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Title: Twos and Blues: 36/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 8900 – a mammoth chapter this time! Don’t get too used to this length – I had a certain point I wanted to get to and it’s so long it’ll have to be split into 2 posts!

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 For  Blue Lilacs for her birthday.  Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!

Chapter 36 [part 2]

Jack’s phone rang at two am, the soft apologetic voice of the control operator telling him she needed a relief crew for a barn fire just over the border of their ground. He sat up carefully, disentangling himself from his armful of sleeping Welshman.

 “Give me twenty minutes...yeah, thanks too...” he hung up and glanced across at Ianto who was now awake and blinking sleepily. “Gotta go babysit a barn fire, sweetheart. Probably be gone a few hours...” he pressed a light kiss to the young man’s forehead. “Go back to sleep...”

Ianto yawned and nodded, a soft, barely audible whimper dropping from his lips as Jack slid out of bed. Their eyes met briefly and Jack’s heart missed a beat at the depth of emotion blazing from those sleepy blue pools as Ianto gazed up at him. He smiled, “Love you my Yanno...

“Love you too, safe out there...”

Jack grabbed his turnout clothes from the floor and moved quietly to the door. Scrambling into them in the hall, he scrolled through his directory as he debated who to call for this simple, but cold and rather boring shout. He killed two birds with one stone by calling Rhys as Gwen was with him, both agreeing to turn out, then called Tosh, enlisting her and, by default adding a grumpy and snarky Owen to the mix. Crew sorted, he moved to the bathroom to splash his face with cool water...he needed to wake up!

When he came out of the bathroom and headed to the kitchen, he was greeted by the sight of a naked Welshman bent down at the cupboard under the sink. It was an unexpected and rather enjoyable view and the instant response that showed all too clearly in his jogging bottoms confirmed that at least part of him was awake!

“What are you doing up?”

Ianto straightened up with a stack of take-out cups and lids in his hand. “I could say the same thing!” the comment drawing a rueful grin from his Captain as he pressed down with the heel of his hand.

“Shame we haven’t got time to give it some attention, but I’ve got an appointment with a burning barn! Now, get back to bed!”

Ianto reached for the beans “how many of you?”

“Five...” he moved to wrap his arms around the young man’s waist and nuzzled into his neck. “Have I told you how much I love you?”

“Frequently and with passion! Right now, it’s cupboard love!” Ianto turned his head to press their lips together. “Now scoot and let me finish so I can go back to my cold and lonely bed while you go out to play!”

“Yessir!” Jack released him and grinned, a sudden thought occurring to him as he stepped away.

Ianto swiftly filled five cups and the small silver flask with coffee and shoved them into a cardboard carry box. “Jack?”

“In here...”

Frowning, Ianto walked back to the bedroom, a grin lighting his face as he looked at Jack lying under the quilt to keep Ianto’s side of the bed warm, his own side now occupied by Jack’s coat, the sleeves arranged so they were ‘cuddled’ around the Captain.

“Shall we play tag?” jack twinkled at him “it’s not me, but I know you’ve got a thing for my coat so it’s a chance for the two of you to be alone together without me getting in the way!”

Laughing, Ianto moved around the bed and slid into the warm space Jack had just vacated, their lips meeting softly as Ianto settled back against the pillow. Jack carefully rearranged the coat sleeves before picking up the coffee and moving to the door. “Sleep well sweetheart...and I do love you!”

“I know, love you too, now get out of here, Captain before that coffee’s ruined!”

“I’m gone!” Jack chuckled and snapped the light off, his footsteps fading as he went down the stairs to the SUV.

Ianto grinned and snuggled closer to Jack’s coat, the intoxicating aroma of its owner surrounding his senses as he closed his eyes and went back to sleep.

At the station, Ianto’s coffee was greeted with enthusiasm as the crew piled into the appliance and they headed out to relieve the whole time Cardiff crew...

Ianto woke to the sound of “I need a hero” the aptness of the song bringing a grin to his face as he untangled himself from the heavy wool and stretched before throwing back the covers and padding to the bathroom.

A swift, lonely shower, his second in so many days he reflected ruefully, and he dressed in jeans and a t-shirt before carefully hanging Jack’s coat up on the bookcase, a smile curving his lips as he recalled the first time he’d buried his face into the rough fabric only a few short weeks ago...who knew then...

Jack returned wearily about half past six, folding the Welshman into his arms to kiss him soundly “I needed that!” he mumbled into Ianto’s neck when they came up for air. “Remind me never to take Owen on relief duties in the early hours – he didn’t shut up moaning! Well, not until I shared the flask with him on the threat of death if he uttered another word about how cold his feet were! We left him in the wagon in the end...”

He grinned and groped for his phone.  “Took this with the appliance phone and sent everyone a copy...”Behold Penarth’s own sleeping beauty!” as he opened the message to show a sound asleep Owen, head against the window, mouth open and drooling. He’s gonna be so pissed!” He glanced at the clock on the wall “you got time to help me wash off the stink of burnt straw..?” his hands slid down Ianto’s body to stroke lightly over the front of his jeans.

Ianto grabbed his hand and tugged him towards the stairs...

Rhi wandered into the kitchen “Ianto?” Upon a distinct lack of reply, she walked through the shop where the girls were efficiently filling the various dispensers with napkins and cutlery. “Have you seen your uncle?”

Mica shook her head “No...not yet...”

Rhi went back to the kitchen and checked out in the yard to make sure Ianto’s car was there. It was sat in its usual place, the SUV beside it. She went back inside and opened the door to the flat. Ianto was just coming down the stairs, quickly buttoning his shirt as he went...but not before Rhi had seen the newly placed brands at the juncture of neck and shoulder.

Afternoon!” she arched an eyebrow at him “busy morning?” as he joined her in the kitchen.

“You could say that! Jack went out on a shout at two this morning and only got back half an hour ago. I was just getting him some breakfast before he grabs some sleep...”

“From the looks of your skin you were breakfast!” Rhi chuckled as a fierce blush coloured her brother’s cheeks.

“We just had a quick...”

“Woa! I don’t want to know!” Rhi shuddered in mock horror, the action reminding Ianto eerily of Owen! He stuck his tongue out at his sister and moved through to the shop to say good morning to the girls and start their drinks...

The morning was busy and again, it was a challenge to keep everything going without that extra pair of hands. Ianto resolved to ask Mica if any of her or Lauren’s other friends wanted some weekend work...

Nick and Pete had just come in for a late breakfast and were chatting to some other friends when Jack joined them downstairs, still yawning widely as he accepted a coffee and swapped it for a brief brush of lips against the young man’s temple. He took his drink and sat down at the table with the two men and was soon laughing helplessly at a tale from one of Pete’s lecture sessions.

Ianto watched from a distance and adored his handsome Captain...

Jack finished his coffee and left Pete and Nick discussing their holiday to New York which they’d now booked. Their heads leant towards each other and hands entwined, they looked really happy together... Jack glanced back over his shoulder to watch them and pondered again about the contents of his briefcase which now lay under the bed upstairs...maybe later today???

Ianto had a large family group at the counter when he approached so he contented himself with grabbing a tray and winking at his gorgeous young man before moving off to clear some tables. The rest of the day passed equally quickly and it seemed mere moments until they were closing the door and diving into the Sunday deep clean.

Rhi arrived back at three to collect the girls, waiting patiently in the car with David and Johnny as Ianto sorted out their wages and ran through his idea for another helper. Mica hugged him briefly, promising to ask one or two she knew might be interested. “Bye Unca Yanno, Unca Jack...” floating back as her and Lauren bounced out of the kitchen door.

Jack folded Ianto into his arms and kissed him tenderly “so how was your night with my coat?” he teased fondly as they recharged their oxygen supplies.

“Oh, it was good...loving, attentive and didn’t answer me back once!” Ianto grinned at the comical expression on Jack’s face, sliding his hands around the back of his Captain’s neck to tug him in closer and kiss him soundly, soft swipes of tongue on tongue as they melted against each other.

Reluctantly pulling apart after long pleasurable minutes, they made their way upstairs, had a swift sandwich and glass of orange juice before changing back into their jeans and heading out to the SUV and the supermarket to get the rest of the supplies they needed for Rose and Doc. They walked around the store, fingers loosely entwined, completely oblivious to the envious glances from numerous female shoppers, as they dropped milk, eggs, bread, butter, cheese and an assortment of fresh fruit and vegetables into the trolley. Ianto added a couple of pizzas for their dinner that evening, a large bunch of flowers and some luxury chocolates for Rose and they decided they were done.

Loading the shopping into the boot, they set out for Jack’s house, turning into the drive a few short minutes later. After unpacking the latest additions to the cupboards and the fridge, they opened some windows to air the rooms and Ianto made coffee. Taking their drinks upstairs to Jack’s room, they sat out on the balcony and soaked up the view, enjoying their closeness until it got too chilly to just sit – despite the rather steamy images rolling through their heads from their last encounter out on the balcony!

Closing the patio door they climbed onto the bed and curled up on the quilt, talking quietly about the plan of action for the following day in between a generous serving of delicious, sweet and endless kisses. Finally moving from their comfortable repose before they fell asleep, they returned to the kitchen where Ianto shoved their pizzas in the oven and Jack opened his laptop to check the flight details and his emails.

Flight times were unchanged and a short email from Rose said how excited they were to be coming home and how much they were looking forward to meeting ‘the hero of the hour’ who’d captured Jack’s heart “I think she’s read a report on the Alfie rescue...”

Ianto draped his arms around Jack’s neck as he read over his shoulder. “I can’t wait to meet them...but what if...”

“No buts!” Jack turned in his chair to cup his Welshman’s face, stroking Ianto’s cheek softly with his thumb before pressing their mouths together to kiss him with a passion that made his head spin.

“Better now?” Jack grinned breathlessly as he rested his head against Ianto’s chest. He thought about the contents of his briefcase, now shoved deep into his coat pocket...the mood was right...he’d be receptive? Now? Yes! Do it!

Taking a deep breath, Jack stood, carefully unwinding Ianto’s arms from his shoulders and linked their hands as he led them into the hall where their coats were hung up. “You know you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me..?” He smiled, tracing the outline of Ianto’s lips with his finger as the other hand reached towards the pocked of his coat on the stand.

Ianto smiled back, the lights dancing in his blue eyes as he gazed at the man he adored. The moment stilled...became one of those rare precious moments where everything around them stopped. Jack’s hand slid inside his coat pocket...

The still was broken by the invasive shrill of Jack’s bleeper and he froze, momentarily caught out of step with real time. His fist clenched in his pocket and the other hand paused its trail over Ianto’s temple where it had moved to stroke through his hair.

“Jack? You okay? Your bleeper..?”

Fuck! No! Yes...yes...fine! Fuck!” He yanked Ianto into his arms and kissed him hard and fast, suddenly releasing him as the insistent beeping continued to sound. “I love you, Ianto Jones...” and he was gone, the front door banging loudly to leave Ianto somewhat puzzled and with a hot throbbing below his waistline from the intensity of that kiss. Sighing, he adjusted his trousers and went back into the kitchen to turn the oven off, before sitting back at the table and pulling the photo albums that were still there from their previous visit towards him.

Jack swore all the way to the fire station, rather glad when he got there to find Pete had gone with a full crew and it was just himself and Pup left on station.  Shoving his own frustration aside, Jack chatted animatedly about Harris’ family , the man Jack had known for many years suddenly shocking him with “I’m leaving, Jack!”

“Leaving?” Jack’s mind had been partly focused on Pup and partly on his Welshman back at his house, Harris’ announcement  now claiming his full attention.

“Sorry Jack, I’ve been agonising over this for a few weeks now. Pearl and I have talked it over – I’ve been offered a partnership in a company in Bristol – with Pearl’s brother, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for us, and the kids’ future and...” he smiled ruefully, “I’d be a fool not to take it. Thing is, I love this place too, you guys – and girls! – are my second family and I don’t want to leave...”

“Congratulations on your job...” Jack held his hand out, shaking the other man’s hand warmly. “I’m really pleased for you – but I’d be lying if I said we won’t miss those dark eyes and floppy ears...hang on! I’ll get Nick to bring Myfanwy in...sorted!”

Harris laughed, throwing his head back to bellow loudly in mixed relief and sadness. “Thanks Jack, I’m really going to miss you...and that coat of yours!”

A soft smile played across Jack’s lips and images of his Welshman wrapped in nothing but that coat raced across his head, a rare blush rising on his cheeks as Harris chuckled.

“I bet it’s got a few stories to tell, eh, Captain!”

Fortunately, the printer rattled into life at that moment, both men’s attention diverting to the stop message. Pup finished the computer log and Jack added the codes and times to their paper records and the two of them made good their escape, Jack assuring Pup that he wouldn’t say anything until the deal was settled.

Ianto was so engrossed in the photo albums he didn’t hear Jack come in until warm arms wrapped around him, tipping his face up and he was kissed with such passion it made his head spin. Releasing him when the need to breath became life threatening, Jack gazed at the paper beside the photos. It was a list of possible actions to kick-start a new search for Gray. Unexpected tears filled Jack’s eyes and he swallowed hard, his mouth opening and closing with no sound escaping - attempting to regain control as he struggled to express just how much this amazing Welshman meant to him...

Brushing their lips together lightly, Ianto squeezed his hand and moved back to the cooker to turn the oven on again. By the time they’d heated and Ianto had made coffee, Jack was in control again and very much regretting missing the moment earlier...maybe after dinner...

Pizzas were eaten, over-baked crunchy crusts chopped up and put out on the bird table. A final check of the house and supplies and they headed up to Jack’s bedroom to watch some TV in bed before settling down to sleep just after ten, Jack spooned around his Welshman’s back, his nose pressed into his hair...

They slept through until the alarm ushered in a blustery Monday. After a brief cuddle, they got up and dressed in the previous day’s clothes, checking the house one last time before heading back to @Yanno for a shower, coffee and clean clothes.

Sharing a mixed plate of croissant, vanilla swirls and petit au pain with their drinks they double checked their plans for the day. Jack would finish work at two come home and help the clear-up @Yanno, then they’d grab a sandwich whilst they looked up the flights again and then they’d leave for the airport at just after three, leaving them – hopefully – plenty of time...

“You okay cariad?”

“Yeah, fine...” Jack grinned somewhat’s your chance Harkness...

“Just that you’re a bit quiet...” Ianto tilted his head as he surveyed his Captain thoughtfully.

“Excited about mum and dad coming home after all this’s been so long...” he paused “you’ll love them...”

“I’m really looking forward to meeting, we have to get busy if we’re going to have everything done by this afternoon...” Ianto leant forward and kissed Jack’s mouth softly, pressing against him as they sank into the embrace.

Breaking apart long, sweet minutes later, Ianto stood up, taking their plates and mugs to the sink. Jack watched him, adored him and cursed inwardly another opportunity lost...dammit Jack, just..

By the time Jack joined Ianto in the hall, the Welshman had his coat held out ready, the older man slipping his arms into it as Ianto smoothed it down over his shoulders, the action intimate and familiar as Jack leant into the touch. Ianto’s warm breath against his ear sent shivers down his spine and an instant tightening in his trousers “look after my coat, Captain...I’ve made plans for the three of us later...” a light nip of his earlobe effectively sent the rest of Jack’s circulation in a southerly direction “...we missed you last night...coat and I!”

Ianto moved away, a mischievous chuckle only adding to the heat in his Captain’s groin. Not trusting himself to say anything, Jack just grinned and followed the charcoal wool-blend clad delectable backside down the stairs to the shop and through to the kitchen.

“See you later you...” their lips met in a soft kiss.

“Love you too...” Jack spun on his heel and left before Ianto could catch the sparkle of tears in his eyes, vowing to make time... he would talk to him...he would...

Ianto watched as Jack jumped into the SUV and drove off. Something was bothering his handsome Captain and he’d get it out of him somehow...

Throwing himself into preparations for the day, Ianto had the order done, coffee ready and the pastries in the oven when Sue and Rhi arrived and they slipped into their usual routine... The day alternately flew past and dragged and Ianto was quite pleased when they finally closed the door, Jack arriving a few minutes later.

If he’d been distracted earlier, Jack was now positively hyper, bounding from one task to another and the place was spotless by ten to three – a new record! Sue and Rhi departed chatting happily.

Jack and Ianto went upstairs, changed out of their work clothes and into jeans and t-shirts before eating their sandwiches that Ianto had prepared earlier. Jack checked the flight details once more while Ianto made them a flask of coffee to take with them.  All was fine – on schedule and expected just before six...

Hand in hand they went down to the car and were soon en route to the airport. Traffic was light to start with, getting heavier as they got closer to their destination, finally pulling into a car parking space whose cost per hour made Ianto’s eyes water. “I didn’t realise we had to buy the space! That’s an outrageous price!” he was quite indignant, Jack smiling amusedly at the usually calm and controlled Welshman showing some decidedly ruffled feathers!

They’d arrived in plenty of time so spent some time sat in one of the bars on some high stools in a corner, watching the planes arrive and depart as they each nursed an orange juice. The bar was busy and no-one bothered them, although there were plenty of admiring looks cast at the two handsome men who very obviously only had eyes for each other, hands entwined, sharing the occasional soft murmured comment and a light brush of lips against cheek or hair...

When it was finally time to make their way to the arrivals hall, Jack was in a state of perpetual fidgeting, a coiled spring wound under too much tension who insisted on checking the arrivals board every thirty seconds! Finally... the man Ianto recognised from the photos on the wall and in the later albums - even down to the same brown pinstriped suit and beige long coat – appeared, pushing a laden luggage trolley, alongside an attractive blonde women with a beaming smile.

“Jack! Oh sweetheart, it’s so good to see you again! Jack ran the last few steps towards them and wrapped his mum into a massive hug, spinning her around to put her carefully back onto her feet. Kissing her cheek, he turned to the skinny, thin-faced man “!” they shook hands before he too was engulfed in a massive hug, this time without the spinning!

“it’s so good to have you, I’ve got someone very special I want you both to meet...” he hopped past the trolley, catching his foot in the trailing handle of Rose’s flight bag and tripped, landing in a sprawling heap at Ianto’s feet.

“ okay?”

Jack looked up into his Welshman’s anxious face, then over to his mother’s half-worried, half- amused expression and up again to the Doc. Now! He pushed himself of a sitting position as he groped in his pocket. “Mum, Dad, this is Ianto...the man I’m going to marry...” he shifted again so he was on one knee as he pulled the ring box out and opened it, gaze fixed into Ianto’s astounded eyes “...if he’ll have me..?”

chapter 37

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