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Title: Twos and Blues: 26/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick/Pete, Mica, Rhiannion, Sue
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 4230

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 *Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 This chapter is for spud1963 – happy birthday hon...  [posting a bit later in the day than planned – been to JB’s panto in Glasgow – bloody awesome!!! As I hope your day has been. With love Xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!



Chapter 26

Ianto woke long before the alarm, Jack’s breath warm on his neck and his arm draped possessively around his Welshman’s waist, keeping him close. Grinning happily into the gloom of the early morning Ianto turned carefully until he was facing the man he adored with every atom of his being. Once his eyes adjusted to the semi-darkness he gazed at the handsome face; sleep tousled hair, long dark eyelashes, high cheekbones, his mouth...that wonderful mouth – lips slightly parted and still swollen from their kisses...

He suppressed a moan, his body reacting instantly to the memories of their lovemaking the previous night, watching as Jack came undone - panting, writhing...low wanton moans at his touch....his hands, his mouth... Lost in pleasurable recall, Ianto missed the soft smile that curved Jack’s lips and he jumped when the teasing whisper cut into the silence.

“...didn’t anyone tell you it’s rude to stare!”

Coming back to the present, the Welshman chuckled “I was just admiring the view!”

Jack’s hand wandered beneath the quilt, closing in on his prize “hmmm, so I see!” He slid his other hand around the back of Ianto’s neck and closed the gap between them to capture his mouth, both relishing the feel of soft lips moving sweetly against their own as they lost themselves in the other, light gentle kisses, tender loving kisses, long lingering kisses...

“What time is it?” Jack craned his neck to glance at the bedside clock as they came up for air.

“Just after five...”

“What’re we going to do for an hour until the alarm...” Ianto’s eyes widened as Jack pulled the quilt over his head and wriggled down the bed, his muffled “...this?” drawing a gasp from the Welshman’s lips as he was engulfed in the moist warmth of his Captain’s mouth. Hands twisting in the bedding, Ianto closed his eyes and revelled in the moment...

Having managed to fill the time in the most satisfying of ways, they shared a shower and dressed. Once both were attired, Ianto pulled out a small parcel from his bedside drawer.

“What’s this Yanno?”

“You know the adverts – saw this and thought of you!”

Jack’s face lit up delightedly “you did? What is it?”

Ianto laughed as he was hauled in for a brief but hotly passionate kiss, the Captain’s tongue plundering his mouth as they shared minty-fresh breath.

“Open it!” he gasped as he was released, knees weak and seeing stars.

Jack stroked the paper before tugging at the ribbon. He paused, glancing at the Welshman who was now leaning against the door frame, hands in his pockets and a soft smile curving the corners of his mouth. He looked edible and Jack’s heart skipped several beats I love this man...

Ianto arched an eyebrow “you need help with that?”

Ripping the paper in typical Jack fashion, he reached the next layer which was cream coloured tissue paper, the name Sartoriani repeated in flowing gold script in endless rows.

“Yanno? ”

“Jack...” the hoarse whisper sent Jack’s blood supply barrelling southwards. He focused on the parcel. Carefully sliding his fingers under the small tabs of tape he unfolded the paper to reveal a flash of deep blue that shimmered as it caught the light. “Oh, Yanno...”

Grinning, Ianto moved closer as Jack lifted the contents from the wrapping: a deep blue silk scarf and a matching pair of silk boxers. Running the fluid fabric through his fingers, Jack let out a wanton moan as the Welshman grabbed his hips and pressed against him from behind to growl in his ear “they match your eyes...and tonight I want you in that scarf, the boxers and your coat...on your balcony as the sun goes down...”

Jack’s remaining circulation joined the gathering in his trousers and he was lightheaded as Ianto turned him around and kissed him hard, deliberate sensual sweeps of tongue against tongue, before squeezing his arse and moving away.

“I’ll be downstairs...” he chuckled as Jack stumbled backwards to sit on the bed as he attempted to regain control of his wayward body.

It was several minutes before Jack was able to stagger down the stairs to the shop and wrap his arms around Ianto as he made their coffee. “Thank you...” he whispered softly against the young man’s neck, the warm breath on his skin sending delicious shivers down his spine.

Ianto turned his head to brush their lips together. “Love you...”

“Love you too...” He turned in Jack’s embrace and they sank into a hot open mouthed kiss that had them pressing hard against each other as hands ran possessively over clothing...

And that’s quite enough of that, thank you! Put the tea boy down and let us in!” Owen’s dulcet tones through the letter box had them jumping apart as he rapped on the glass.

Jack stuck a finger up at his friend and second in command as he moved towards the door to let him in and Ianto reached for another mug.

“Don’t you two ever stop?” Owen’s cheery greeting as he gave Jack a friendly punch on the arm and stepped over the threshold. “Don’t lock it – Tosh’ll be here in a minute...we’ve just dropped her car off for a service so she suggested we come say hello...she’s just posting a letter I think.”

He moved towards the counter “morning tea boy! Don’t you get tired of snogging that old ma...” his words were cut off as Ianto suddenly grabbed a handful of sweatshirt and dragged him half over the counter to plant a kiss on his lips, dropping him back onto his feet as Jack and a newly arrived Tosh gaped.

“What the hell was that?” Owen spluttered

“I thought you were offering!” Ianto deadpanned arching an eyebrow, “you are younger than Jack?” He winked over the top of Owen’s head as he swung round to face his fiancée, his mouth opening and closing with no sound coming out.

Jack grinned and smacked the medic on the back “bloody hell, Yanno, you’ve rendered him speechless – that’s gotta be a first!”

“Oh, shut up!” Owen found his voice again as the others fell about laughing. “Just shut up and make the sodding coffee! And if you ever do that again...I’ll...I’ll...well, I’ll just..!” he gave in and grinned as Ianto brought a laden tray of steaming mugs and huge chunks of fruit cake to the table they’d sat down at. “Ok, very funny but from now on you save your kisses for the Captain and leave me out of it! Oh for heaven’s sake..!” he snorted indignantly as Jack stood up, wrapped the Welshman in his arms and kissed him with passion, bending him backwards in a theatrical flourish before releasing him and sitting down again.

“So, things going well then?” Tosh nudged a blushing Ianto who nodded, unable to keep the soppy smile off his face as he watched Jack and Owen shoving each other as they both reached for the same piece of cake.

“Yeah, I don’t know how...or why...but I can’t get enough of him...” he leant towards her as they spoke quietly “it’s not’s just him...and only him...

Tosh smiled and squeezed his hand “We’re thrilled for you, both of’s been way too long since we’ve seen Jack so happy...” they looked indulgently at the two men who were squabbling like sibling toddlers after the same toy!

“Oi, what are you two whispering about?” Owen suddenly realised he was under observation.

“Nothing..!” Tosh chuckled and pulled Owen towards her to press a soft kiss to his lips as the medic slid his hand behind her neck, deepening the kiss.

Ianto grinned and opened his arms, closing them tightly around the warm body that dropped into his lap before giving himself freely to the intoxicating aroma of his Captain as it flooded his senses and a series of long lingering kisses...

“Oh, bloody hell! What is this – a snog-fest?” Rhi snorted and turned back to the kitchen.

The two couples broke apart and grinned. “Great breakfast tea boy..!”

Tosh winked as Owen pulled her to her feet and wound his arm around her waist. “Thanks for the coffee and two fancy dinner later?”

“Sorry, not tonight. We gotta go start getting the house ready for Doc and Rose...” Jack nodded in response to the unspoken question “they’re coming home for a while – Doc’s giving a series of lectures in Cardiff...” He rubbed his and Ianto’s noses together “I can’t wait for Yanno to meet them...”

“Rain check then?”

“Yeah, definitely! And don’t forget we need to sort out the station night out as well – we’ve got lots to celebrate!”

Owen and Tosh headed for the door as Rhi reappeared in the archway. “I was kidding! Don’t rush off on my account, please...”

“No, really, we have to go, we only called in to say a quick hello!”

Jack slid off Ianto’s lap, both immediately missing the warmth of the other’s body, and followed them to the door. They said swift goodbyes and left, Jack locking the door again behind them. When he returned to the counter, Ianto was sorting some coffee for Rhi and Sue, after reassuring his sister that she’d not offended anyone!

Jack picked up a tray and cleared away the mugs and plates, taking them through to the dishwasher, where, judging by the laughter, he was on the receiving end of a lorry load of teasing from Rhi!

The two women sat at the counter for their breakfast, dragging a couple of the tall bar stools over as Jack and Ianto sorted out supplies and discussed the blends they thought might sell well as take-home grounds. The printers were due to call in that morning to check the label design and to discuss the gift cards that Ianto had decided to do – also an idea from one of his suggestion cards...

Jack went upstairs to get his coat, returning with his phone pressed to his ear “...yeah, that’s a pain I know, but if we have to, then we have to! Whatever the customer wants...hang on a sec Gav...” He placed the phone carefully on the counter as he tugged Ianto in for a gentle kiss. Pulling away, he whispered in his ear “I’ve got the scarf in my pocket...and I’m going to be hot for you all day my Yanno...”

A soft rosy hue spread over Ianto’s cheeks as he caught the fond looks from Sue and his sister who were oblivious to the instant straining of his nether regions against the confines of his trousers at Jack’s quiet words “okay, gotta go! Love you...”

“Love you too, cariad...” He gazed after Jack’s retreating back as he headed out towards the back door, continuing his conversation with Gavin. His blush deepened as he caught the looks between the two women who were discussing ‘love’s young dream’... and he mumbled something in Welsh under his breath as he turned the radio on and double checked his coffee machine, not daring to venture out until the swelling had subsided below his waistline!

A clattering of crockery announced the completion of breakfast and the ladies departed back to the kitchen. Only then did Ianto allow himself a firm press with the heel of his hand and a promise of later...

Taking a deep breath, he opened the blinds and moved towards the door, ready to let his customers in, grinning a welcome at Pete as he took his place in the queue.

The morning rush was well underway when his phone rang and he ignored it, the buzzing finally stopping as the call was put through to the message service. He waited, subconsciously expecting a shorter vibration to tell him he had a message. Instead it rang again after a brief pause. Excusing himself with an apologetic smile he dragged it out of his pocket and glanced at the caller ID.

“Jack? Is something wrong?” Even over the distance Ianto could feel his Captain’s deep sigh “cariad...what’s up? Is it Hart?”

“, nothing like that” Jack reassured him “no, it’s those clients in Ireland, they want us over there sooner than we thought...”

“How soon?”

“Monday...for five, Gav and Stan, my head design engineer... His wife’s not too happy as they’ve got a three month old baby – I’m not happy...” Ianto could see the pout in his head.

“It’s got to be done...we’ll cope...” he turned away to whisper “so I guess we’d better make tonight count...can you book off so we can guarantee no interruptions?”

Jack’s voice sounded considerably brighter as he agreed. “Consider it done, Mr will you be! Fill you in with the details of this trip when I get home... Till later sweetheart...”

He hung up and Ianto moved back to his waiting customer with another apologetic smile. “Just charge for one...” he said to Sue as the couple moved across to pay, their assurances that he didn’t have to do that waved away. He wanted his customers to feel they mattered so it was important they weren’t kept waiting. The couple accepted and spent the extra money on some giant cookies, taking their mugs over to a booth where they were soon lost in their conversation. Glancing over a few minutes later Sue saw them filling in a comment card...

The next customer stepped forward and flicked her long blonde hair back. Ianto met Sue’s glance and bit his lip as he forced back a giggle. Now he was aware of them, the signals were indeed obvious! He greeted her warmly, reaching for her usual blend, chatting as he usually did “did you have a think about the flavours that you’d buy to make at home?” he smiled “Jack and I would really value your ideas as a regular customer...” he leant forward “I’m only asking a few customers before we launch the new line.

The blonde woman looked thoughtful “I’d definitely buy the vanilla and probably the @Yanno special blend...Jack?” It was casually tacked on to the end of the sentence but there was no mistaking the intent!

“Jack’s my partner, he’s the one I made the special blend for as he thought up the shop name...” he gave an exaggerated sigh and gazed into the distance, watching surreptitiously as her face fell and disappointment took centre stage. However, she recovered swiftly and took her cup, the smile returning when Ianto told her it was on the house as a thank you for her help.

Rhi watched from the archway and marvelled once again at the change in her brother – whatever Jack had it was pure gold! She blinked back the sudden tear that appeared from nowhere and turned around to return to her kitchen.

As it turned out it was a day for give-aways! The printers called in as instructed just after two when it was quiet, Ianto delighted with the mock ups of the label and bag design. They discussed the gift books and designs and Ianto put in an initial order for fifty assorted, plus a re-order of loyalty cards, his stocks of which were rapidly diminishing! A local concern, they agreed delivery the next day and the man left, a take away Mocha blend clutched in his hand.

By now it was gone two thirty and Sue had closed up and cleared the remaining few tables. Ianto joined them in the kitchen as they were wiping down the last of the surfaces and stacking the dishwasher. “The bags and gift cards should be here tomorrow. How’re we doing..?”

“Just the tables to do out front, which I’m just going to do now...” Sue vanished back into the shop with the Dettol spray and a cloth.

“You want to check the stocks before I go?” Rhi pulled a list from under the Fire Engine magnet on the front of the fridge. They went through the order rapidly, two heads definitely quicker than one! Ianto stuck the completed order under a red Welsh Dragon magnet whilst the stock list returned to its Fire Engine before they joined Sue back in the shop and Ianto sorted out the wages.

“Any plans ladies?”

“Studying! I’ve got that assignment to type up...” Sue half-groaned, half-laughed “it seems such a long time ago since that conversation now!”

Ianto pondered, “The Urbanisation of Archaeology? Is that the one?” He grinned as she nodded “have fun!”

“What about you?” Rhi nudged her little brother “have you got lover boy sneaking home from work early for an afternoon of...?”

Ianto blushed as they chuckled and planted his hands on his hips “Nope! He’s got a business trip to Ireland to sort out and I’ve got calls to make and a mass of baking to do so out the pair of you and let me get on!” He shooed them to the door and closed it firmly behind them, smiling fondly.

Returning to the shop, he pulled out the bundle of comment cards and picked up the phone. The first one went to answer-phone so he left a message, thanking her for the suggestion and asking if she could call him. He scribbled a note on the card and picked up the next. It was answered on the third ring “Hello, Debbie? It’s Ianto Jones from @Yanno... I’m ringing about your Feedback card...” he grinned to himself as he heard a hurried whispered comment and the sounds of scuffling.

“It’s him! That hot bloke from the coffee shop!” giggling followed and the tiny echo suggested he was now on speaker.

“Thank you for your suggestions, Debbie, and taking the time to write them down. I thought I’d let you know that I’ve now ordered some voucher books and I’m going to look into the idea of a card you can charge up – great idea by the way. I’m also going to explore some recipes for cheesecake – I have to admit it’s one of my favourites too so look out for that soon... If you could introduce yourself the next time you’re in, I’d like you to have one of the voucher books, a thank you for your ideas...”

An explosion of hastily smothered giggling and muffled comments followed. “I’m coming in tomorrow with a couple of my friends. It’s my birthday, so we’re meeting @Yanno before...” she paused, “sorry, I’m rambling!”

“How about coffee and cake on the house then...I’ll do a double chocolate cake with whipped cream in the middle and a chocolate fudge icing on top, how’s that? What’s your favourite blend?”

“Oh, wow! Thank you! I like the @Yanno blend and when I have ordinary coffee at home I put cream on top and sprinkle it with cinnamon...”

“Consider it done! I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, and have a happy birthday... Bye Debbie” Ianto hung up, smiling, and moved on to his final card, leaving another message when it went to answer-phone, asking Darren to call about his suggestion for a coffee making master class...

He made himself a vanilla blend and sat down in one of the booths as he flicked through various cookbooks for a cheesecake recipe, finally selecting a Junior’s straightforward vanilla one to start with. That decided, he sat and enjoyed a few minutes peace and quiet as he reflected on how much his life had changed in the last couple of weeks – looking back it seemed like an age ago that he’d first set eyes on that handsome man in his wonderful coat...

Moving reluctantly from his comfortable daydreams, he went upstairs, changed into his jeans and t-shirt – was it co-incidence that this was the exact ensemble he’d worn for their first meeting? Chuckling to himself, he skipped lightly back down the stairs and was soon surrounded with ingredients as he immersed himself in a baking bonanza, singing along absently with the ‘Songs from Musicals’ programme on the radio.

The rest of the afternoon flew by and he was whipping cream when a somewhat weary Jack came through the door just after six thirty, sliding his arms around the Welshman’s waist to rest his chin on Ianto’s shoulder.

“Hey you!” he said softly, lips brushing Ianto’s neck as he nuzzled into him.

“Hey yourself! You sound tired, cariad, hard day..?”

“Long...too many meetings and niggley little problems to do with this new order. That’s one of the reasons Gav and Stan and I are going over so early...” he sighed “but I’m sure it’ll all work out in the end, it usually does!” He sighed again “I’m going to miss you...”

Ianto grinned and put the now whipped cream to one side. He turned his head so their lips met briefly, kissing the pout from his Captain’s face. “I’ll miss you too...” he turned to face the other man, winding his arms around Jack’s neck as they kissed sweetly.

“I needed that!” Jack smiled as they pulled apart, foreheads resting together as they relaxed against each other.

“Good! Now, I have to finish putting this cake together as I’ve got a birthday girl coming in tomorrow for coffee and cake and I promised her a double chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate fudge topping...” He rolled his eyes as Jack’s face lit up at the mention of chocolate fudge topping and he stepped over to the cooker to examine the contents of the saucepan.

“It looks like it needs testing Yanno!” Jack grinned widely and picked a tablespoon up from the worktop.

“Oh no you don’t! Use this one or I won’t have enough to cover my cakes!” Ianto replaced the tablespoon with a teaspoon, marvelling at how much Jack still managed to scoop up even with the downsized utensil! Fortunately, he knew Jack so well, he’d catered for this by making extra in the first place!

Laughing, Jack licked the spoon clean and dropped it in the sink before grabbing Ianto and kissing him, tongue diving enthusiastically into the young man’s mouth to share the rich chocolatey flavour. “Mmmmmmmnnnn, tasty!” Jack picked up another clean spoon and gave Ianto the full-on puppy dog look before plunging said item into the saucepan to repeat the process.

When he was released, breathless with his head spinning from the intensity of the second kiss, Ianto leant firmly against the cutlery drawer, shaking his head when the eyes were turned back on. “They won’t work this time! Now you can earn your reward...”

“I get a reward? What do I have to do?”

Ianto grinned and waited while Jack removed his coat, put his apron on and washed his hands. Together they filled and iced the three different sized chocolate cakes – the giant one for the shop, a smaller one for Debbie and her friends and a ‘Jack-sized’ one Ianto had made using two six inch individual pie dishes.

Once that was done, Jack sat on the worktop opposite and devoured his reward as Ianto carefully removed his cheesecake from the oven. It smelt delicious and as a bonus it actually looked like the picture in the recipe book! “Smells good! What is it?”

“Cheesecake...trying it out to add to the range in the shop – I’ve had a few requests for these on the comment cards...”

“Does it need testing?”

“After all that cake?” the eyes rolled in Jack’s direction “It needs to cool before we can test it – tomorrow morning you can have cheesecake for breakfast! Now, come and bag all these cookies while I stack the dishwasher and clear away...”

Jack hopped down from his perch and carefully bagged the six different types of cookie, placing them into the giant cookie tins, testing one of each as he went of course!

The kitchen was soon spotless and all creations tucked away in tins, fridges or inside Jack. Linking their hands, Ianto led them to the stairs. “Now I think we can go and collect your silk boxers, don’t you?”

Jack grinned delightedly and delved into the pocket of his coat, which he had draped over his shoulders, pulling out the scarf...

Hand in hand they climbed the stairs...

continued chapter 27





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