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Title: Twos and Blues: 35/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 6000  

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
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A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

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Chapter 35

They were woken by the alarm moments before the bleeper went off. Jack flung the quilt aside and was half out of bed before grunting absently and sliding back into the warmth of the duvet and his Welshman’s arms. “Forgot! I’m booked off from five...didn’t want to get involved in anything and have to leave...” he lifted his head off Ianto’s chest to press for a kiss that was willingly supplied, lips soft and supple, moving sweetly against his own until they parted to replenish vital air supplies.

They settled back against the pillows, fingers entwined, enjoying their closeness and the skin to skin contact with no agenda other than a few more stolen minutes before the start of the day.  They moved reluctantly when the snoozed alarm launched into ‘Daydream Believer’ as Jack stretched with a yawn and headed to the bathroom. Seconds later the shower was turned on.

Ianto followed him a few moments later, after sorting out clean shirts and underwear for them both which he left on the bed, grinning happily as he was tugged under the steaming spray for a breathtaking kiss that left them both with bodily reactions they were happy to take in hand to their mutual satisfaction.

Emerging clean and glowing, they dried and dressed and made their way to the kitchen where Ianto created coffee magic and Jack made them bacon sandwiches. Sat side by side at the dining table, they leant against each other contentedly as they ate their breakfast.

Ianto drained his coffee and sat the empty mug down “Where are you going today?”

“Lincoln...customer’s got a problem with one of his turbines so gotta go sort it out. Hopefully it’ll be something his own people can fix once we’ve identified the fault...” he sighed “wish it wasn’t so far away though...”

“But you’ll be back tonight?”

“Yeah, just don’t know what time, might be really late...” He turned his head to capture the Welshman’s lips in a soft and gentle kiss, hands reaching to thread fingers through still damp hair. “I’ll miss you...” the tiny whisper against Ianto’s ear sending a quiet thrill through him at the intensity of emotion in his Captain’s voice.

“...miss you too, cariad...” he cupped the older man’s face lovingly. “Ring me when you’re five miles out and I’ll be waiting for you...” he licked his lips suggestively and grinned as Jack’s eyes widened and his trousers suddenly seemed too tight “...ready and waiting for you...” The Welshman’s wicked chuckle was cut off as Jack crushed their mouths together, tongue mapping every contour with possessive intent in a dizzying kiss full of promise and red hot desire.

They broke apart, Ianto’s breath a series of tiny pants as his lips tingled and his body protested at the sudden withdrawal of the warmth of Jack’s body against his. “Now we’ll both be giddy all day!” Jack smiled, that just-for-Ianto soft smile that always made the young man’s stomach flutter as it was invaded by a thousand winged creatures taking to flight.

Glancing at his watch, Jack stepped back into the kitchen. “Okay sweetheart, I really have to get going – I said I’d pick Gav up at six thirty...”

 Swiftly stacking the plates and mugs in the dishwasher, Ianto followed Jack into the hall, holding his coat out for him as the older man slipped his arms into it and leant into the touch as Ianto smoothed the fabric down over his shoulders. They paused for a moment, the Welshman resting his cheek against his Captain’s back, as each took momentary comfort in the presence of the other.

Jack’s phone vibrated in his pocket and the spell was broken, both stepping apart as they left their quiet private haven and rejoined the real world. Slinging the strap of his laptop bag over his shoulder Jack moved towards the stairs, almost pushing Ianto aside as the young man reached to pick up Jack’s briefcase and the flask beside it “It’s okay Yanno, I’ve got it!” He took the case from Ianto’s hand as the Welshman’s eyebrows arched in surprise at the sudden flash of panic in his Captain’s eyes.

“Got the crown jewels in there?” he quipped lightly, releasing his hold instantly.

Relief followed the anxious look as Jack pressed a swift kiss to his Welshman’s lips. “Almost as valuable – these are the original, complete schematics for the client’s turbines – only set in existence as everything was done on paper in the good old days... Stan, Gav and I’ve been through them and marked sticky arrows...” He paused at the grin on Ianto’s face, unable to resist kissing those delicious lips again as they leant together “...and yes, I’ve still got a pack of sticky arrows with your name on them...gonna map all of those erogenous zones...” murmured against his mouth as they sank deeper into their kiss.

Parting reluctantly, he continued “, sticky arrows pinpointing all the places we think there might be a fault – the system’s huge and quite old now so there’s a few things that could be causing the problem...” he grinned, “we might even get to blow things up!”

Ianto rolled his eyes, “give you something to blow and you’re happy..!”

“If you’re offering...” the Harkness grin widened as his Welshman chuckled and propelled him through the door and down the stairs to the yard.

“Later! Now you need to get going...”

Jack put his bags and the flask into the footwell of the passenger seat, closed the door and folded Ianto into his arms, kissing him tenderly before walking around to climb into the driver’s seat. “Love you, my Yanno...”

“Love you too, keep safe...”


Ianto watched the SUV drive away before going back inside to make himself another coffee which he drank as he made a list of the shopping he needed to get for Jack’s house in preparation for the Doc and Rose’s arrival on Monday. List complete, he dumped his mug in the dishwasher and made his way down to the shop, the delicious aroma of freshly baked vanilla swirls greeting the ladies when they arrived.


“Someone’s lively today!” Rhi chuckled. “Where’s himself today? On a shout?”

“On the way to Lincoln...had to be up early to get there and back in a day...”

Rhi nudged Sue “ more ways than one I’ll bet!”

Blushing furiously, Ianto stuck his tongue out at his sister as he headed through to the shop to make their drinks, the two women giggling as they followed him with their pastries.

The morning rush was soon in full swing, Nick and Pete called in for breakfast, Owen came in with a colleague from the hospital mid morning and Gwen popped in at the end of lunch with a notebook full of handy hints for the stuff he’d have to do at training school. They chatted amiably as Gwen ate her Welsh cakes and drank her chocolate truffle blend, stood to one side of the counter, Ianto moving to serve customers as and when they came in and he was quite surprised when Gwen looked at her watch to find it had gone half past two! They headed for the door together and he closed up behind her, thanking her again for the notebook as she waved goodbye.

By the time he’d cashed up, the two women had done the cleaning and were ready to leave just after three, shouting their farewells as they went out of the back door. Ianto made himself a coffee, taking it over to one of the booths as he surveyed his list for the rest of the afternoon and pondered where to start first. He wondered how Jack was getting on...

Jack had picked Gav up a few minutes after leaving the shop, his close friend and personal assistant yawning sleepily at him as he clambered up into the front seat. “H’mmph!” He slumped in his seat as Jack grinned – Gav was not an early morning person!

“There’s coffee in the flask at your feet...New York blend I believe...” he chuckled as Gav immediately perked up and was soon pouring himself a mug of Ianto’s finest. Several mouthfuls later he was awake enough to chat and they swapped small talk about the weather, the traffic and the likelihood of Wales being triumphant in the next international rugby match.

Now fully awake, Gav turned a quizzical eyebrow towards his friend. “So what’s up? I know there’s something so don’t you dare try and pull the wool over my eyes Jack Harkness!”

Jack grinned wryly “I learned long ago not to even try!” He drew a deep breath in before adding “briefcase...”

Nodding his understanding, Gav leant down and pulled the briefcase up onto his lap and slid the clasps aside. It clicked open and he lifted the lid, his mouth forming a silent ‘oh’ as he looked at the contents on top of the client’s schematics. “Wow, Jack...and how are you going to raise the subject with him?”

Shrugging, Jack glanced at the other man. “No idea, any suggestions?”

“I suppose wait for the right moment isn’t really going to help...” he paused “any thoughts on how he’ll react?”

“Nope, positively I hope, but he’s had so much to deal with in the weeks since we met...” he grimaced lightly “we’re also going to see Hart together...apparently it might help his recovery...”

“You do know how to live big Jack, I’ll give you that...” Gav grinned, turning in his seat to look at his friend “but if it helps, I’ve never seen you as happy and content as you’ve been this past month...that smile’s back and you’ve got a look about you that’s been missing way too long...”

“Ya big ole softie!” Jack winked and chuckled, his face becoming serious again as he continued “but, yes, it’s like a part of me was missing and now I’m whole again...almost whole – and that...” he nodded towards the briefcase is the final piece. I just need to find the right time to talk to him and hope that he doesn’t run screaming for the hills!”

Gav closed the case and put it carefully back on the floor “If he can take coming out, Hart, Andrew and being splashed all over the front pages I don’t think your little revelation is going to throw him too much... He’s good for you Jack”

A dreamy smile crossed Jack’s face as images from their morning shower ran through his mind “yeah...he is...”

“Now who’s the big softie!” Gav teased as they both laughed. The rest of the journey was filled with discussion of the possible problems they could face on arrival...

After sending a “we’ve landed” text to his Welshman, Jack threw himself into the job at hand, going over the drawings from his briefcase step by step as they eliminated sticky arrow after sticky arrow, their spirits plummeting as the day drew on and no answers were found. A hasty lunch of limp cheese sandwiches and something that only vaguely resembled coffee was taken in the boardroom with Hector’s chief engineer as the three of them re-examined the blueprints for the turbines for any fault, no matter how improbable it might seem...

Rubbing his eyes tiredly, Jack stretched and shook his head. “I need some air...might help me think...” He sighed wistfully “what wouldn’t I give for a mug of @Yanno coffee right now...” He glanced at Gav with a faint grin as Hector’s engineer, a tiny wire haired man with the unlikely name of Harley, looked on, puzzled at the sudden tiny whimpers from his two companions.

The thought hit them both simultaneously the flask! “I thought of it first!” Gav shoved Jack good naturedly.

“I’m the boss!” Jack stood tall and flapped his coat importantly.

“Share?” they spoke together, laughter intensifying as the bemused expression deepened on Harley’s face. With flagging spirits now lifted at the thought of ‘proper’ coffee, they headed back towards the car park, Harley pointing out the test rig as they passed. Jack stopped to watch as the flame flared and was capped in a routine manoeuvre to test emergency responses.

Something was wrong...the colour was off...only a fraction but...

All thoughts of coffee driven from his mind, he spun around. “Have you changed your gas supplier recently?”

Harley jumped at the sharp tone. “Er...yeah...about three weeks ago...but...”

“And when did you notice your turbines starting to display faults?” Jack planted his hands on his hips as Gav also fixed the engineer with a steely glare.

“Uh...about...oh!” Realisation struck. “Three weeks ago!”

“There’s nothing wrong with the turbines themselves, it’s the intermix of gas and air that’s causing the popping and I‘m willing to bet that you’ve had some unstable readings on the test rig..?” The stern expression faded, replaced with a grin. “Then let’s go blow things up!” He patted the crestfallen Harley on the back, ”the newer rigs and equipment have micro-computers in them which automatically adjust the mix to the optimum flow so that’s why your other plant wouldn’t have shown any problems...”

“Rookie mistake...” Harley muttered, obviously furious with himself.

“But easily fixed...” Gav grinned, elbowing the man gently “and you’ve given the Captain an excuse to blow things have no idea how much he likes to do that!”

“I’ll go sort out the rig settings, you two go get your coffee...back here ten minutes?” Harley allowed himself a few choice swear words at his own incompetence, followed by an admiring sigh as Jack strode away, his coat billowing impressively behind him.

Jack and Gav reached the SUV and shared the remaining coffee between the two cups. Inhaling contentedly, Jack hooked his mobile out of his pocket and pressed #1 on his speed dial. Gav moved around to the other side of the car and pulled his own phone out.

Ianto was in Costco when his phone rang. Glancing at the caller ID his face lit up as he pressed answer. “’s it going?”

“Better now...been a nightmare, but think we’ve found the cause so hopefully get it sorted...” His voice softened “missing you...what’re you doing?”

“Shopping!” Ianto leant on his trolley “missing you too...” he smiled, blue eyes sparkling, oblivious to the envious glances of the other shoppers at the obvious love in his voice. “Got most of the stuff we need for Doc and Rose, apart from bread and milk and the like... I’ll go air the house once I’m done here and do their bed...” he paused “any idea what time you’ll be home?”

“Not yet, but I’ll text you when we’re leaving and it’ll be about three hours from there, depending on traffic...we’ll grab something to eat on the way...” his voice dropped to a growl “still want me to let you know when I’m five miles out?”

“Oh yes!” the hoarse intensity of the words sending a hot thrill of desire coursing through them both to leave their trousers uncomfortably tight.

“Love you my Yanno...”

“Love you too, Jack...” Twin smiles radiated at each end of the airwaves as they both hung up and took a deep breath, willing errant blood supplies back to assigned routes...

Ianto continued with his shopping before heading to the house and working through his list of chores; Jack finished his coffee before he and Gav returned to the meeting point and Harley handed them hard hats. Moving to the rig, they began a series of test explosions to determine the proper intermix formula for the new gas.

Having identified the problem, it was relatively simple to put right and they were completing the paperwork by ten past five – significantly earlier than had seemed likely a few hours ago. Hector shook their hands warmly as they prepared to take their leave, Harley adding his sincere thanks as they waved aside his apologies.

After sending a text to each of their partners, they joined the rush hour traffic and headed for home, stopping briefly for a drive-thru burger on the outskirts of the city before hitting the motorway. Gav nodded off an hour into the return journey as Jack entertained himself with happy images of his beloved Welshman and the miles flew past...

He pulled over as they reached Cardiff, sending a short message before waking Gav with a gentle shake.  Ten minutes later he was hugging Stu and Gav, the two men waving as he pulled away, a happy smile of anticipation on his face at the thought of home and Ianto waiting for him...

Ianto’s phone beeped as he stood in the bedroom in front of his wardrobe, trying to decide what to wear...if anything! Scooping it up from the bed he grinned At ready for me sweetheart? Hot for you – so hot for you! J x

Making a decision, he pulled his chosen item from the hanger and went back into the sitting room, arranging himself comfortably as planned.

Jack swung into the yard and climbed out, stretching gratefully. He picked up his bags and flask and tapped in the entry code for the outer door. As he opened the flat door he paused before standing his briefcase wasn’t the time...


“In here...”

Pushing the door open he gasped, a huge grin spreading over his face as he took in the welcome sight of his gorgeous Welshman clad only in one of Jack’s shirts, unbuttoned, stretched out on the sofa, head resting on one hand as he lay propped on an elbow with one knee bent... For a moment he feasted his eyes on the vision of beauty laid open just for him, the next instant he was shedding his coat so it crumpled to the floor before he flung himself into Ianto’s waiting arms and their mouths crushed together in a frantic kiss of mounting passion and wanton need...

Breaking apart, long breathless minutes later, Jack’s clothes now in complete disarray, buttons undone, braces hanging down and flies open, Ianto reached for his Captain’s hand as he panted softly against his ear. “Take me to bed Jack...” he brushed their joined hands against the entrance to his body, Jack’s smile reaching megawatt dimensions as he realised Ianto was indeed ready prepared for him “take me to bed and take me to heaven...”

Further words were lost as they stumbled to the bedroom, mouths locked together and fell across the quilt...

Thursday dawned bright and sunny, Ianto waking to the delicious sensation of hot breath huffing lightly over his skin before barely-there brushes of lips sent goose bumps trailing over his flesh. His eyes fluttered open, sleepy blue pools gazing up into Jack’s blue grey depths as he read love, passion and desire in equal measure. “Morning beautiful!” Jack’s lips met his in a tender kiss that developed rapidly into a duel of tongues and sent hands raking hungrily over hot flesh.

“Men aren’t beautiful...” he mumbled as they parted for air, hair wildly dishevelled, cheeks flushed and lips pink and kiss swollen.

Jack smiled softly as he gazed at his panting Welshman “Yes they are...beautiful and mine...

“But...” the rest was lost as Ianto’s mouth was captured once more, Jack rolling them over to finish on top of the younger man as he ground their hips together and any thoughts of debate went out of the window as Ianto gave himself completely to the pleasurable sensations of Jack’s body against his...

Some time later they lay tangled and spent in a heap under the quilt, bodies tingling with the warmth of the afterglow as they came down from their orgasmic high. Their breathing back to normal, Ianto moved reluctantly out of Jack’s arms, ignoring the protesting “stay...” and padded through to the bathroom to set the shower going, returning to lean provocatively against the bedroom doorframe as he beckoned his Captain with a curl of his index finger.

He grinned as Jack’s eyes widened. “You coming?” he called over his shoulder as he shook his backside and vanished from view.

A Jack-shaped tornado swept into the bathroom, leapt into the cubicle and gathered his Welshman into his arms, kissing him with dizzying passion as they pressed wet bodies together and it was Ianto’s turn to take his Captain to the cosmos and back, one desire-laden kiss at a time...

Finally, dry and dressed, they made their way down to the shop just before Sue and Rhi arrived, the two men nuzzling together at the coffee machine as the ladies watched them fondly from the archway. “Okay, you can put him down now!” Rhi made a fine surrogate Owen.

“Morning Rhi!”

“I take it you had a successful day in Lincoln?” Rhi handed Jack a stack of napkins to refill the dispensers, grinning at the pout as he released his hold on her brother.

“Yep, problems all sorted...”

“Good! Now can we sort out the graffiti problem here?” She raised an eyebrow as Jack spun around to look at Ianto.

“Yanno?” He moved back to the counter “what graffiti?”

“I didn’t want to bother’s nothing...”

Rhi planted her hands on her hips and pursed her lips. Jack looked from one to the other “Will someone just tell me?”

Ianto frowned “it’s just mindless ignorant idiots who can’t even spell their insults correctly...just scribble on the menu holder outside and on the door – it came off with that hand gel stuff so no damage...” he turned imploring eyes towards his sister who shook her head minutely and ignored him.

“...and the rest...” Jack wasn’t fooled by the attempted nonchalant shrug.

“The suggestion box by the door was stuffed with all sorts of stuff – some threatening, some downright disgusting and the rest simple name calling and bad language...” Ianto reached a hand out towards Jack “It’s fine, I threw it away...I don’t care Jack...

“I do...they won’t get away with it. Anything on the CCTV?”

“No, we checked, they were careful to keep their faces hidden. Seems to have been three of them.” Sue spoke quietly.

Jack fished his phone out and tapped out a swift email. “The CCTV people will be here at some point to add a couple more cameras – hidden ones at door level so we can see who comes in and another one pointing down at the outside...” He took Ianto’s outstretched hand “I just want to protect you...all of you...”

Ianto nodded and turned back to his coffee machine, laughing as Jack slid over the counter to avoid letting go of his hand. The tension lifted and breakfast preparations continued. Sue and Rhi went back out to the kitchen. Jack folded the Welshman into his arms “promise me you’ll tell me if it happens again...”


“Oh, while we’re sharing things... I had a text back from John’s doctor. We can go next Friday afternoon...” he pressed a light kiss to Ianto’s lips “you don’t have to come...”

Yes I do!” the steel was back “he needs to know that you’re mine and...” coffee production came to an abrupt halt as Jack’s lips crashed against Ianto’s, his free hand threading lovingly through the young man’s hair as he was kissed into oblivion.

“That’d do it!” Ianto gasped when he was finally released, flushed cheeks and blue eyes sparkling as they gazed at each other...

Sue nudged Rhi from the archway “you were right about horny teenagers! Breakfast’s ready – shall we go interrupt their fun!” Laughing, they made their way into the shop and into a booth. Jack moved away reluctantly, taking the ladies’ drinks over as Ianto made a couple of signature blends for the two of them before sliding into the seat next to his Captain. It was a fun filled breakfast as Jack regaled them with another fireman story involving a lost pair of slippers, a pipe and a cornfield!

A swift kiss later and Jack went off to work, Ianto took up position at his coffee machine as Sue opened the door and the day began.

It was a busy day again – it seemed they’d managed to hang on to most of the new customers who’d tried them out after the news reports. Alfie and Marla called in to say hello just before lunch, Alfie still clutching his Fire bear and in fine form as he munched on an M&M’s cookie.

The CCTV firm arrived at the end of the lunchtime rush, did what they had to do and were gone again in less than an hour, not even stopping for a coffee this time as they’d literally squeezed the job in on their way somewhere else “Mr Harkness is a very good customer...glad we could help out...” as they shook hands and were out of the door.

Rhi and Sue were pulling their coats on just after three when Ianto’s phone beeped It’s drill night, we need to continue our lesson on the history of the undress home shortly...

“Don’t tell me, message from lover boy?” Rhi grinned at the dreamy look on her brother’s face and tugged on Sue’s sleeve. “C’mon, let’s leave the lovebirds to it!” the two women laughing fondly as they took their leave.

Ianto took a quick inventory of supplies and calculated he could probably last until Saturday before needing to do a major baking session. Nodding to himself, he turned his steps towards the flat and carefully laid out Jack’s uniform on the bed, taking his own into the spare room where he repeated the action.

Next, he moved through to the kitchen where the delicious aroma of braised steak filled the air as he checked the slow cooker – if their ‘history lesson’ distracted them, at least they wouldn’t burn the place down by forgetting the dinner this week! Chopping and boiling some potatoes, he mashed them with butter and milk and popped the dish in the microwave ready for heating later. Finally he cooked the carrots and was filling the dishwasher with the pots he’d used when Jack came pounding up the stairs and bounded into the flat. He tugged Ianto into his arms to be kissed thoroughly as Jack’s tongue mapped every contour of his mouth with meticulous detail, leaving the Welshman panting and weak at the knees when he was released.

“I’m home!”

“Hmmgghhrrr!” Ianto was incapable of speech as he leant against his Captain.

Jack grinned and kissed him again, softly this time, with a tenderness and depth of emotion that left the young man with tears in his eyes as Jack caressed his face and threaded his other hand through his hair. They stood, arms wrapped tightly around each other, no words required for long minutes, each immersing themselves completely in the aroma and warmth of the other.

When they eventually moved, Jack opened his mouth to speak, only to have Ianto press a finger to his lips, stilling him. Sliding their fingers together Ianto led Jack to the bedroom and pointed at his uniform laid out. Nodding Jack opened his mouth again, closing it without speaking as the Welshman grinned and pulled him gently towards the spare room. Stepping over the threshold, Ianto reached down to pick up his stopwatch from on top of his own uniform.

Jack’s grin of delight lit up the hallway and they took their positions in the doorways of the two rooms.

“Three,!” Ianto clicked the button on the top and both men vanished inside their respective rooms to pull on their uniforms. Long years of practice saw Jack victorious in the ‘dress dash’ at two minutes thirty six seconds as he clicked the stopwatch off before leaning against the wall to watch Ianto finish tucking his shirt in before doing up his trouser button and belt buckle.

Both now dressed, Jack held his hand out and led the Welshman back to their bedroom where they sat on the edge of the bed. “So, the undress uniform became the daily uniform wear for service was smart and allowed firemen to be easily identified, was washable and practical...this is the third incantation of the undress uniform that I’ve had in my twenty years...twenty years to the day actually, and is the most comfortable one to wear so far...”

He leant forward and pressed a soft kiss to Ianto’s lips before dropping light, barely-there kisses down the side of the young man’s neck as one hand moved to undo the buttons of his shirt...”it’s also easily removed...mark of a good uniform...” His hands pushed the shirt off Ianto’s shoulders and dropped it to the floor, tugging his t-shirt out from his trousers to slide his fingers into the gap where they roamed hungrily over the warm flesh below, his mouth following the path of his hands...”reversibility...”he mumbled against the soft skin of Ianto’s tummy, tongue leaving damp trails up towards the soft downy hair on his chest...”easy on...easy off...”

Ianto’s eyes closed as he sank back on the bed and gave himself to Jack’s undressing...

After further imaginative interpretations of the words undress and reversibility where they carefully dressed each other, each added item celebrated with sweet and endless kisses, they returned to the kitchen, fully attired and in severe need of sustenance after their energetic history lesson. Ianto made coffee as Jack heated the potato and carrots.

Sat at the dining table, they enjoyed their dinner as Jack recalled his first day twenty years ago...

On arrival at the station Jack dived into his paperwork once he’d set Ianto up on the lecture room computer upstairs to do some interactive training in preparation for his stint at training school. They ginned at each other as they looked out of the huge window, a clear view of the ladder on the top of the first away... “Great film Backdraft...” Jack murmured as he pressed a soft kiss to the Welshman’s lips before heading back to the Watch room.

By the time Jack called them all to attention in the Appliance bay for the start of drill at six thirty he’d cleared half his in-tray and Ianto had the first module done and on-line test passed.

Jack detailed the order of the night: “Spook, Gareth, Pup, Rhys and Pete are off to the BA Chamber in Cardiff for routine refresher exercise, the rest’ll go next week... Pete will go IC and Rhys can drive the staff wagon. Tosh will show Ianto the weekly tests, Nick and Gwen will do the BA rigs and I’ll be starting the paperwork with Owen for the annual performance reviews. Everyone clear what they’re doing?”

A collective “yes, sir!” and he dismissed them, allowing himself a gentle smile at the eager expression on his Welshman’s face as he followed Tosh like an obedient puppy.

“You can stop drooling, Captain! He belongs to Tosh for the next hour and a half!” Owen shoved him good naturedly as they walked back to the Watch room and the mountain of paper that awaited them.

Drill passed quickly for Ianto and on leaden feet for Jack, one drinking in every word from his Auntie, the other painfully filling in annual performance appraisal forms as he suffered sarcastic snarky commentary from his number two – Owen hated paperwork even more than Jack did!

The staff bus returned about ten to nine and the crew piled out, walking into the station chattering loudly. Jack didn’t notice Ianto slipping away until he’d called everyone into formation for the dismissal and he was one firefighter short.

“Where’s trainee Firefighter Jones? Tosh – you had him last?”

Tosh feigned surprise. “I sent him to you to sign off the weekly checks...”

Jack frowned, a fleeting memory of the last time he’d had Ianto go missing...the time when Hart had... He shoved the thought aside – Hart was safely tucked up in hospital. “We need to find him...he can’t be far...” He turned around, jumping as Ianto stepped out from behind the first away, a huge cake in the shape of a white Firefighter’s helmet with Jack’s name and 20 years a hero on the badge on the front.

The crews applauded as Owen clapped Jack on the back. “We couldn’t let the day pass, knowing what it is...”

“Thanks guys...okay, so crews dismissed and see you upstairs for coffee and cake in a moment. Firefighter Jones...a moment of your time, please!”

Chattering loudly, everyone piled through the kit bay and headed up the stairs leaving Jack and Ianto alone. Tugging the young man into the corridor that led to the shower rooms, Jack pressed him against the wall and kissed him soundly, tongue plundering his mouth with increasing passion as Ianto melted in his arms. Releasing him when they ran out of air, Jack panted softly against his ear “that’s a thank you for the surprise and a taste of what you get when we get home...”

He nipped Ianto’s earlobe and pushed him gently back into the Appliance bay, a throaty chuckle following a wobbly-legged Welshman up the stairs “Now don’t drop my cake!”

A cheer greeted them as Ianto set the cake down on a table and went into the kitchen to find a knife before taking his place at the coffee machine while Jack cut huge slices of the white chocolate and raspberry cake for everyone. The room was filled with lively banter and laughter, yet more stories of shouts gone by...some momentous ones from the annuls of history as well as the fun and the ridiculous!

The station had emptied by quarter to eleven, just the two of them left as they stacked the mugs back into the cupboard. Linking hands they went downstairs, Jack grabbing his coat to drape it over his arm as he picked his keys up from the basket on the desk. The light went out as they closed the door, the building on silent alert as it waited for the next emergency call...

Jack drove swiftly – and almost within the speed limit – and it was no time at all until they were climbing the stairs to the flat, mouths crashing together in a searing kiss as they made it through the front door, shedding their uniforms as they went, each item dropped carelessly in a trail on the floor...

Laying his now naked Welshman back onto the bed, Jack reached into the drawer and pulled out a pad of red, arrow-shaped sticky notes, peeling one off slowly as he gazed into Ianto’s dancing blue, lust-blown eyes. “Where shall I put the first one..?”

Chapter 36

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