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Title: Twos and Blues: 29/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional langauage, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 5550 – they’re getting longer!

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 More by the end of the week if I can... Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!



Chapter 29

Having cleaned the coffee machine to within an inch of its life, Ianto wandered aimlessly around the shop absently checking the stocks of consumables, even though he knew they were all full. He found himself back in the kitchen and dragged out a recipe book, knowing even as he flicked through the pages that he wouldn’t be cooking anything...

Sighing heavily, he closed the book and turned his footsteps reluctantly towards the flat, changing out of his work suit before resuming his restless pacing. He stopped at Jack’s coat and buried his face into the heavy fabric, immersing himself in the unique aroma that was just Jack... A smile curved the corners of his mouth as he tugged the coat from the hanger and slid his arms into the sleeves, wrapping the wool around him as he sank onto the sofa and closed his eyes...

In his head the replayed the conversation with Tosh and have you moved in Jack? How much his life had changed in a few short weeks and it all felt so right, like he’d been waiting for this his whole life... A frown crinkled his brow as he hovered between asleep and awake how will I cope without him next week? He chased that thought away with a slow motion replay of their silk underwear balcony session...

Jack returned forty five minutes later, bounding up the stairs and into the flat, eager to resume their planned sexy play session. He stopped at the endearing sight of his beloved Welshman cuddled into his great-coat fast asleep on the sofa, snapping a quick photo to preserve the memory for the lonely week ahead...

Leaving Ianto asleep, Jack moved to the bedroom to sort out his clothes. His small case was open ready on the bed, a pile of underwear to one side. It looked like Ianto had started before taking to the sofa. Packing in typical Jack just-scrunch-it-in-anyhow fashion, he added t-shirts, braces, trousers and blue shirts. Ianto had already put in a travel bag of HIM products, a new toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant and body wash. Travel wear was jeans, his Captain America t-shirt, grey hoodie and boots, plus his coat of course... Packing done!

A smile spread over his face as he moved back into the other room and knelt down by the sofa. Ianto’s hands were curled into the heavy wool and his lips curved softly as he dreamt. Jack took a moment to gaze at him, his heart pounding double time as he reached out to stroke a gentle finger over the Welshman’s cheek before leaning forward to brush their lips together in a light kiss.

Ianto’s eyes flickered open and his smile widened, hands snaking around his Captain’s neck to tug his mouth back to share tender kisses; no words needed as they each lost themselves in the other...

They broke apart, long pleasurable minutes later as fingers stroked gently through hair. “Hey you...” Jack kissed him softly. “Good snooze..?”

“Yeah...what was the shout?”

“Nothing much, smell of burning in a newsagents... It was burnt dust – he’d dusted the boiler and cupboard and the dust had fallen into the flume and ignited when the water clicked on...very distinctive and horrible smell! We told him to dust more than once a year to avoid a repeat! Short and sweet and very little paperwork – how I like ‘em!”

He pressed another kiss to Ianto’s lips. “I’ve finished my packing so what do you want to do now..?” he waggled his eyebrows invitingly.

Ianto sat up slowly, “Did you pick your passport up on the way back from the station?” he cupped Jack’s face and brushed his thumbs over the other man’s cheeks as Jack sighed with obvious frustration.

“We can go and get it now and then go for a walk around the Marina – I haven’t really seen it yet and then we can relax tonight knowing everything’s ready...maybe chocolate for dessert? Make the most of our time before you go...” He folded his Captain into a tight embrace as the older man nudged into the space between his knees and buried his face in the Welshman’s neck, breathing him in. “What time’s your flight?”

“Seven...need to leave no later than five...gotta pick up Gav and Stan...” he mumbled against Ianto’s skin, his warm breath sending delicious shivers down the young man’s spine.

Loosening his hold, Ianto gripped Jack’s biceps and pushed him back gently, pressing their lips together with light, barely-there kisses, kisses that developed rapidly, passion rising as tongues tangled and explored with possessive intent until they broke apart gasping for air.

“When we come back from the Marina I’m going to love you so completely you’ll forget your own name...” Jack nipped Ianto’s earlobe as he growled into his ear “and that includes licking melted chocolate from all your erogenous zones...” He grinned wickedly “It’ll take you all week to recover!”

Standing suddenly, he chuckled at his Welshman’s lust darkened eyes and offered his hands to tug the young man up from the sofa... Ianto let out a deep breath and grinned back. “Sounds like a challenge Captain Harkness...sir...” grabbing the offered hands and pulling himself up.

“Touché! Let’s get out of here before I start right now!” Jack’s trousers strained uncomfortably and he moaned loudly as he adjusted them, Ianto’s throaty chuckle doing nothing to alleviate the pressure of the hot swelling.

Shrugging out of Jack’s coat, Ianto held it out for his Captain to slip into, smoothing the still warm fabric down over Jack’s shoulders as he always did in that intimate and familiar way that neither would ever tire of. Stepping out to the hall, Ianto grabbed his own coat and put it on as they made their way down the stairs towards the SUV.

Neither spoke much on the brief journey to Jack’s house, fingers loosely interlinked in Jack’s lap. They climbed out and went into the hall. Jack took the stairs two at a time to retrieve his passport from his room. Ianto gathered the post from the hall table and the doormat.

“Your cleaning lady’s been in and started” he said as Jack descended the stairs at a far more sedate pace than he’d gone up, his passport clutched in his hand. “You’ll have to redirect your post now you’re officially moved in...” his voice trailed away “...I mean, if you wanted to...if...I’s not...”

Jack leapt down the last couple of stairs and gathered the blushing Welshman into his arms, kissing him with a passion that made his head spin. “God, I love you Yanno...” he breathed as he released him, “of course I’ll redirect my mail and do all those other things like the voters roll and whatever else we need to do to make it official...” he kissed the young man’s button nose “now shall we go for our walk while I’ve still got some willpower left to stop myself from dragging you upstairs here and now!”

Jack shoved his passport and mail into his deep coat pocket and they made their way back down the path heading towards the Marina. Ianto reached for Jack’s hand and entwined their fingers carefully, leaning into the man he loved with every atom of his being. The Marina was a wonderful sight, boats of every description rocking gently at their moorings, others moving slowly in or out of the harbour entrance to hit open water.

The breeze tugged at their hair and they were glad of the warmth and protection from their coats. Reaching the end they turned around and strolled back, nodding politely to the few people they passed, Ianto’s grip tightening every time they met someone new. Back at the huge archway marking the entrance, Jack glanced around them and drew the young man closer, kissing him tenderly. Ianto resisted for a spilt second before sinking into the embrace and kissing back with enthusiasm.

“Take me home Jack...” he stared deep into the blue grey depths “I’m ready to forget my name...”

Jack gripped Ianto’s hand again and they hurried back to the SUV on Jack’s driveway.

It was but a few short minutes until they were climbing the stairs to the flat, Jack immediately shrugging out of his coat as they closed the door behind them so it crumpled quietly into a heap on the floor. Reaching out, his arms were filled with a trembling Welshman who surrendered his mouth willingly to a series of long lingering kisses as he was stripped slowly…

With just Ianto’s shoes and socks remaining, and his trousers around his ankles, they came up for oxygen, Jack sinking to his knees to relieve Ianto of those last items. With his canvas now completely exposed he suddenly swept Ianto off his feet and carried him through to the bedroom where he lay him down gently. Pressing a brief kiss to his lips, he straightened up “don’t move, I’ll be right back…okay..?”

Ianto nodded, his heart thudding double-time with delicious anticipation as he lay waiting, listening to the sounds of the microwave and Jack’s unconscious whistling floating through the silence…

Jack returned with a tray which he set on the chair, moving it closer to the bed as he peered into the different pots, deciding... He dipped a finger into one of the pots and sucked it noisily, nodding. 

Ianto’s breath hitched as Jack leant closer “’re going to paint me with chocolate..?”

“Oh yeah...” the lust in Jack’s tone was evident, his face morphing into a leer as he breathed huskily into the young man’s ear, “...what could be sexier than a chocolate!Ianto..?” he grinned at the Welshman’s expression, a mix of wanton desire and nervous excitement.

He pressed his mouth against Ianto’s, his tongue swiping invitingly against those soft and sensual lips which parted gladly to let him in, the Welshman’s gentle sigh lost as they kissed passionately...

It was many minutes later when they came up for air, panting hard, cheeks flushed and lips pink and swollen... Standing, Jack’s face lit up at the sight of the deep red sheets and the pots of waiting chocolate,  Ianto’s skin...pale and beautiful against the richness of the bedding...


Shedding his own clothes swiftly, Jack picked up a pot of melted chocolate and a brush... He loaded his brush and considered where to begin...Ianto arching his body as the warm chocolate made contact with his skin followed by the delicious sensations of Jack’s tongue as it traced the pattern left by the brush, ending up on his gloriously kiss swollen lips where he was kissed into oblivion and back...


Smiling indulgently at Ianto’s soft moans of longing, Jack swapped the milk chocolate for the dark and a fresh brush. He dipped into the pot, his head on one side... “You’re so beautiful...” he murmured as he painted a line from the Welshman’s navel heading downwards...


Ianto’s moans increased sharply in volume as Jack’s tongue followed the trail and his senses swam as he was engulfed in the warmth of his mouth... Releasing him before he could climax, Jack chuckled wickedly and recharged his brush, this time circling his nipples with a combination of milk and white chocolate...


Ianto’s head arched back against the pillow as Jack’s brush drew swirls and trails across his skin, his Captain’s mouth following the trail of chocolate up and down his body, the Welshman’s senses blown and aware of nothing but the feel of the melted chocolate and the warmth of Jack’s lips and tongue over his heated flesh...


The trail followed another tantalising path down over his hip and turned sharply down towards his left knee. Groaning loudly and canting his hips off the bed, Ianto was lost in sensation as Jack’s tongue now trailed up the inside of his thigh, needy whimpers growing ever louder as the heat of Jack’s breath approached his quivering arousal.


Pausing to blow lightly over his Welshman’s sensitised flesh, Jack grinned. “What day is it?”


What? I don’t know...please...”


“What’s your name?” Jack grinned as Ianto’s eyes rolled expressively.


I don’t care! Just...pleeeease...” his hips arched up towards that inviting mouth, a strangled moan of satisfaction escaping as Jack’s mouth finally closed over him, tongue and a light scraping of teeth driving him to the edge within moments. “Fuck...oh so goooood..!”


Releasing him, Jack slid up his body and crushed their lips together, Ianto tasting himself as his Captain’s tongue plundered his mouth as he kissed him senseless. Finally coming up for oxygen, Jack sat up and surveyed his handiwork. Ianto looked totally debauched, hair wildly dishevelled, eyes glazed, pink cheeks and deliciously kiss-swollen lips, his skin smeared with white, milk and dark chocolate and peppered with love bites... Jack gazed and Yanno...


He slid off the bed and hauled the weak-knee’d, dazed and grinning Welshman to his feet, wrapping an arm around his waist as he led them to the shower. After turning the water on to warm, he folded the young man back into his arms sharing soft kisses before tugging him under the steaming spray and making love to him, taking him back to heaven, one passion-laden kiss at a time...


The water was cooling when they stepped out and dried each other tenderly, returning to the hallway and bedroom to retrieve their clothes. Linking hands they went back into the kitchen where the mouth-watering aroma of roast lamb greeted them.


“I turned the oven on when I melted the chocolate...” Jack smiled softly as Ianto leant against him, brushing their lips together “I love you Captain Harkness...”


“I know!” he deepened the kiss, tugging the Welshman in closer. They parted gently, lips just millimetres apart as they shared warm breath.


“You sort the dinner, I need to check in for our flights and do a couple of last minute emails...then I promise not to mention it again...I want to enjoy every second of our evening...which reminds me...what’s your name?”


Ianto blushed endearingly and ducked out of sight as he opened the oven to check the lamb. Chuckling, Jack turned on his laptop and swiftly navigated the on-line check in desk for their early morning flight. The printer in the other room clunked into life, printing out the three boarding passes. Jack skimmed through his emails, chuckling at a couple of jokes from Owen before grinning broadly and taking the laptop over to Ianto who was throwing some frozen veg into a bowl which he shoved in the microwave.


“Look! Flight details from Rose and Doc. Two weeks tomorrow...and it’s in the evening so you could come with me...if you want to...I mean I’d like it, but...if you don’t w...”


It was Jack’s turn to flounder in uncertainty and Ianto’s turn to reassure with a tender stroke of his Captain’s cheek and a soft brush of lips. “I can’t wait to meet them, cariad...” He ran his fingers through Jack’s silky hair “now, send your reply and open the wine, dinner’s ready...”


Moving back to the table, Jack typed a quick reply to Rose and finished filling in the form he’d started before checking his emails. He tapped in his debit card number and clicked submit. Moments later a Redirection of Mail confirmation email arrived in his inbox. After sending another quick email to Owen, Tosh, Rhys and Pete about Thursday’s drill that he’d be missing, he opened the redirection email and left it on the screen. As Ianto came down the step with their plates he pointed to the open message “that’s it! You’re stuck with me now!”


Ianto grinned happily “Suits me just fine! Now go get that bottle open, we can toast your official status...I suppose you’ve done Facebook and Twitter already!”


Jack laughed as he pulled the cork on the wine “Now you’re pushing your luck Mr Jones!”


They clinked glasses and tucked into their dinner, lingering over their dessert – the giant slices of rich vanilla cheesecake which was complimented by the vanilla roast coffee – fingers entwined, just enjoying the time together.


After stacking the dishwasher they took fresh coffees through to the sitting room and after flicking through the channels and rejecting the programmes on offer they settled for a cd, the soulful voice of Ella Fitzgerald filling the silence as they curled up on the sofa, saying little, just content to be close; to hold and touch and kiss...this wasn’t about sexual pleasure but it was about unspoken commitment...about promises...


They went to bed early, wrapping their arms around each other as they drifted off to sleep…

Ianto woke early, well before the alarm which was set for four am. Jack had moved on to his stomach but with one arm still slung possessively over Ianto’s waist. After laying there for a while he gave up any hope of going back to sleep and slid carefully out of bed. He smoothed the t-shirt he’d been wearing the previous day down and slipped on his track trousers, folded as ever, neatly on the floor in preparation for the day when he’d need to get dressed in a hurry for a shout…

Wandering through to the kitchen he made himself a cup of coffee and sat down at the dining table, a sudden thought bringing a smile to his face. Moving back to the coffee machine he ground some fresh @Yanno blend…

While the coffee was brewing he opened Jack’s case, rolling his eyes as his suspicions were proved correct – Jack was hopeless at packing! Carefully repacking, he added the last few extra items and closed the case, replacing it on the floor. Filling a mug he took it through to the bedroom. He pulled a red Welsh rugby shirt on and leant over to wake Jack, kissing him softly. Jack’s arms wrapped around him and tugged him back onto the bed as the kiss deepened.

“It’s time, cariad…” Ianto panted a little breathlessly when he was released.

“You sure?” Jack sighed heavily, his hold tightening around his armful of Welshman. “Can’t I stay here with you?”

“Nope! You’ve got a plane to catch…” he pressed a brief kiss to his Captain’s lips “and what did you tell me? The sooner you go, the sooner you can come home…”

“Smart arse!” Jack grumbled as he reluctantly released his grip and swung his legs over the side of the bed. He dressed swiftly and they shared some toast before walking down the stairs to the yard. Their breath made tiny clouds in the cold air of the early morning, the darkness lit only by the orange glow from the streetlamps once the motion sensor security light had cut out.

Dumping his case and laptop bag into the boot, Jack folded Ianto into his arms and wrapped his coat around them both, squeezing so tightly that the Welshman gasped as the air was driven from his lungs “Jack!”

“Sorry!” Jack loosened his hold slightly and crushed their lips together, tongue diving into Ianto’s mouth as he mapped every contour…. Breaking their frantic kiss, he buried his face into Ianto’s hair, breathing in the fragrant scent of lime and ginger shampoo mixed with the deeper tones of coffee and Ianto’s own unique aroma… “My Yanno…” he whispered softly “I’m missing you already…”

“Miss you too…now get going or you’ll have the others after you…” Ianto cupped Jack’s face “have a good journey and come home safe to me…love you…” He moved reluctantly out of the warmth of Jack’s coat and stepped back into the arc of the security light, the bright flash almost blinding them as it clicked back on.

“Love you…I’ll call you later…” Hopping into the SUV, Jack started the engine and slid it into drive, raising a hand to snap a salute in the young man’s direction as he pulled away.

Ianto watched until the car was out of sight before going back inside. Five long lonely days stretched ahead of him now. He sighed and reached for his recipe book, throwing himself into a baking session as the sky lightened slowly and the new day began…

By the time Rhi and Sue arrived he’d made giant cherry cake, smiling as he’d chopped the cherries remembering the last time Jack had helped him with that task and the resulting hot snogging session that had followed… He’d also made some lemon bars, using an American recipe Jack had said was one of the Doc’s favourites and some chocolate button cookies…

He was making their drinks when his phone buzzed in his pocket. Digging it out he tapped the screen sat on plane getting ready to leave…miss you…love you…have a good day sweetheart J x

The fleeting smile that crossed his face almost cancelled out the look of sadness in his eyes. Rhi nudged Sue and they giggled as they put a box on the counter.

“What’s this?” Ianto picked up the box. “Scooby Snacks?”

“Dog treats for those sad puppy dog eyes you’re going to have all week because your Captain Gorgeous isn’t here!” Rhi laughed at the eye roll from her brother. “Actually, think yourself lucky they’re not real dog biscuits – Mica printed the label off the ‘net and the inside are actually Cadbury’s animals…but I’m sure we could still get you the real thing…”

Ianto stuck his tongue out and they all laughed. Breakfast was a quieter affair without Jack’s larger-than-life presence, but it was full of love and laughter and almost bearable!

Once they were open, it was business as usual and Ianto was too busy to fret…

Jack glanced at his watch as he dumped his bag on the bed once they’d arrived at their hotel...the bed that would be very lonely without his Welshman to wrap himself around... He reached into his coat pocket and dug out his phone, pressing one on his speed rang...and rang...into answer phone. Jack’s face fell. Ianto must be busy...guilt immediately taking the place of the initial disappointment he’d felt when the call hadn’t been answered.

He waited for five minutes...five long, drawn out minutes that seemed to have far more than the allotted sixty seconds in each, making it seem like an eternity... He pressed redial and held his breath...

“Jack...” Ianto answered after several rings. He sounded breathless and there were sounds of laughter and crockery clattering in the background...

“ Yanno...I’m missing me..?” he tried to sound cheerful, light-hearted, not at all sure he should be feeling quite as bereft as he did, attempting to quell the fluttering in his stomach from a sudden invasion of butterflies and the quickening of his heartbeat at the mere sound of his gorgeous Welshman’s voice...

“Busy Jack! Have you unpacked yet?” The tone was soft but carried an edge to it. Jack could hear Ianto moving around the coffee machine and he pictured him with the phone tucked against his shoulder as he filled whatever order his current customer had requested...

“Not yet...” he said, somewhat sulkily, despite knowing that if he didn’t, his shirts would be crumpled...he didn’t want to talk about housekeeping...he wanted to talk about...actually he didn’t know what but just that he wanted to talk to his Ianto who was now so far away...

“Call me back when you’ve unpacked...” Ianto hung up, leaving Jack with his mouth open and a sinking feeling as the butterflies suddenly acquired lead boots and hit the floor...hard...

 His finger hovered over the was only with supreme effort that he managed to shove the phone deep into his jeans pocket and turn his attention to his case...the case that had been lovingly repacked by the man he was missing so much already...

Unzipping it, he pulled out carefully rolled shirts and stuck them on hangers, then trousers, underwear and the HIM toiletries... Next he pulled out a squat flask that had been wrapped in a hand towel, a grin lighting up his face as he unscrewed the lid to be blown away by the delicious aroma of Ianto’s coffee. He poured himself a cup and sipped it appreciatively God, I love that man!

The final item was screwed up in the corner of the bag in a very un-Ianto-ish fashion. Jack grabbed it. It was soft to the touch. Puzzled, he unrolled it carefully, the scent of his Welshman drifting around him. He smiled softly as he recognised the Blue Gillespie t-shirt Ianto had insisted on wearing in bed the previous night, saying he was you he thought, his hand straying towards his phone... He paused, he wasn’t officially fully unpacked yet.

He sighed, remembering how harassed Ianto had sounded earlier as he turned his attention back to the half-unrolled t-shirt. His heart leapt as it revealed its final secret and he discovered that a red Welsh Dragon lay within the confines of the soft fabric. He clutched the plushie toy to him with one hand whilst the other gathered up the t-shirt and pressed it against his cheek so he could inhale the comforting aroma that was Ianto. A momento of home...he’s called Janto! I x The note attached to the dragon fluttered to the floor.

Flinging himself onto the bed, t-shirt and soft toy cuddled to him, he pulled out his phone and hit redial. The call was answered immediately, a gentle “...yes Jack, I miss you...”

Ianto could hear the slight hitch in his Captain’s voice and turned his head into the collar of Jack’s shirt which he’d put on earlier instead of his usual maroon Swiss cotton . He breathed in deeply, the intoxicating scent of the older man filling his senses and sending a spark to his groin... miss you...want you...

They lapsed into silence, one curled up in a hotel room with a t-shirt and plushie toy...the other leant against the wall half way up the stairs to the flat...both listening to the quiet breathing on the other end of the phone... Many minutes passed... “Jack...” Ianto’s whisper slid into the comfortable silence.


“I need to get back to my customers...”

“I know...” Jack’s reply equally soft and regretful.

Miss you...”

“Wish you were here...”  Cutting the call, Jack hugged Janto to him and then carefully laid Ianto’s t-shirt in between the top and bottom pillows to absorb the scent for when he went to bed later. He topped up his coffee and took his cup and the toy into the bathroom where he turned on the shower to warm.

It was the early hours before he returned to the hotel room after an exhausting day working on the giant turbines. As he prepared for bed his thoughts returned to Ianto, wondering if he was asleep... He pulled back the covers and arranged Ianto’s t-shirt over the pillow next to his, turning his own pillow over to have the Welshman’s scent next to his face...never had a bed looked so empty...miss him...

He slid in and cuddled the plushie to him. Closing his eyes, he let the comforting aroma of the man he loved...wish he was here... fill his senses until he was taken by sleep.

The following day was both busy and fraught with frustrating problems and dead ends as they tried to overcome the list of flaws in the customer’s design...meetings with endless engineers, many with conflicting demands... He grimaced as Gavin approached, frowning as their client’s head engineer talked excitedly at him, finding slight comfort in stroking his fingers over his phone in his pocket where a series of messages from Ianto told him to behave himself, stay calm and just sort the problems, promising he would be rewarded if he got a good report from Gav and Stan..!

“ did that last prototype perform on the underwater tests?” I’m really earning that reward...

He tried calling Ianto as he’d dressed that morning, disappointed when it went unanswered... Pressing redial as they finished an early breakfast, Gav and Stan discussing yet another modification in serious tones at the table next to him, his heart leapt as it was answered on the first ring “Morning cariad...did you sleep okay? I’ve never been up so early! We watched the sun rise today...” he broke off to call across the shop “it needs to go a bit higher on the it’s in line with the logo...yeah, that’s it!”

“We?” Jack couldn’t hide the sudden rise of his green goblins “Who’s we?”

“Nick and Pete...they figured I might be missing you so they’ve dragged me out for an early morning run...Pete says I need to get my arse into shape for training school!” he chuckled at a shouted reply from the other side of the room.

“Are they still there now?” Jack quashed the feelings of jealousy, knowing that the two men were simply looking out for his Welshman, “you tell my Crew Manager that I’m perfectly happy with your cute arse as it is!”

“Nick’s gone, but Pete’s still here, he volunteered to help put the advertising posters up for the ‘take-home grounds and the voucher books and he’s got absolutely no idea what ‘straight’ is...” The phone exploded with laughter from Cardiff as Ianto realised what he’d said.

Despite the gnawing ache that someone else was making his beloved Welshman laugh, Jack had to chuckle at the unintentional pun. “He wouldn’t know straight if it fell on his head!” At the table Gav nudged him and tapped his watch. “Okay sweetheart, I have to go. Have a good day and I’ll try and call you later...” he dropped his voice “love you...”

“Love you too, cariad...” Ianto hung up. He turned to Pete who’d now finished the posters and was leant against the counter watching as Ianto filled another take-home bag with the @Yanno signature blend. Arching an eyebrow “Jack says you wouldn’t know straight if it fell on you!”

Laughing helplessly, Pete rounded the counter and pulled the Welshman into a hug. They leant against each other as they got their breath back. Pulling back, Pete cupped one hand around Ianto’s face, brushing a thumb lightly over his cheek. “You know you’re gorgeous, Ianto? Jack’s a very lucky man...” he said softly as he released him and moved quickly away.

Ianto watched as the other man went into the kitchen, reappearing almost immediately with a tray of clean mugs which he plonked on the counter top. “The bagels are want cream cheese on them?”

“Mmnnn, please...” He gazed at Pete’s retreating back thoughtfully...wondering... He made their coffee and took it over to the booth as Pete joined him with their breakfast. They talked quietly on a variety of topics as they ate, Ianto finally leaning closer to ask the question he’d pondered all morning...

Pete looked surprised but nodded, squeezing the Welshman’s hand gently. “So how many have you..?”

“Just Jack...”

Pete nodded, understanding. Once they’d finished their breakfast he kissed Ianto’s cheek “see you later then...”

“Yeah...and thanks...” Ianto grinned as Pete let himself out of the front door.

The day flew past, Ianto was elated when he sold out of his first batch of @Yanno home blend and had numerous request for other flavours. “I wish Jack was here to see this” he mumbled wistfully as he handed over the final packet.

“Do you need a Scooby Snack?” Rhi teased him gently, knowing he was missing the other man acutely.

“Ha, bloody ha!” Ianto rolled his eyes. “Get back to your sink wench!”

Laughter echoed back to the kitchen. Sue and Rhi were finished by three and Ianto was thinking about doing some more baking when Pete tapped on the window. He had a sports bag with him. “Now a good time?” he held up the bag.

Blushing, Ianto nodded. “You sure you’re okay with this?”

“As I said earlier, you’re’ll be my pleasure...”

Ianto locked the door behind him and took Pete’s hand, leading him up the stairs to the flat...

chapter 30






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