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Title: Twos and Blues: 33/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 7200 – another extra long one to make up for the delay!

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 For all my wonderful friends who sent me glass hearts, bear hugs and kisses for Valentine’s – thank you so much and I love you all  Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!



Chapter 33


Ianto woke to the soft press of lips against his forehead and the aroma of freshly buttered toast as it was wafted under his nose. Opening his eyes blearily, he winced in the half-light as his head protested violently against the glare.


“Morning sweetheart!” Jack spoke softly as Ianto groaned. “How’d you feel?”


“Urgh! My mouth is like the bottom of a bird cage and there’s a demolition team in my head...tell me it was worth it!”


Jack laughed as the Welshman tugged the quilt back up over his head. Putting the toast down on the bedside table, he sat down and peeled the bedding away, ignoring the protesting whimpers that floated out from underneath. Cupping Ianto’s cheek he dropped a light kiss to the end of his button nose.


Ianto had his eyes shut as he lay still. Jack gazed at him; even with a sore head he was beautiful, sleep mussed hair, long dark eyelashes resting against pale skin, pink lips slightly parted...lips that he loved to kiss until they were slick and swollen... He sighed softly I love him...


One eye flickered open anxiously at the sound and Jack smiled, the action enough to soothe and the eye clamped shut again. Chuckling, Jack leant forward and gathered the Welshman into his arms, moving him to a semi-sitting position.”Come on, I need you to sit up...” he quashed a moan as Ianto’s body pressed against him, hot breath against his neck and images from the previous night rampaged through his head...


“Okay, open your eyes sweetheart, I need you to take this...”


Reluctant eyes finally opened to survey the pill on his Captain’s palm. “What’s that?”


“One of Owen’s a treat on hangovers!”


“Not got a hangover!” that glorious mouth pouted as he mumbled against the mug of tea now pressed to his lips.


“Yeah, and I’m the Fairy Godmother!” Jack chuckled as Ianto swallowed the pill and washed it down with a mouthful of hot, sweet tea. He leant over to press his mouth against the young man’s ear “Oh, and for the was definitely worth it!” Standing, he moved away to the door. “I’ll be back in ten minutes – eat your toast, it’ll help!”


Nodding gingerly, Ianto nibbled half heartedly on the cooling toast, his headache rapidly diminishing as the pill took effect. He was sat on the bed with his feet on the floor when Jack returned, the Captain’s face lighting up as the Welshman held his arms out. Dropping to the floor he pushed into the gap between Ianto’s knees and they wrapped their arms around each other, leaning in to the embrace without the need for words as they each absorbed the familiar scent of the other.


After several minutes of comfortable silence, Jack pulled back enough to gaze into Ianto’s eyes. “How’re you feeling now?” he pressed their lips together lightly.


Ianto’s mouth curved into a smile “good...demolition team have moved on and memory restored...” cobalt blue lights danced “and you’re right...worth every second...” his lips brushed Jack’s ear, sending a shiver down his spine “ make me feel so I can do anything...”


Jack’s eyes twinkled and he wriggled backwards, standing as he tugged on their joined hands. “I know what you need now...” the throaty chuckle bypassing Ianto’s brain and settling directly in his groin as he followed his Captain to the bathroom.


Once there, Ianto brushed his teeth and Jack turned the shower on to warm before rapidly removing his ‘turn-out’ clothes – trackies and sweatshirt, nothing else – and folding the young man back into his arms as lips met softly and they sank into sweet tender kisses, kisses that deepened as tongue sought tongue and mouths were explored with increasing hunger...


Coming up for air, Jack pulled them under the steaming spray before reclaiming his Welshman’s glorious mouth, pink, kiss-swollen lips moving so perfectly against his own as they ground their hips together and hands stroked possessively over slick wet skin...


Ianto reached for Jack, only to have his hand gently batted aside and a shake of his Captain’s head “uh uh...I’m in charge today...Mr Jones...” Ianto’s eyes closed and his head arched back as Jack moved to nibble down his neck, moaning loudly as he added another purple bruise at the spot where neck met shoulder. Smiling at the tiny whimpers now dropping from Ianto’s lips, Jack danced his finger around the entrance to his Welshman’s body and Ianto gave himself up to exquisite pleasure...nothing else existed except Jack’s hands, Jack’s mouth...and he was taken to paradise one passion-laden kiss at a time...


Stepping out from the rapidly cooling water they dried each other, Ianto gently kissing every one of the numerous purple marks he’d left on Jack’s skin the previous night. “Sorry...” he mumbled, face pressed against his Captain’s hip where he’d followed a trail of vivid bruises.


I’m not!” Jack ran his fingers through Ianto’s damp hair “you were very passionate...bossy and demanding...” He traced a finger under the Welshman’s chin and tipped his pink tinged face up towards him, leaning down to kiss him tenderly. “You were wild and possessive and incredibly sexy...” he stifled a moan as the blush deepened on Ianto’s cheeks “’re so hot Yanno and it makes me hard just thinking about you...” the instant bodily reaction leaving them both in no doubt about the accuracy of his words as it nudged against the young man’s thigh, encouraging a similar reaction of his own...


They reached for each other...


“Unca Yanno! Mum says twenty minutes to opening...are you coming yet?” Mica’s shout from halfway up the stairs had them panting ruefully as their hands stilled and they pulled back from their frantic kiss.


“Another couple of minutes I’d have said yes!” Jack whispered throatily against Ianto’s ear as their bodies shook with suppressed laughter.


Unca?” footsteps were heard heading up the stairs.


“Be down in a minute Imp!” Ianto managed to splutter loudly enough for the footsteps to stop, pause momentarily and head back from whence they had come, Mica’s acknowledgement floating back over her shoulder.


Dressing swiftly, Ianto glanced at the clock – the time was an hour out. He arched an eyebrow and Jack grinned crookedly “you caught me! I was going to put it right while you were in the’re too much of a distraction so I never got around to it!”


“Why’d you let me sleep in so long? What did Rhi say?” Ianto bit down worriedly on his bottom lip, momentarily distracting his Captain as he watched tongue and teeth at work on plump, kiss swollen flesh... “Jack?


“Oh! Yeah! I told Rhi I had a call from Fire HQ early this morning – which I did, so it’s the truth...” He omitted the reason for the call; now really wasn’t the time and he wasn’t sure yet he had the words... “I got up, got everything ready, including breakfast out for Rhi and the girls and left you to have a lie in as you never get one. No mention of hangovers, promise!” he twinkled at a relieved looking Welshman. “Oh, David’s team won by the way, and are through to the county play-offs...”


“How do I look?” Ianto peered at his face in the mirror, bending over so the charcoal wool-blend stretched over the curve of his backside. Jack gazed and loved...


“ gorgeous in fact...” Jack stepped closer and pressed up against Ianto’s back, spinning him around to kiss him hard and with a passion that took the young man’s breath away. He released him when they ran out of air and the pair of them tottered down the stairs as they panted softly, both willing errant blood supplies back onto pre-determined courses...


“Afternoon!” Rhi teased as Ianto joined them in the shop, moving straight to the coffee machine to make their drinks before they opened.


“Haha!” Ianto stuck his tongue out at his sister, swiftly creating her cappuccino and two hot chocolates for the girls before making @Yanno blends for himself and Jack.


“Nice lie in?” Rhi sipped her coffee and sighed contentedly “Jack said you all had a good time last night”


“Yes on both counts!” Ianto shot Jack an uncertain glance, the older man moving to drape a reassuring arm around his shoulder. “It was really good to see everyone away from the station and the meal was delicious...”


“How’s your hangover?” her eyebrow arched, the move reminding Jack of his Welshman – it was obviously a Jones signature trait!


“What hangover? I feel great!”


Rhi peered at him and nodded, obviously satisfied and Ianto silently thanked Owen for his wonder pill, Jack for the Harkness-special-wake-up and the makers of HIM for the miracle that was their eye roll-on!


Minutes later the doors were opened and their day was underway... Rhi said goodbye after the initial rush and left them to it. An impromptu gathering of firefighters around eleven o’clock was brought to an abrupt halt when the room was filled with the shrill bleeping from seven pagers and chairs scattered in their wake, Rhys and Gwen shooting out the front door, Nick, Pete, Tosh and Owen following Jack out through the kitchen to pile into the SUV. Minutes later, two tones were heard and one five papa one swept past the shop, the sound fading into the distance, only to be repeated ten minutes later as the Unimog shot by en route to join her sister...wherever it was she’d gone!


Ianto sighed under his breath, wondering how long it would be before he’d be on the crew...only three weeks now until he went to training school. He grinned, remembering Jack’s other career as a pin-up...The Face of Boe... Chuckling to himself, he greeted his next customer...


The rest of the day passed in a blur of activity, with just the three of them it was a challenge to keep up with orders, clearing tables and restocking and they were all secretly pleased when two thirty arrived. Ianto swiftly made up the wages, sliding an extra fiver into each girl’s wage packet for a job well done today, before joining them in the clearing up. Rhi rang as Mica was wiping down all the surfaces and Lauren was doing the floor. Ianto took his head out from the dishwasher he was stacking to answer, listening to the tale of woe from his sister before reassuring her he’d bring the girls home as Jack was still out on a was their day for aborted plans!


Twenty minutes later he was turning back into the yard with still no sign of the SUV. He dropped his keys onto the worktop and loosened his tie before slipping the knot to let the strip of silk swing freely on either side of his neck. Unbuttoning the top three buttons of his shirt and then his waistcoat, he was suddenly transported back to the previous night, the images in his head sending his blood supply charging hopefully below his belt. He moaned softly, pressing down briefly with the heel of his hand before moving his hand away and immersing himself in a stock-take.


He’d just pressed send on his order when his phone rang. Clicking his laptop shut, he dug his mobile out, a soppy smile lighting his face as Jack’s name flashed on the tiny screen.




“Hey sweetheart...” the low intense tone sent a surge of heat to Ianto’s trousers and he couldn’t help the moan of longing that fell from his lips “you missing me then?” Ianto could almost taste the hungry smile on the other end of the line.


“Yep...I’ve got this place all to myself and I’m lonely...”


It was Jack’s turn to moan and there was a brief silence as both adjusted their trousers. Drawing a breath, Jack closed his eyes. “What are you doing right now...”


“Just done the order and I was thinking about doing some baking...”


“What’re you wearing?”


“Still got my suit on, but I’ve undone my tie and waistcoat and the top buttons of my shirt...” Ianto’s voice hitched as another rush of warmth swept through him like a tidal wave and last night’s images replayed in high definition in his head.


Jack’s hoarse whispered “oh fuck Yanno, you’re so hot...” did nothing to reduce the throbbing as his arousal strained against the seams. There was a click and a moan...


“Jack...where are you?” Ianto’s eyes slid closed as he imagined Jack’s breath warm on his neck...


“Standby at Whitchurch. First shout was to a ‘make pumps eight’ at Rawden Place in Riverside, bit of overkill – they didn’t need us at all so we sat in the appliance for an hour before they sent the Unimog home and us here on standby.” He paused, his voice resuming the low intense tone of earlier “I’m upstairs in the officer’s bedroom, just shut the door...the rest of the crews have a shared dorm for night duty, Station Commander and Watch Manager get their own rooms... The bed’s freshly made and it’s just me...talking to you...wishing I was hot for you Yanno...”


Wanton moans merged across the miles as hands strayed back to groins and rubbed through their clothes.


Jack..!” Ianto gasped as tiny fires lit a path outwards from his belly and spread through his body, leaving him pulsing with feral desire.


“Go upstairs...take my coat into the bedroom...”


Panting sounded in Jack’s ear as Ianto took the stairs two at a time, a breathless “I’m here!” sending a shiver of anticipation down the Captain’s spine.


“Take your clothes off...slowly...tell me as you do it...I want to see it in my head...”


“I’m taking off my waistcoat...Jack...there’s an order pad in the pocket...I’m writing your name on the top I’ve tucked that in your packet for later...


Jack made a strangled noise as he scrabbled at his belt, button and zip to plunge his hand into his white jersey shorts in an attempt to stave off his imminent eruption. He imagined the smirk on his Welshman’s face as innocent Welsh tones caressed his ear “ okay cariad?”


“I’m fine..!” he growled throatily “carry on...tell me what you’re doing...make me see...”


“I’m undoing the rest of my shirt buttons and pulling the shirt from out of my trousers. It’s hanging open now...I’m taking my coffee bean cufflinks off...” there was the faint sounds of clinking as the cufflinks were placed on the bedside table “I’m pulling my tie out of my collar and dropping it on the floor. Now I’m sliding out of my shirt...” his voice dropped an octave “the air’s cold, Jack and it’s making my nipples stand up...”


“Undo your belt...” Jack’s voice was broken by pants as he struggled to maintain control. “Now your button and zip...”


“That’s done...Jack...I’m so hot for you...”


“Fuck Ianto...what you do to me..!” Jack took a deep breath “okay, trousers and boxers down now...kick them away...oh and shoes and socks...quick!”


I’m naked Jack...naked and all yours...” the tone was teasing with an undertone of fierce desire.


“Put the coat on and lie down...tell me, Ianto...”


I’m wrapping your coat around me. The wool’s rough against my smells like you’re here with me...”


“Yes...yes I am and I’m kissing my way down your body...your throat...trailing my fingers through the hair on your chest as I suck on a nipple...” load moans echoed at both ends of the phone and two heads arched back against pillows, eyes closed as they each lost themselves to the moment.


More Jack, please...”


“My hands are stroking all over your body, I can’t get enough of hand is between your legs, holding you...keeping you still...ready for my mouth...ooooohh...let go for me Yanno...I want to suck you dry...”


Words failed at this point as hands worked furiously, hips canting off their respective beds as they thrust into their fists, closer and closer to the precipice until they launched skyward within moments of each other, waves of delicious pleasure rolling over them as they came down from their orgasmic high to leave them tingling from head to foot.


Soft panting slowed. “That was amazing...” they spoke in unison, grinning widely from their different locations.


“I’ll be home soon, sweetheart...” Jack whispered, the picture of a flushed and sated Welshman wrapped in his coat filling his head with glorious images as he grabbed handfuls of tissues to mop himself up.


“I’ll be waiting, you...“ Ianto purred contentedly as he tugged the coat around him, snuggling into its warmth and his eyes closed once more.


Love you too...” Jack hung up and lay still for a few moments before tidying himself and straightening the bedclothes out.


He rejoined the others who were watching TV in the mess room. “Where’ve you been hiding?” Owen looked at him and grinned, winking at Pete as they took in the satisfied and slightly glazed look in their illustrious leader’s eye.


“On the phone to Ianto...just telling him where we are...”


“Talking eh?” Owen smirked


“Talking...what’s wrong with talking?” Jack attempted an innocent wide eyed look which vanished as Owen continued


“ why are your flies still undone?”  


“Huh? Shit!” Jack’s hand flew to his trousers, a rare blush colouring his cheeks as he discovered they were, in fact, firmly zipped and he’d been well and truly caught out! “Bastards, the lot of you! Sorry Tosh!” he joined in the laughter as they all fell about...


“You’re not the only one missing Tea Boy, y’know...” Owen rasped mournfully when they’d all stopped laughing.


“Hey, hands off, Harper, he’s mine!”


“Yeah, can have that bit, but I’d kill for one of his coffees right now...” the acerbic medic sighed dramatically “I think last night’s catching up with me...” he blushed as Tosh leant forward and whispered in his ear “I don’t think they need to know all the details...”


“Tell all..!”


“Spill it Toshi...”


Simultaneous cries had Tosh giggling and she opened her mouth as Owen waved his hands frantically in an attempt to stop her, tugging her into his arms as she put a finger to her lips and smiled “a lady never kisses and tells...”


The good humoured ribbing continued, along with an in depth discussion about the success of the night until, thirty five minutes later, control rang and they were summarily dismissed to return to home station.


It was gone four when Jack let himself quietly into the flat. All was silent and he was about to go down to check out the shop when a quick glance along the hall noted a single shoe in the doorway to the bedroom. Ianto would never have left it there so he moved to investigate, Jack’s mouth dropping at the gorgeous sight of his Welshman fast asleep on the bed. The coat had fallen open so a generous amount of pale Welsh skin was on display, contrasting deliciously with the darkness of the heavy wool, Ianto’s perfect pink lips were lightly parted and one hand was curled possessively into a lapel...he looked utterly beautiful and it took all of Jack’s willpower not to leap on him!


Moving closer he reached out and traced a finger lightly down the side of the Welshman’s face, his breath hitching as the young man sighed and turned into the touch, a breathy “Jack...”escaping his lips which curved into a smile as he slept on. Jack leant down and pressed a soft kiss to Ianto’s lips, the young man’s mouth opening wider to admit his tongue as it explored every contour. Ianto’s arms slid around his Captain’s neck, tugging him closer until he was stretched out on top and they sank deeper into the kiss...


Coming up for air, they smiled at each other, tender touches of lips and hands through hair and over skin removing the need for words, contentment radiating through them.


Long minutes passed. With a final light kiss, Jack slid off the bed and stood up, holding his hand out which the young man took, pulling himself upright where he stretched luxuriously. Slipping out of the coat he retrieved his clothes and pulled his underwear back on, adding jeans, a t-shirt and a hoodie before hanging his suit up neatly and joining Jack in the kitchen.


As they ate chicken salad sandwiches and drank mugs of hazelnut blend, they discussed their plans for the rest of the day, finally deciding to take a walk around the lake at Cosmeston Country Park where Jack promised they would grab a loaf of bread and feed the fish.


The eyebrow arched “Fish? Aren’t we supposed to feed bread to ducks?”




“Okay! This I can’t wait to see!”


Chuckling, they put their plates in the dishwasher and grabbed their coats, stopping at the newsagents-come-corner store to buy a loaf of bread before heading out to Cosmeston. It was still fairly light out and there were a few cars in the car park as they hopped down and linked hands, both enjoying the comforting feel of fingers entwined as they strolled around the lake.


Jack stopped about two thirds of the way around and released Ianto’s hand before opening the bread and moving to the edge of the water. “Watch...” he tossed the slice a couple of feet out. For a moment nothing happened, then the water rippled and the bread was sucked under, a large gaping mouth some five or six inches across just breaking the surface before the water stilled once more.


“Bloody hell, what was that?” Ianto reached into the bag and pulled out another slice as Jack grinned. The bread landed on the surface of the lake with a soft ‘plop’ and was instantly sucked under, this time several other gaping mouths appearing.


“They’re carp and they’ve been here as long as I can remember – for all I know these are the same ones I used to feed as a boy – there’s a few giant ones in there as you’ve seen and they simply hoover up anything you feed them. The lake is really deep here so there could be some the size of a great white lurking at the bottom!” They laughed and both dug into the loaf, sending several slices in quick succession to watch amusedly as the lake’s surface frothed and churned as the fish fought each other for the spoils.


A young woman and a small child in a pushchair stopped and watched, the boy chortling delightedly every time a fish mouth or a tail flick broke the surface. Smiling, Ianto offered the woman the rest of the loaf, nodding as she accepted it and handed it to her son, moving them both closer to the edge. The two men moved a little farther along the path to watch the sun as it began its elegant and slow descent towards the distant horizon. Jack stepped behind Ianto and wrapped his arms around the young man’s waist, nuzzling into his neck as he immersed himself in the unique aroma that was Ianto...


All was serene and peaceful until a crowd of around a dozen teenagers appeared, laughing and shoving each other as they approached. The three adults gave them a cursory was doing anything wrong and all seemed good humoured... One grabbed another’s phone, waving it in the air...if anyone had been listening he was suggesting he throw it into the lake for the fish to eat! As they drew level with the woman the youth made a lunge for his captured phone...and missed, his momentum carrying him into the woman, knocking her backwards off her feet. The collision then sent him forwards so he slammed into the pushchair and sent it tumbling into the water.


Ianto tore himself out of Jack’s arms, shed his coat rapidly and ran to where the pushchair had sunk out of sight, throwing himself into the murky water. Jack had been lost in daydreams, his nose buried in his Welshman’s hair and hadn’t seen the child go in, the woman’s screams and the sudden flight of the teens as they thundered past him enough for him to grasp the situation in a split second.


Hurling his own coat off he threw his phone at the screaming woman “dial 999...” the crisp authoritative tone commanding instant obedience as he threw himself into the water after his lover and swam down strongly, reaching the struggling figures in a couple of strokes. Ianto had reached the pushchair and was desperately giving mouth to mouth as he attempted to free the child from his restraints.


Jack pointed at the child and then himself, Ianto giving the thumbs up as Jack took over the breathing, allowing the Welshman’s nimble fingers to tackle the tangled clasps as the three of them rapidly ran out of air on the murky bottom of the lake amongst the weeds and silt. Lungs at bursting, Ianto gave a final tug on the strap, relief washing over him as it gave way and they were able to tug the limp body from the harness and kick for the surface.


Dragging in great gasps of air, Ianto hauled himself out and took the tiny figure from Jack, laying him gently on the greatcoat as he continued to breathe into the child, willing him to respond. Jack joined him moments later and they worked feverishly on the frozen bundle as another couple kept the hysterical mother back, attempting to comfort her as best they could.


It was looking hopeless...five minutes had passed without any sign of life, the welcome sound of two tones approaching heralding the imminent arrival of the paramedics spurring the two shivering men on to redouble their efforts, one breathing, one massaging... Finally, when they’d despaired it was too late, the boy twitched, then shook violently, finally retching filthy water as he emptied his lungs and let out a thin ragged cry.


The look of relief on his mother’s white, tear-streaked face was better than anything they’d ever seen and they sat back on their heels, shaking with cold but with smiles that said it all. The paramedics arrived moments later and hurriedly checked the boy, Alfie, over before taking him back to the ambulance. His mum followed anxiously, pausing only to hand Jack’s phone back and hug each man tightly with a tearful thank you as she hastened after her son.


The second paramedic’s offer of a once-over had been politely waved away, the man nodding as he recognised Jack’s face. “Good job...saved that boy’s life without a doubt...” He touched his temple with his fingers in a half salute and strode after the rest of the group heading for the car park.


Left alone now, teeth chattering from the cold, they looked at each other and fell into each other’s arms, kissing hungrily despite the mouths full of grit and the tang of lake water.  Breaking apart they ripped off their wet tops and put their coats back on, arms wound around shoulders and waist to share what little warmth they had as they made their way back to the SUV.


The ambulance had gone and only one other car remained. Climbing in, Jack turned the heater up to full and headed for home. Once through the door they headed for the bathroom, cleaned their teeth as the shower warmed before losing themselves in each other as they washed, kissed and loved all evidence of the lake away.


After drying themselves, interspersed with numerous soft kisses, they both pulled on track bottoms and sweatshirts, had some soup and warm baguettes before curling up under the quilt, where, despite the early hour, they quickly fell asleep.


Ianto woke before the alarm the next morning, laying warm and snug in their cosy haven as he listened to Jack’s quiet breathing. He reached across to turn the alarm off before leaning in to kiss Jack softly on the forehead, then on his nose and finally his lips, bemused when there was no movement. He jumped as two arms suddenly grabbed him and hauled him in for a morning snog, the bedclothes tangling around them as they wrestled for superiority, Ianto losing out in the battle as Jack resorted to tickling tactics to ensure victory. Finally pinned down on his back, his Captain sat astride him, he was kissed into oblivion...


They were slumped together, panting and sweaty when Jack’s phone rang. Grinning at the dreamy expression on his beloved Welshman’s face, Jack untangled an arm to grab the mobile off the bedside cabinet.


“Harkness...” he pressed a kiss to Ianto’s hair as they resettled and hauled the quilt back up over them.




“Sir..? oh God, he hasn’t..?” Jack sat upright, body tensing as Ianto looked on, worried at the sudden change in his Captain.


“ this isn’t about that. This is just to warn you that the press officer has given a statement about you and your career...seems that kid you and probie Jones saved yesterday is the son of a newspaper editor...I’m guessing you’re going to be front page news... We’ve kept it formal and factual as always, but I’m sure they’ve worked out your relationship for themselves... You might want to warn Ianto...”


“Thanks Tony...I will...”


“Oh and Jack?”




“Well done, both of you...without doubt, you saved that boy’s life...”


“Ianto was in there first...”


“He’s going to make a first class hang on to this one Jack!”


“Don’t worry Sir, I intend to!” He chuckled lightly, reaching under the covers to squeeze Ianto’s thigh, before resuming the serious tone of before. “And thanks for the heads up...Bye Tony”


“Welcome Jack...see you at your medal ceremony if I don’t see you before. Good luck today...” the connection was cut and Jack let out a deep breath.


Turning to take both of Ianto’s hands in his, he gazed into the Welshman’s anxious blue eyes. “We need to talk, sweetheart...”


chapter 34




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