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Title: Twos and Blues: 32/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 6800 – it ran away with me!

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 For @happyhybrid who’s not been very well this weekend and missed a SuperBowl party...get well soon K Xxx

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Chapter 32


Stopping just outside the bedroom, Ianto pressed a soft kiss to his Captain’s mouth. “Wait here – I need to get ready...” He slid a hand down and cupped Jack’s groin, squeezing lightly, before vanishing inside and closing the door.



Jack leant against the wall and closed his eyes, tiredness now creeping up on him; the cumulative effects of working flat out to get this contract off the ground, the all-nighter to get it finished so they could come home, then the... he grimaced I am such an idiot to even think for a second that he’d... He searched for the word...upset... and all the fallout from that and the relief when it was sorted out... He sighed quietly Harkness you’re bloody lucky he loves you... the thought bringing a tender smile to his lips...


“What’s got you smiling, cariad?” Jack jumped and his eyes flew open as Ianto’s warm breath brushed his ear.


“You...” the simple truth, Ianto made him happy...happier than he’d ever been...



Ianto kissed him softly and took his hand, leading him into their bedroom which was now full of flickering candles. Jack’s fire safety hackles rose momentarily as he automatically assessed the fire risk, and he quashed them ferociously, shoving all thoughts of statistics of fires started by poorly placed candles as far away from consciousness as he could manage!



Following his gaze Ianto grinned “they’re all safe, no draughts or uneven loose paper or furnishings to catch alight..!” He helped Jack out of his t-shirt, folding it neatly and placing it on the chair. His hands moved to Jack’s belt and dealt deftly with buckle, button and zip, the firm press of the Welshman’s hand bringing a deep moan of longing from his Captain’s lips. Sinking to his knees, Ianto removed Jack’s trainers and socks, reaching up to tug his jeans down – no boxers, he’d gone commando after their shower earlier!



Encouraging the older man to step out of his jeans, one careful leg at a time, Ianto made sure he leant forward enough for his hair to brush the sensitive skin of Jack’s inner thigh, smiling to himself as his lover struggled to contain his obvious desire...


Naked now, Jack was led to the bed, Ianto kissing him tenderly, tongue running along Jack’s lips as he prompted his Captain to allow him entry to his mouth. Access granted, Ianto’s exploration was energetic and thorough, Jack’s needy whimpers swallowed up as the Welshman’s hands remained firmly grasped around Jack’s own and the kiss deepened...


Panting, they came up for air. Ianto stepped away and patted the quilt.


“Lay down on your tummy, arms by your side...get comfortable...”Welsh tones pitched low and soft sending delicious shivers of anticipation through his Captain as he obeyed instantly.


“Now close your eyes...” Jack listened to the rustle of fabric as Ianto undressed and moved closer, the bed dipping as he climbed onto the mattress to lie alongside the older man. He stroked his fingers gently through Jack’s hair, reaching down to kiss his temple. “You warm enough?”


“Yeah...that’s nice...” Jack mumbled as he leant into the touch. Ianto repeated the threading of his fingers through the silky locks before moving to straddle Jack’s thighs.


He leant forward to speak softly into his Captain’s ear, the same low pitch that made Jack squirm and his hot arousal press into the bed “Lomi Lomi massage is known as the Loving Hands seeks to find harmony and love in all things according to the Hawaiian philosophy of Huna... It believes in tolerance, forgiveness and balance, appreciation and compassion, love and enduring commitment ” he pressed a series of feather-light kisses over Jack’s back and shoulders “we have to start with a stillness...we breathe, slow breaths...i-n...o—u—t... love...” He leant sideways and paused, lips a bare millimetre apart “sharing breath is important...” as he pressed their mouths together in the softest of kisses, no tongue, just the blissful and heady sensation of perfect pink lips moving sweetly against his own...



Sitting up slowly, Ianto opened the bottle of oil and tipped a small amount into his hand, warming it to body temperature before he began moving his hands in long, continuous flowing strokes, working deeply into the muscles, his fingers maintaining endless contact with Jack’s skin as the sensual scent of aromatic oils filled the air.



Jack found himself drifting, losing himself to a wondrous sense of floating from the warmth and pressure of Ianto’s body against his and the ever-moving, firm pressure of his talented hands coaxing Jack’s muscles into a molten fluid state that defied earthly description. A soft sigh fell from his lips drawing a quiet smile from the Welshman as he recognised the signs – Jack was no longer functioning...he was simply being...and Ianto knew from very recent experience that it was an amazing sensation...



He leant closer and began to use his forearms as well, rhythmic fluid movements that washed over Jack’s pliant body like gentle waves breaking on the shore...the warmth of the oils penetrated Jack’s skin and his tiredness ebbed away to be replaced with a delicious tingling, yet profoundly relaxing, flow of life energy.



A tiny whimper escaped as Ianto slid off his body, having worked down from his shoulders to his feet, the Welshman grasped an arm and rolled him onto his back, the whimper replaced with an almost silent moan of satisfaction as Ianto settled himself once more across his Captain’s hips. Adding more oil to his hands, Ianto repeated the long, fluid and continuous stokes of hands, moving over Jack’s chest and down, adding soft brushes of lips to his skin as his mouth followed the path of his hands...


His journey took him past Jack’s groin, ignoring the sensitive flesh as he headed for Jack’s foot, working up the inside of his thigh and down the other leg. Reaching the opposite hip marked the end of Pete’s training. He’d kissed Ianto lightly, urged him under the quilt and let himself out as the Welshman had floated into a dreamless sleep...


Now, flying solo as it were, Ianto continued inwards, fingers stroking and reaching, closing around Jack’s hot flesh to caress it. The hands moved away, one exploring the soft skin of his inner thigh, the other slipping backwards to dance seductively around the entrance to his body, pressing a fingertip inside as he took the velvety smooth arousal into his mouth, adding a second finger and pressing back to stroke that magic spot repeatedly... Jack keened as Ianto grinned around his mouthful, tongue probing as he took him in deeper and hummed...



The vibrations sent Jack’s body into meltdown, energy flows twisting and pulsing through every living cell, synapses sparking in an exhilarating display of neural fireworks as he gasped his release, arching his body in exquisite pleasure until Ianto released him and slid back up his body to kiss him tenderly.


Jack moaned softly against the Welshman’s lips and moved boneless heavy limbs to pull him in closer, resisting faintly as Ianto slipped easily out of his grasp to hop around the room blowing out all the candles. Finally returning to his man’s arms as they cuddled close under the quilt, Ianto closed his eyes, Jack’s contented and heartfelt “love you...always...” breathed against his neck the last thing he heard before they fell into deep and satisfying slumber... 



They slept through ‘till the alarm, Jack hitting the snooze button as Ianto snuggled closer into his arms and they lay warm and cosy in their peaceful haven under the quilt. The sensual fragrance of aromatic oils still hung in the air and on Jack’s skin...


“How’d you sleep cariad?” Ianto tipped his face up for a kiss, their lips meeting to move softly against each other...


“Like a baby!” Jack grinned when they parted and the Welshman resettled on Jack’s chest. “That massage was mind-blowing and you have to teach me how to do it to you...”


“Deal!” They lay in comfortable silence for a few more minutes until the alarm went off again, reluctantly sliding out of bed and padding to the bathroom to share a leisurely shower, light touches and tender kisses as they shampooed each other’s hair and chased away the last vestiges of sleep with plenty of bubbles.


They dressed and headed to the kitchen. Ianto tackled the coffee machine as Jack grilled some bacon and they tucked into sandwiches of freshly cut tiger loaf and crisp smoked bacon with ketchup... “That was good...” Jack drained the last of his coffee and leant back in his chair, brushing the crumbs off his @Yanno polo shirt. He leant into the touch as Ianto reached out a finger to dab a smudge of ketchup from the corner of his Captain’s mouth. A low moan fell from his Welshman’s lips as his finger was captured and sucked into the warm cavern of Jack’s mouth, tongue and teeth working around the digit as Jack waggled his eyebrows suggestively...


Ianto’s finger was released with a ‘pop’ before two hands grabbed a handful of wool blend waistcoat and hauled him in for a passionate kiss, lips crashing together as tongues chased the lingering flavour of vanilla coffee around the welcoming moist interior of each other’s mouths. Long, pleasurable minutes later they surfaced and parted reluctantly, Ianto heading down to the shop while Jack stacked the dishwasher before joining the troops downstairs.


Rhi and Ianto were discussing transportation issues as they sorted out the drinks for the girls’ breakfasts and refilled the mug stand on the counter. Jack draped a brotherly arm around Rhi’s shoulders, pressed a kiss to her hair and moved into the kitchen where the shrieks of laughter suggested he’d found Mica and Lauren in good spirits! By the time they’d baked the sultana swirls they’d chosen, Ianto had solved the problem of getting the girls home so Rhi and Johnny could both accompany David to an all day competition and a smiling Rhi hugged her daughter on the way out “behave yourself or you’ll have me to answer to!” she warned, one hand on the door handle.

“I always behave myself at work!” Mica protested, an affronted look on her face.


“I was talking to Jack!”


Mica swung around and planted her hands on her hips, arching an eyebrow at Jack in a manner that made her the image of her mother. “He will...” she asserted firmly


Under the twin stares of the Jones females, Jack held his hands up in submission “like she says...” He wound an arm around Ianto’s waist and tugged him in close. “Best behaviour...promise!”


Ianto smiled as they gazed into each other’s eyes, hands reaching to cup faces as lips met in a soft kiss.


“And that’s quite enough of that!” Rhi laughed, shook her head and left them to it.


Lauren and Mica watched, giggling, as the kiss deepened and hands moved to thread lovingly through hair. “Go have your breakfast imps!” Jack chuckled when they broke briefly for oxygen, reclaiming his Welshman’s perfect pink mouth as the girls scampered through to the shop. The world faded away as they lost themselves in the was just them, right here, right now...



They were stood with arms around each other, foreheads touching and eyes closed, relishing the closeness when smothered giggles and barely disguised scuffling announced the return of the terror teens and they moved apart to stand either side of the archway as Mica and Lauren crept in with the subtlety of a herd of stampeding wildebeest! Both girls jumped as they were ambushed and tickled without mercy, the two men laughing as they left them weak and helpless to go through to the shop. It was a good natured and laughter-filled atmosphere as Jack opened the door to let their customers in.


Two familiar faces arrived and wandered over to say hello before joining the queue. “How are you both?” Pete looked searchingly at his Captain, his face breaking into a huge grin before Jack had a chance to reply as he noted the satisfied twinkle in the other man’s eye. “ was good then..?” he nudged Nick “told  you – I’m a good teacher!”


Throwing an arm around each of their shoulders, Jack pressed a fond kiss to first Pete’s then Nick’s temples. “Thank was thanks Pete for teaching him and thanks Nick for sharing your man’s awesome hands... Yanno’s going to show me so I can do it to him...” He raised a quizzical eyebrow as Pete chuckled “that oil was gorgeous, what’s in it?”


“Trade secret! It’s a mix of about six different oils and off the top of my head I couldn’t tell you which ones! It goes back to my masseuse days when we were blending oils all the time...just let me know when you run out and I’ll do some more!”


Grinning, Jack steered them to one of the booths, releasing their shoulders to tug an order pad from his pocket. “What can we get you? I can recommend the vanilla swirls – they’re new and rather nice...”


“Sold then! We’ll have two of them...okay hon?” Pete smiled at Nick as the young man nodded “...and New York coffee or vanilla?”


“I’ll go with New York...practice!” Nick winked and Pete grinned, squeezing his hand softly.


Jack raised his eyebrows and chuckled. “I’ll be right back...and then you can tell me what you’re up to!”


The queue was moving swiftly. Jack stopped to flirt outrageously with Debbie and her friends who were planning to hit the shops after their breakfast, leaving them all giggling after some innuendo and a kiss to their cheeks...


Ianto rolled his eyes as his partner bounced energetically up to the counter and handed over the order sheet, stroking his finger lightly over the Welshman’s hand as he whispered alternative suggested uses for the chocolate dusting powder that Ianto had in his hand as he completed the cappuccino for his current customer. A rosy blush tinted his pale cheeks and his blood supply fled southwards at the low growl and the images that Jack’s words created in his brain,  biting down on his bottom lip in an effort to control his wayward body.


Jack chuckled throatily and bounded away into the kitchen. Ianto took several deep breaths as his blood supply reluctantly resumed normal service before turning back to his customer with one cappuccino and two hot chocolates. He smiled at her as he handed the drinks over, agreeing heartily that Jack was indeed in buoyant mood today, the soppy look that lit up his face not lost on his customer who giggled as she moved to the till.


Jack returned with immaculate timing as the two New York blends were ready and were added to the tray with the vanilla swirls to be whisked away after a playful twinkle of blue grey eyes and brush of hands. Nick and Pete were engrossed in each other, hands entwined, heads close together as they studied a glossy magazine that Jack now identified as a holiday brochure. He grinned as he unloaded the tray “ahh, all is clear! Where you off to?” He tilted his head to read as they turned the book towards him. “New York! Nice... love New York cheesecake!”



“You and your stomach!” Pete shook his head laughing, “we’re hoping to go for new year if we can get it booked and there’s enough cover here...”



“I’ll sign the holiday chits next time I’m at the station, I think you’re the first so no problem...” Jack straightened up and winked. “Enjoy your breakfast...” he moved away towards the next booth to clear the table, suddenly swinging around “you’re both still coming out tonight, yeah?”



“Oh yeah, gonna be a good at the station 18:45 right?”



“Yep, see you later...” he headed for the kitchen with his loaded tray of dirty crockery.


The day passed in a blur of customers, chatter and laughter. Rhys called to confirm he’d collected the minibus and Ollie sent a text to confirm there would be a crew from Cardiff Central at Penarth Fire station from half six until eleven as agreed...



Jack ran the girls back to Lauren’s whilst Ianto finished the cleaning and had just turned the dishwasher on when his Captain returned. “All done?” Jack glanced around at the gleaming surfaces.


“Yup, and there’s a tin of mixed cakes and pastries to take with us to the station later. I know you said they’d get themselves fish and chips or a Chinese, but they can have these as well and I’ll leave them a pot of coffee...”



Nodding, Jack reached out his hand and slid their fingers together. “Enough work talk, we need to go and get ready...” the intense gleam in his blue grey eyes leaving Ianto with a clear idea of what pleasures that might involve. He leant into the gentle kiss before they made their way up the stairs.



Turning the shower on to warm, they shed their clothes rapidly and sank into a succession of long lingering kisses, gentle nips of lips and slow sensual sweeps of tongue as they each lost themselves in the other... Breaking apart when they ran out of air, Ianto tugged him under the warm spray and they resumed their sweet and endless kisses in between a thorough cleansing with scrunchie and plenty of bubbles...


Ianto’s phone rang as they rinsed their hair, vibrating loudly on the shelf and a quick glance at the caller ID flashed up his sister’s name. Chuckling at Jack’s pout, Ianto stepped out to answer it, wrapping a towel around his waist. He had a brief conversation with Rhi, confirming safe delivery of teens to Lauren’s house, a good day in the shop and a progression into the semi final for David’s team...” Hanging up after wishing his nephew luck in the remaining games, Ianto turned his attention back to his surroundings.


Jack had abandoned the shower now as he had no-one to play with and was drying himself. He looked up as Ianto replaced his phone on the shelf, grinned delightedly and reached for the Welshman, folding him into his arms to kiss him thoroughly as their towels fell to the floor...


“Jack...” Ianto mumbled against his Captain’s mouth and attempted, half-heartedly, to wriggle out of his hold.


“What?” his face was a picture of innocence, the hungry expression in his eyes telling a different story!


“We really should get said you wanted to be at the station for when Ollie’s crew arrives...”


“I know...” regret resonated briefly before Jack chuckled mischievously and pressed light kisses down the side of Ianto’s neck, smirking as the Welshman melted against him, shudders eddying through his body and obvious signs of interest pressed against his thigh...


He tightened his hold on the young man in his arms and kissed him passionately, tongue sliding into his mouth where it explored the familiar territory, tiny sighs of pleasure escaping as Ianto lost himself in the feel of his Captain’s soft lips moving sweetly against his own, bodies arching together as desire grew in the steam filled room.


Breaking apart to draw breath, Jack ran his tongue down the side of Ianto’s neck, pausing to graze his teeth against the skin where neck met shoulder, drawing a gasp of mixed pleasure and pain, before trailing down his chest through downy hair where he sought out his aroused nipples, teasing them playfully...


Ianto’s head arched back, his eyes closed and his lips parted, his breath becoming a series of pants as Jack’s tongue trailed lower and lower until... Ianto gasped and moaned as he was engulfed in Jack’s mouth, tongue and teeth at their most wicked, bringing him to the edge within minutes and he groaned his release, his body shuddering through wave after wave of delicious pleasure.


Jack released him when his shudders had stopped, sliding back up his body to crush their mouths together, Ianto tasting himself on the older man’s tongue as he plundered his mouth, hands threading through his damp hair, passionate and possessive...and perfect... Regretfully, they pulled apart and scampered to the bedroom to pull on their clothes; dark jeans and a red silk shirt for Ianto, black, butt-hugging trousers and a black and white striped shirt for Jack...  


Suitably attired, they shared a tender kiss before picking up their coats and heading back down the stairs to the shop where they collected the cake tin and left, sliding their hands together as they walked towards the fire station, warm breath creating tiny clouds on the cold air.


They arrived at the station a few minutes before six thirty, Jack swiping his ID card over the door lock just as two cars swung in and six members of Cardiff Central’s blue watch piled out shouting greetings and the usual insults that occurred whenever firefighters of different stations get together! Everyone trooped inside and introductions followed. Ianto smiled, nodded and shook hands all round before ascending the stairs to make some coffee magic as promised, a flush colouring his cheeks as the deep baritone he recognised as belonging to ‘Big Joe’ drifted out from behind the door


“Okay, Captain, spill it! How long have you been banging Tea Boy? We’re not daft – all those sidelong glances and little touches...” raucous laughter followed some exaggerated hip action.


Ianto paused on the stairs, wondering what response he would hear, steeling himself for a crude reply and a dismissal of their relationship – hell, he didn’t know these guys from Adam so... He bit his lip and took a step up...maybe it would be better not to hear...


“We’ve been together a few weeks and they’ve been the best few weeks of my life...” Jack’s voice carried clearly through the quiet...stunned silence Ianto imagined!


He was surprised again at the applause and the murmurings of approval, Big Joe’s voice again making it through the woodwork and drifting up the staircase “Good for you, Jackie boy! About time we saw that movie idol grin of yours again – just make sure you don’t screw this one up...anyone who can put that soppy look on Captain Harkness’ face has gotta be good!” More laughter followed -fond laughter...and Ianto let out the breath he hadn’t realised he was holding, continuing to the top of the stairs and into the kitchen, a quiet smile on his face as he replayed Jack’s words...


The coffee was almost done when thudding footsteps and multiple voices approached, some familiar, others not so... The lecture room filled rapidly with the volunteer stand-by crew from Cardiff, the Penarth crews and their partners...happy chattering and laughter echoed around the room until Owen climbed on a table to give a piercing whistle and it went quiet.


“Right you motley lot! The minibus is here, all aboard the Skylark and next stop Cardiff!” He ginned crookedly and hopped down, joining Ianto, Rhys and Lonny in the corner where they’d been discussing the merits of the Welsh rugby team and their chances in the forthcoming friendly against Scotland...


Shooing them towards the stairs, he glanced around for Tosh, seeing her talking animatedly with Gemma, Gareth’s fiancée as they made their way down to their transport. Jack was waiting at the bottom of the stairs, draping a possessive arm around Ianto’s shoulders as he appeared, winking at Ollie as he watched from the door.


“We’ll be back – well, a crew will be back, for eleven. Thanks and cakes upstairs and the takeaway menus are stuck up by the computer...” He shook Ollie’s outstretched hand and clambered up into the minibus.


“Have fun!” Ollie slid the door shut with a clunk and patted the side, stepping back as Rhys put the vehicle into gear and pulled away. The drive was full of jokes and laughter and Ianto leant contentedly against Jack, listening to the different bursts of conversation around him, occasionally drifting to quiet contemplation of how happy he was right now...


Rhys dropped them all off on Queen’s Street, just around the corner from the restaurant, Da Mario’s, and shot off with Gwen to park the minibus. Everyone else trooped down the stairs where Jack had booked the whole of the lower level for them. Giaano greeted them warmly, dragging the Captain in to a huge bear hug and kissed him warmly on each cheek. Everyone grabbed a seat once Rhys and Gwen had joined them.


Ianto found himself next to Jack one side and Tosh the other, with Spook and his new girlfriend, Jacqui, a dance teacher, opposite. Once everyone was seated, Jack stood up and hollered for silence, expectant faces turning to look at their illustrious leader.


“Welcome, everyone, to another Penarth station gathering. Please all fill your glasses...” he waved at the bottles of house red and white on the tables, along with jugs of orange juice and iced water. ”We’re celebrating a range of events tonight so, in no particular order, the couples through to dance next week are...” he paused, and shook his head as laughter rang out around the room “sorry, wrong script! However, in a rather neat link, the first couple we’re celebrating tonight are Gareth and Gemma and their engagement...” Applause rang out and glasses were raised as the couple kissed gently and smiled happily.


“Next, another engagement...none other than our own grumpy Doctor...who has somehow convinced the lovely Toshiko that he’s a good playpen companion!” the assembled company laughed and applauded, toasting the couple who grinned at each other.


“Moving on, we have two new fully qualified firefighters in our midst – Nick and Spook have passed their stage five with flying colours and are a fine example to our current probies...” he raised his glass, “congrats gents!” Nick and Andy clinked glasses with each other as everyone else cheered.


“The next event is for one of our newest...trainee firefighter Jones, whose coffee house @Yanno has been nominated for Best New Business...” Ianto blushed as applause rang out around the table, the colour deepening as Jack leant down to brush a brief kiss to his lips as he whispered “well done sweetheart...I’m so proud of you...and later I’ll show just how proud..!”


“Oi, I’m not done yet!” Jack shouted above the wolf whistles and cheers, quiet finally settling over the gathering. “Finally, I have somehow managed to reach twenty years with this station and have my medal ceremony at Cardiff Castle in a few weeks...” he held his hand up as applause broke out “so, tonight the wine is on me, and...” he waited patiently for the noise to die down “don’t forget that these occasions are always a chance to say thank you for the support and patience of our loved ones, who put up with us disappearing for hours on end and say nothing when we ruin family dinners by running out in the middle of people, raise your glasses please to our strongest and most loyal supporters...the other halves...” They all drank. “Now, let’s eat and enjoy!”


Sitting down amidst a prolonged spate of clapping, Jack took Ianto’s hand and entwined their fingers, bringing their joined hands up to his lips to kiss the young man’s knuckles. “You okay..?” smiling into his eyes as the Welshman nodded, squeezing their linked fingers.


Giaano and his staff moved around the table, taking orders efficiently whilst bantering good naturedly in a relaxed and friendly manner so it was more like a family event...


Ianto ordered Bi Stecca al Pepe, Jack nodding in approval of his choice before requesting the Chef’s home made ravioli for himself. Their meals arrived after only a short wait and Ianto surveyed his sirloin steak with peppery red wine and brandy sauce hungrily – it looked and smelled delicious and tasted devine... He moaned appreciatively as he chewed, Jack chuckling as he topped up Ianto’s wine glass and added some fresh water to his own glass.


“You trying to get me drunk, cariad?” Ianto giggled, the sound suggesting he was already tipsy, along with the dancing lights in his crystal blue eyes as he gazed at his Captain.


“Just want you to enjoy yourself, sweetheart!” Jack leant forward for a kiss, only to have a forkful of steak offered instead. He grinned and opened his mouth, moaning in his turn as it melted in his mouth. Ianto chuckled and opened his mouth as a forkful of ravioli was shared before he grabbed Jack’s head and pressed their lips together, briefly but with heated passion...


The wine [and orange juice for those on duty later] and conversation flowed, people now moving from their seats to mingle and chat in a way that made Jack’s heart swell with pride. These were all very special people and he loved to see everyone relaxed and having fun, lively conversations reverberating around the table. These moments of down time were few and far between, especially with them all together and he cherished never knew what was around the corner.


The briefest glimpse of Andrew sped through his head and his eyes sought out his Welshman who was leant down between Harris and Pete, an arm draped along the back of each of their chairs, his head thrown back as he laughed...he was beautiful, so completely beautiful... His heart leapt as Ianto looked towards him and their eyes met, the exchange pure emotion and it radiated through his entire being...God I love this man...


By ten thirty they’d finished their desserts – fluffy tiramisu – and followed that up with some excellent coffee. The dish for payment was being passed around the table and when it finally returned to Jack, who added his and Ianto’s plus the wine, there was a very generous tip in there for Giaani and his staff who’d made the evening a real success with their warm welcome, fine cuisine and superb service.


Dragging Jack into a hug, Giaani went into a stream of excited Italian, releasing him and grabbing Ianto to press a kiss to the surprised Welshman’s cheek. “You come back again soon...yes? With your man who puts the smile back on your face...”



Clasping the Italian’s hand, Jack nodded, grinning at Ianto over the other man’s head “...definitely!”


With much laughter, fond hugs and chattering, the group now split. Rhys was taking the minibus back to Penarth with himself, Gwen, Harris, Spook and Gareth back on duty from eleven, whilst Tosh, Owen, Nick, Pete, Jack and Ianto were heading to a club to see the night out...


Ianto was feeling on top of the world; he’d had a few glasses of wine, a wonderful meal with people he loved and was leant against the warmth of Jack’s body, Jack’s arm, reassuring and possessive, tightly around his shoulder, his own arm around his Captain’s waist with fingers just dipping into Jack’s back trouser pocket under his coat as a comfortable resting place as they strolled towards Pulse, the club they’d planned on going to...



Once in the club, the heat and pulsing music took over and Ianto found he had burning desire to dance, blood pumping hotly through his veins. “You coming to dance?” his breath warm on Jack’s ear.



“You go ahead, I’ll get some drinks...” he dropped a light kiss on his Welshman’s lips, turned him around and gave him a gentle push towards the crowded dance floor. Tosh followed him with Nick and Pete. Owen and Jack joined the throng, six deep, at the bar...


It was a good fifteen minutes before they got served, Jack and Owen each buying a round to save the same wait again. Making their way carefully through the crowds they spied Tosh waving at them from the end of a long table that she’d managed to grab them seats at. She was grinning and fanning herself as she eased her feet out of the impossibly high heels she’d decided went well with her dress...great for the look, a killer on the dance floor!



“Thanks O...” she took her white wine spritzer and drank thirstily, leaning forward to press a kiss to her fiancé’s lips. Jack finished unloading the tray and glanced around.


“Where’s Yanno?”


Tosh grinned and pointed “I think he’s enjoying himself!” she stifled a giggle as the two men looked towards the dance floor.


Tea boy?” Owen gaped.


Jack’s mouth fell open.


Ianto was bumping and grinding, his hands above his head, shirt open a few buttons lower to reveal the soft downy hair of his chest, a chest that now glistened with a light sheen of sweat. His head was arched back and a look of pure abandon lit his face as he ground his hips against Pete’s on one side and Nick’s on the other. All three were surrounded by numerous other bodies all pumping to the beat, many sending openly admiring glances at the young man in red silk in the centre...


All manner of conflicting emotions swept through Jack’s head, each jostling for position; he’s so fucking hot! made it to the top first, followed swiftly by and he’s all mine!  Hard on – yep, that was there too – their heels was a surge of possessive jealousy at the overtly sexual nature of their movements until he realised that Nick and Pete were actually protecting Ianto from the predators around them.


Guilt came in fast, overtaking the fond amusement and rueful acknowledgement that tonight it wasn’t him on the receiving end of the attention...finally the realisation that he needed to be down there on the dance floor with his scorching hot Welshman kicking Jack’s arse into gear as Tosh grinned and an astounded “I didn’t realise he was so hot!” from Owen the impetus to politely, but firmly, push his way through the crowds to claim his lover from his protectors...


Jack!” Ianto’s delight at seeing him swept away any other emotions and he grinned broadly, curling an arm around the young man’s waist to pull them hip to hip as they moved in time to the music.


Mouthing “thanks guys...” Jack nodded at Nick and Pete who grinned back, made ‘drink’ movements and linked hands to thread their way back to the table.


Ianto’s arms snaked around his Captain’s neck and he leant in for a kiss, a brief touch that suddenly became hot and wet and messy as throbbing arousals dug into each other’s thighs and hearts pounded... Coming up for air they were oblivious to the envious looks surrounding them, each only having eyes for the other as they resumed their grinding to the beat, hands running over each other’s bodies as temperatures rose...


It was a hugely enjoyable night and a shade after two am when they climbed out of the taxi and stumbled to the back door. Ianto was blissfully happy and more than a little light-headed as he clung on to Jack’s coat lapels and rained kisses over any part of his Captain’s skin that he could reach. He giggled as Jack tapped in the entry code and opened the door, only to be pinned against the wall as soon as they were in the stairway by a hot and horny Welshman who crushed their lips together, driving his tongue into the other man’s mouth where it mapped the interior hungrily...


Gasping, and equally aroused, Jack tugged Ianto’s coat off and nipped his earlobe before growling into his ear “upstairs, strip and prepare to beg...I’m going to take you to the edge and back...!” He fought to control his breathing as Ianto pushed up hard against him and giggled, staggering up the stairs and into the flat as Jack retrieved his young man’s coat and ascended the staircase in his wake.


Ianto was waiting for him by the bedroom door, an intense expression on his face. As Jack approached he hauled him in by a handful of heavy wool and plundered his mouth to leave the older man breathless and dizzy with desire. “I’m in charge tonight’ll be the one begging...” the throaty whisper against his skin sending pulses of feral want coursing through his Captain’s body...“So, do exactly what I say...okay? Exactly..!


Jack stood up and saluted smartly, “Yessir!”


“Good, now sit on the bed, lean against the, more in the middle so you’ve got pillows either enjoy...” as he began swaying his hips, stroking his hands down his own body, fingers outstretched, feeling the music in his head...gyrating his hips harder...the movements raunchier as he immersed himself in the scene in his mind...  


He slid his index finger into his mouth and sucked on it as he looked through his eyelashes at his stunned Captain...the fuck, that’s so hot..! expression on his face leaving him in no doubt that Jack was enjoying...


He ran his hands over the bulge in his trousers, pressing down hard with the heel of his hand, low a moan escaping his lips, running his tongue over the plump pink flesh as he moved his hands to slowly unbutton his shirt, swaying sensually to the music in his head as he tugged the silk out from his jeans before sliding the garment off his shoulders and pressing it to his chest...


He ran the warm red silk lower, rubbing it over his groin, then dropped it to the floor as he turned round to give Jack a back view as he continue to gyrate, his hands cupping the cheeks of his rear as he danced. He turned and moved closer to the bed, beckoning Jack forward with a finger, thrusting his hips towards him...


Jack scrambled eagerly towards him, his mouth open as he practically drooled at the lust-inciting sight before him... Ianto’s hands slid to his belt, unbuckling it deliberately as his eyes locked on those of his Captain’s, desire blazing in those blue grey pools. He offered the buckle of the belt to the older man who grasped the simple fastening tightly as the Welshman shifted his weight against it and sashayed the strip of leather out of the loops, dancing out of range of Jack’s reaching hands...


Adrenaline, wild desire and alcohol coursing through his system, Ianto was thoroughly enjoying himself now, his hands moving to the button of his trousers, slowing his movements as he inched the zip down slowly, growling a single word command “strip!” to the older man, watching as his clothes were shed wildly at lightning speed, his arousal evident. “ back where you attention...” his breath coming in short bursts now...


Groping in his pocket, Ianto pulled out a tube of lube and squeezed some into his hand before tossing it to Jack who caught it and waited for instructions. Toeing out of his shoes and socks, Ianto shook his jeans and boxers down and swayed out of them, turning again to show himself sliding a finger into his body preparing himself, pushing back and adding a second, gasping as his fingertips brushed that magic spot...



”, Jack...” as his Captain followed the order and his eyes lit up as Ianto climbed on the bed and swiftly lowered himself down, drawing gasps from them both as they joined bodies and heightened senses drove them towards the edge at breakneck speed... They crushed their mouths together, tongues duelling frantically, hands raking roughly over heated skin...pleasure building inexorably towards that one moment and they exploded together in waves of ecstasy, each crying out the other’s name before slumping together as they trembled in a post-orgasmic glow...



Jack captured Ianto’s lips gently, kissing him tenderly, his hands reaching to thread his hands lovingly through the young man’s hair. “That was just amazing..!”


Ianto grinned breathlessly, “...yeah..!" as he urged his Captain under the quilt and wrapped his arms around him, kissing lazily, swapping gentle words of love as they fell into sated sleep.



chapter 33

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