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Title: Twos and Blues: 36/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 8900 – a mammoth chapter this time! Don’t get too used to this length – I had a certain point I wanted to get to and it’s so long it’ll have to be split into 2 posts!

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 For  Blue Lilacs for her birthday.  Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!


Chapter 36 [part 1]

Bending lower, Jack blew lightly down the side of Ianto’s neck, grinning as the young man shuddered and a soft moan fell from between pink, kiss swollen lips. “That’s number one..!” Jack pressed the arrow onto the juncture of neck and shoulder before moving to the end of the bed and repeating the action on the arch of Ianto’s right foot.

Another sticky note was attached, the Captain moving up the outside of Ianto’s leg where a third arrow was placed in the crook of his knee, one on his hip bone, another on his belly button, one on each of his nipples and another in the hollow of his throat...

Ianto squirmed and whimpered, the paper rustling as he moved. “Keep still!” Jack attempted a stern look, the frown fading as he gazed down at the glorious sight of his Welshman’s pale skin against the backdrop of the dark bedding, red arrows standing out starkly as they pointed to his most sensitive areas. “You look gorgeous, Yanno...” he pressed a kiss against his perfect mouth, tongue diving in to map the contours possessively before adding another arrow  to his cheek as he chuckled “It won’t stick to your lips so that’ll have to do!”   

The picture was evened up with matching arrows on the opposite side at his foot, knee, hip and collarbone. Two more were added, one to each earlobe before Jack stepped away to survey his handiwork. Ianto’s eyes met his; wild lust and desperate hunger merged with love to blaze from within those deep blue pools. “Jack...ple-eee-ase...”

Jack’s grin widened as he returned to the foot of the bed and gave Ianto’s ankle a nudge “Spread ‘em...carefully so my arrows don’t fall off!”

The Welshman moaned as he opened his legs, the mattress dipping as Jack crawled into the gap between them to add arrows to the soft flesh of his inner thigh. Sat back on his heels, his head tilted to one side Jack pondered his choices...”Hmmm, I think we’ll stick to the front today because they’ll all fall off if I try to turn you over, so...” a final arrow was pressed firmly to his throbbing arousal, the sticky note falling off the moment Jack’s hand was removed, Ianto’s hips canting off the bed as he attempted to follow the heat of his Captain’s hands.

“...nope, need something else...” Jack shuffled off the bed and rummaged in the bedside drawer, returning with the ribbon that had been tied around his parcel when Ianto had given him his silk boxers and scarf. “This’ll do nicely!” He knelt back between Ianto’s thighs and carefully tied the arrow to his hot flesh, smiling wickedly at the needy whimpers and increasingly loud moans as the Welshman arched into the touch.

“Okay, now...need to check that I’ve got them all...” Jack stood up and moved towards the door, Ianto’s head craning off the pillow as his face registered a mix of dismay and frustration at Jack’s vanishing back.


“Don’t move! I’ll be back in a minute!”

Ianto’s head flopped back, every sense on high alert, nerve endings trembling with anticipation and coiled desire...the need an almost physical ache as Jack had blown warm breath and brushed occasional soft kisses over the surface of his body. He closed his eyes, dredging up some supreme willpower to resist a firm hand and a relief from the sensation of the paper and ribbon tantalising his tender flesh. He curled his hands into fists and bit down on his lip as he attempted to distract himself from the wild images of what he wanted Jack to do to him that were running through his head...

A chuckle sounded from the doorway and his eyes flew open, a rosy tinge colouring his cheeks. Jack moved back to the side of the bed, counting the arrows stuck all over Ianto’s body as he compared it to the number of kisses on the @Yanno comment card he’d tucked away in his coat pocket. “Huh! I’m two short, even allowing for the ones on your back...”

Walking slowly around the bed, Jack reassessed his strategic placement of sticky notes as he called them out loud, pressing each one back down firmly against Ianto’s skin where they’d begun to curl from the heat of his body.

“Jack...plea...” Ianto’s wails were cut off by Jack’s lips crashing onto his own and he gave himself wholeheartedly to the desire-fuelled frenzy of tongue duelling. His fingers tangled into Jack’s hair, pulling his mouth closer and harder, teeth clashing, passion bruising lips. They recharged air supplies briefly, lips barely a breath apart, before resuming their hungry trawl around each other’s mouths, Ianto growling with disapproval as Jack suddenly reached up to grab his Welshman’s hands and pulled out of the embrace.

“Got it!” Jack panted triumphantly and reached over to peel another red arrow from the pad “fingers...”

“My fingers do not qualify as erogenous zones!” The frustrated frown intensified as Jack merely chuckled “please Jack...I want you...need you...oh fuck!”

Jack grinned around his mouthful of finger, tongue lapping in the tiny ‘v’ between Ianto’s fingers while his teeth grazed lightly over the knuckle and a loud wanton moan echoed around the room as the final diehard remnants of Ianto’s blood supply relocated to his groin at the sensations running through his already charged synapses.

Releasing the finger with a loud ‘pop’ he pressed a sticky arrow to each of Ianto’s hands before moving back off the bed to grab his phone off the bedside table and snap a couple of pictures of his Welshman laid out just for him... “Now there’s a blueprint to savour...” he murmured as he dropped the phone to the floor and began removing the arrows, his hands leading the way to each location as he kissed and nibbled his way behind them.

As fingers trailed through the soft downy hair of his chest and his nipples were rolled and pinched between finger and thumb Ianto moaned loudly, his cries increasing in volume when soft lips followed and the now hardened nubs of flesh were treated to a gentle pull by Jack’s teeth and a soothing swirl of tongue before the party moved lower...

Ianto’s brain had long since deserted his body and the sounds now dropping from his mouth no longer resembled anything in either the English or Welsh languages... Ianto was beyond caring – his world now consisted solely of Jack’s hands and Jack’s mouth and the incredible feel of them on his sweat-slicked body as he arched and writhed and the floor around the bed became littered with discarded paper arrows.

Finally Jack reached the top of his Welshman’s inner thigh, his mouth nuzzling the ribbon, tugging at the bow with his teeth until it yielded and the post-it dropped onto the quilt. The indecent moan of relief became a strangled gasp of pleasure as Ianto was engulfed into the moist warmth of his Captain’s mouth and he thrust his hips up off the bed in his eagerness, Jack’s talented mouth and wicked tongue taking him to the edge rapidly.

A firm tug on his hair stopped Jack in mid-hum, the vibrations sending now messages to far flung nerve endings as synapses prepared for meltdown “Stop! Want you in me...please Ja...” He didn’t finish as he was released and the older man slid up to claim his mouth in a searing kiss, tongues swirling hotly as Jack danced his fingers down towards the entrance to Ianto’s body and pressed a cool lubed finger inside him.

Moaning happily into Jack’s mouth, Ianto pushed back against it, wanting more, a grunt of satisfaction as a second joined it and together they sought that magic spot to draw a series of delicious shudders from his highly aroused Welshman. Several minutes of a third finger and frenzied kiss combination, punctuated with frequent passes over that sensitive bundle of nerves, and Ianto was almost delirious with pleasurable sensation...

He whimpered loudly as the fingers were withdrawn and his body screamed out for more.

“You ready for me, beautiful?” Jack panted softly against his ear.

The strangled noise that fell from the young man’s lips was music to his ears; this was a Ianto no-one else ever got to see...the pristine and controlled Master coffee maker totally undone, writhing and begging for him... Smiling softly, he pressed in slowly and they moved as one, matching thrust for thrust as they spiralled towards exquisite release, sharing sloppy, misaligned kisses, hands fisting roughly through hair and grabbing fiercely at hot flesh.

Ianto felt the delicious tingles rising upwards from his toes and spreading outwards in bursts of electricity as nerves stretched taut and his head exploded in a fanfare of fireworks worthy of the millennium celebrations and indescribable pleasure washed over him in the most intense climax he’d ever experienced. Jack followed moment later, the spasmodic tightening of Ianto’s muscles around him sending him up amongst the stars as they slumped together in a tangled and sated, sweaty heap.

Brushing a strand of hair from Ianto’s forehead, Jack captured his mouth in a tender kiss, pouring every emotion into the kiss as they each revelled in the feel of soft lips moving sweetly against their own and the bliss of the afterglow radiated through them.

“God, I love you my Yanno...

Ianto smiled, his just-for-Jack-when-we’re-alone smile, eyes sparkling like the sun reflecting off an azure sea “I know, cariad...I know...

Mopping themselves up with a handful of wipes, they crawled under the quilt and curled up in each other’s arms before falling into contented sleep.

Friday morning saw them awake moments before the alarm serenaded them with a Josh Groban classic ‘When you say you love me’. Still wrapped in his Captain’s warm embrace, Ianto grinned sleepily as Jack rubbed their noses together “Morning gorgeous!”

“Morning yourself!” He stretched luxuriously before sliding regretfully out of Jack’s arms to sit up on the side of the bed and plant his feet on the floor...straight on to a heap of abandoned sticky red paper arrows. Reaching down to peel one off his heel he turned to face the man he loved beyond life itself “my turn now?”

Chuckling, Jack jumped out of bed and scampered towards the bathroom “You’ll have to catch me first Yanno!”

Laughing, Ianto ran after him and they were soon entwined under cascading water as the room filled with steam, temperatures rising rapidly as they shared a series of long lingering kisses that gave way to some energetic action with a scrunchie and plenty of bubbles...

After a swift breakfast of cinnamon twists and croissant, two mugs of @Yanno blend and another emotion-laden kiss, Jack sauntered out to the SUV, a grin on his face and a spring in his step as he headed off to work.

Ianto decided he had time to do some baking and made the bases for a couple of cheesecakes from his new Junior’s 50 classic New York recipes cookbook and the shop was filled with the delicious aromas of white chocolate cookie crust and chocolate fudge brownie crust when first Sue, then Rhi arrived a short while later.

The three of them shared the tiny test bases that Ianto had made alongside the two full size ones, appreciative mumbles from both ladies and Ianto was delighted with their reaction. If the filling was as good as that...

They were soon into the breakfast rush, greeting the familiar faces cheerily and they did a brisk trade, more loyalty cards handed in and fresh ones claimed; one woman bought four voucher books as surprise gifts for her friends “I had a little win on the lottery, nothing to get too excited about, and we always come in here for our get togethers so I thought these would be a perfect way to share...” She smiled happily as Ianto added a slice of cake to her order, winking at Sue as he told her it was on the house.

The day passed swiftly and the sound of two tones drawing closer as they entered the lunchtime peak had Ianto wondering if it was a fire engine and if Jack was on it, the first question answered when the sleek red appliance shot past the shop moments later. The noise shut off and Ianto’s attention returned to his customers...

He was reminded of his Captain when his phone buzzed in his pocket and a swift glance at the message made him smile just around the corner, alarms, nothing exciting. Sending Gareth in for @Yanno salvation! LY Jx

He began adding cookies to a bag in between customers and was semi-prepared with take-out cups and a cardboard holder ready when Gareth appeared in his fire kit at the top of the queue. Two @Yanno, one chocolate truffle, two New York and an Irish cream blend later, Gareth grinned his thanks and headed back to the others, cup holder in one hand and bulging bag of cookies in the other!

Thanks sweetheart, life-saver Jx beeping on his phone minutes later.

The rest of the day flew by and three o’clock saw Ianto closing the door behind Rhi and Sue, having paid them both and wished Sue a good weekend. He hopped upstairs to the flat, changed his clothes, grabbed a quick coffee and sandwich and was back in his kitchen sorting out the ingredients for his cheesecakes by three thirty. Humming contentedly he lost himself in his work...

He’d just removed them from the oven when his phone beeped twice in quick succession.  After lifting the two huge cheesecakes from their hot water baths he set them on cooling racks and tipped the water away before easing his phone out of his pocket.  

The first was from Tosh asking if they fancied dinner out that evening at Owen’s favourite Chinese Restaurant. Ianto sent a quick reply to say he’d check with Jack, but it sounded great...

The second one was from Jack, the picture he’d taken the previous night attached and his message short and to the point on way home, get your clothes off...I’m starting with the arrow bottom left! Jx

Even before he’d read the short message, Ianto’s blood supply was charging southward in hopeful anticipation and it took several deep breaths before he was able to finish cleaning the kitchen. He was wrapping clingfilm loosely over the cheesecakes when his Captain burst in through the door and whirled him around in a rapid waltz before pushing him up against the fridge to kiss him into oblivion as he ground their hips together...

“Someone’s in a good mood!” Ianto gasped when they came up for air.

“It’s Friday, I’ve got two days with the most gorgeous Welshman on the planet...” he paused, brushing their lips together lightly, “whom I was rather hoping would be waiting for me upstairs and in a state of nakedness!” He grinned at the expressive arched eyebrow as Ianto indicated the giant cooling desserts, the grin widening as the young man slid a hand down between their bodies to press against the hot swelling in Jack’s trousers before entwining their fingers and leading his Captain wordlessly up the stairs and into the bedroom where they tumbled onto the quilt...

Curled up together, warm and sated, Ianto remembered Tosh’s invitation as they debated what to do for the rest of the evening.  Sliding off the bed Ianto found his trousers and retrieved his phone to send a yes please message to Tosh. Moments later a reply lit the tiny screen, Tosh confirming she’d booked a table for four just in case. They’d meet there at half seven...

“That gives us just enough time for a shower...” Ianto glanced at the clock, rolling his eyes as Jack reached for him with a gleam in his eye. “You’re insatiable!”

“You’re irresistible!

“You’re such a smooth talker!”

“Yet you love me...

“You got me!”

Jack fingers closed around his prize “I certainly have!” He ran tantalisingly light touches along Ianto’s flesh, chuckling at the shudder that ran through the Welshman as he arched into the touch.

Releasing him, Jack slid off the bed and held out his hand. They headed to the bathroom together...

The evening with Tosh and Owen sped by; delicious food, good company with friendly banter, plenty of Harper-snark and Ianto listened enthralled, his head on Jack’s shoulder,  as the other three re-lived some of the more challenging shouts of their time... They’d shared one bottle of wine between Tosh, Owen and Ianto, Jack stuck to his usual water as he’d drive Tosh’s car if they had a shout. Fortunately, they had no such disturbances and were among the last to leave, Tosh and Owen heading to Tosh’s car, Jack and Ianto having walked the short distance from @Yanno.

Ianto sighed happily as Jack draped an arm over his shoulders and he wound his arm around Jack’s waist, slotting the tips of his fingers into the belt loops of his coat “I really enjoyed that, cariad....they’re great company...” he grinned “I love that Owen calls me Tea Boy even though I run a coffee shop!”

Jack chuckled “That’s Owen! Always one for understatement!” He squeezed the Welshman’s shoulder, tugging him closer as they strolled towards home “did you bring your fortune cookie with you?”

“Yep! Did you?”

“Yeah, we’ll have coffee when we get in and see what the future has in store for us...although...” he leant across to whisper in Ianto’s ear.

“You really are insatiable!” Ianto laughed as they reached the back door and he tapped the entry code into the keypad.

Jack folded the young man into his arms as soon as they were in the stairwell “It could be that I just can’t get enough of you...” he tipped Ianto’s face up to his, capturing his lips in the softest of kisses as they melted against each other “what you do to me Ianto Jones...”

They broke apart gently, bodies still held tightly as they shared warm breath “the same thing you do to me Captain...sir...”

“ Yanno...” Jack’s hand dropped from the tender stroking of Ianto’s cheek to link their hands, fingers slotting together warm and familiar as he tugged them upstairs...

Saturday morning dawned wet and rainy and started far too early with the shrill call of the bleeper at twenty past five. Jack was up and away after laughing as Ianto got his trackie legs in a tangle and was left splayed out on the bed laughing helplessly.

Once he’d untangled his trousers, Ianto gathered up their clothes from the far corners of the room where they’d been flung in the height of passion the previous night. A quick glance in the bathroom mirror confirmed that many of his ‘arrow’ spots had been tasted and would not need any paper for a few days after their encounter with Jack’s teeth! He grinned as images from their lovemaking filled his head and his body responded instantly.

Ignoring the relocation of his blood supply he padded barefoot to the kitchen and made himself a coffee. His phone rang from the bedroom and he hurried back to answer it, not recognising the number on the screen.


“Hey sweetheart, just a quick call. I’m gonna be a while on this one – lorry’s lost it on the bend on the wet road  and smashed into a’ll be on the news in a bit I expect as there’s a camera crew here already...and no, no-one died...” as he heard Ianto’s sharp intake of breath. “Driver’s shaken, possibly a few broken ribs, cuts and concussion...he was bloody lucky...” There was a shout in the background and a pause as Jack replied to Owen before turning back to the phone. “Okay, gotta go now. Stick this number in your phone, it’s the appliance one... Love you...”

“Love you too...” The line cut off and Ianto quickly saved the number as one five papa one before retrieving his coffee from the kitchen and heading to the bathroom for a shower where the tiny cubicle was far too lonely without Jack’s body pressed up close beside him. Dry and dressed in old jeans and his faded Newport Uni t-shirt, he went down to the shop to check his cheesecakes which had cooled to perfection overnight and were looking amazing!

He ran a knife under hot water and cut a slice, taking it back upstairs where he dropped onto the sofa to put the news on as he enjoyed the creamy texture and rich vanilla flavour of his unconventional breakfast. The report from the fire ground was brief, the camera crews had now been pushed back behind a line of red tape by the police and Ianto was only able to identify Jack because he was the only one wearing a white helmet! After the broadcast returned to the studio Ianto switched it off and finished his cheesecake and second coffee with just the sounds of early morning and the rain lashing against the window.

It was still early so he tugged out his list of jobs and ran through them, crossed off a couple of items he’d already completed and prioritised the rest. Taking his plate and mug through to drop them into the dishwasher he glanced around the quiet flat which seemed empty without Jack’s larger-than-life presence and returned to the downstairs kitchen for a mini baking sprint of cupcakes and cookies.

He was transferring golden syrup oaty biscuits from a cooling rack when Mica and Lauren danced in through the door, deep in discussion about some boy band or other and the relative merits of the lead singer. Mica planted a kiss on his cheek as he offered them a cookie on their way through to the shop, grinning as she took one for herself and Lauren. “Thanks Unca...”

Rhi followed them in, her phone pressed to her ear as she instructed, Ianto assumed it was David or Johnny, which programme on the washing machine to use and where to put the powder and conditioner. Hanging up, she hugged her brother briefly. “Bloody men!” she huffed before breaking into a grin at the half-amused expression on his face. “David decided that he wanted a particular top as we were coming out of the door – the same top that’s been on his bedroom floor all week and now he decides it’s dirty!” She paused for breath and Ianto shoved a biscuit into her mouth before she could start again, chuckling as she punched him playfully on the arm and chewed.

“C’mon, let’s get you a large cappuccino and some breakfast and you can watch the girls work!”

“Thanks for the sympathy!”

“Hey, you were berating my gender! That gets you a face full of cookie to shut you up!”

“Haha! Okay, I should’ve said ‘bloody kids’ - that better?”

“Infinitely!” Ianto grinned as he handed over a mug of chocolate topped frothy coffee heaven, several sips drawing a contented sigh and smile from his sister’s lips. Winking at her, he went back to finish sorting out his supplies before scooting upstairs to get changed.

The girls sorted their own breakfast without breaking their intense discussion until Mica retreated to the ovens to set up for their first customers. Rhi helped with the initial rush before going off to the supermarket. Without Jack as an extra pair of hands it was a challenge to keep up with clearing tables and restocking crockery so they were all rather pleased when he rejoined them just after ten o’clock, pressing a gentle kiss to his Welshman’s cheek and flirting outrageously with Debbie and her friends who just happened to be at the counter at the time.

Leaving them all laughing, he ran upstairs, grabbed a swift shower and was back in his @Yanno polo shirt and some deliciously butt-hugging black chinos in under fifteen minutes...just enough time to flirt a bit more with the giggling group of friends as he cleared their table before they went off to hit the shops!

It was busy all day despite the mostly consistent rain and Ianto was glad he’d spent the extra time baking as otherwise he would’ve run out of cookies by lunchtime. The cheesecakes were a huge hit, the chocolate brownie one all sold by midday, Jack’s pout lifting when he heard there was a large slice put aside for his pleasure upstairs.

Nick and Pete came in at lunchtime, sharing a slice of the white chocolate and vanilla with their New York coffees as they chatted with Jack about the morning’s shout. Other fire station members popped in during the day, Spook and his girlfriend Jacqui came in with his entire family for his niece, Lily’s 8th birthday around three, the birthday girl thrilled when Jack took her up to the counter to choose a giant cupcake which Ianto then put a candle in and they sang ’Happy Birthday’ to her.

It was a fun filled, happy atmosphere and four o’clock arrived before they realised, the clearing up not even started when they closed the door. All hands on deck, including Rhi who arrived to pick the girls up, meant that they were only a little later than usual time and everything was done by five.

Once Rhi and the girls had left, Jack tugged Ianto into his arms and kissed him softly, gentle swirls of tongues as they melted against each other. Coming up for air, they rested their foreheads together, each absorbing the comforting aroma and presence of the other after their busy day as long minutes ticked by, before a second helping of sweet and endless kisses saw the world around them fade away...

When they surfaced, somewhat breathless, lips pink and kiss-swollen, they linked hands and headed up to the flat. After changing into ‘slouch’ mode of jogging bottoms and battered old t-shirts they flopped onto the sofa and flicked through the TV channels, finally leaving it on a cult ‘B’ movie, Shark Attack 3, that was so bad it was good...”and the lead looks bloody hot in that wetsuit!” Jack waggled his eyebrows suggestively as Ianto laughed and they curled up to watch it.

As the credits rolled, Jack relayed the story of the dubbed ‘I love Lucy’ lines, his enthusiasm for the whole thing endearingly arousing and he gazed at his Captain with love blazing from his blue eyes. Jack finished his explanation and looked up, catching the look in his Welshman’s eyes and he gasped, the emotion reflected in his own blue grey pools. Simultaneously, they reached for each other...

After an enjoyable body-zinging snogging session they collapsed breathlessly back against the leather, still fully clothed, if rather crumpled, with no agenda other than the blissful pleasures of sharing delicious kisses.

Jack looked at his watch. “It’s half seven...what do you want to do about dinner?”

“Not fussed, something from the freezer? Or we could do some omelettes? We’ve got cheesecake for dessert...”

“Omelettes put the coffee on and I’ll whip us up a giant Spanish omelette to share...” Pressing a light kiss to the end of Ianto’s button nose, Jack stood up and offered his hand, hauling the Welshman to his feet before they made their way to the kitchen and set about their assigned tasks.

Ten minutes later they were tucking in to a rather delicious plateful of Jack-special- everything-in-it-but-the-kitchen-sink omelette which they followed with large slices of chocolate brownie cheesecake. Jack moaned rapturously as he devoured his with obvious enjoyment, shuffling his chair closer to ‘help’ Ianto with his own dessert.

Their forks duelled over the final piece, Ianto scooping it up triumphantly with a flourish before offering it to his Captain who grinned and opened his mouth happily. Mouthful finished, Jack leant closer and slid a hand behind Ianto’s head, capturing his mouth, a single swipe of the Welshman’s lips giving him access where their tongues swirled as Ianto chased the lingering flavour of the rich chocolaty treat.

The kiss lasted long after the taste of cheesecake had gone, both immersing themselves in the familiar and pleasurable sensations of soft lips moving sweetly against their own... They broke apart, recharging air supplies with soft pants, hands threading lovingly through hair.

Wordlessly, they gathered plates, mugs and cutlery and stacked them in the dishwasher before taking a shower and, despite the earliness of the hour, cuddled up under the quilt where they shared a series of sweet and tender kisses before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

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