don’t leave me…Ianto…

There was a scuffling sound above him and Owen’s feet appeared down the ladder. He squeezed in beside Jack, his practiced eye noting the white pallor as he scanned for the source of all the blood. Moving Jack’s hands aside, he grunted in frustration as they returned as if on elastic, “You gotta let me see, Jack…he could be bleeding to death here…”

His words had the desired effect and Jack’s hands hung limply at his sides, his anguish palpable as he gazed at the young man he adored…don’t die Ianto…please don’t leave me…I need you…I lo…

“Jack! Oi – need you here…fuck Jack, pull yourself together” Owen’s voice cut into his melancholy musings and he shook his head absently. “Right,” Owen grabbed his hand, “…press down there…as hard as you can bear…that weevil ‘s claws nicked an artery – we need to stop the bleeding before I can move him – and we need to do it fast…he’s lost a lot of blood already… Got that?”

Jack nodded mutely, his brain numb as he processed the stark reality…I’m losing him…can’t lose him…I need him…I love him…

“Jack?” Tosh sounded in his ear and he jumped.

“Tosh? Have you managed to disrupt that signal yet? We can’t have it dragging every bloody weevil up from the sewers…”

“I’ve tracked it to a Print shop on the industrial estate. There’s no-one there so Gwen’s on her way now…there wasn’t a frequency to block so I’m assuming its man made somehow… How’s Ianto..?”

“Not good…unconscious…” his voice an anguished whisper, “I’m losing him Tosh…I can’t lose him…”

“Hang in there, Jack…he’s tough…he’ll be ok…”


“Keep pressing hard…his pulse is really thready…” Owen’s expression wasn’t encouraging.

“I can’t lose him…” the colour drained from Jack’s face as he read the truth in the acerbic medic’s eyes. “No, Owen…you have to save him…” Ianto…I can’t live without you…I love you…don’t leave me…

“Jack…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…he’s gone…”

No, no…no…no…Ianto…don’t leave me…please…please don’t…” The tears fell thick and fast down Jack’s face as he cradled Ianto’s lifeless body to him, rocking as he sobbed uncontrollably…

A hand rested lightly on his shoulder and he shook it off, “…leave me alone…you’re not taking him…” he snarled…

“Jack…” the hand squeezed harder and then shook him…”Jack…”

I said, leave me alone…” his voice broke and he whimpered, “I can’t live without him…I love him…”

He woke with a jump…sweating, trembling, his face wet with tears, to find himself wrapped in the arms of his gorgeous Welshman, the young man’s face reflecting his concern…

Jack wound his arms round Ianto’s neck and kissed him hard, “You’re alive…” he gasped when they came up for air, crushing their mouths together once more before he had a chance to reply…

Finally, panting hard, Ianto was able to reassure Jack it had just been a nightmare… Calmer now, Jack looked closely at the man in his arms, reveling in the paleness of his skin against the dark wool of his own greatcoat…he remembered now…Ianto loved that coat…and he loved his Welshman – both in and out of the coat…

Ianto smiled up at him, cupping his face tenderly, before tugging him down to kiss him senseless…”…make love to me Jack…want you inside me…” he breathed into his ear when they came up for air, moaning loudly when his Captain claimed his mouth hungrily…thrusting his body against the younger man’s, the coat flapping around them as they sank into hot and wet kisses, passions rising, sending delicious spikes of pleasure coursing through them as heated skin pressed against heated skin...


Jack’s hands ran over Ianto’s body, feeling the smoothness of his flesh against the roughness of the heavy wool and the bolts of want that shot straight to their groins. Ianto arched against him, his arms wound around the Captain’s neck as he was kissed into oblivion... Jack moved to straddle him, white hot tendrils of pleasure sparking as their hips ground together as he made himself comfortable.


He leant down and planted feather-light kisses over Ianto’s face and neck, lingering at that sensitive spot where neck met shoulder, grazing his teeth over the tender flesh and sucking it into his mouth to leave a bruise, feeling the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure that shot through the young man’s body. He continued the trail across his throat and up the other side of his neck, smiling at the shivers of pleasure that radiated from the responsive body beneath him, returning to his wonderful mouth for another hot open-mouthed kiss that rose in intensity as their desire grew, tongues tangling, teeth clashing...passion bruising lips.


Pulling away, flushed and breathless, Jack wriggled backwards so he was sat on Ianto’s thighs, giving him better access to his chest. He leant down and trailed his tongue from the soft hollow of his throat, ploughing a path through the fine hair to encircle a nipple, teasing it, sucking and nipping gently, drawing wanton moans from the young man as he arched his body and thrust his head back into the bed, his eyes closed and lips parted, mind and body lost in the sensations of heady desire.

Jack’s tongue moved across to swirl around the other nipple, while his hands traced lazily downwards, fingers drawing light circles over the sensitive flesh feeling it quiver under his touch, longing echoing in his own body. His tongue trailed lower, dipping into Ianto’s belly button before continuing lower still, feeling his lover’s body tense with anticipation as he held his breath, heartbeats racing...


Jack smirked as his mouth hovered just above the young man’s skin, warm breath sending hot waves of desire coursing through him. Ianto mewled impatiently and squirmed beneath him, arching his hips up, his eyes pleading...


Ianto’s senses swam and he gasped, then groaned with pleasure as he felt Jack’s mouth close over him, drawing him deeper into the moist heat, the flicking of his tongue and the scraping of teeth bringing the Welshman to the edge within seconds... Ianto moaned loudly, tangling his hands into Jack’s hair, shivering with pleasure as he spiralled towards release...moaning as he teased the sensitive flesh, nibbling, tongue flicking, building up the sensations...He felt Ianto’s breathing hitch as he scraped his teeth along the length then swallowed deeply, humming as the young man climaxed with a hoarse cry, his entire body shuddering with pleasure...

Ianto tugged gently on Jack’s hair, pulling him up to crush their mouths together, tongues battling for dominance... “..make love to me, Jack...please...” His breathing quickened in anticipation and he watched with lust-blown eyes as Jack reached for the lube and flipped the lid, coating his fingers before reaching down to slide in first one finger, then a second, brushing that sweet spot drawing soft moans from the younger man...


“, Jack...need you now...” sighing as fingers were removed to be replaced with the slow gentle push until they were completely joined. Jack’s eyes were fixed on Ianto’s as he made love to him, slowly, tenderly, those blue grey pools reflecting gentle thoughts of love and devotion as they soared together towards blissful climax before collapsing sated in each other’s arms...


They lay wrapped in the heavy warmth of the coat, breathing slowing to normal, each gently stroking the other’s face and hair... Jack smoothed a stray lock of hair off Ianto’s forehead, “ you, Jones, Ianto Jones...completely, totally with all that I am...”


Ianto wound his arms round his Captain’s neck and kissed him softly, pouring everything he felt into the embrace, finally breaking apart to breathe into his ear...”love you too and it’s not my I’m not going anywhere...” before reclaiming his lips, kiss following sweet kiss until their eyes closed and they drifted into contented slumber...



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Title: He who dares...wins!
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Gwen/Rhys, Tosh/Owen
Spoilers – set 2 weeks after KKBB,  start of S2
Summary: Team building, charity challenge, Jack bonds with the team... Words 2950

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: Who dares; tattoo, battle, cheque, ‘I will if you will!’

A/N 1 Had an absolutely fantastic time up in Glasgow – the panto was brilliant...can’t wait for the next one. Iantosdreamer and I actually got to meet for real *hugs tight* and was also able to meet up with two wonderful friends from the States... This story is dedicated to bettathanbarbie and merrycarole. Love you ladies and safe trip home xxx

He who dares...wins!

Gwen giggled as she opened the door, “I will if you will...” she called back over her shoulder, giggling again at the emphatic “Yes!” from her husband and the delighted laughter from Tosh and Owen...

“Come in...” She smiled and tugged Ianto into a warm hug, “ got him here then..?” she whispered into his ear as she released him. “Jack...welcome... Oh, thanks, they’re lovely...” taking the huge bouquet from her boss. There was a momentary silence as Gwen looked from Ianto to Jack, the Welshman nodding encouragingly at Jack to follow their hostess. Driving his hands deeply into his pockets Jack allowed himself to be navigated into the cosy lounge where Rhys, Tosh and Owen were already seated.

Ianto helped his Captain out of his coat and shrugged out of his own, moving across to the door leading to the bedroom, knowing that Gwen usually put their coats on the bed... “So, what have you just talked yourself into?” he asked with a grin, well aware Rhys had planned the whole thing as they’d discussed it at the rugby the previous Saturday!

“Rhys wanted a tattoo but he’s too chicken to do it by himself so he dared me to get one as well...” she grinned, “unless you want to go with him...a nice coffee cup or a pteranodon maybe..!”

Ianto chuckled, “I don’t think so – not me at all!” He moved over to where Jack was stood listening, his expression set to ‘polite but ill-at-ease’ and slid a reassuring arm around his waist. Jack had been back two weeks now and had resumed his leadership at the hub as if he’d never been away...this, however, was quite different...

They’d started the ‘team building get togethers’ shortly after Jack had vanished with the Doctor, needing something to distract them from the huge void he’d left in their lives and to pull them closer... They each took it in turns to host the rest of the team at their home once a fortnight and it had worked surprisingly well – everyone throwing themselves into the spirit of it and even Owen proving himself to be a worthy long as it was pasta!  

With Ianto’s arm, warm and reassuring, holding him tightly, Jack began to relax and leant against the younger man, listening and laughing along with his team. When they moved to the table at Rhys’ “...grub’s up!” shout, Jack found himself sat next to Ianto and Tosh and aside from not getting the joke when Rhys proudly brought in a massive dish of homemade lasagne [again!] and they all stood and cheered him, clinking their glasses madly, Jack started joining in...laughing, albeit a much subdued Captain than of old, making the odd comment now and again and he found himself enjoying the evening far more than he’d thought he would...

He looked around the table at his team...his Ianto...he was so glad to be home...home...yeah...this was where he belonged. His gaze lingered on the young man beside him, the young man whose image had kept him sane, kept him fighting during his endless torture-filled captivity...and drank in the breathtaking sight of him relaxed and laughing, his head thrown back...God he’s so beautiful..I love him so much...

He suddenly realised that everyone had gone quiet and they were staring at him . He blinked, surprised to find his face wet from the tears that were coursing down his cheeks... “Jack..?” Ianto’s left hand entwined with his own and his right cupped his face, his thumb gently brushing the tears aside, “...cariad, you ok..?”

Jack tugged the Welshman close and buried his face into his neck, his stifled sobs drawing worried looks from around the table... “I’m sorry...sorry I left you...and I really did come back for gorgeous beautiful Ianto...” he mumbled against Ianto’s skin, the words muffled but obviously heartfelt. Ianto’s arms tightened instinctively around the trembling man and he met Gwen’s eyes over Jack’s shoulder. She nodded at his unasked question, her own unshed tears glistening at the sight of their Captain so vulnerable and broken – even in death he was never this fragile...wherever he’d been, it had obviously been a rough ride...

They watched as Ianto stood carefully and, without breaking his hold on the shaking man in his arms, managed to manoeuvre them across to the bedroom door and into the room behind it. Once the door was closed behind them, he stroked Jack’s back in soothing circles, the other hand threading gently through the older man’s hair as he whispered love and nonsense into his ear... Gradually Jack’s sobs subsided and he was able to tip his tear-streaked face up to capture his Captain’s lips softly in a tender kiss that rapidly became more heated as Jack kissed back desperately and thrust his body against Ianto’s, his hands raking hungrily up and down the young man’s clothing.

They pulled apart for a brief second to recharge their air supply before resuming hot ,wet, desire-laden open mouthed kisses, tongues mapping mouths possessively as their bodies pressed closer, twin arousal straining against fabric, moans of pleasure lost against each other’s lips...and they lost themselves in the moment...

Oxygen depletion forced them to break apart, breathing heavily, lips tingling, heartbeats racing... “How do feel..?” Ianto panted breathlessly into Jack’s ear.

“Alive...I feel alive...and I’m never leaving you again...I promise...” he broke off to crush their mouths together in a sloppy kiss, mumbling “IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou...” against Ianto’s deliciously pink and kiss-swollen lips, suddenly pulling back to gaze into the young man’s eyes, “I love you...”

“I know...” as the Welshman pressed their lips together in a sweet and gentle kiss that left them trembling when they finally came up for air.

Jack stroked Ianto’s face softly, “I meant it...I really did come back for you...if you’ll still have me...” he paused, suddenly anxious, the expression morphing into a tender smile as Ianto tugged him into a tight embrace to whisper “ you too...for a very long time!” he admitted ruefully as their eyes met and they danced in the intensity of the love that radiated out of the twin pools of blue...

“We should get back to the others...” Ianto grinned, “I guarantee you that Rhys’ strawberry cheesecake is something you don’t want to miss...” he chuckled, “...he always does lasagne and cheesecake..!”

Jack brushed their lips together lightly. “I’m gonna wash my go...I’ll be back in a minute...”

They linked hands and left the bedroom, Ianto returned to the table, meeting the anxious faces with a beaming smile to the relief of the team. “Did he tell you where..?” Gwen started, breaking off as Rhys laid his hand over hers and interrupted, “...he’s ok, love...and that’s all that matters...I’ll get dessert...”

He nodded at Ianto and went into the kitchen, returning with a huge cheesecake topped with fresh strawberries and a giant pot of cream, the cheers and clinking of glasses causing a grin to spread across his face. He was dishing out massive slices when Jack rejoined them, his eyes red rimmed, but looking much more like the Jack they were used to...

Jack pressed a light kiss on Ianto’s hair as he sat down, squeezing the young man’s shoulder briefly before accepting the plate Rhys held out, “wow, this looks incredible...”

“You wait till you try’s...mmmnn...just try it!” Tosh moaned softly as she took a mouthful and went into raptures of delight, the chuckling spreading around the table at Owen’s expression,

“ come you never look like that when I’m...” he began, his eyes widening as Tosh whispered into his ear. He sat back again, grinning, “...ok to take a piece home with us..?” He winked at them and Tosh blushed, the laughter ringing out into the room...

Ianto wiped his mouth and sat back with a contented sigh,  “...fantastic as always...” he looked at Jack, whose expression mirrored his own, “...told you it was good!”

Jack grinned and reached for his hand, bringing his fingers up to his lips to kiss them softly. The young man smiled in return and stood up, “..coming to help me make the coffee..?” He chuckled at Jack’s puzzled expression, explaining, “I always make the coffee - whoever’s house it is!” He leant down, his breath hot on the older man’s ear, “ ever disturbs me...” Jack’s comprehending smile would've eclipsed the sun and he followed Ianto happily into the kitchen. Once the coffee was brewing, he reached for his Welshman and folded him into his arms, pressing their lips together in a sweet and tender kiss that left them weak-knee’d when they finally came up for air... Foreheads resting together, they held each other, fingers stroking through hair and gently over clothing, enjoying the sense of simply being...

“Are you glad you came with me now, cariad?” Ianto’s wonderful Welsh vowels caressed Jack’s ear and he shuddered, a bolt of want shooting straight to his groin...

“Yeah...” he moved his head to nibble his way down Ianto’s neck, drawing low moans from those gloriously pink lips, “...and I can’t wait to take you home again...” He continued across the young man’s throat and up the other side of his neck before reclaiming his soft and sensual mouth...each kiss complete and perfect in itself – sweet and tender kisses, hard and passionate kisses, wild and want-laden kisses...

When Gwen peeked in through the door they were oblivious, lost in each other and the blissful sensations chasing through their bodies from their perfect and endless kisses. She grinned and went back to report to the others, telling them coffee might be a while!

When Jack and Ianto finally emerged from the kitchen with the tray of coffee and the boxes of after dinner mints, their faces were flushed, lips kiss swollen and they could barely keep their hands off each other... Rhys led the cheers - Ianto blushed...Jack gave his trademark mega-watt grin and slid into his chair, entwining their hands once the Welshman had finished handing round the drinks.

The conversation had moved on while they’d been ‘making the coffee’ and the team were now discussing the charity fundraiser Harwoods were sponsoring for Ty Hafen, the children’s hospice...

“So they’re hoping to raise enough money to finish the hydrotherapy pool and revamp the sensory garden... They’ve invited the 53rd Welsh Division re-enactment society to come - and the public can enrol to take part in a battle – I’m going to...Owen? Ianto?” Rhys’ enthusiasm was endearing...

“Hey, what about us?” Gwen demanded, as Tosh nodded her agreement.

Ianto looked at Jack, “I suppose you were there for real..? Won’t want to do it again...” he hid his disappointment, only to have his mouth drop open when Jack pressed a light kiss to his lips before pulling his cheque book out and writing a cheque for five hundred pounds. He signed it with a flourish and handed it to a slightly stunned Rhys.

“Will that cover all of our entry fees? I can’t wait to see you all in uniform...” he leered at Ianto as he reached for another chocolate mint, adding softly, “...and out of it..!”

“Thanks, Jack, that’s very generous...and way more than the entry fee...”

“It’s for a good cause and sounds like fun...” Jack grinned and launched into stories from the various battles he’d been in, laughter echoing around the room as the wine flowed freely...

An hour later and they’d moved back to the lounge area. Leaning back on the sofa with his arm draped around Tosh’s shoulders as she snuggled into him, Owen was telling Rhys and Gwen some gruesome tales about tattoos that had gone horribly wrong, grinning wickedly at their expressions...

Jack sat in the armchair with Ianto curled up in his lap as they listened, their fingers stroking and entwining as they listened to the acerbic medic’s gleeful descriptions of blood poisoning and pus-filled blisters... They chuckled as Gwen’s face slowly paled, her expression distinctly uneasy until she realised that Owen was winding her up – his huge guffaw of laughter a dead give-away...holding his sides as he collapsed on Tosh, his hilarity coming to a sudden end when Gwen swiped him with a cushion... An energetic cushion fight broke out as Rhys and Tosh joined in to support their partners...

Jack made a move to get up, his obvious intention to join in...until the grin on his face was wiped away swiftly by Ianto’s lips crashing against his, his tongue probing the older man’s mouth hungrily, a wanton moan escaping as they arched against each other and they sank deeper into the throes of rising passion...

Four cushions, landing one after the other, dragged them back to their immediate surroundings and they broke apart, blinking at the others with somewhat glazed eyes as they struggled to control their breathing.

“Oi, get a room!” Owen spluttered indignantly, “you’re not at work now..!”

The pair smiled sheepishly, Ianto burying his face into Jack’s neck, “...follow my lead, Jack...” he breathed into his ear, “...we’re leaving...Gwen’s next suggestion is always ‘Truth or Dare’ and you have no idea how many times I’ve had to take a dare rather than spill the beans about your sexual prowess..!” He nipped his Captain’s earlobe enticingly and was rewarded with a low moan as a shudder of desire rippled through the older man...

Ianto stood up, a little unsteady on his feet. He reached out to grab Jack’s hand and tug him out of the chair. Turning to Gwen he grinned widely, “....we’re going home now...” his words slurred just slightly, causing their hostess to giggle as she winked at the others and chuckled, “I think Ianto’s a bit tipsy..!”

“M’not, too!” Ianto turned back to Jack. “ you’re going to shag me stupid..!”

Jack’s face lit up and he saluted smartly, “Yessir!” He steadied Ianto as the young man stumbled across to the bedroom to retrieve their coats and helped his Welshman into the black wool trenchcoat before shrugging into his own. They hugged each of their friends, Tosh whispering “...sneaky..!” into Ianto’s ear with a quiet“...nice one tea boy” in grudging admiration from Owen, “...but you’ll pay heavily next time she gets to play Truth or Dare!”

Waving madly as they left, a huge grin on his face, Ianto hauled Jack in for a sloppy kiss, breaking away to growl loudly, “...take me to bed Jack...” as he was led towards the stairs...

The drive home was fast and with no regard to the speed limits or ‘white van man’ who hooted expressively as he was carved up unceremoniously by the SUV as it shot past him with blue lights flashing... Jack pulled up outside Ianto’s flat and they hurried into the building, Jack pressing his Welshman up against the wall on the first landing of the stairs as he kissed him senseless until they ran out of air. Panting heavily, they staggered up the rest of the stairs and fell through the front door, arms wrapped around each other, mouths locked together, their tongues tangling deliciously...

Ianto kicked the door shut and steered them towards the bedroom, shedding their clothes en route, finally falling onto the bed to toe off shoes and socks to leave themselves naked as they rolled over the quilt... Jack won the tussle for dominance and sat up triumphantly on Ianto’s hips, his wriggling to get comfortable drawing gasps from the young man’s parted lips... He gazed into Ianto’s lust-blown eyes, “ do you want truth or dare? “ as he bent down to trail his lips down the side of his Welshman’s neck, pausing at the sensitive spot where neck met shoulder to suck the skin into his mouth, grazing lightly with his teeth...

Ianto arched his back as the twin sensations of pain and pleasure washed over him. He met his Captain’s eyes, drowning in the love that radiated from those blue grey depths, “...dare...” he gasped, “...then I...” the rest of his sentence swallowed up as Jack captured his lips and he gave himself totally to the wondrous sensations flooding his body...

“Do you dare me to make you scream?” Jack grinned wickedly as he peppered soft kisses down the other side of Ianto’s neck and across his throat, moving slowly downwards...

“...yesyesyes...” the Welshman thrust his head back into the bed, his breath a series of tiny pants as Jack’s hands danced lightly down across his hips, deliberately bypassing the one place Ianto ached to have touched...

“...he who dares...” Jack murmured, his mouth hovered enticingly over the trembling young man, hot breath teasing his sensitive flesh...

Jaaaack, please...” Ianto whimpered, canting his hips off the bed...

“...wins...” as he leant forward...



 Requested sequel: Tuth or Dare?


I know

Dec. 27th, 2010 06:34 pm
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Title: I know...
Author: zazajb
Rating: R, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, Team
Spoilers – none, set mid S2
Summary: ‘Tis the season of goodwill...a realisation, mistletoe, weevils... Words 2245

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto & TW_classic & tw_proper[apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer and I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we decided to challenge each other – her words for me - Theme: Festivities; Millennium, tinsel, snow ‘I’ve told you – if you ask any more, I’ll not give you it! ’

A/N2 Just like to say I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and thank you so much for al the good wishes and lovely virtual gifts – love you all *hugs and kisses* xxx

This is for [ profile] too_beauty 

I know...

Gwen crept up on Jack as he shuffled through the towering mountain of files on his desk, the Captain frowning at some of the reports Ianto had marked as urgent...reports for the majority of these Government departments were a sinful waste of time as they were never read...and if they were, no-one would actually understand them! He sighed heavily, jumping as Gwen tapped him lightly on the shoulder... He turned towards her absently as she held up the mistletoe with a flourish and leant in to press her lips firmly to his, her arms sliding round his neck as she kissed him...

Jack’s eyes flew open as she released him giggling, only to meet the impassive gaze of his Welshman who was stood in the doorway, his sparkling red tinsel-edged tea tray of mugs and mince pies held in a grip so tight that his knuckles had turned white... An expression of pure horror flew across Jack’s face as he glanced from Ianto to Gwen and back to Ianto.

Gwen spun round and grinned widely as she moved in on the young man, grabbed his lapels and planted a smacker of a kiss on his lips whilst brandishing her mistletoe once again. Ianto, with his hands full of tea tray was powerless to resist and spluttered incoherently as he was released. He looked up to meet Jack’s gaze, his Captain’s face now registering smug amusement...

Ianto huffed inwardly – she’d not only kissed his Jack, she’d kissed him as well...that DNA needed to be removed from their lips immediately..! In one swift move, Ianto thrust his tray at Gwen, snatching her bunch of mistletoe as he moved towards Jack who was now openly sniggering at his young lover’s expression...

Jack’s sniggers were cut off abruptly as Ianto landed in his lap and his mouth was claimed in a passionate kiss that measured at least a 12 on the Richter scale... Jack’s moans of pleasure were swallowed up as Ianto’s tongue took control and explored every inch of his mouth possessively, the young man’s hands moving so one caressed Jack’s face and the other threaded lovingly through his hair... Time stood still as they lost themselves in the embrace, Jack’s arms closing tightly around the perfect blue pinstripe-clad warm body in his lap, squirming as his groin reacted to the blissful sensations of being kissed into oblivion...

Gwen stood with her mouth open, gaping at the hot snogging session in front of her...she wondered briefly what it would be like to be on the receiving end of one of those kisses – from either man..! Blinking, she realised this was too hot not to share and spun round to stick her head out of the door, “Tosh...get up here quick – Jack and Ianto are under the mistletoe...” well technically they were under the mistletoe, even if it had now fallen to the floor as their hands raked hungrily over each other’s bodies...

Tosh came running through the door just as they came up for air, panting softly, faces flushed and eyes sparkling... “Oh...damn..!”

Jack turned slightly glazed eyes in her direction, “What’s wrong Tosh?”

Blushing, Tosh giggled, “Gwen called were under the mistletoe...but...” her voice trailed away as Jack’s face lit up, murmuring...

“Not a problem...” reaching to cup Ianto’s face as he pressed their lips together and they sank back into hot, open-mouthed kisses, fingers carding through hair, tongues tangling excitedly as they forgot their was just them, right here, right now and the only thing that mattered were their sweet and endless kisses as nerve endings tingled, knees lost all sense of feeling and passion grew...

Gwen and Tosh giggled and fanned themselves, enjoying the view until a disgruntled yell floated up from autopsy, “Oi, Jack, put the tea boy down – I want my bloody coffee..!”

Breathing heavily, Jack and Ianto pulled apart, smiling softly... “Ladies...hope you enjoyed the show..! Now I believe Owen is feeling left out – go make happy with the mistletoe..!” Jack bent down and tossed the large sprig of green leaves and white berries to Tosh, nodding encouragingly... “...we’ll be down in a minute...go on...enjoy yourself...” as the pretty tech genius blushed.

Gwen tugged her arm and led her from the office, both girls giggling... Left alone, Jack entwined his fingers carefully with Ianto’s and pressed their joined hands gently to his lips, “Yan...when you came” he squeezed their conjoined hands and gazed at his desk, missing the flicker of jealously followed closely by an expression of fond amusement, “...I er...she took me by surprise...’t...”

Taking pity on his bumbling Captain, Ianto tipped his lover’s chin up to brush their lips together lightly, “I know...” he smiled, “I know everything remember! C’mon, I want to see Owen on the receiving end of the mistletoe...”

Jack grinned, kissed him lightly and allowed himself to be tugged up from his chair, retaining a firm grip on the Welshman’s hand as they made their way downstairs to lean on the railings overlooking autopsy. “I see he didn’t escape Gwen’s tinsel attack either..!” Jack chuckled as he took in the garland edged shelves and sparkling bows on the drawer handles.

Ianto grinned ruefully, “I don’t think anyone or anything actually escaped – the kitchen and the Tourist Office took a hit as well...she only left my coffee machine alone because she was threatened with decaf!” He chuckled, “it doesn’t look like he’s going to get away from the mistletoe either...” as Owen was backed into a corner with Gwen one side and Tosh the other to have both ladies plant a kiss on his cheek at the same time as he squawked in protest and they giggled helplessly... “I’d better go make some fresh coffee – those mugs’ll be cold now...must’ve got distracted!”

Jack squeezed his hand, his blue grey eyes twinkling, “...hey, we provided a valuable service to our female colleagues..! Now I’m gonna make Owen’s day..!” he grinned, that huge beaming smile that made Ianto’s knees melt and his heart skip a few beats, and ran down the steps into autopsy, sweeping up to Tosh and pulling the mistletoe gently from her hand before kissing her softly as he held it above her head.

He released her and grabbed Owen, who’d been grinning as he watched, folding the acerbic medic tightly into a bear hug before kissing him firmly to the accompaniment of delighted laughter from the girls. He loosened his hold and allowed a spluttering Owen to wriggle free, glancing up to see Ianto smiling down fondly. He winked at him, receiving an eye roll in return before his Welshman turned and retreated gracefully towards the kitchen to make the coffee.

Leaving the laughing group behind, Jack returned to his office and began work on those tedious reports, earning himself an approving smile and a brief but tender kiss when his fresh coffee was delivered.

Back in autopsy, the girls were teasing Owen mercilessly until he shooed them out, still giggling helplessly. When Ianto delivered his coffee Owen gave him a fierce glare that threatened any mention of said kiss would see him retconned back to the turn of the Millenium... Ianto quashed any urges to smirk and handed over the Gremlins mug and two mince pies and beat a hasty retreat back up to the main hub to deliver the girls’ drinks. Gwen took her orange daisies mug with a self conscious smile of thanks, “” she said uncertainly as he turned away...


“I, er...hope I didn’t...I didn’t mean anything by it...the mistletoe...”

Ianto turned back and smiled at her, “I know...”

“That show...the two of you...” she blushed “...was so hot!” she made fanning motions and giggled.

Ianto grinned, a distant look appearing in his eyes, sighing a whispered “I know..!” as he moved away to hand Tosh her drink.

The rest of the day flew by, two incidents with weevils dragged first Jack and Gwen out to the alley behind the cinema and then an hour later, Jack took Ianto with him to round up another pair. It was cold and had started to snow, making them yearn for the relative warmth of the hub as they tracked down the sewer-dwelling creatures, finally cornering them behind a huge industrial skip at the back of the Post Office. Sedated, hooded and cuffed, they dumped them in the boot and made their way through the swirling flakes back to the hub.

Ianto dragged their guests down to the cells and Jack hurried back up to the main work space to send the others home. It was Christmas Eve and he was determined that they would all have as much time to do normal family things as the rift would allow them... Gwen packed up swiftly and left, calling out a loud ‘Merry Christmas’ as she disappeared through the roller door. Tosh helped Owen clear away before they left together, Jack noting with a fond smile that Owen’s arm wrapped possessively around Tosh’s slim was about time those two got together...

Alone in the main hub, Jack glanced around quickly, Ianto was still down in the cells settling their newest inmates which gave him some more search time... Moving swiftly over to Ianto’s workstation he flicked through the drawers, not surprised when he found nothing...well, not what he was looking for at least...there were a few interesting photos of the two of them...he gazed at one that showed them at the moment of release – it wasn’t a full body shot, just down as far as their waists, but it was the expression on their faces that made him catch his breath...their hands were interlaced and their eyes fixed on each other, sweat beading on foreheads, lips deliciously pink and kiss swollen and the depth of feeling just screamed out of the picture...this was two people in love, making love...and it was so beautiful it brought tears to his eyes...

His eyes widened, fuck! When had that happened...when had want become need, convenience become companionship, lust become love... He didn’t do love, not for so very long...but now there was Ianto... He stared at the picture, trying to ignore the way his heart rate increased and the undeniable stirrings of desire...was this really so unexpected..?

Blinking the tears away, he slid the picture into his pocket and put the rest back, closing the drawer quietly. He moved up to the kitchen and began searching through the cupboards, looking for anything that might not belong...

“It’s not there!” soft Welsh tones had him spinning round, closing the cupboard door as he tried to shift the guilty-caught-in-the-act look off his face and failing miserably, suddenly aware that his stomach had reacted with the fluttering of a hundred butterflies at the sound of those gorgeous vowels and he had a burning desire to crush his mouth against those delicious lips... He closed the gap between them with a few strides and folded the young man into his arms, nuzzling into his neck to breathe in the reassuring scent of his Welshman...his mind flying back to the image of the photo in his pocket and his arms instinctively tightened, drawing a gasp from Ianto’s inviting lips...

Pulling back just enough to look into Ianto’s cobalt blue eyes he brought their mouths closer until they were just millimetres apart, pausing as he murmured, “so just where have you hidden my Christmas present..?”

Without moving from their ‘almost kiss’ Ianto smiled serenely , “I’ve told you already – if you ask me any more I won’t give it to you! You’ll just have to wait until tomorrow...” Jack’s mumbled reply was swallowed up as the Welshman completed the circuit to press their mouths together and they gave themselves to the sweet sensations of soft and sensual lips moving tenderly against each other, hands moving to tug shirts and t-shirts from trousers to touch the warm flesh below...

Breaking apart when they ran out of air, Ianto shifted so his mouth pressed against his Captain’s ear as he breathed suggestively, “ can’t have your present but you can unwrap me if it’ll help distract you from looking for it..?”

Jack’s grin lit the room as he linked their hands and led them from the kitchen, to his office and down to his bunker where he pressed Ianto up against the ladder to kiss him passionately, feeling their twin reactions straining against the restrictions of their trousers... As he reached for the red silk at his Welshman’s throat he caught the blazing expression in the young man’s eyes and it took his breath away, his heart hammered in his chest and he knew he could finally say those three words...”Ianto...I lo...”

A finger pressed to his lips silenced him as Ianto’s other hand reached into Jack’s pocket and pulled out the photo, “I know, cariad...I know...



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Title: Always...
Author: zazajb
Rating: NC-17, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto,
Spoilers – none that I’m aware of - set mid TW S2
Summary: sequel to The only one for me. Ianto finally gets his bath after dealing with Tim...
Words 1620

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto, tw_proper & TW_classic [apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N requested sequel to The only one for me. This is for [ profile] sassysailorgirl  [have a very Happy Birthday, my love] and [ profile] jedi_harkness 


Ianto moaned against Jack’s mouth as he was kissed into oblivion and Jack did that thing with his made his every nerve ending tingle and he floated on a wave of euphoria, lips warm and inviting, hands threading lovingly through hair as the world faded away – it was just them...right here...right now...

They continued to stagger backwards until they met the wall, Jack pressing his Welshman back against it as he ground their hips together, the red hot desire that coursed through them drawing a growl of want from the Captain as they broke off for much needed oxygen...

Ianto took advantage of the brief moment to spin them round, slamming Jack into the wall as he crushed their lips together and plundered his Captain’s mouth, passion building rapidly. Jack’s hands slid beneath the towelling robe to cup the young man’s naked buttocks and pull him closer still as they arched and writhed together...

“” Jack’s voice was thick with want...

Ianto nuzzled into his Captain’s neck, brushing light kisses against his skin... “I can’t...not with Tim still here...” He lifted his head to meet Jack’s eyes, the dancing lights in those blue grey pools reflecting the apologetic look in his own.

Nodding his understanding, Jack kissed him softly, “I’ll take him home...what did you give him?”

“Double scotch and a level II...he won’t remember me or the’s best that way...”

“Then his world just got a little darker...” Jack smiled as he hugged his Welshman tightly, “...if he’s forgotten you that’s one star less in the sky for him...” he tipped Ianto’s face up to kiss him sweetly. “You go get your bath and I’ll be back in time to wash the bits I think you missed!”

Releasing him reluctantly, Ianto moved away to gaze at his unconscious stalker on the sofa. “Bye Tim...” he muttered sadly as Jack gathered the young man into his arms and headed towards the door.

Once Jack had vanished from sight, Ianto returned to the bathroom and pulled the plug to drain his now cold water before refilling with hot. His hand hovered over the bubbles, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth as he decided on the fragrant bath oil Tosh had given him for his birthday, her mischievous chuckle as he’d read the label save this for those special bath times – can also be used as a massage oil! and the knowing wink as he’d blushed... He poured a generous amount under the running tap and set the bottle carefully on the end of the bath.

Sliding his robe off, he tested it with his toe – perfect! He climbed in and sank down with a contented sigh...this was the warmth spread through him and he closed his eyes, letting his thoughts drift aimlessly...noting with quiet amusement that they all seemed to involve his handsome Captain – if someone had told him a year ago that he’d be head over heels in love with Jack...his boss...a man...he’d have told them they were crazy..!

He nodded to himself as his hand slid down his body and he pressed down against his reaction to the pictures in his head...Jack pinning him to the bed, his lips hot and wet as they kissed their way down the Welshman’s neck, pausing to scrape his teeth at the juncture of neck and shoulder, sucking the skin hard enough to leave a bruise...Ianto groaned with longing and pressed down harder...

“You’d better not be starting without me!” Ianto jumped as Jack’s voice came through the door and he sat up, eyes flying open as the door opened and a blast of cooler air accompanied his charismatic Captain into the steam-filled room. Ianto shivered involuntarily as goose bumps trailed over his exposed wet flesh.

Jack shrugged off his coat and perched on the edge of the bath, leaning down to capture his Welshman’s mouth in a sweet and gentle kiss, lips soft and responsive under his own, his tongue seeking out its companion where they slow danced – first in one mouth then the other...

Ianto’s arms snaked round Jack’s neck as he deepened the kiss, threading his fingers through the older man’s hair as they lost themselves in the tenderness of their embrace... They were breathing heavily, pulses racing and the heavy scent of desire mingling with the exotic fragrance of the bath oil... Ianto tugged at Jack’s clothes, “!” he ordered huskily against his lover’s lips as they drew breath...

Sinking straight back into hot and wet passionate kisses, Jack’s hands made swift work of his braces and buttons while Ianto’s fingers attacked his belt, button and zip... Ianto whimpered softly as Jack broke away to shed his clothes and kick off his boots and socks, before climbing into the bath behind his Welshman and sitting down carefully, wrapping his legs tightly around the young man as he settled back against him, hands resting lightly on his shoulders.

They turned their heads towards each other, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss, tongues exploring possessively as passion mounted. Ianto moaned softly against his Captain’s mouth as Jack’s arms slid around his chest and tugged him closer, wet bodies pressed together so he could feel the older man’s hard arousal against his spine… They broke their kiss briefly for air, Ianto giving himself to the pleasures of Jack’s wondrous mouth as his fingers roamed up and down the young man’s chest, stroking through the damp hair around his nipples, teasing the nubs of flesh, before trailing down below the surface of the water…

Ianto arched his back as Jack began moving his hand deliberately, the rhythm slow and sensual, sending a ripple of waves across the surface of the water… Jack pulled away from his Welshman’s deliciously pink, kiss swollen lips to nibble his way down the young man’s neck as he tilted his head to one side to allow Jack more access, his moans rising in volume as his body was overtaken by the blissful sensations of Jack’s lips and Jack’s hands on his wet flesh…

The waves of euphoria built slowly, bubbling up from his toes and spreading through his body, his breath a series of short pants as Jack’s teeth grazed their way along his shoulder blades. Ianto twisted his head, “…kiss me!” he demanded, his voice trembling with want, sighing happily as Jack obliged by crushing their mouths together, the kiss rapidly becoming hot and messy as Ianto teetered on the edge and he shuddered his release as his tongue tangoed with Jack’s…

Breaking apart, breathless and tingling from the intensity of his climax, Ianto gazed into Jack’s eyes, the lust-blown blue of his own reflecting the blazing love in the older man’s blue grey depths… “make love to me, Jack…please…” his hands reaching to pull his Captain’s face back towards him so he could capture those wonderful lips once more…

Jack plundered his lover’s mouth, his tongue mapping every contour as the young man moaned and pressed back against him, Jack’s own gasps of desire swallowed up by the passionate kiss… They broke off when they ran out of air, Jack urging Ianto on to his knees as he reached for the bottle of bath oil and tipped some onto his Welshman’s back…

One hand dragged through the pooled fragrant oil to coat his fingers before they trailed down Ianto’s back to slip first one then a second finger into him, every brush of that magic spot drawing a breathless gasp of pleasure from those perfect pink lips… The other hand worked the oil over his young man’s skin with long sensual strokes, sending spine-tingling quivers through his hyper sensitised body, “…now…Jack…please…need you now…” a wanton moan spilling from his lips as Jack pushed in slowly, his own moans rising as he began to move, his hands clasping his Welshman’s hips as he thrust back against his Captain and they spiralled towards the stars together…

The water splashed wildly over the edge of the bath as their movements became more frenzied and Ianto shouted Jack’s name as he hit his second climax, the sensations of him clenched around Jack enough to send the older man tumbling into oblivion after his younger lover and they shuddered together, enjoying the warmth as the post-orgasmic glow spread through them…

Jack pulled Ianto round to face him, folding the younger man into his arms to kiss him tenderly, light loving kisses that deepened their satisfaction as they melted against each other. The water was cooling when they finally broke apart and clambered out of the bath, wrapping themselves in huge fluffy towels before padding barefoot into the bedroom.

Drying each other carefully, they slid under the quilt and snuggled into each other’s arms, kissing softly, “I meant it…” Jack murmured against Ianto’s mouth, “…you really are the one for me…always…” as he captured the Welshman’s lips and deepened their kiss, his hands cupping the young man’s beautiful face, radiant from their lovemaking… Ianto gave himself to the man in his arms, totally…completely and freely, whispering his agreement, flushed and breathless when they finally came up for air, “…yours always, cariad… always…”


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Title: A Mars a day......
Author: zazajb
Rating: PG-13, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, team
Spoilers – none that I’m aware of - set mid TW S2
Summary: A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play... Words 890

Fic masterlist:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters - just like to dabble with them from time to time

X-posted Jantolution , jackxianto, tw_proper & TW_classic [apologies to those getting this multiple times]

A/N Iantosdreamer & I were missing the redisourcolour challenges so we challenged each other: Theme – Work, rest and play, her words for me: ticket, exit, steak ‘Where’s the nearest petrol station around here?’

A/N 1 This is for [ profile] badly_knitted   *super-charged hugs* Thinking of you and wishing I wasn't so far away... xxx

A Mars a day...

“Jack, you’re such a pig sometimes!” Ianto’s tone was a mix of gentle annoyance and fond amusement.

“M’hungry...” Jack mumbled around the ninety percent of a king sized Mars bar now crammed into his mouth, the Mars bar that he’d snatched from the counter of the refreshments kiosk on the platform at Cardiff Central station as they’d chased a lone Weevil towards the exit, catching the snarling alien just before it devoured the ticket inspector on the south platform...

The next hour was spent dispensing retcon-laced tea to the witnesses before they’d been re-directed to the shopping centre for a Hoix in Debenhams’ basement, then there was a crashed Refluutan freighter on the Wetlands Reserve that had the entire team scattered across the marsh rounding up what looked like small purple sheep, although these had six legs and short tufted wings...

“That way...quick..!” Ianto slid to a stop, cursing in very expressive Welsh at yet another pair of expensive shoes ruined in the line of duty, before turning in a neat pirouette to charge in the opposite direction as the sheep-thing evaded his clutching hand yet again and he landed on his knees in the slimy mud. Panting hard he resumed an upright stance and wiped his hands down his mud spattered trousers before gamefully giving chase once again...

Jack grinned as he closed in from the opposite side and drove their prey straight into his Welshman’s waiting arms. Ianto heaved a sigh of relief as the creature immediately assumed its instinctive defence posture and froze its movements. His arms closed around it and he began the long squelching trek back to the impromptu pen they’d made.

“Hey...wait for me!” Jack broke into a sprint to catch up, his boots giving him a much surer – and drier – footing... He draped an arm around the young man’s shoulder, tugging him to a stop, before leaning in to plant a tender kiss on his lips, smiling into the embrace as Ianto sighed softly and leant back against him, deepening the kiss as he opened his mouth to let their tongues engage in an enjoyable slow dance...

Breaking apart gently, lips just millimetres apart as they shared warm breath, Jack rubbed their noses together affectionately, “ know you look so adorable when you’re covered in mud..!” He chuckled softly at the frown that crossed Ianto’s face as he contemplated the ruinous effects on his usually pristine attire. “I’ll take you shopping...I promise we’ll get you some new suits...” He dropped a light kiss to the end of that cute button nose, “, give me that thing and let’s see how the others are getting on...”

They made their way across to the pen where Tosh was minding the mass of creatures alongside one of the scrawny metallic-clad Refluutans. There was no sign of Gwen or Owen. Jack added the creature to the pen and turned to Tosh. “How’re we doing?”

“Just one more and then that’s them all – Gwen took our resident sheepdog after that one – Owen’s been surprisingly good at rounding these things up! I’ve worked out what the Reflluutans were saying and they’ve done the earth equivalent of blowing a gasket! They’ve managed to make some repairs but they need to replace the lubricant in the third engine...the closest we’ve got on this planet is the super-plus unleaded petrol...”

Jack turned slowly and met the raised eyebrow of his Welshman. Ianto planted his hands firmly on his hips, a hint of a smile curving his lips, “”

“Yes...all of those...and a steak dinner...with wine and romance...” Jack grinned hopefully.

Ianto pondered...well actually he knew already, but he didn’t want to be seen as a pushover! “Hmmn, tempting...really tempting...” He met Jack’s gaze, the light in those blue grey eyes dancing, full of promise...before turning back to Tosh with a sigh, “...ok, where’s the nearest petrol station from here?”

Jack beamed at him, “we’ll get everything else ready here, assuming Gwen and Owen ever return!” He tugged Ianto into his arms and kissed him hard, finally releasing him breathless and weak-knee’d... “...oh, and I got this for you too...” he pulled out another Mars bar, “ know what the advert says ‘...a Mars a day helps you work, rest and play...’ This is the can rest in the SUV on the way back and you’re going to need your energy for the play later...” He waggled his eyebrows suggestively...

Ianto grinned and tore into the packet as he turned and headed across the marsh to the garage some two miles away for the urgently needed petrol, his mind drifting towards thoughts of the coming evening’s play... He chuckled and took a huge bite...






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