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Title: Twos and Blues: 34/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 7200 – another extra long one to make up for the delay!

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
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A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

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Chapter 34

Ianto’s grip tightened convulsively around Jack’s fingers. “What is it...what’s wrong?”

Grimacing, Jack paused before answering. “You know that boy yesterday...”

The colour drained from the Welshman’s face. “He’s died hasn’t he...fuck Jack...why wasn’t I faster getting him out?” Tears filled his eyes and he bit down hard on his trembling bottom lip as Jack hastened to reassure him.

“No, sweetheart...he’s not dead...” he moved their joined hands to brush aside a tear as it rolled slowly down Ianto’s face. “He’s going to be saved him...”

We saved him...” he leant into the sweet and tender kiss, pulling apart to rest their foreheads together, eyes closed... “so what’s wrong? You can tell me – I won’t break Jack!”

A brief smile scampered over the Captain’s face at the steely determination in his voice. “It seems that Alfie is the son of a newspaper editor and...” he took a deep breath in “we are now front page news...they’ve had a statement from Fire HQ about my career and you can be sure the paper’s checked you out’s also a cert that they’ve worked out our relationship...” he frowned, the action sending a brief tremor of fear through the younger man.

“Are you cross? Are you...are you breaking up with me?”Ianto’s voice shook despite the steel a few moments earlier.

“No! No...never...Yanno, I love you more than I can say...” Jack cupped Ianto’s face in his hands, stroking his thumbs over the Welshman’s cheeks. “But they will have every aspect of our lives out in the open...that means past relationships, jobs, they could bring up your childhood...anything...I don’t want you to be upset...”

Jack Harkness!” the steel was back, softening a split second later “’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me...” Ianto’s hands mirrored Jack’s “...four weeks ago I was a lonely, straight guy facing the scariest challenge of his I have a growing business, a fire career to look forward to and I’ve found the love of my life...who cares what anyone says... I love you and that’s all that matters – Rhi knows, our friends know...” He slid a hand behind the other man’s head, tugging him closer as he captured his lips in a tender huge hugs and congratulations kiss that said more than any words could ever have, a kiss that rapidly became hot and hungry, tongues tangling in a tempestuous tango as they pressed their bodies closer and hands raked possessively over warm skin...

Their mounting passion was interrupted by first Ianto’s, then Jack’s phones ringing within seconds of each other. Panting, they each grabbed their mobiles, a breathless “yes?” as they noted their caller ID.

“Ianto? You’re on TV!” Rhi’s voice reached Jack above Tosh’s quiet suggestion that they switch the TV on for the local news...

They gazed at each other and leapt at the remote...

The reporter was at Cosmeston Country Park, the camera panning over the picturesque view of the lake as they told the story of the previous afternoon. The camera swung back to the reporter as she handed back to the studio and the newsreader concluded with smiling comment about local heroes against a backdrop picture of the pair of them on their knees hugging each other, dripping wet, just after Alfie had been taken away by the paramedics. It was a short, but accurate account as the screen moved on to the weather report.

I a n t o!” Rhi was still demanding his attention on the other end of the phone.

“Hi Rhi!”

“What the hell is that all about? Did you do that? Why didn’t you tell me? Well?!” Rhi fired at him at top speed.

“As they said...yes, we did...we were going to this morning...what else is there to say!” Ianto couldn’t believe he was being so calm about the sudden media spotlight they’d found themselves under and he ginned, squeezing Jack’s hand as his Captain conversed with first Tosh and then Owen.

Rhi spluttered, “I’ll see you shortly...oh, and Ianto?”

Rolling his eyes, Ianto prepared for the lecture “I’m so proud of you...” a muffled sob was cut off as she hung up. Smiling fondly, Ianto leant briefly into the warmth of Jack’s body, pressed a light kiss to his man’s shoulder and slid out of bed.

Making ‘shower’ motions with his hand, Ianto headed to the bathroom. Jack had finished his call with their friends and was now talking to Gav, making arrangements to work from @Yanno today and preparing a brief announcement to the company workers for when they all arrived. Jack requested that no-one talk to the press without first checking in with himself, Gav or Cally. Thanking Gav and apologising for disturbing him and Stu so early, Jack hung up and dialled his message service where he had three new messages...

The first was Tony, Deputy Divisional Commander, advising that he’d send the press officer to @Yanno’s as the media coverage was more widespread than they’d envisaged “all good news though, Jack...we’re very proud of you both, get back to me later when you can...”

The second was a detective Belling wanting to come and take a statement about the events leading up to the rescue. He’d left a number for Jack to call. The final one was Jack’s friend from the radio station requesting an exclusive outside broadcast...

Dropping his phone onto the bed he padded down the hall to join Ianto where, despite the delays lost to media events, they still found time to explore familiar territory with plenty of bubbles and energetic imagination, emerging glowing and satisfied and ready to take whatever the day could throw at them.

Jack watched as Ianto dressed carefully, knotting his tie slowly so it sat perfectly at his throat...he looked utterly beautiful and Jack quietly fell in love all over again.

Once both were dressed they changed the sheets and tidied the kitchen before going down to the shop, where Sue and Rhi joined them a few minutes later. Ianto went to prepare the drinks as Jack’s phone rang again. After telling Gav and Stu to come around to the back, he replied to a text from Pete with the same instructions and it was a large and noisy gathering for the staff breakfast.

Nick and Pete both volunteered as extras for the day “we guessed it’s going to be rather busy today as they’ve been talking about @Yanno on the radio all morning, so we are yours to command!” Pete grinned as Jack slung an arm over both their shoulders, pressed a kiss to each of their temples and steered them out to the kitchen to help Rhi.

The final one to arrive was Zuko, the press officer. In the early days of his career he’d looked like a young John Travolta and the nickname had stuck. Now in his fifties, he was immaculately presented in his undress uniform, conservative gold half-rimmed spectacles and a thick shock of silver hair concealing a quick wit and a way with words that had earned him respect the county over.

After introductions and a minor swoon over his mug of @Yanno blend coffee he assured Ianto that he was only here to deal with any media and that if he could, Ianto should try and enjoy the spotlight for the day...”tomorrow it will be old news, so you might as well make it work for your business, son!” he smiled, moving away to a central table with a view of the entire shop “By the way, amazing coffee, Mr Jones..! Anyone wants to talk to you, send ‘em my way, okay?” He sat and opened his briefcase.

Having received clearance to allow the outside broadcast, Jack let the crew in fifteen minutes before opening. A large crowd had already gathered, many familiar faces of Ianto’s regular customers and some unknowns... Jack and Ianto gave a brief interview, answering the questions with frank honesty on all subjects, including their relationship, and Mike thanked them both warmly, knowing his audience would be delighted...two good looking, local heroes and a new love story to boot...a dream story and exclusive to his show...

Outside the crowd were counting down to opening...

Mike and his soundman moved to a position by the door as Jack stood ready to open it, the roars increasing in volume “!” there was a resounding cheer as the door opened and people flooded in to form a queue at the counter.

Jack was dragged into a joint hug by Tosh and Owen as soon as they were through the door. “Why didn’t you tell us? Not like you to be so modest!” Owen smacked Jack on the back as they released him from the fierce embrace.

“Didn’t think about it to be honest! We were so relieved he was okay, and we were frozen – that lake was bloody cold – so we came home, had a shower and went to bed...”

“And that’s quite enough information on that score!” Owen grinned as Jack stuck his tongue out.

“For your information we just went to if you were talking about the shower...”

Tosh giggled and Owen visibly shuddered. “God, I need a coffee now to shift those images from my poor brain!” Laughing, they joined the queue, declining the offer of Jack skipping to the top and bringing them their drinks. “Not when it’s this busy...we’ll wait our turn – and I can tease Tea boy when we get there!” Owen grinned in happy anticipation as Jack and Tosh shook their heads in amusement.

In buoyant mood, Jack moved through the crowds, sharing a few words with regulars and long-time friends, accepting praise with quiet dignity and sending numerous loving looks at his beloved Welshman who was performing coffee magic at his machine, their eyes meeting occasionally to swap unspoken messages of support and devotion.

Nick and Pete worked with good humour, running errands, clearing tables, stacking the dishwasher and taking over the till and the ovens so the ladies could grab a break, sharing their own soft glances and gentle touches. The atmosphere was one of fondness and celebration with just a minor disturbance towards the end of lunchtime when three men barged through the door with a placard proclaiming that ‘Gays are wrong and should be put down’ shouting loudly for a response... The shop fell silent, waiting...

Jack stepped behind the counter, pulled Ianto into his arms and kissed him hard, the Welshman’s hands threading lovingly through his Captain’s hair as the customers cheered and applauded as loudly as any rugby crowd!

The would-be antagonists screamed insults that were drowned out by the crowd, hurled their banner into the shop and kicked a table over, taking to their heels and fleeing as several customers stepped towards them.

Nick helped Zuko to right the table and order was restored, Jack reluctantly releasing his hold so Ianto could get back to coffee creation. Rhi and Pete had watched from the archway, both with their phones poised to dial 999 if needed and they nodded approvingly at the simple, yet powerful demonstration of commitment and refusal to let narrow-minded thugs dictate how anyone lived their lives. Jack joined them as they moved back into the kitchen.

“Nicely done!” Pete grinned.

“Well, any excuse to kiss him, I guess!” Jack’s flippant remark drew a chuckle from the others as his face grew serious “I just hope we don’t get a brick through the window or worse...”

“This place has got too many friends and we’ll all be keeping a watchful eye...” Nick came in with the roughly made placard. “What do you want done with this beautiful artwork?”

“Burn it – along with the bigots who wrote it!” Rhi was livid and baying for blood!

“We’ll keep it out back in the shed – just in case we need it for evidence...” Jack grabbed a black bag, bundled the offensive sign into it and vanished outside, reappearing a minute or two later to wash his hands. “Done! Now let’s finish the day on a high...”

It was indeed a high as he returned and the door opened to Marla, Alfie and a man who looked so much like the little boy that he had to be his dad! It was an emotional reunion which led to all the adults crying whilst Alfie toddled around happily clutching the Fire Bear that Jack had given him... The doors stayed open long after closing time today as the group toasted Alfie and his amazing escape, the toddler none the worse for his brush with death and an overnight stay in hospital.

Zuko captured the happy meeting in a group picture, promising a copy to Alfie’s parents, along with one of Jack and Ianto and their son with his Fire teddy... With a final hug all round, they took their leave and once the clearing up was done Rhi, Sue, Nick and Pete also left, waving away Jack and Ianto’s heartfelt thanks with a fond hug and an “our pleasure...”

Zuko shook both men’s hands warmly, eagerly accepted a pack of @Yanno take-home grounds for his office and confirmed he’d send a copy of all releases to them by the evening, pointing out the pile of newspapers and printouts he’d left on a table for them. Their time in the spotlight done, they crawled wearily upstairs and dropped onto the bed, arms wrapped around each other as they fell asleep...

Jack woke first, his nose buried in his Welshman’s hair as he lay spooned around him, arm draped possessively around Ianto’s waist, keeping him close.  A smile tugged at his lips as he thought back over the past two days and the events that had underlined, once again, just how much one Ianto Jones had changed his life...

He tightened his hold and snuggled closer, the reaction below his waist an instant response as the young man wriggled backwards, hips pressing back against the hot swelling... Jack moaned softly into Ianto’s neck, his breath ticking the sensitive skin. Turning in his arms Ianto moved to face his Captain, his hand tracing the outline of those wonderful lips that he loved to kiss...matching the thought to action as they sank into sweet and endless kisses, tongues slow dancing as passion simmered and legs entangled...

Breaking apart when they ran out of air, Jack sighed and nuzzled closer to Ianto’s neck. “I still need to talk to you, sweetheart...”

“Yeah, I’s about John Hart isn’t it?” Ianto’s words were spoken in a neutral tone, neither cross nor accusing, the question more a statement of fact.

Once again, Jack was forced to acknowledge the sheer magnitude of the way Ianto made him feel...right now, he felt like he’d betrayed him and he mumbled into his shoulder. “You know?”

“Not really, I overheard Zuko on the phone to someone and he was saying the last thing we need is for Hart’s  latest stunt to make it into the press on top of the revelations already out there...” he paused, “so I guessed the bastard’s been up to something...” Ianto tipped Jack’s face up to kiss him softly. “Hart is a sad and lonely arsehole who is in your long as he stays that way, I don’t give a shit what he does! You and me are what got that Captain?” The steel was most definitely there and Jack felt a surge of warmth and Yanno...

“I got that...sir!” he smiled briefly. “The call I got the other morning was to tell me – as his Station Commander, nothing else – that he’d made another suicide attempt. Seems he slit his wrists with a broken plastic knife...” Jack paused and Ianto arched an eyebrow at him.

“...and..?” the Welshman sighed “Jack!”

“...and he wrote your name in blood on the wall...” he gazed anxiously at the man he loved, watching the reaction. Shit! This was the last thing they needed right now, on top of everything else over the past twenty four hours...

Ianto’s lips compressed and his eyebrows furrowed momentarily. “I hope the bastard got the spelling right!” he quipped lightly, leaning forward to press their lips together softly.

The tension fell away from Jack’s body as he sank into the kiss, their fingers carding gently though each other’s hair as tongues mapped mouths...

Parting, they lay close, lips just millimetres apart as they shared warm breath. “So they think he’s obsessed with you...he sees you as his nemesis because it means he can’t have me...”

“Oh, he has no idea! The only way he’s getting past me is by stepping over my cold dead body...” Ianto muttered darkly “and you had better be so caught up in cradling me in your arms that you don’t even notice him...” he stopped abruptly as a choked sob burst from his Captain’s lips.

Don’t! Don’t talk of dying...can’t lose you...not like...”

“Shit!” Ianto cursed himself for his big mouth. “Cariad, I’m sorry...” he brushed Jack’s tears aside and crushed their lips together, hands roaming hungrily over the other man’s body as he plundered his mouth to kiss him senseless.

They finally came up for air, hair dishevelled, faces flushed, lips pink and kiss swollen and hot arousals pressing against each other as they panted softly.

“Let’s go visit this pain in the arse...”

“They want us to visit to see if we...” they spoke together, grinning at their matching thoughts.

“Set up the visit Jack and we’ll sort him out once and for all...” Ianto traced a finger over the outline of Jack’s mouth “You’re mine...all mine...

“Yours...” Jack stared into the Welshman’s eyes “Take me...mark me as yours...” the low intensity of his voice sending red hot sparks of desire through them as Ianto reclaimed his Captain’s mouth and pulled him closer...

It was gone seven when they resurfaced, freshly showered and dressed in jeans and t-shirts, stomachs grumbling at how little they’d eaten that day. “I’ll go sort out a takeaway, you make your calls...” Ianto kissed him lightly and propelled him towards the living room.

Jack rang and left a message for Tony, left another message for the detective about the statement he wanted from them and was rattling off a dozen or so email responses when Ianto joined him, two glasses and a bottle of wine in his hand. “Chinese will be here in fifteen minutes, thought we could toast our media success and look at what the papers actually said about us...” he nodded at the small pile of newspapers.

Side by side on the sofa they worked through the stories that Zuko had marked with shocking pink sticky notes. They’d made it to two of the dailies – tiny mentions of ‘two gay heroes diving into a freezing lake to save a toddler thrown in by local thugs’ with the focus on the declining morality of teens.

“I love the way they always mention gay!” Ianto turned an inquiring eyebrow towards his thoughtful Captain. “You never see the opposite two straight heroes...” he shrugged and brushed their lips together “one of those random irritations of our modern world...” He took a mouthful of wine and turned his attention back to the local paper.


The front page headline had the same picture as the TV report had shown. The write up was simple and described the events clearly, including a statement from Marla and her husband on how grateful they were to both men, both firefighters serving their community with dedication and professionalism. A comment by the paramedics confirming their actions had saved the child’s life led into a section about both men and their relationship, with brief details of their past relationships – Hart was mentioned as the most recent ex-lover for Jack, as was Lisa for Ianto, the paper clear to point out that her baby was not Ianto’s...this editor had obviously taken great pains to get the stories right and it was logical to assume that Alfie’s dad was behind this one.

The story continued with a look at their careers and current full-time work and a couple of pictures of them in their roles. @Yanno got a fine write-up, including the fact it had been nominated for an award and there was a mention of Jack’s forthcoming medal ceremony for his twenty years service to the Brigade.

The report concluded with a comment that without people like these two heroes, communities would find it much harder to sleep soundly at night.

“Not bad...I was expecting...” Ianto faltered “...actually, I don’t know what I was expecting! More sleaze?” he frowned “not sure that’s what I mean!”

Jack wrapped his arms around the Welshman and kissed him hard, tongue plundering his mouth to leave him dizzy and lips tingling deliciously as tiny fires of desire ignited below his belt...

“I think you’ll find that in here!” Jack panted softly as they moved apart to look at the next paper. Zuko had written Trash! on another sticky note on the front of the publication. “But at least we’re not front page on this 11 is the best we get in here...hhhmmm, I see what he means!” Picking the paper up he read aloud

Two gay men out for a ‘walk’ in a local park happened across a small child in a lake and jumped in to save him. The men were seen embracing by several members of the public, one who wished to remain anonymous said ‘we have a problem with gays using this area as a meeting place before they go off and indulge in all sorts of unsavoury activities. It puts me off bringing my children here.’

One of the men is a well known figure whose ex-lover is currently receiving treatment for sex, drink and drugs addiction, the other leaves an ex- girlfriend and baby to pursue his depraved gay lifestyle...”  

Okay, so that’s not so nice...but as it doesn’t actually use our names, I doubt there’s much we can do about that...” he slung the offending paper into the bin and turned to the next one, another front page article with similar details to the first report. The picture was of the lake rather than them and they shared the spotlight with the history of the local fire service. It took away some of the bad taste left from the gutter-press article.

They flicked through the rest of the papers, most were short factual reports and generally favourable; they’d made Twitter – a link to the on-line version of the first report was tweeted by Stonewall with several retweets showing on the page Zuko had printed out.

“Not bad overall...” Jack concluded, dropping the last one back on the table as the doorbell rang and Ianto stood up.

“I’ll get the dinner, cariad, you sort plates and cutlery...” Ianto’s phone buzzed in his pocket and he tugged it out as he headed for the hall, a grin lighting his face as he hopped lightly down the stairs. After tipping the delivery girl, he ran back up to the flat to join Jack in the kitchen where he’d laid the table and retrieved their glasses and the bottle from the sitting room.

Opening the containers and laying them out on the breadboard, Ianto carried them over to the table and they dived in hungrily. Once they’d taken the edge of their appetites Ianto pulled out his phone and opened the last message he’d received. “You are gonna love this!” he leant across and showed Jack the message from Mica. Hi Unca Yanno, unca Jack J) Thought you’d like to see this – friend at school sent it... There was a link to a Facebook page. Tapping on the link Ianto grinned, holding the phone up so Jack got the full effect of the Love @Yanno group page.

“It’s got a hundred and seventy six likes already and over seventy members!” Ianto recited happily, lights dancing in his crystal blue eyes and a smile curving the edges of his soft pink lips...a sudden gasp escaping as Jack ceased gazing adoringly and grabbed a handful of t-shirt to haul his Welshman in for a passionate kiss, his tongue mapping the contours of his mouth with possessive intent.

“Let’s finish dinner and then I’m going to kiss every inch of you from top to toe and when I’ve done that...” he chuckled throatily and pressed his lips closer to the young man’s ear, the almost touch sending shivers of anticipation down Ianto’s spine “then I’m going to take you slowly you’ll be begging me for more...”  

Hands tangled in hair and slid around the backs of necks as they sank back into a series of long lingering kisses, kisses that quickly became hot and wet as they gave into the pulsing desire raging through their veins to settle in their trousers and dinner was forgotten.

Lips still locked together, they stumbled towards the bedroom, shedding clothes as they went and fell onto the bed...

They were roused from a deep and satisfying sleep by the bleeper, springing apart as they both dragged on their turn-out clothes and pounded down the stairs, Jack snatching a quick kiss as he shot out of the door and Ianto walked slowly back up to the flat. A quick glance at the clock showed it was only ten past four and he quickly dismissed the idea of starting an early baking session, instead dropping his trackies and sweatshirt back onto the floor and crawling back under the covers to cuddle into Jack’s pillow where the intoxicating scent of the man he adored flooded his senses and he quickly went back to sleep.

He woke just as the alarm went off, assaulting his eardrums with a Madonna remix which he turned off with a grimace. Swinging his legs over the edge of the bed, a grin spread across his face as he heard the sound of a key in the lock and the quiet tread up the stairs of his Captain returning home.

Moving quickly, he was leaning casually against the sofa when Jack came through the door, dark shadows under his eyes and weariness etched heavily on his face. He opened his mouth to speak, closing it again without a sound as the Welshman opened his arms and Jack fell into them, sinking into the embrace as Ianto rocked them gently, pressing kisses into the older man’s hair as he murmured soft words of love and comfort...

It was long minutes before Jack moved, finally loosening his tight hold enough to pull back and capture his partner’s lips in a tender kiss, pouring every emotion into the heartfelt exchange. Ianto stroked his fingers lovingly through his Captain’s hair “bad shout cariad?” he whispered against his ear when they surfaced to catch their breath.

“Yeah, RTC...”Jack sighed heavily before amending, “road traffic collision...two cars, one on its roof. The two in that were only their heads on some dope the police said. One dead – he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt and got thrown through the windscreen, the other, the driver, just cuts and bruises and possibly a broken collarbone...the car they hit was a taxi who was on his way back from an early morning airport run. He was only doing it as a favour for a mate – we had to cut him out...they don’t know if he’ll make it...”

Ianto’s arms tightened instinctively around the older man “can I do anything, cariad?”

“’re doing it already...” Jack gazed into Ianto’s eyes. “Just listening and holding I know I’m not alone...”

“You’ll never be alone again...not if I have my way!” rubbing soothing circles on Jack’s back, the fierce declaration earning him a watery smile and a grateful squeeze.

Long minutes passed, the two men silent in each other’s arms...

“Okay!” Jack lifted his head from Ianto’s shoulder and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. “You’re frozen, sweetheart! Sorry! I didn’t mean you to get about I show my gratitude in a shared shower and then you can finish the repair job with some of your wonderful coffee?” Cupping the young man’s face, he stroked a thumb over his cheek “Thank Yanno...thank you for being you...” he broke off, not trusting himself to say anything more without breaking down.

Releasing his hold, he slid a hand down to entwine their fingers and led them to the bathroom where he pushed aside the dark memories from the accident, replacing them with fresh images of a bubble-covered Welshman; eyes closed, head arched back as low moans of pleasure fell from his lightly parted, soft and sensual lips, moments before he cried his release into Jack’s willing mouth...

Dry and dressed, they went downstairs to the shop where Ianto made some coffee and Jack sorted out some croissants and cinnamon sticks for their breakfast. They were kissing extended and rather exciting goodbye which saw them climbing progressively further into each other’s mouths, when Sue and Rhi arrived, both women grinning and a chorus of “put him down, we haven’t had our breakfast yet!” finally breaking the marathon farewell.

“Have a good day sweetheart...”

“You too, cariad...”

Ianto watched as Jack slung his laptop bag over his shoulder and headed to the SUV, that wonderful coat billowing out behind him in the stiff breeze. Sighing wistfully, he watched his Captain drive away...

Sue and Rhi watched from the archway “Love’s young dream, eh?” Rhi laughed before conceding that, yes, they did look good together, the two women moving into the shop where Ianto joined them moments later and the work day began.

The shop was busy all day and they’d sold out of Welsh cakes, fruit cake and cookies by closing, Ianto ruefully deciding that he would have to forgo all temptation in the shape of Captain Harkness until he’d had a mammoth baking session to restock – it seemed that front-page heroics had been good for business!

Sue and Rhi left just after half past three having lingered to help unpack the massive delivery of frozen pastries and ingredients that arrived bang on closing time. Thanking them with a grateful hug, Ianto closed the door behind them and reached for his recipe books. After changing his clothes and checking his phone – still nothing from Jack today, he turned the music up and threw himself into a whirlwind of flour and sugar and chocolate chips!

He’d produced three different types of cookies, some lemon and coconut shortbread, two batches of Welsh cakes and three giant chocolate sponge layers, which were cooling on racks, and was adding the final ingredients to his fruit cake mix when Jack finally arrived home and wound his arms around his waist from behind, nuzzling into his neck.

“Hey baby...missed you today...been crazy busy – seems quite a few of our customers have heard about our little lake swim...all good publicity and thankfully no-one seems to have read that garbage one!” he pressed a kiss to the soft skin behind his Welshman’s ear, nibbling playfully on his earlobe as the young man squirmed in his embrace.

“I’ll be done in a few minutes” Ianto turned his head to meet his Captain’s lips for a soft kiss “take your stuff upstairs and tell me what you think of the new cookies...” chuckling as he was released immediately and Jack pounded up the stairs, two at a time as usual, clutching a chocolate orange cookie, a crushed M&Ms cookie and the staple favourite, triple choc chip.

Peace reigned just long enough for him to add the golden syrup and divide the mix between the two lined fish kettles. He slid them into the oven with the timer set and turned to fall into Jack’s waiting arms for a welcome home kissing session, kisses with tongues dancing sensuously against each other to leave them gasping for air and bodies arching together, twin arousals straining against the restrictive confines of their trousers.

They held each other contentedly, sharing more sweet and tender kisses as hands raked through hair and over bodies, finally pulling apart with lips that tingled, pink, slick and swollen; flushed faces and pulses of desire sweeping through them. Jack’s blue grey eyes gazed deep into Ianto’s clear blue pools, love blazing with an intensity of raw emotion that made Ianto’s heart sing and his head spin. ”I love you, Ianto are my everything...” the simple whispered words left him trembling and he clung on tightly before they pulled apart regretfully to clear up the kitchen.

As Ianto cleared surfaces and Jack stacked the dishwasher before both packed the new goodies away in tins and bags, they swapped details of their day. The kitchen finally clean enough to satisfy even Ianto’s exacting standards, they made their way up to the flat.

Once through the door, Jack gathered his Welshman into his arms and recaptured his lips. Ianto moaned against his Captain’s mouth as he was kissed into oblivion and Jack did that thing with his made his every nerve ending tingle and he floated on a wave of euphoria, lips warm and inviting, hands threading lovingly through hair as the world faded away – it was just them...right here...right now...

They staggered backwards until they met the wall, Jack pressing his Welshman back against it as he ground their hips together, red hot desire drawing a growl of want from the Captain as they tore their lips apart for vital oxygen replenishment.

Ianto took advantage of the moment to spin them around, slamming Jack into the wall as he crushed their lips together and plundered the older man’s mouth, passion building rapidly. Jack’s hands slid lower to grab Ianto’s hips and pull him closer as they arched and writhed together.

“! Need you naked...” Jack’s voice was thick with desire, reaching for the young man’s hand. They took a step towards to the bedroom only for an all too familiar insistent bleeping to cut into the silence.

Shit! Not fair...not again!” Jack took a deep breath to get his wayward body back under control before planting a swift kiss on Ianto’s lips “sorry...I’ll be back as soon as I can...”

Ianto leant back against the wall, knees weak and body in full protest mode at the sudden cessation of pleasure as he listened to Jack thudding down the stairs. The outer door banged shut. Sighing, he pushed himself off the wall and wandered aimlessly into the kitchen, opening the fridge to pull out some cooked chicken and vegetables for a stir fry for their dinner. Once everything was chopped up he placed another plate over the top and returned to his aimless prowling.

He ended up in the bathroom and looked longingly at the shower, his mind providing numerous examples of fun times, the images causing certain areas to twitch back into life. He sighed heavily and gazed around the room, his eyes coming to rest on a red glass bottle on the shelf. He picked it up and read the label, a sudden smile lighting up his face. Turning the taps on, he poured a generous amount of the fragrant oil under the running water and set the bottle carefully on the side of the bath.

Whilst the bath was running he wrote an order pad note and blu-tac’d it to the outside of the upstairs flat door before returning to the bathroom and shedding his clothes into a neat pile on the floor. He tested the temperature with his toe – perfect! Climbing in, he sank down with a contented sigh as the blissful warmth spread through him and he closed his eyes allowing his thoughts to drift aimlessly – noting with quiet amusement that they all seemed to involve his handsome Captain! He smiled...if anyone had told him two months ago that he’d be head over heels in love and living with a man he’d have told them they were crazy!

His hands slid down his body and pressed down against the reaction to the images in his head...Jack pinning him to the bed, his lips hot and wet and they kissed their way down the Welshman’s neck, pausing to nip at the juncture of neck and shoulder, hard enough to leave a bruise...marking him as Jack’s... Ianto groaned with longing and pressed harder...

 “You’d better not be starting without me!” Ianto jumped as Jack’s voice came through the door and he sat up, eyes flying open as the door opened and a blast of cooler air accompanied his charismatic Captain into the steam-filled room. Ianto shivered involuntarily as goose bumps trailed over his exposed wet flesh.

Jack perched on the edge of the bath, leaning down to capture his Welshman’s mouth in a sweet and gentle kiss, lips soft and responsive under his own, his tongue seeking out its companion where they slow danced – first in one mouth then the other...

Ianto’s arms snaked round Jack’s neck as he deepened the kiss, threading his fingers through the older man’s hair as they lost themselves in the tenderness of their embrace... They were breathing heavily, pulses racing and the heavy scent of desire mingling with the exotic fragrance of the bath oil... Ianto tugged at Jack’s clothes, “!” he ordered huskily against his lover’s lips as they drew breath...

Sinking straight back into hot and wet passionate kisses, Jack’s hands made swift work of his braces and buttons while Ianto’s fingers attacked his belt, button and zip... Ianto whimpered softly as Jack broke away to shed his clothes and kick off his boots and socks, before climbing into the bath behind his Welshman and sitting down carefully, wrapping his legs tightly around the young man as he settled back against him, hands resting lightly on his shoulders.

They turned their heads towards each other, their lips meeting in a hungry kiss, tongues exploring possessively as passion mounted. Ianto moaned softly against his Captain’s mouth as Jack’s arms slid around his chest and tugged him closer, wet bodies pressed together so he could feel the older man’s hard arousal against his spine… They broke their kiss briefly for air, Ianto giving himself to the pleasures of Jack’s wondrous mouth as his fingers roamed up and down the young man’s chest, stroking through the damp hair around his nipples, teasing the nubs of flesh, before trailing down below the surface of the water…

Ianto arched his back as Jack began moving his hand deliberately, the rhythm slow and sensual, sending a ripple of waves across the surface of the water… Jack pulled away from his Welshman’s deliciously pink, kiss swollen lips to nibble his way down the young man’s neck as he tilted his head to one side to allow Jack more access, his moans rising in volume as his body was overtaken by the blissful sensations of Jack’s lips and Jack’s hands on his wet flesh…

The waves of euphoria built slowly, bubbling up from his toes and spreading through his body, his breath a series of short pants as Jack’s teeth grazed their way along his shoulder blades. Ianto twisted his head, “…kiss me!” he demanded, his voice trembling with want, sighing happily as Jack obliged by crushing their mouths together, the kiss rapidly becoming hot and messy as Ianto teetered on the edge and he shuddered his release as his tongue tangoed with Jack’s…

Breaking apart, breathless and tingling from the intensity of his climax, Ianto gazed into Jack’s eyes, the lust-blown blue of his own reflecting the blazing love in the older man’s blue grey depths… “make love to me, Jack…please…” his hands reaching to pull his Captain’s face back towards him so he could capture those wonderful lips once more…

Jack plundered his lover’s mouth, his tongue mapping every contour as the young man moaned and pressed back against him, Jack’s own gasps of desire swallowed up by the passionate kiss… They broke off when they ran out of air, Jack urging Ianto on to his knees as he reached for the bottle of bath oil and tipped some onto his Welshman’s back…

One hand dragged through the pooled fragrant oil to coat his fingers before they trailed down Ianto’s back to slip first one then a second finger into him, every brush of that magic spot drawing a breathless gasp of pleasure from those perfect pink lips… The other hand worked the oil over his young man’s skin with long sensual strokes, sending spine-tingling quivers through his hyper-sensitised body, “…now…Jack…please…need you now…” a wanton moan spilling from his lips as Jack pushed in slowly, his own moans rising as he began to move, his hands clasping Ianto’s hips as he thrust back against his Captain and they spiralled towards the stars together…

The water splashed wildly over the edge of the bath as their movements became more frenzied and Ianto let out a cry as he hit his second climax, the sensations of him clenched around Jack enough to send the older man tumbling into oblivion after his Welshman and they shuddered together, enjoying the warmth as the post-orgasmic glow spread through them…

Jack pulled Ianto round to face him, folding the younger man into his arms to kiss him tenderly, light loving kisses that deepened their satisfaction as they melted against each other. The water was cooling when they finally broke apart and clambered out of the bath, wrapping themselves in huge fluffy towels before padding barefoot into the bedroom.

Drying each other carefully, they slid under the quilt and snuggled into each other’s arms, kissing softly, “I meant it…” Jack murmured against Ianto’s mouth, “…you really are my everything…” as he captured the Welshman’s lips and deepened their kiss, his hands cupping the young man’s beautiful face, radiant from their lovemaking… Ianto gave himself to the man in his arms, totally…completely and freely, whispering his agreement, flushed and breathless when they finally came up for air, “…and you’re mine, cariad…always…” before they slipped into sated sleep.


 Chapter 35



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