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Title: Twos and Blues: 28/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 5150 – eek! they’re getting longer!

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 This chapter is for Dana @BarrowmanDay – if you don’t follow her and you’re a JB fan...get clicking those Follow buttons! Enjoy hon J)  Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!




Chapter 28

Ianto nodded as Jack pushed him gently down on to his bed and raised his tied hands over his head, the unspoken question showing in the warmth and concern in Jack’s eyes. Their hips rubbed together tantalisingly as his Captain straddled his body and leant over him to tie a slip-knot in the ends of the Welshman’s tie and secure it to the headboard.

“If you feel uncomfortable just tug hard and it’ll release you. Now, you need a safe word – something simple that you won’t forget...”

“How about coffee?”

“Yeah, that’ll do nicely. If you want to stop any time and I’m not hearing you, that’s the word to use... But...” he shuffled back down to settle again on Ianto’s hips “I will any point, without a safe word....this is about our pleasure...together...”

“Jack...” the Welshman’s voice a low growl.


“Just shut up and kiss me...” Desire radiated from twin pairs of blue as their eyes locked gazes before Jack reclaimed his lips, his tongue diving into the welcoming mouth where it mapped every contour...  He pulled away and attacked Ianto’s neck, grazing the skin with his teeth before soothing it with his tongue, as he felt the shudders of desire running through the young man.

He continued across his throat and back up the other side of his neck, pausing at the juncture of neck and shoulder to suck the soft skin into his mouth, hard enough to leave a bruise and drawing a low moan of combined pain and pleasure from the pink, kiss-swollen lips of his captive Welshman. He returned to those wonderfully responsive lips and kissed them hard, pressing their bodies together as twin arousals strained against the woefully inadequate friction of their trousers. His hands slid down the young man’s body to unbutton his waistcoat, slowly and deliberately slipping each small disc through the button hole. Next he tugged his shirt out from Ianto’s trousers, gathering the heavy fabric in his fingers to push it up without removing it...

Ianto’s breath was coming in short gasps and pants as his Captain returned to the exploration of his body, trailing his tongue down through the soft, downy hair on his chest to circle a nipple, teasing the nub of flesh with his teeth before sliding across to give the other side equal attention. Ianto writhed and moaned and thrust against the warm mouth, his head thrown back, eyes closed and lips parted...

A needy whimper escaped as Jack paused in his quest to sit back and drink in the view of his beloved Welshman, completely undone and wanton as he arched his hips off the bed only I get to see him like this...the thought sending a warmth radiating through him before he finally removed the Swiss cotton and added it to the collection of abandoned garments on the floor...

Ianto gasped as Jack’s hands returned to his body, moving lower to undo his belt...then the button and finally inched his zip down, pressing against the swelling with the heel of his hand to tease a loud moan from those delicious lips... Jack’s hands explored the heated flesh just inside the waistband of the trousers, his fingers light and the touch sensual, before hooking his thumbs over the fabric on either side and pulling down trousers and boxers together...

Ianto’s groans increased in volume as Jack’s mouth followed his hands southwards and he was engulfed in the moist heat, tongue and teeth going to work on his sensitive flesh... Jack grinned to himself at the carnal sounds emanating from his quiet Welshman, reaching up to offer his fingers for sucking before dancing them back to press against the entrance to Ianto’s body... A mewl escaped the young man as one finger pushed in, followed by a second, brushing that magic spot to set him gasping with pleasure. Jack increased the pressure with his mouth, feeling the telltale signs, finally humming as Ianto exploded in his mouth, crying Jack’s name out as he shuddered through waves of blissful ecstasy...

Jack slid back up the young man’s body to crush their lips together, Ianto tasting himself on his Captain’s tongue. Pulling away, Jack swiftly undid his belt, button and zip, pushing his trousers and underwear down to pool around his ankles, before kicking them off into a heap on the floor as he groped in the bedside drawer for the lube. He warmed it on his hand before coating himself and pushing in slowly, relishing the feel of the tight heat around him. He stilled for a moment, an impatient “Jack...please...” falling from his Welshman’s lips, before he began moving...finding the familiar rhythm that had them both panting and thrusting together until Jack cried his release and slumped forward, his head resting on Ianto’s chest.

As their breathing returned to normal, Jack reached up to release Ianto’s hands from the headboard, the young man immediately sliding his still-tied wrists over his Captain’s head as they kissed tenderly. Finally breaking apart many long minutes later, Jack untied Ianto’s hands and kissed his wrists lightly.

“You okay sweetheart?”

“Mmnngghhh...” Ianto struggled to form any coherent sounds, his body tingling from head to toe with the intensity of his climax and his synapses still in meltdown mode...

Jack chuckled softly and pressed a kiss to the end of the Welshman’s button nose before urging him under the covers and they wrapped their arms around each other, falling into a sated sleep within moments...

They woke with a jump as Jack’s phone rang insistently from the pocket of his trousers somewhere amongst the tangle of clothing on the floor.  Ianto lifted his head to check the clock. “Shit! We need to move, it’s twenty to seven!”He nudged Jack who’d not even opened his eyes. “C’mon, we need to have a shower before Tosh and Owen get here...”

Jack’s eyes finally opened as he arched an eyebrow suggestively. “Does that involve you and me, wet and naked in a small space..?” He chuckled as the Welshman rolled his eyes expressively before grabbing his hand and dragging him to the shower where they managed to share gentle kisses whilst washing each other efficiently...which was where it all started to divert from their master plan!

The buzzer sounded, announcing the arrival of Tosh and Owen and they scrambled frantically to find their clothes, laughing as they tripped over each other in their haste... Ianto just managed to yank his jeans up and tug his t-shirt over his head as their friends reached the door, padding across in his bare feet to open it, remembering as he grinned a welcome that his hair was stuck up all over the place from the energetic towelling Jack had insisted on giving it in his ‘let-me-help-you-get-ready’ which of course had led to more distractions as he’d kissed every scrap of skin that he’d dried...of course they weren’t going to be ready when their guests arrived..!

He blushed as Owen eyed his dishevelled state and he realised that he’d not yet done his jeans up and he really had meant to find some boxers...the grin that lit up Owen’s thin face suggesting that he was finding it all rather amusing..! The medic nudged a smiling Tosh and winked as he called out wryly,

“You might as well come out Jack...I know you’re not quite ready...” spluttering as the Captain emerged from the bathroom stark naked, “...I had rather hoped you’d have a towel on at least!” he covered his eyes and shook his head. “Do you have any idea of the damage those images are going to do to my poor head..?”

He grinned, allowing a now carefully zipped up Ianto to take their coats which he hung up neatly, before the Welshman pulled Tosh into a hug.

Jack re-emerged from the bedroom, dressed now, rubbing his hair dry vigorously. He draped the towel around his neck and leant against the doorframe, smiling softly.

Moving into the kitchen Ianto started the coffee as the Owen flopped onto one of the sofas, Tosh following Ianto with the two bottles of wine they’d brought with them...  Jack sank onto the sofa and curled his legs under him

“What?” he stuck his tongue out as Owen eyed him thoughtfully.

“It’s good to see you so happy with the tea boy...we’ve missed that smile and you’ve got that twinkle back...” Owen reached across to punch his friend lightly on the arm, “I mean’s good...” a frown replaced the fond look “and what’s with you and not answering your bloody phone! I rang yesterday – no reply, reply...” He crossed his arms and attempted to look intimidating, which failed as a strategy as he had to laugh at the dreamy look that settled on Jack’s face.

“He bought me silk underwear...and a scarf...” the smile broadened as images from their balcony session the night before replayed in slow motion through the Captain’s head.

Owen blinked in confusion “...and how does that stop you fr...oh!!...don’t you dare, Harkness! I’m damaged enough already from your altogether greeting, I don’t think I could take any silk play on top!”

Jack winked and waggled his eyebrows, but closed his mouth without speaking, both laughing as they reached for the takeaway menus on the coffee table.

A few minutes later Ianto brought the coffees across and sat down on the sofa, Jack immediately stroking his hands through the young man’s hair, smoothing it down...

Tosh and Owen watched them fondly...they were like a couple of lovesick teenagers, completely unable to keep their hands off each other... They grinned and studied the menus. After a brief discussion they decided to have the set meal for four and some poppadums. Ianto rang it through and delivery was arranged for approximately forty minutes.

The friends sat and chatted, wine glasses in hand, covering all topics – including Jack’s forthcoming medal presentation at the rather prestigious setting of Cardiff Castle - but ending, as always, on more stories of the different shouts over the years... Ianto leant against his Captain, warm and relaxed and listened as Owen related the tale of the rose arch and the man that Jack sent flying over a fence and into the ditch when he accidentally hit him with the appliance door...

The evening flew past, the wine didn’t quite flow as all were still on duty, but they had a great time and wound up watching a Bond film. All was quiet when Ianto went out to put some more coffee on. He was unwrapping the box of after dinner mints when Jack joined him, the older man gently removing the box from his hands before tugging him in for a hug.

“ won’t need those...or the coffee...” he chuckled quietly at the arched eyebrow, digging his phone out of his pocket and opening a file “look! So sweet!” the grin echoed the Machiavellian chortle “ just wait ‘till the next time he cheeks me on the drill yard – this is going up on the notice a full colour, glossy eight by ten!”

Ianto gazed at the picture of Tosh and Owen fast asleep on their sofa, Owen had his head thrown back and mouth open, his arm draped over Tosh’s shoulders as she rested her head on her fiancé’s chest. It was a delightfully endearing photo and showed a closely guarded softer side to the acerbic medic who liked to kid the world that he was a grumpy bastard!

Moving out of Jack’s arms, Ianto went to the airing cupboard and pulled out a fleece blanket, the action reminding him once again of the previous night and he felt an instant bodily response below his waistline. Moving back to the lounge, he placed it carefully over the sleeping couple before returning to his Captain’s arms where his mouth was captured for a series of sweet and tender kisses as they ran fingers through hair and murmured soft words of love and nonsense into the other’s ear...

From their comfortable position, pressed in the corner between the fridge freezer and the pull-out larder, they heard the film ending, going back into the room as the credits rolled. Tosh and Owen were sound asleep and had moved so they were half stretched out on the comfortable leather sofa, the blanket pulled in close as they snuggled together.

“Do we wake them?” Ianto whispered

“Nah! Leave them a note and turn the spare bed down....good job we cleared some of those boxes away!” Jack smiled, now, help me stack the dishwasher so I can take you to bed...” he brushed their lips together lightly and together they tidied the kitchen. Jack scribbled a note while Ianto turned the spare bed down, before they removed their clothes and slid into bed, Jack spooning around Ianto’s back with his nose buried in the Welshman’s hair and his arm curling around his waist. They were asleep in moments...

The alarm woke them to the soothing sound of Enya and they lay snug and warm, limbs entwined as they shared gentle morning kisses. Enya morphed into Simply Red and they finally smacked the off button when some heavy rock assaulted their ear drums – way too loud for their mellow mood to start a Sunday.

Jack’s hands slid down the Welshman’s smooth flesh, the touch awakening his senses and he sighed softly “Tosh and Owen are next door...”

His sigh echoing Ianto’s, Jack released him and moved away, regret evident in his expression. Folding the quilt back, they sat up on opposite sides of the bed, feet on the floor. Ianto chuckled and swung around “We need to have a’s the other side of the hall and we can be quiet...” He grinned as Jack bounded up, his despondency obviously forgotten instantly and his hand was grabbed as he was tugged to the bathroom.

Once there, they turned the water on to warm before melting into each other’s arms for some slow deep kisses, kisses that grew in intensity until they were gasping against the other’s mouth, lips tingling, tongues tangling as they duelled for control...

Breaking apart long enough to step under the now steaming spray, they sank back into more hot, heady kisses as hands linked to share mutual pleasuring... Ianto tore his mouth from Jack’s and buried his face into his Captain’s neck as his climax cascaded through him, the welcome warmth of Jack’s release following moments later. Capturing the Welshman’s lips once more, they kissed sweetly, tongue sliding lazily against tongue until they ran out of air.

They washed each other rapidly and stepped out, wrapping soft towels around their waists and crept back to their bedroom hand in hand. Once through the door, Jack reached for a handful of towel and hauled Ianto in for a searing kiss, exploring the contours of his minty fresh mouth hungrily until they surfaced somewhat breathless and rested their foreheads together.

Releasing him reluctantly, Jack leant against the wardrobe and watched as Ianto covered the evidence of their passionate lovemaking the previous day with layers of heavy Swiss cotton and fine wool blend. He draped his tie around his neck but didn’t knot it and slipped into his waistcoat, which he left open. Gazing at him, Jack felt a rush of warmth and possessive pride he’s so beautiful...and he’s all mine... That warmth rushed southwards as Ianto bent over to pull his socks and shoes on, the light chuckle suggesting he knew precisely the effect he was having on his Captain!

“I’ll go put some coffee on. You need to get dressed, cariad... love you...

As Ianto moved away towards the kitchen Jack grinned and opened the drawer, picking out socks and boxers. He glanced at the chair in the corner, noting that his pile of clothes had gone.

“Yanno?” he stepped to the doorway to shout down the hall as the spare room door opened.

“Morning all...oh for heaven’s sake, Harkness!” Owen rolled his eyes in exasperation as he was faced with a naked Captain for the second time in twenty four hours.

“Morning! Did you sleep well?” Jack grinned innocently.

“Apart from nightmares about you leaping out at me without your clothes on! Put it away!” despite the snark, Owen was grinning, turning hurriedly as Tosh moved to stand beside him. He covered her eyes with mock horror and she giggled, leaning into him.

“Morning Jack!” she tugged Owen’s hand aside. “I’ve seen it all before!” she winked at Jack and headed for the bathroom.

“What? When? Tosh?” Owen planted his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyes. “Spill it Harkness! When have you been naked in front of my fiancée!”

Jack laughed as Ianto reappeared. “You hollered?”

“Yes! Where’s my @Yanno top, sweetheart?”

“Wardrobe, on the left, second shelf next to your Captain America t-shirts, black trousers are other end of the rail...” he nodded at Owen. “Morning!”

Tosh returned from the bathroom and slid her hand into Owen’s, smiling at him “shower’s on...shall we?” she led him away, a huge grin spreading across the medic’s face.

Ianto grinned. “Coffee’s on and I’ll sort some breakfast out while you guys get dressed...” He stepped closer and planted a soft kiss on his Captain’s lips. “Now put your body away - gorgeous though it is!” he grasped Jack by the shoulders and turned him around, smacking his bare arse lightly as he gave him a little push.

“Yessir!” Jack spun around and saluted...with more than one bodily part.

Biting his lip to stop the laughter, Ianto headed back to the kitchen.

Fifteen minutes later they were sat around the table tucking into a full Scottish breakfast – Jack was very partial to black pudding with his eggs and bacon. Tosh looked at Jack who was pinching the last baby mushroom from Ianto’s plate, the Welshman grabbing the fork and guiding it to his own mouth as Jack’s mischievous grin morphed into a pout!

“So have you moved in, Jack?”

Glancing around them, Jack’s eyes widened as he noted his belongings scattered all over Ianto’s flat: files, laptop, various gadgets and the photo of himself and Doc and Rose that Ianto had scanned from the album and framed... He reached for Ianto’s hand and slid their fingers together.

“I guess I have...although we’ve never talked about it, I mean...”

Ianto squeezed Jack’s fingers “we did have a discussion about doing your ironing if I recall! That’s about it, but this is where you live...where you belong...” his eyes sparkled with love, the sentiment reflected in his Captain’s blue grey depths and their friends smiled; it had been a very long time since they’d seen Jack so content.

Breakfast was finished to the story of Jack’s naked rescue of a trapped calf in a storm drain. “It was pitch black and the water in this drain was filthy...” Tosh shuddered at the memory. “There was no way I was going in there so I manned the rope and torch while Jack stripped and went in – no underwear on, of course...” laughter echoed around the table...

Leaving Jack with Tosh and Owen, Ianto went down to the shop to set up, Rhi and the girls arriving shortly after. “No Jack today?” Rhi raised an eyebrow.

“He’s still upstairs, Tosh and Owen stayed over last night and they’re finishing breakfast. “Jack’s moved in...” he blurted out, anxiously waiting for his sister’s reaction.

“Oh? I thought he’d already done that...”

Ianto let out the breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. “Well, I guess he had, but we hadn’t actually talked about it...I suppose we still haven’t but...” he shrugged his shoulders “I’m just glad you approve...”

“You daft sod!” Rhi pulled him into a hug. “Anyone can see that the two of you belong together – you’re like a lovesick puppy when he’s not around!” She jumped as another set of arms wrapped around the pair of them and squeezed tightly. “Talk of the devil! Morning Jack!”

Jack grinned in reply and released them, heading towards the archway through to the shop. “Tosh and Owen’ll be down in a minute, Tosh insisted on loading the dishwasher and then she wants to do her face...I left Owen exploring your HIM stuff so he’ll be shaving his legs by now!” he laughed at Rhi’s face and vanished, the shrieks of laughter from Mica and Lauren suggesting he’d found them.

Ianto shook his head and looked at his sister. “Then you’d better bring some puppy snacks next week as he’s away in Ireland next week...he goes tomorrow morning until Friday night...clients to see...” despite the light-hearted tone and the chuckle, Rhi could see the melancholy behind the words.

Patting his arm she smiled brightly “well at least you can come to us for dinner – I’ve not cooked for you in weeks!”

Nodding, Ianto followed the sounds of laughter into the shop as he sorted out his tie and buttoned up his waistcoat. “Time to open up...”

The shop was in full breakfast rush when Tosh and Owen came downstairs. Ianto was working through the queue, Mica and Rhi were in the kitchen and Lauren was in her usual place on the till. Jack was ‘front-of-house’ and currently chatting to Rhys and Gwen who were enjoying a New York blend and bagel.

“Great night and morning...” Tosh hugged Jack tightly “thank you, both...can you say bye to Ianto for us...” Jack nodded and kissed her lightly on the cheek before tugging Owen in for a brief hug too.

The acerbic medic grinned as he was released “see ya...oh and Jack...keep your clothes on next time!” he winked at an open mouthed Gwen as he wound an arm around Tosh’s waist. “See you guys later...”

Laughing fondly, Jack moved to clear the table on the other side of the room...

The morning flew past, slowing just after one. Taking advantage of the lull, Ianto made a fresh round of coffees for Jack and Gav who were holding an impromptu business meeting in one of the booths, discussing various issues to do with their trip the following day. Stu, Gav’s partner, was sat doing the crossword in the Sunday paper while Jack and Gav had their heads together over some weird diagram full of circles and arrows.

As Ianto put the mugs down and collected the empties they were talking thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, none of which made any sense to him so he contented himself with a brief squeeze of his Captain’s shoulder and stopped to chat to Stu. A couple of jointly solved clues later, he returned to his counter where a customer was waiting.

He’d just closed the till as he was covering both while Lauren cleared some tables, when Debbie bounced in with one of her friends, a happy grin on each of their faces. Debbie had the plate her cake had been on and an envelope.

“Did you have a good day yesterday?” Ianto smiled warmly.

“It was brilliant and I loved my party and cake...thank you so much, Ianto...” she giggled as the Welshman took the plate from her and squeezed her hand.

“Glad you liked it...oh, hang on...” he moved back across to the till and pulled out one of the new voucher books. “There you go, your idea come to life! There’ll be advertising and stuff for it sometime next week and I’m also going to look into your idea of a card you can charge thank you for sharing your ideas... You want a coffee now?”

“Sorry, I’d love to but we can’t – got to be home for dinner and we’re already late! I just wanted to return your plate... Bye!” they giggled and hurried out.

Stu wandered over and they chatted whilst they tried to solve the final clue to complete the crossword which eluded them, instead moving on to talking about their partners’ visit to Dublin. “Do you ever go with them?” Ianto wondered aloud.

“A couple of times, but they work all the time – sometimes through the night if there’s a problem with something – as Jack says, the quicker they get the work done, the quicker they can come home again! We did all go to Las Vegas once as it was Gav’s birthday while we were out there so we hit the casinos... Man that was a fun trip! But usually, I stay home, sometimes I decorate or just pine in a corner!” he chuckled at Ianto’s face.

 “There’s far too much to do with just one of me when Gav’s away that I don’t have time to miss him and besides...” he lowered his voice and leant closer, glancing around to make sure Lauren wasn’t within earshot “...the phone sex is amazing...” He picked up his paper as Gav called him from beside the booth as he gave Jack a brief hug. “Right, looks like we’re off now. Take care Ianto, get Jack to give you my number and you can call anytime if you want a drink or anything while they’re away  - us engineering widows gotta stick together eh!”

Ianto grinned at him, his mind miles away...

Jack saw them out and then tidied his drawings away into his big black file, the smile on his face indicating it had been a productive couple of hours. He gathered the mugs together and brought them back to the counter, handing Ianto his file in exchange for a tray. Their fingers brushed, the usual electric tingle shooting through their bodies at the touch before Jack stepped aside to let a customer approach. The man ordered two vanilla blends and two slices of cheesecake to go. The order was swiftly filled and he departed, smiling.

“Cheesecake? You’re selling it?”

“Sold! That was the last two slices...”

“But..!” the pout was typical Jack

“...apart from the two massive slices in the fridge upstairs...” the pout was replaced with a huge grin “...which are for after dinner tonight, so no pinching a bit now!” the grin was accompanied by a rueful shrug of the shoulders.

“You got me!”

“I know! If you want something sweet, there’s still one of those chocolate mousse cups in the fridge out back. Rhi tried one so there’s one left...”

“I love you...”

“I know! Now scoot, I’ve got work to do!” he smiled as Jack bounced out to the kitchen just as Rhi returned to help the clear up and pick the girls up.

The final customers left just on two thirty and he locked up behind them. Lauren took the rest of the dirty mugs and plates out to the kitchen while Ianto began cleaning the coffee machine. Jack reappeared with the chocolate mousse cup almost finished, spooning the last of the rich dessert into his mouth with groans of pleasure that sent pulses of desire straight to Ianto’s groin.

“Enjoy that then?” a Welsh eyebrow arched as Jack’s tongue flicked out to lick the chocolate smears off his lips and a wicked twinkle lit in those blue grey depths as Jack looked at him.

“Oh yeah...mmmmnnn...” large hands reached out and grabbed hold, one to tug Ianto’s tie, the other sliding around the back of his neck as Jack crushed their lips together, his tongue diving into the other man’s mouth to share the taste of rich vanilla and bitter dark chocolate. Ianto’s arms wound around his Captain’s waist as he sank into the kiss, his tongue plundering Jack’s mouth in turn as he chased the lingering flavour of chocolate mixed with intoxicating combination that they lost themselves in until giggles behind them dragged them back to the present...

Their audience of three stood in the archway, two giggling, one hands on hips, an exasperated grin on her face...

Ianto blushed scarlet as Jack released him, whispering in his ear “I’m going to lick melted chocolate off every inch of your body...” aware that his trousers strained impatiently at the seams so he daren’t move from behind the counter. He stepped over to the till and took out the two wage packets for Mica and Lauren and held them out.

“Thanks girls. Have a nice afternoon...”

Rhi shook her head knowingly as the wages were collected. “You too...” she laughed “C’mon ladies, let’s leave the lovebirds to it...”

Jack followed them to the kitchen, waved them off and locked the door behind them as Ianto leant weakly against the counter what you do to me Jack...

His body shuddered in anticipation as his Captain appeared in the doorway and held up two bars of fine dark chocolate. “Coming to play..?” his throaty chuckle sent another surge of heat southwards and Ianto bit his lip to suppress a wanton moan. “...oh, and pun most definitely intended!”

Ianto grinned and took a step towards the a familiar and insistent bleeping shrilled from Jack’s hip. They looked at each other, both cursing at once.


“Bloody thing’s got lousy timing...”

“Sorry sweetheart...gotta go...”

The door banged behind him...

Ianto’s body protested wildly as he forcibly quashed all thoughts of Jack’s tongue trailing over his flesh and resumed the cleaning of his coffee machine...

continued chapter 29

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