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Title: Twos and Blues: 27/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 5000

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 This chapter is for [info]iantosdreamer46  – fab weekend in Glasgow last week, *sigh* love that man! Xxx I tried posting this last night but LJ was not playing!!!

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!




Chapter 27

Reaching the bedroom, Jack picked up his boxers and twirled them on his index finger as he waggled his eyebrows. Ianto felt a sudden rush of warmth at the intensity of Jack’s gaze, those blue grey pools radiating love, passion and desire in equal measure. I could drown in those eyes...

Yanno...” the hoarse whisper drawing a low wanton moan as Jack curled an arm around his waist to pull him in close and press a searing kiss to his willing mouth. Ianto melted in his Captain’s embrace, holding on tightly as they surfaced, dizzy with desire and knees weak.

“Go put them on and let’s go...hurry Jack, before I have to have you” The throaty chuckle did nothing to help Ianto’s wayward blood supply and he bit his lip as he carefully extracted himself from the other man’s arms and stumbled backwards to sit on the bed.

Chuckling, Jack headed to the bathroom, reappearing in the open doorway in minutes with a very obvious swelling in the front of his trousers and a somewhat surprised look on his face. “I didn’t realise silk was so nice to wear...” he paused, the hunger in his eyes burning into Ianto’s own cobalt blue depths, “it’s cool but warm at the same time and if feels so good against my skin...I want you Yanno...” his voice deepening to a growl as he took a step closer.

“Not here...your place...” Ianto was panting now, the hot hard heat throbbing almost painfully below his belt... “want you to take me over your balcony...”

They stared at each other, each wrestling with the uncontrollable urge to grab the other and snog them to the cosmos and back.

Taking a deep breath in, Jack held out his hand, smiling as Ianto mirrored his breathing and slid his fingers between the older man’s. They brushed their lips together lightly and headed down the stairs, grabbing Ianto’s coat and the dinner bag he’d packed earlier and left ready, on the way out.

Neither spoke on the short journey, Ianto’s hand resting on Jack’s thigh, his thumb rubbing softly over the fabric of his trousers so the heat from his skin bled through and it was all Jack could do to resist pulling over and hauling the Welshman onto his lap to devour his mouth.

Jack turned onto the driveway and switched off the engine. For long moments they sat motionless before moving as one, climbing down and walking shakily up the path. The second they were through the door they were in each other’s arms, mouths crashing together as they sank into a series of hot, wet kisses, tongues tangling as they crawled progressively further into each other’s mouth...passion soaring as Jack slammed the Welshman into the wall and the pictures rocked wildly...

It took a supreme effort to straighten their clothes and turn their steps towards the kitchen where Ianto unpacked his bag, putting the honey and bourbon-basted chicken in its roasting bag into the oven and dumping the packs of wild rice on the worktop. He handed the wine to Jack to open and put the chocolate mousse cups he’d made into the fridge. Finally he put the two first ever bags of @Yanno take home ground coffee – the signature blend and a straight hazelnut, using the two sample bags the printers had given him - in the cupboard next to the ordinary one Jack already had.

Pouring the wine, Jack grinned as Ianto stepped back to check the placement of the bags in the cupboard and then moved them forward slightly so they were ahead of the other packet before stepping back to check once more. Obviously satisfied with their position, he nodded imperceptibly and turned to find Jack watching him with a soft smile on his lips.

“They look good on the shelf Yanno...” he opened his arms as Ianto came towards him and folded the young man into a tight hug. Loosening his hold just enough, he tipped the Welshman’s face up to capture his mouth in a tender kiss.

Parting gently, Jack reached behind him to flick the radio on. “Dance with me?” he murmured, breath warm on Ianto’s ear, the almost touch sending fresh shivers of desire down his spine. They swayed softly in time to the music, A Moment Like This was followed by The Power of Love...filling their senses as they lost themselves in the moment, finally coming to a standstill as their lips met and they shared sweet endless kisses “I love you Ianto Jones...”

“Love you too Jack Harkness...” They stood in the middle of the kitchen, arms entwined, foreheads resting together, immersing themselves in the feeling of simply being...

The oven timer pinged and they jumped, parting reluctantly as Ianto moved to give the dinner some attention and Jack went through to open some of the windows to air the rooms. When he returned, Ianto was dishing up, the Welshman raising an eyebrow at the armful of large books Jack was carrying “photo albums...thought you might like to see a bit of me growing up, but I wanted to show you Gray...” he paused, smiling wistfully, “you know I’ve never given up hope...not really...”

Moving swiftly to cover the sudden tears that pricked at his eyelids, Jack went through to dump the books on the dining table and came back for cutlery and their wine glasses. Ianto followed him with their plates and they sat down side by side. Picking up his glass, Jack held it towards the Welshman, who picked up his own in response. “I’ve been waiting for you all my life’re my reason to soulmate...” he clinked their glasses together “to always...” he leant closer, his voice dropping to a whisper “and to silk against our skin..!”

Ianto had just taken a mouthful of his wine and he spluttered wildly as Jack sipped his innocently and took a forkful of his chicken. “Mmmn, this is gorgeous...” he closed his eyes and chewed rapturously, the action drawing a fond smile and shake of the head once Ianto had recovered from his choking! Jack did love his food!

They ate with enjoyment, the photo albums open in front of them as Jack pointed out memorable days from before the death of his parents – pictures Rose had taken of him and his brother on her camera and then put in an album after they’d been taken into care. Dinner finished, they pushed their plates aside and opened the next album.

“I used to sit in the window at the children’s home and stare at these so hard it would make my eyes blur...I wished...begged...for them to come to life so I could be there was like another life, another person...” He stroked a finger over the tiny image of his little brother, stood proudly on one side of the Christmas tree with Jack on the other.

“He’s got your eyes...” Ianto bent closer to study the picture.

“I will find him again one day, Yanno...” his eyes gleamed with a mix of unshed tears and steely determination.

“We’ll find him together, cariad...we’ll plan it carefully and follow all leads...” Ianto gasped as Jack suddenly grabbed his face with both hands and kissed him with a passion that took his breath away, before wordlessly taking the Welshman’s hand and leading him up the stairs to his bedroom, the younger man grabbing Jack’s coat off the stand as they went through the hall.

Once inside the room, Jack folded him back into his arms and kissed him again, light tender kisses that screamed a depth of emotion neither could put into words...deepening as passion grew, mouths opened wider and tongues mapped every contour with increasing urgency. Hands scrabbled at clothing; fingers fumbled with buttons and belts and zips as each item was slowly removed to leave them both in silk boxers, one in red, the other deep blue, silk scarf hanging around the Captain’s neck...

Ianto buried his face into Jack’s neck, rubbing his cheek against the cool silk, inhaling that intoxicating scent that was Jack and wondered again how his life had changed so much in such a short space of always... he mumbled against Jack’s skin, sending cascades of goose bumps over his Captain’s flesh. They stood surrounded by their discarded clothing, hips pressed close as silk-enclosed arousals rubbed together with tantalising sensation and hands slid over bodies to tangle one in hair and the other to grab backsides and arch closer still...

Jack moaned loudly as Ianto’s hands continued their roving, moving lightly over the smooth lines of Jack’s shoulders and across his chest, fingers spread to reach as much of his lover’s skin as possible, soft brushes of lips following the southwards path of his hands. His fingers paused to tease Jack’s nipples, feeling them harden under his touch... Their eyes locked on each other, love blazing from twin pools of blue and as he drowned in the intensity of his beloved Welshman’s gaze, Jack knew that he’d never loved anyone as much as he loved this amazing young man...

Kissing his way back up Jack’s body, Ianto crushed their mouths together in a head-spinning, spine-tingling kiss as Jack’s hands pulled him closer with desire fuelled urgency, draping the scarf around the Welshman’s neck and they kissed and moaned, hot pulses of feral want raging through them...kiss following delicious kiss until their lungs began to burn and their lips were pink and swollen... 

Ianto took a shaky breath in, attempting to slow the rapid pounding of his heart, to regain some feeling of control over his limbs after the knee-melting encounter with his Captain’s lips...he could never get enough of Jack’s kisses –  they were like nectar and fire and dynamite all rolled into one and he wanted to drown himself in the spellbinding aroma that was just be was intoxicating ...exhilarating...

“Jack...I need”

His moan was lost against his Captain’s mouth as Jack’s hands slid down his hot flesh, delving inside his boxers where one closed around him while the other danced backwards, brushing the entrance to his body as Jack set up a slow rhythm, designed to tantalise without bringing release. Ianto arched into the touch, his body trembling as Jack tore his lips away and latched onto his neck, grazing his teeth over the soft skin, lingering at that sensitive spot where neck met shoulder, where he worried the tender flesh and sucked it into his mouth to leave a bruise, the exquisite mix of pain and pleasure that shot through the young man’s body drawing groans from softly parted lips.


Continuing the trail across the Welshman’s throat and up the other side of his neck, Jack smiled at the shivers of pleasure that radiated from the responsive body in front of him, returning to his wonderful mouth for another hot open-mouthed kiss that rose in intensity as their desire reached fever pitch, tongues tangling, teeth clashing...passion bruising lips.




Ianto whimpered as Jack’s hands and lips were removed from his skin, suddenly bereft as his body cried out for their return... Now encased in his coat, Jack brushed their lips together, the softest of touches that sent shudders through the young man, before their hands were linked and he was led to the patio door and cool air blasted his skin as they stepped out onto the balcony. Ianto turned around to lean over the railing as Jack reached for the lube he’d pulled from his pocket. Ianto grabbed the wrought iron, his breath hitching as the silk was tugged down, moaning softly as a cool finger slid into him. He pressed back against it, a gasp escaping his lips as Jack’s finger found that magic spot.


“More...please Jack...I need you...”


Jack pressed gentle kisses down the Welshman’s back as he added a second finger and then a third, Ianto’s moans rising in volume as he turned his head to meet Jack in a messy open mouthed kiss that swallowed up the sigh of satisfaction as the fingers were removed and Jack slid into him until they were joined as one. They broke their kiss as Jack began to move, Ianto meeting his every thrust as he gripped the railing so hard his knuckles turned white.


Their movements became more frantic as they spiralled towards the bliss of release, tendrils of pleasure building resolutely in intensity, sweeping through them as every nerve ending tingled with electricity... ”so close...Jack, touch me...I want to feel your hands and lips on me...”


Ianto’s climax swept through him and he cried out as Jack wrapped a hand around him and pumped firmly, at the same time as he sucked hard on the soft skin at the back of his neck, the exquisite shudders of pleasure and the clenching of his muscles sending the older man spiralling into oblivion with him and they floated amongst the stars. They slumped together against the railing, sweat slicked skin cooling rapidly as they came down from their orgasmic high...


Jack pressed gentle kisses against Ianto’s back, before turning him around to wrap the coat around them both, capturing his lips tenderly as he poured total love and devotion into the kiss, the Welshman melting into the embrace as they lost themselves in the moment. Braking apart as the wind gusted fiercely, they tugged their boxers back up from around their ankles, the fluid cool silk immediately transferring welcome warmth to their skin. Ianto shivered, goose bumps peppering the rest of his flesh... “you want to go indoors?”


Jack shook his head. Not yet... “ as he gave him that smile  – the smile that told Ianto he was loved beyond his wildest dreams, that what he and Jack had was rare and precious and was worth every second of the pain and suffering and loss they had battled...

Sliding out of his coat, Jack held it open for the young man to slip into as he smoothed the heavy fabric over his shoulders just like Ianto did so often for him, steering him gently towards the chairs where he pushed him down and kissed him tenderly... Stepping back into his room, Jack tugged a soft fleece blanket out of the wardrobe which he draped around his own shoulders and then rejoined Ianto, dropping into the chair next to him as he draped one arm around his shoulders and tugged him in close.


 It was blissfully peaceful as they shared the rhythmic beating of their hearts and the warmth of their embrace, kissing sweetly as they watched the sun dip slowly below the horizon in a spectacular display over the sea. It was dark and the sky was full of twinkling stars when they finally went back inside and headed straight to the shower where Ianto showed his Captain just how much he’d enjoyed watching the sunset, with gentle touches, hot tongue-tangling, toe-curling kisses and plenty of bubbles... The water was cooling when they emerged and dried each other before they slid under the quilt and wrapped their arms around each other, kissing softly until they drifted into sated sleep. 


The bleeper woke them a while later and Jack was half out of bed, one leg in his trousers when he glanced at the bedside clock and grunted, kicking his trousers off again. Laying back down, he tugged the Welshman in close so he rested his head on his Captain’s chest, listening to the stead thud of his heartbeat. “only half eleven...I’m booked off ‘till midnight...” he murmured into his hair as their eyes closed once more.


They woke early the next morning and welcomed the new day with a wrestling session that left them both deliciously breathless, Ianto’s chest peppered with love bites and most of the bedding on the floor..! After a leisurely shower, Ianto got the coffee on and Jack started breakfast, his bacon sandwiches going down nicely with a glass of fresh orange and Ianto’s coffee. They were kissing tenderly when Ianto’s phone beeped and he dug it out of his packet when they came up for air. He read it and grinned.


“Tosh and Owen want to know if we fancy a curry tonight, and Owen says why don’t you answer your sodding phone!”


“It hasn’t rung! Tell him he’s a knob and he hasn’t rung me!” Jack scrabbled around and dug his phone out of his coat pocket from where he’d draped the coat over the chair when they’d come in from the balcony the previous night.


Ianto arched an eyebrow “what am I, your secretary now!”


Jack winked mischievously and perched on the arm of the chair as he patted his lap “you wanna role play? I can dic...tate and you can take it down...”


Grinning, Ianto took a step closer, chuckling at the pout that appeared when he merely picked up the plates and moved away “No time...Sir...maybe later...”


Sighing in an exaggerated fashion, Jack finally looked at his phone “oh! I turned it off! I didn’t want anything to interrupt our evening...” He turned it back on and listened to the messages, Owen’s voice rising to the point where Ianto could hear him from where he stood in the doorway. “Guess I’d better ring him back..! Are we saying yes to the curry?”


“I’m happy if you’re happy, cariad..anywhere’s fine I really have to get ready or Rhi’ll be teasing the life out of me!”


By the time Ianto had washed their dinner and breakfast dishes, Jack had arranged for Tosh and Owen to come to @Yanno for 7pm and they’d get a takeaway from the excellent Chinese around the corner. He’d also rung the cleaner and arranged for her to come in over the next week and give the house a thorough spruce-up ready for Doc and Rose’s arrival. He was opening a few items of post when Ianto rejoined him, his coat draped over one arm and the cool bag hanging off the other.


“We ready to go cariad? I’ve texted Rhi to say I’m running a bit late but they can’t get in as I’ve not given her a key! Jack..?” a worried frown swept across his face as Jack failed to respond, the older man’s attention on the letter in his hand.


“Huh? No, it’s fine! This is from Fire HQ. It’s the invitation to my twenty year medal three week’s time so Doc and Rose will be able to come with us...” he stopped, a look of uncertainty crossing his face “that’s if you’d consider coming with me...” his voice dropped to a whisper “ my partner not just a guest...” He reached for Ianto’s hands and squeezed them “...but I’ll understand...if it’s too soon...if you don’t want to be out in public...”


Ianto squeezed back, eyes shining as he leant forward to brush their lips together.  “I’d like that very much...”


“I’m so glad I met you, Jones, Ianto Jones...” Jack wrapped his arms around the Welshman and hugged him tightly. “Now, we have to go or you’ll be late! Can’t have Penarth’s finest coffee bar opening late!” he ginned and headed to the front door, tucking the invitation and reply slip into his coat pocket as Ianto followed him out to the SUV.


Minutes later they were pulling into the yard to find Rhi, Mica and Lauren waiting by the back door. As Jack jumped down the two girls ran towards him to fling themselves on him for a hug, moving on to almost knock Ianto off his feet as he joined them. Arms draped around the girls they moved to greet a smiling Rhi.


“Sorry, we’re running a bit late today...” Ianto blushed as Rhi raised an eyebrow and her gaze settled on the bruise at the base of his neck which was thankfully going to be hidden from view once he had his shirt and tie on.


“Hmmn, well we’ve only just got here ourselves so not a problem!” she stepped back to let Ianto open the door and the girls and Jack went inside. “You might want to feed him less red meat, though...” she nodded after Jack as he chased Mica and Lauren through to the shop, their delighted shrieks of laughter floating back to the brother and sister at the kitchen door “he seems to be developing a taste for human flesh...” she giggled “or you could always muzzle him if he gets too excited..!” 


As she dumped her bag in the cloakroom and headed through to the shop she missed the fierce blush that rocketed over Ianto’s cheeks as he recalled the very sexy discussion him and Jack had had that morning as they lay tangled and panting after their morning loving, a discussion that had involved alternative uses for silk ties and scarves and wrought iron bedsteads...


“Yanno..! You coming?” Jack’s energetic shout stirred him from the doorway and he grinned to himself as he allowed a brief press of the below waist response to his thoughts maybe later..!


He put the two uneaten chocolate cups into the fridge and hurried through to join the others. Coffee and hot chocolates were soon in production, Rhi sorted out some croissants and pain au chocolate for herself and the two girls and Jack hared around making sure all the holders were full and everything else was ready.


“He’s lively today...” Rhi murmured in his ear as he stood watching Jack spinning Mica around to the current song on the radio. She smiled at Ianto’s indulgent expression as his eyes followed Jack’s movements. “You look so happy...”


“I am happy, Rhi...happier than I’ve ever been...than I ever knew was possible...” he turned crystal blue eyes towards her and she felt a lump in her throat at the obvious love on his face.


“Good for you, little brother, you deserve go get changed and I’ll sort the three kids out so we’re ready to open when you come back...”




Rhi grinned “Three!”


Laughing, Ianto hurried upstairs. When he returned, order had been restored. Jack was turning the two computers on, Lauren was ready at the till and Mica and Rhi were in the kitchen with their heads in the freezer sorting out the first selection to bake ready for their customers...


Moving towards the shop door he stopped to press a brief, but passionate, kiss to Jack’s lips before opening the blinds and unlocking the door. Customers streamed in, familiar faces now as his regulars took their places in the queue. Jack was chatting to someone from his company who was trying the coffee for the first time and Jack was recommending different blends for him to try.


Nick and Pete reached the top of the queue and Ianto reached for the New York blend for their bagel breakfast. They chatted amiably as the coffee brewed before the two men moved along to the till. The customers continued to stream in and the shop was filled with the sounds of china clinking and happy chattering. Rhi stayed to help Mica in the kitchen until the rush died down a little and then took herself off shopping.


Jack was kept busy clearing tables and restocking, finding time to laugh and joke with some of the regulars and people he knew. He was sat on the till while Lauren had a break when the woman with the long blonde hair came in. She did her usual fluttering of eyelashes and flicking of hair as she ordered a breakfast special. Ianto grinned as he chatted, watching Jack out of the corner of his eye as his Captain tried to follow the conversation whilst talking to his own customer.


When her drink was ready he handed it to her with a beaming smile. If you take that along to Jack tell him that it’s on the house for your help with the take-home blends...we’re both so pleased you could help us with that project... He winked at her and chuckled at the way her eyes widened as she suddenly realised who Jack was, almost leaping at him to give him the once-over! Jack’s bemused expression at the intense attention was a joy to behold and Ianto saved the image to share with Sue on Monday!


He turned his attention to his next customers as Lauren reclaimed her chair from Jack. He smiled at the two young ladies. “Um, hi...I’m Debbie...”


Ianto’s smile widened and held his hand out, Debbie taking it and they shook. He glanced behind him as Jack stood watching. “Cariad, this is Debbie, could you find a booth for her and her friends and go get her birthday cake...” he paused to look back at her “Happy Birthday, by the way!”


Jack grinned and bounced from behind the counter, leading Debbie and her friend to a booth that had just been vacated. He cleared the table quickly and left them chatting whilst he took the crockery away. When he returned, her other friends had arrived and the booth was filled with laughter and chattering as Debbie opened gifts from her pals. Grinning at them Jack pulled out an order pad and a pen “Hi, I’m Jack and I’ll be your server today. @Yanno’s is the best coffee house on the planet, so what can I get you?"


He flirted shamelessly with them as he explained the different blends, wrote down their orders and snapped a smart salute before leaving them in fits of giggles. Ianto watched him from afar and fell in love all over again...


The drinks were made quickly and efficiently – two @Yanno blend with whipped cream and cinnamon, one cappuccino, two hot chocolates - and the candle lit on the cake. As Jack carried the tray with the plates and mugs, Ianto excused himself from the small queue still waiting and took the cake over, Jack breaking into a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday which got everyone’s attention and most customers joined in. Debbie blushed and her eyes sparkled as the song finished and everyone cheered as she blew out the candle. Winking at her, Jack moved to clear other tables whilst Ianto nodded and smiled before returning to the counter.


The breakfast rush gave way to morning coffee which in turn became the lunchtime rush and then slowed until it became afternoon tea... Jack shot out on a shout just after two and didn’t return until it was almost closing at four o’clock. Rhi, back from her shopping, flicked her tea towel at him as he strolled back in through the door “that’s right, roll back in when all the work’s done!” she teased him, grinning.


“I’ve been out being a hero, I’ll have you know!” he countered indignantly.


“Have you carried old ladies down ladders from burning buildings?”


“Er, no...”


“Rescued a stranded cat from a tree?”




“Then what precisely do you mean by heroic?” Rhi was chuckling as she watched him get more and more flustered.


“well, okay, it could’ve been heroic...” Jack conceded with a rueful shrug of his shoulders “it was alarms on the industrial estate and we had to wait forever for the key holder...turns out it was a faulty detector head...”


“Sounds like fun! You’re still my hero...” Ianto joined them from the shop and pressed for a quick kiss as Rhi stuck her tongue out and Mica giggled. “We’ve closed now.” He looked at Mica “you wanna help Lauren with the last of the tables, Imp?”


He smiled as she danced past him “k, unca...”


The clearing up was finished quickly and it was only just after half four when Rhi, Mica and Lauren were picked up by Johnny.


Ianto went back into the shop after seeing them off to find Jack unpacking the box that had arrived from the printers just before he’d vanished on his shout. Moving around to the other side of the counter he smiled “coffee, cariad?”


Jack paused in his unpacking “remind me what time Tosh and Owen are coming?”




“ that case...” he abandoned the loyalty cards and joined the Welshman behind the counter. Reaching for the striped silk at his neck, he loosened the knot and gave the tie a swift tug to pull it from Ianto’s collar. “Hands...”


Grinning, Ianto held his hands out, his blood supply rerouting to his trousers as Jack tied his wrists together and their conversation from earlier ran through his head. Jack grabbed a handful of waistcoat and hauled him in for a searing kiss full of promise that left the Welshman tingling with anticipation when they came up for air. Taking hold of the ends of the tie, Jack tugged him towards the stairs. “If they’re not coming ‘till seven, we’ve got plenty of time to play..!”


Desire burning in their eyes, they scampered up the stairs...


continued in chapter 28


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