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Title: Twos and Blues: 30/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 5200 – they’re getting longer!

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 You know I love them... Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!



Chapter 30

Ianto woke and stretched luxuriously, smiling as he reached out, the smile fading as he found the bed empty. He sighed, remembering…

Throwing the quilt aside he padded to the bathroom and turned the shower on to warm. He caught sight of his chest in the mirror, the myriad of tiny purple bruises a testament to the thorough loving Jack had imparted the previous day. His body twitched at the memory and he bit his lip as he pushed the thoughts aside…later…

He took a lonely shower, amazed at how empty the tiny space seemed without his dynamic Captain… He didn’t linger – it wasn’t any fun without him. Get a grip Jones! he told himself sternly as he tugged one of Jack’s Superman t-shirts over his head and smoothed it carefully over his skin, a sudden grin at how he’d managed to turn from a grown twenty-something man into a lovesick teenager overnight!

Heading for the kitchen he rummaged in the freezer and found one of the extra dinners they kept a supply of – for those times when Jack’d been out on a shout all night and needed something in a hurry. They never labeled them so it was a guaranteed surprise as he unwrapped the foil…cottage pie, green beans and carrots…

Shrugging, he threw a cover over it and put it in the microwave, making himself a coffee as it heated. When it pinged, he took it into the sitting room on a tray, not wanting to sit at the table alone. He flicked through the channels and found an episode of CSI he didn’t recognise so he left it on as he picked at his dinner. His phone buzzed and he shoved the tray aside as he pulled the phone out of his pocket.

He had four new messages…the first was from Pete checking he was okay and confirming their early morning run for the next day, the Nick sends his love and hopes you enjoyed yourself! bringing a huge grin to his face. He sent them a ‘great, thanks, see you both at six *groan – so bloody early!* and a smiley face…

The second was from Rhi asking if he was joining them for dinner. He replied quickly, saying he was actually eating his dinner at the moment, he was fine and he’d see her in the morning…

His heart leapt as Jack’s name appeared on the screen hey sweetheart, hope you’ve had a good day…I think we’re actually making progress as we’ve not blown anything up for at least four hours! Missing you…try and call you later if we finish before midnight ILY J xxx

Ianto stroked his finger softly over the text and quashed a needy whimper.

The last one was from Wales New Enterprise and he stared at it, arching an eyebrow in surprise as he read the brief message several times…@Yanno had been nominated for an award in the Best new business category… He tapped out a swift acknowledgement as requested in the message before replying to Jack, telling him the latest news…

He turned the TV off – he wasn’t watching it and it was just white noise. Glancing at his watch, he took his plate out to the sink and washed it up before going back down to the shop. Sorting out a pile of @Yanno Take-home bags he set about grinding the beans, flicking the radio on to break the sound of the silence. He paused in his coffee grinding as the presenter switched tracks and A moment like this filled the air, the image of them swaying gently in Jack’s kitchen bringing an indulgent smile to his face and he closed his eyes to immerse himself in the memory.

The track changed to My Immortal and he sighed in agreement…you still have, all of me, as he resumed his task. It was after midnight by the time he’d finished; two dozen @Yanno blend, a dozen vanilla and a dozen New York, half a dozen chocolate truffle and a couple each of caramel and hazelnut… He peeled his white gloves off and rubbed a hand tiredly over his eyes as he checked his phone for the twentieth time…still nothing…Jack…

He made himself a hot chocolate and climbed the stairs back up to the flat, washed swiftly and slid under the covers, boxers and t-shirt still on…somehow it didn’t feel right to be naked alone… With his face pressed into Jack’s pillow, that intoxicating scent that was just Jack filling his nostrils, and his phone next to his ear he closed his eyes as he ran through the events of the day in his head…

He was just drifting into sleep when his phone buzzed by his ear and he grabbed it, his eyes lighting up at the name on the screen Hi Yanno…bit later than expected so I guess you’re probably asleep… we are definitely on the right track now – no explosions since before lunch! Miss you sweetheart –this bed is terribly lonely even with your t-shirt and Janto to keep me company! Congrats on the nomination – well deserved. Will call in the morning. Have a good run and say hi to Nick and Pete. Sweet dreams ILY J x

Closing the message Ianto pressed dial, holding his breath as there was a brief pause before the call was connected. It barely rang before Jack’s voice sounded in his ear. He sounded tired but Ianto could hear his smile, picturing his eyes crinkling at the corners, that gorgeous mouth and dimples…

“Hi beautiful…” Jack flopped onto his bed and kicked his boots off.

“Jack…it’s so good to hear your voice…” he paused “where are you now?”

Jack’s breath hitched at the sudden change in tone “on my bed…”

“Did you unpack properly?”

“Huh? Yeah…why?”

“You haven’t mentioned something I put in…”

“Coffee, Janto, t-shirt, your new travel HIM set…”

“Did you check all the pockets in your case?” Ianto’s voice dropped to a throaty whisper “I really need you to check those pockets Jack…”

“Doing it now…do I get any clues?” Jack scrambled off the bed and dragged his case out, hurriedly checking all the zipped pockets inside as Ianto chuckled softly. His fingers closed on a familiar looking paper…order number… He read it and gasped, shoving the case off the bed and on to the floor in his haste to resume his previous position as instructed on the order sheet.

Ianto grinned at the heavy breathing and frantic scrabbling noises on the other end of the phone.

“Got it…and yes…God yes please…”

“Tell me what you’re wearing…” Jack’s hand clutched convulsively around his phone at the hungry growl in his ear.

“Dark blue shirt, braces, white t-shirt…dark blue trousers, your coffee cup socks, grey boxers…” there was silence on the other end “Yanno..?”

“Sshh, I’m picturing you… Put the phone on speaker and close your eyes, Jack… I’m in our bed…I’ve got my head on your pillow, I’m wearing your glittery Superman t-shirt and those tight pale blue jersey boxers you like…” there was a soft moan as he pressed down on the hot swelling “can you see me Jack..?”

“Yes…” whispered.

“I need you to get undressed…slowly…” Ianto smiled at the deep intake of breathe by his ear. Stu was right, this was powerful stuff. He took a breath himself and continued. “…tell me Jack…tell me what you’re doing…imagine that it’s my hands undressing you…I want you naked so I can run my fingers over your skin…”

Delicious shivers of anticipation ran down Jack’s spine “I’m slipping my braces off my shoulders, now I’m undoing my butto…”

“slower…use one hand…slide the other one down your body over your clothes…I want to feel how hot you are for me…tell me Jack…”

The deep moan of longing sent a surge of heat to Ianto’s already charged groin and he suppressed a whimper wait…control it… “…left hand undoing buttons, finger and thumb; the other hand is pressing my nipples through the fabric…” a gasp “they’re hard for you Yanno…I want to touch them…imagine it’s your hand…then your mouth…”

“oohhmmmhhh!” a strangled cry escaped the Welshman’s lips as Jack’s low whisper continued, intense and laden with desire

“shirt is open now, pulling it off…” there was a brief pause and the soft rustle of fabric “it’s on the floor…pushing my t-shirt up…”

“touch your skin…tell me…how does it feel…tell me Jack…I want to feel you…”

left hand flat on my stomach, fingers spread. My skin is warm…smooth…moving up… Right hand is on my thigh, moving in…” Jack groaned as his fingers brushed the throbbing heat in his trousers, fiery desire shooting to every nerve ending as he arched his head back into the pillow, the movement mirrored many miles away in their Penarth bedroom…the images converged as both men lost themselves in the moment…

“I’m touching my nipples…they’re hot and hard, Yanno…want your mouth on them…”

I’m there cariad…touching mine, stroking through the hair…lick your fingers…circle the nipple with your finger…pinch it….” Twin moans of pleasure echoed across the airwaves as both saw the other in their heads…

“More…please Yanno…want you…”

“fuck! I need you Jack… t-shirt off – now! Rip it off and throw it across the room…I’m doing the same…” heavy breathing sounded at both ends of the phone as t-shirts were tugged over heads and flung away…

“I’m so hot for you Yanno…you’re here…with me…your hands on my belt, your lips on my chest…”

“I’m nipping your skin, sucking hard…marking you as mine…” Ianto’s fingers ran hungrily over his own chest, pinching and tweaking his nipples, biting hard on his bottom lip in an attempt to stop the heavy panting drowning out the hoarse whispers in his ear…

Feels so good Yanno…feels so good…” the clinking of the belt buckle was followed by the sound of a zip and a deep guttural moan.

“trousers off…they gotta come off now…fuck Jack…kick them off..!” frantic sounds of movement from Irish airspace announced the removal and dispatch of trousers with attached braces as they clunked on the far side of the room “now spread your fingers on your stomach, just fingertips inside the top of your boxers…make it last…Jack, tell me how you feel…”

“…like I can’t breathe…I need you so bad Yanno…need to touch you...feel you…”

“fingers lower, but don’t touch…tease it…so hot and hard for you Jack…so hard it hurts…” two pairs of hips canted off respective beds as fingertips crept closer, each trembling with anticipation as their touch stoked raging fires of feral need…

touch me…” they breathed together, moans rising as each closed a hand around the desperate heat and squeezed firmly… “boxers, push them down…” it didn’t matter now who gave the order, both totally immersed in the sensation… Ianto flung the quilt aside as his temperature rose and his breath hitched as the air caressed his skin.

Jack…oh fuck! Jack…want you so much…”

“Love me, Yanno…take me…please…”

The airwaves were filled with the carnal sounds of hands fisting hard as they thrust their hips in unison, both creeping their other hand around to slip a fingertip into their bodies, the action driving them even closer to the edge…

They felt the burning, starting deep in their bellies and spreading outwards through every nerve ending…closer…closer… ”uuurrrgghh…so close…so… you…love you so much…loveyouloveyouloveyou…yeeeeeeessss..!” They followed each other into oblivion, panting hard as they exploded, hot and sticky into their hands, the exquisite bliss of release leaving them trembling as they came down from their orgasmic high and the drowsy warmth of the afterglow settled on their bodies…both wriggling in unconscious and unspoken synchronous movement as they dragged off their boxers and used the soft fabric to mop themselves up.

Two pairs of hands dropped damp underwear over the side of the bed as each settled under their respective quilts. “Love you, Captain Harkness…”

“Love you, Ianto Jones…” happy and sated, mumbled as eyes closed and they slipped into sleep.   

Jack slept soundly…so soundly, he didn’t hear his alarm or Gav’s gentle tapping on his hotel room door. He opened his eyes blearily as he was gently shaken “Yanno?”

“Sorry Jack! ‘Fraid it’s just me! It’s after seven…” He glanced around the room at the far flung clothing. “You have a party in here last night?”

A rare blush coloured Jack’s cheeks. “Ianto phoned…”

“Yeah, I got that impression..!” he winked, “my room usually looks a bit like this when Stu’s called too… Why do you think he chooses to stay at home! Nothing like a bit of long distance comfort…” he chuckled as Jack’s blush deepened and he squirmed under the quilt.

Gav burst out laughing “yep, you got it bad! Come on, get that cute arse outta bed, into a cold shower and let’s go to breakfast. The sooner we get this job done, the sooner you’re back with lover boy!” He stepped towards the door, glancing down with a grin “you might want to rinse those out and leave them on the radiator…would hate customs to find them if you get searched!”

Closing the door on Jack’s now beetroot face, Gav chuckled long and hard as he thumbed a quick text off to Stu…

Ianto’s alarm went off at the ungodly hour of five thirty and he rolled over reluctantly until the heady aroma of Jack’s pillow mingled with the heavy scent of musk and sex brought a smile to his lips and an instant bodily reaction as he recalled the phone call of a few short hours ago. Hurling the quilt aside he bounced into the shower and was finishing his coffee when Nick and Pete tapped on the door…

They hugged each other and Ianto stretched to warm up his muscles, bending over one leg at a time. He paused mid-stretch and glanced around, catching both men checking out the view. “Take a good look as that’s the closest you’re getting!” he grinned at them and they hit the pavement, laughing as they settled into a steady loping pace.

They walked the last quarter mile back to @Yanno, cooling down before running through a few stretches. Ten minutes later they were sat in the shop with a coffee and toasted bagel talking about all topics under the sun. It was a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. “You’re full of life today, Ianto…” Nick nudged him playfully “I guess you’ll be borrowing my boyfriend again today?”

“Yes please!” Ianto winked “he’s certainly got a wonderful touch!” They laughed as Pete puffed his chest out in mock pride. “I do feel good today – I had Pete’s magic hands yesterday afternoon, slept like a baby afterwards – then worked into the wee small hours and…” his cheeks turned a delightful shade of pink.

“And..?” Nick and Pete both leant forward “Tell all!”

Ianto’s blush deepened “…I spoke to Jack after we’d both finished work…”

His friends laughed and nodded in unspoken agreement “spoke? Yeah, right! I can imagine the conversation…” they said together.

The shop echoed with laughter as Ianto lifted his hands in submission and a dreamy look swept over his face. “Oh baby, are you smitten!” Pete shoved him good humouredly “That and a hot session of phone sex’ll do wonders for your mood when your man’s away!”

“Screw you!” Ianto laughed and stuck his tongue out.

“Nope, that’s my job!” Nick draped an affectionate arm around Ianto’s shoulders. “Mine, and mine only! I don’t mind lending you his hands, but the rest of him is off limits!”

They were still laughing when Ianto’s phone rang “Hi sweetheart…did you sleep well?” Jack’s voice caressed Ianto’s ear and that dreamy look reappeared.

Nodding at each other Nick and Pete each pressed a kiss to Ianto’s cheek, whispered a sultry ‘good morning Captain’ at the Welshman’s phone and headed towards the door, waving as they saw themselves out. Ianto grinned and walked slowly up the stairs to his flat as he and Jack relived the previous night…

Sadly there wasn’t time for a re-enactment as well with Gav and Stan waiting in reception for Jack, but the call was enough to secure the smile on Ianto’s face and he was rock hard as he stepped under the shower, allowing himself the pleasure of release as Jack’s words replayed through his head once more. Today, that small space was a little less lonely…

Once dressed, he returned to the shop kitchen and was humming contentedly when Sue and Rhi arrived. “You’ve heard from Captain Gorgeous then?” Rhi teased gently as she winked at Sue “…a few long distance endearments and our moping puppy is all tail wagging again!”

“Haha!” Ianto was feeling too mellow to bite back, busying himself with their drinks while Rhi did herself and Sue a bagel each.

“Wow, Ianto, this looks brilliant!” Sue exclaimed as she surveyed the array of @Yanno Take-Home arranged on the shelf. “You must’ve been at it all night!”

“Yep…just about!” Ianto smirked to himself as Jack’s throaty whisper echoed in his head. The two women just smiled and shook their heads indulgently.

Over breakfast Ianto told them about the award nomination and they clunked mugs as they toasted each other – they probably wouldn’t win, but the nomination was fantastic considering they’d only been open a few weeks…

The day passed swiftly, regulars and new faces, laughter and smiles. Ianto’s phone buzzed mid morning and he smiled happily as he read the message, his sister watching fondly from the archway into the kitchen hey gorgeous, mad mad day here today, plans finally coming together so we should be on track to finish on time…can’t wait ‘till Friday. Missing you madly LY J x

Tapping a swift reply, Ianto pressed send and stroked a thumb softly over the screen miss you…can’t wait to surprise you…

After closing Ianto sent off the cash and carry order and was lifting a batch of Welsh cakes onto wire trays to cool when Pete reappeared. They hugged briefly before Ianto let the other man lead him upstairs.

Both were gasping and sweating an hour and a half later when they lay stretched out in the bed. “You’re definitely getting better!” Pete grinned as he squeezed the Welshman’s hand. He looked at his watch. “I have to go, got a meeting in forty minutes. Just going to grab a shower…” he leant over and brushed his lips to Ianto’s cheek, gathering his clothes from the chair as he disappeared towards the bathroom.

When he returned, Ianto was fast asleep on top of the quilt, a smile curving his lips. Pete grinned and carefully folded the quilt over him before picking up his sports bag and letting himself out.

Ianto woke in time to send a ‘thanks’ message to Pete, a ‘yes you told me so’ message to Stu and a message to Jack telling him where he’d be that evening. Then he bagged up his Welsh cakes before taking a quick shower and headed over to Rhi’s where he enjoyed a fun family dinner, endured Johhny’s graphic teasing and quiet questioning – for a straight guy he had plenty of questions! Escaping just after eleven, he headed back to @Yanno and fell into bed with images of Jack in his head...

His phone stayed silent, his Captain collapsing fully dressed onto his bed just after two am, asleep in moments…

Thursday morning saw Ianto’s buoyant mood of the previous day somewhat dampened by the absence of any new messages or a call, despite the knowledge that Jack’s work schedule was absolutely crazy and his man was working flat out to be able to come home on time. He was half-heartedly warming up when his running companions arrived. They drew him into a tight hug, wordlessly giving him the reassurance he needed without him saying anything.

Releasing him, Pete took one hand and Nick took the other as they led him outside. Within minutes of starting their run he felt better, losing himself in the steady pounding rhythm of feet hitting tarmac…

He was making coffee for the three of them when his phone buzzed and they chuckled as he leapt to open the message Morning beautiful. Sorry no message last night – we worked till 2am and literally fell asleep in my clothes. We should still be able to finish on time if we keep at it. Will try to call later before you go to drill. Missing you sweetheart. Now gotta get back to the site. ILY J x

Sending a swift reply, Ianto smiled and ignored the gentle teasing from the other side of the counter. Breakfast was a good humoured affair with conversation turning to yet more stories of shouts gone by, including one where a chimney fire had spread to the thatch roof…”always a nightmare, these fires – thatch as a roofing material is designed to keep out the weather…the rain...what do we use to put out the fire? Yep, water! So we have to literally take the roof apart to put it out – takes many hours and lots of firefighters…

We were removing stuff from the house as usual – we ask the householder if there are particular items they want saved first, just in case he whole place goes up. Anyway, this bloke was getting really upset because we wouldn’t let him go back in. We finally got out of him that he wanted a box from under his bed. Harris went in for it with Gareth. They got this box thinking perhaps it was photos or something like that, you know, those irreplaceable memories…nope! Turns out it was his porn collection! He didn’t want them water damaged!”

Pete shook his head as the others laughed. “We meet some funny people!” He reached for Nick’s hand. “We ready hon? I’ve got a morning of sex education lessons to give today…” They each hugged the Welshman fondly. “I’m going to need your best efforts later…” Pete whispered in his ear, before the two men left. Ianto sat and daydreamed, idly tracing Jack’s name with his finger on the table miss you Jack… Drill night would be strange without him…

Gathering the plates and mugs up, he shoved them in the dishwasher and hurried upstairs to get ready for the coming day.

His spirits lifted when he opened up, a familiar and welcome face waiting at the door. Tosh pulled him into a hug as the other customers moved past them. “Morning, Ianto. Owen and I thought you might fancy dinner with us before drill tonight – it won’t be anything fancy, but he’s not a bad cook…” she smiled at him “You bearing up without the Captain?”

“Yeah, although it’s definitely quieter around here without him! I’ve had Nick and Pete chasing me out of bed every morning…” he laughed at her raised eyebrows “not literally! They’ve got me joining them for a morning run to – and I quote – get my arse in shape for training school! Jack told them…” he blushed and stopped abruptly.

Tosh giggled “I can imagine!” she squeezed his arm lightly. “I won’t stop now as you’ve got a shop full already. See you about five o’clock?”

Ianto made his way back to the counter and was soon immersed in the day.

Across the Irish Sea, Jack, Gav and Stan worked like demons to iron out a few last minute niggles in the redesigned system, the promise of a large bonus and a week off an incentive if they could bring this project in on time…

Crazy day again my Yanno, probably won’t get to call you before drill so either late tonight or the morning. Miss you like mad. LY J x

The message appeared mid-morning during a particularly busy spell and it was some time before Ianto was able to grab a minute to reply, telling Jack he was going to Tosh and Owen’s for tea before drill, adding his own ILY and a kiss before sending it winging back to Irish airspace.

The toddler group showed their approval of the new toys he’d had delivered, the high quality wooden train set fixed on its own table and the cars and puzzle table proving equally popular.

 He also found time to chat to Debbie and her friend who came in for lunch as well as Vanessa who was delighted to accept a voucher book and a bag of @Yanno Take-Home as thanks for her suggestion that had been the push he’d needed to sort out the Take-Home range…

Three o’clock saw Rhi and Sue leave as Pete arrived. Rhi’s worried frown at the tender greeting between the two vanished as Ianto explained in a few words. Rhi smiled and watched as Pete led her brother inside. A short intense session later, Pete took his leave at four thirty and Ianto leapt into the shower, dressing carefully in his uniform. He sent Jack a quick message and headed off to Owen’s, stopping first to buy some deep red spray orchids for Tosh, knowing the pretty Japanese woman had a fondness for these beautiful flowers.

Dinner was a pasta bake and they set off for drill. Owen was in charge in Jack’s absence; notices were read, the weekly checks were all carried out, Tosh showing Ianto the log books and how the various tests were done. Lastly they trooped up to the lecture room for a HAZMAT lecture by Crew Manager Farradey from Training Centre. Ianto made a few notes in his new fire journal before making the coffee as the evening drill came to a close.

Taking Owen and Ianto aside, CM Farradey handed Ianto an envelope. “Your training school dates, son.” He sipped his coffee “wow, look forward to seeing you there, where sadly the coffee’s nowhere as good as this!” He turned to Owen “usual copy in internal memos and a confirmation email to the station general, plus yours and Station Commander Harkness’ own email…”

The conversation moved on to other Brigade topics, leaving Ianto way behind with the technical talk so he opened the envelope. His training started in four week’s time. Suddenly it was all very real… He folded the paperwork carefully into his journal. Something to tell Jack when he got in.

The crews gradually left. Ianto finished the washing up and grinned at his drying partner, Gwen smiling back at him. They went back downstairs together where Rhys was waiting for her, the two of them saying their farewells as they left in Rhys’ car. Ianto went back into the Watch room where Owen was ploughing through a mountain of paperwork, Tosh flicking through the pile as she prioritized the various items. They smiled at him “You off home now?”

“Yeah, thanks for dinner and the company. See you tomorrow for breakfast…”

Once at home, Ianto got ready for bed, checking his phone hopefully every few minutes to no avail. He sent a goodnight message, along with the news of his training school dates and a see you soon…LY I x

Closing his eyes he drifted off to sleep, thoughts of his homecoming Captain rolling through his head…

In Ireland, Jack, Gav, Stan and the client’s engineers worked on into the night…

Friday morning arrived with the usual five thirty alarm clock, RyanDan’s very topical ‘Bring Him Home’ heralding the new day. Ianto slid out of bed and into his track bottoms. He raked his fingers through his sleep-disheveled hair and plodded downstairs. He was pouring the second coffee when Pete tapped on the door. As Ianto let him in, they grinned sleepily at each other in the semi-darkness of the blinds-down shop. “Nick get off to his mum’s okay?”

“Yeah, went about half an hour ago…long old drive…” Pete grimaced “shame I’ve got to work or I’d have gone with him, but got to run clinic this afternoon…oh, thanks!” he took his coffee and they moved to a booth. He sat down on a stool and nodded. “So when’s Jack back?” he hitched a breath as Ianto’s hands tugged his t-shirt gently from his cargo pants and gathered it upwards, the Welshman’s warm breath in his ear making him shiver “arms up..!”

“Tonight sometime, I‘m not expecting him much before nine…”

“So this is our last chance then…” he moaned softly as Ianto’s hands slid over his skin, kneading firmly over his shoulders before moving lower in long smooth strokes. “Oh, yeah, that feels so good…” He leant forward over the table and rested his head on his hands “Lower…oh God…yeah, that’s it…harder…now…yeah, you got it…” His appreciative moans rose in volume as Ianto’s hands moved over his skin…

In the shadows of the archway between the kitchen and the shop, Jack watched, mouth dry and unable to breathe. He wanted to scream out or stride in there and drag his his Welshman’s hands off the other man but he was rooted to the spot, pain like a thousand daggers stabbing his heart as he watched their betrayal…

After working through the night to finish the contract, Jack had managed to buy them first class seats on the early hours flight to get them home before breakfast… Dropping Gav and Stan off at home he’d crept in expecting to find Yanno in the shower or even still in bed…never in a million years had he dreamt he’d find him with his hands all over another man…a man he counted among his friends… Bile rose in his throat and he knew he had to get out of there. He staggered backwards, dropping his phone which clattered to the floor…

Pete and Ianto jumped, turning to see Jack’s ashen face.

“Oh fuck!” they spluttered in unison, colour draining from their faces.

Jack grabbed his phone from the floor, spun around and left, his coat billowing out behind him as the door slammed and the jewelers box burned in his pocket…

chapter 31









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