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Title: Twos and Blues: 24/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick, Pete, Mica, Rhiannion
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Warnings: angst amongst the smut/fluff!
Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 4330

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Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2 This is for bluelilacs spud1963 and jinnandtonic...smut/fluff after the recent trauma...enjoy! Also, sorry for delay since last chapter – RL has really kicked me this last couple of weeks, and then stamped on me when I was down...however, after amazing JB concerts in Cardiff [do go check out the youtube clips for JB & SG singing together] and Bournemouth, I’m back with some sparkles! Xxx

My nephew is in intensive care in hospital with head injuries so posting may be a little erratic...all we can do is wait and hope.


Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!

Twos and Blues 24/?


Chapter 24

Reaching the car park, they leant up against the SUV, arms wrapped tightly around each other, neither willing to let go... Jack nuzzled into his Welshman’s neck, breathing in the familiar scent that was just Ianto...

“Jack...” Ianto shivered as Jack’s lips brushed his skin, light, barely-there kisses that sent tantalising tendrils of desire through his body. “please...let’s go home, cariad...” the whisper hoarse and full of raw emotion.

Reluctantly releasing his hold, Jack nodded and moved away from the warmth of the young man’s body, digging the car keys from his pocket and unlocking the door. “Our @Yanno home?” he asked uncertainly, a sudden vulnerability flitting across his face and he looked away as tears welled in his eyes.

“@Yanno home” Ianto repeated in confirmation, “Tosh and Owen were there...I don’t know if they’ll still be waiting...”

“Oh...” Jack’s face fell. He wasn’t sure if it was because he’d have to face them or because he wouldn’t be alone with Ianto and he desperately needed to make it up to try and explain...

Ianto shot him a look and he saw again that flash of steel, reminding him of yet another reason he loved this man so completely... “I’ll follow you...” he opened the door and climbed in, pausing before he closed the door. “Ianto..?”

About to slide into his Audi’s driving seat, Ianto looked round, meeting his Captain’s tearful gaze.

“...thank you for coming after me...I love you...” Jack’s voice cracked and he brushed the tears aside as they coursed down his cheeks “more than you could ever know...”

Ianto gave him a tiny smile and nodded “I know Jack...I love you let’s get back...” he closed the door and clicked his seatbelt into place, biting down hard on his lip as his own tears threatened to spill out. Taking a deep breath in and letting it out slowly, he looked across to see Jack gripping the steering wheel as he did the self same thing. Engaging first gear he pulled away, bumping slowly over the gravel until he turned out on to the main road and headed for home, frequent glances in the rear-view mirror confirming that Jack was still following.

They turned into the yard and parked; Jack was out of the SUV and opening the Welshman’s door before he’d even released his seatbelt. Ianto took the offered hand as his Captain hauled him out of the car and into his arms where they stood in the middle of the yard, hands clasped loosely around each other’s necks, foreheads resting together...eyes closed... They remained motionless for long minutes, each simply absorbing the comfort derived from the other’s closeness. They knew they’d have to talk about it, but for now, physical presence was enough...

The back door was thrown open and a tearful Tosh flung herself on them, followed closely by an emotional Owen who added his arms to the tangle to hug the mass of bodies. When they finally released each other from the fierce hugs, Owen nodded at Tosh to take Ianto inside, leaving him to have a moment with Jack.

As Ianto was led away, sending anxious glances backwards, he was reassured by Tosh’s insistence that Owen just wanted to check Jack was physically okay and would be joining them very soon. Steering him through to the shop, she suggested that hot chocolate all round might be a good idea to give them a sugar hit and warm them up, her murmured “I’m sure Jack was frozen...” enough to stir the young man into action immediately...

Once Ianto had relaxed into familiar routines, creating the perfect, sweet, hot chocolate delights, Tosh leant against the counter and watched him carefully, assessing the impact of the latest in a line of traumatic events to befall this delightful young Welshman. “What was he like when you found him?” she asked gently. “That shout yesterday was tragic and upset us all, so Jack having the memories of Andrew and the anniversary to deal with as well...” she let her voice trail away, inviting Ianto to speak if he chose to.

“It was heartbreaking, Tosh...” Ianto paused his creative process to gaze at his friend, “...he was sat on the grave tracing Andrew’s name with his fingers and he was sobbing and talking to him...” his breath hitched as the images replayed themselves through his head... “He was telling him about...about me...about us...” He turned huge, tear-filled blue eyes towards her “he said he didn’t want to lose me...that he loves me...”

Tosh smiled “Jack loves you very much, Ianto. Despite the troubles you’ve had with Hart and now this, I’ve not seen Jack this happy in...oh, I don’t know how long and I’m so very pleased for you both...” Her eyes filled with tears and they fell into each other’s arms to hug tightly, jumping apart at a familiar snarky voice...

“Oi, tea boy, put my woman down! You’ve got your Captain for that kind of thing!”

Ianto grinned as Tosh moved to Owen’s side and the medic wound a possessive arm around her waist, using his free hand to give Jack a gentle shove towards the Welshman. They stared at each other for long moments before hands reached out simultaneously and they grabbed at clothing, hauling the other in closer as mouths crashed together and they kissed hungrily, fingers raking through hair as they crawled progressively further into each other’s mouths, teeth clashing, passion bruising lips... They staggered backwards until they were up against the far wall behind the counter – Tosh, Owen and the world around them faded away as they each lost themselves in the was just them, right here...right now...

Tosh and Owen grinned at each other. Owen moved forward to grab the two mugs of hot chocolate already made and a couple of takeaway cups, Tosh giggling as he transferred the contents and added a handful of tiny marshmallows before snapping on the lids “...this is way too good to waste!” He chuckled as Jack and Ianto surfaced momentarily for air, hands stroking faces tenderly as they gazed into each other’s eyes before diving back into more hot wet, open mouthed kisses...completely oblivious to the fond looks from their friends.

Taking a cup each, Tosh and Owen linked hands and headed for the back door...

Lost in rising passion and an urgent need to be pressed skin to skin, Jack and Ianto broke apart, panting somewhat breathlessly as Jack led his beloved Welshman up the stairs and into the bathroom. Turning the shower on to warm, they undressed each other, Jack’s blue grey eyes fixed on Ianto’s lust blown cobalt blue pools as each item was removed and dropped to the floor.

They stood facing each other for long moments before Jack reached a trembling hand out to cup Ianto’s face, his thumb brushing the Welshman’s cheek as Ianto leant into the touch and a tiny smile curved the corners of his pink, kiss swollen lips. Wordlessly, they stepped under the steaming spray and pressed up close in the tiny cubicle, mouths crushed together in a series of searing kisses as they melted into the embrace and the water cascaded down on them.

Hands roamed freely over slick wet skin, pressing closer still until they settled on hips, arching together to send wild tendrils of desire pulsing through them. They broke apart to gasp air back into their lungs, lips just a breath apart...

“Make love to me Yanno...I’m and for always...” Jack’s breathless whisper sent fresh surges of feral want surging to the Welshman’s groin, hot arousal digging into Jack’s thigh... and he moaned softly against his Captain’s mouth as their lips met in a passion-laden kiss...

 Turn around, cariad...”

Jack gasped as one of Ianto’s hands closed around him and began to move in a slow rhythm designed to pleasure without driving for release, whilst his other arm encircled his waist to tug Jack in close as the Welshman pressed warm kisses across his shoulders and down his spine...

Arching back, Jack closed his eyes and gave himself completely to the heady sensations of the water and the feel of Ianto’s mouth on his skin, a wanton moan falling from his lips as the younger man’s hand moved from his Captain’s belly and fingertips danced tantalisingly over the entrance to his body. The moans became needy whimpers as Ianto continued to kiss his way downwards, fingers trailing circles over Jack’s sensitised flesh, until finally he pressed one inside, smiling through his kisses as the older man let out a moan of satisfaction and pushed back hard... Ianto added another finger, moving them with slow sensual strokes...

More...please...Yanno...I need you...

Ianto’s throaty chuckle headed directly to Jack’s groin and he thrust his hips desperately in an attempt to entice the young man to move faster, needing to feel give himself totally to this man he adored...

Now, Yanno...please” the whimpering gave way to a gasp of pleasure as Ianto’s fingers brushed that magic spot and Jack saw stars, his body arching and quivering with every brush of Ianto’s lips, every movement of fingers...groaning as they were withdrawn...

Hissing slightly at the slow push in, Jack wriggled impatiently as Ianto gave him a movement to adjust to the feel of him, before setting up a rhythm that he then matched with his hand and they spiralled ever closer to the bliss of release, sharing the occasional sloppy misaligned kiss...

“Let go, cariad...come for me...” he bit down on Jack’s shoulder as the other man’s body shuddered with his release, Ianto’s own climax following moments later and they soared through the cosmos together, every nerve ending tingling as wave after wave of exquisite pleasure washed over them...

Their hearts thudding rapidly, Ianto slumped heavily onto Jack’s body as they came down slowly from their orgasmic high. They kissed tenderly before washing each other under the rapidly cooling spray and stepped out. Dry and dressed in tracksuit bottoms and t-shirts – Jack borrowing some of Ianto’s as his own were stained and reeked of smoke – they sat down in the kitchen with coffee and toast...

Neither spoke as they ate, their hands entwined, fingers stroking and brushing as they gazed at each other. Toast finished, Jack led Ianto to the sofa and pushed him down gently before vanishing into the bedroom, returning with a small wooden box decorated with ornate carvings of animals. He sat on the floor at Ianto’s feet and rested his head momentarily on the Welshman’s thigh, sighing softly as Ianto’s fingers immediately stroked through his Captain’s still damp hair.

Sitting up, Jack opened the box and took out several worn photographs and a yellowed newspaper cutting. He handed them to Ianto one at a time “Andrew...Andrew and me just after we’d made our promises to each other...and Andrew, me and the rest of the crews of the time... Then there’s the local paper’s report of the fire...” he paused “I was so young...”

Ianto looked at the pictures “you must have loved him very much...” his voice hitched as read the report and he tried to imagine what Jack had gone through.

Yes...I did...” the tears welled once more as he tipped the box up and two matching rings clinked out into his open palm, followed by a dried and pressed red rose on a tiny stem. “I was going to show you know everything else... Andrew showed me how to love...really love...and I will be forever grateful to him... I know that I love you, love you like no-one ever before...not even Andrew...” he tipped the rings and flower back into the box and wrapped his hands around Ianto’s

“You’ve given me a reason to live love again... After Hart I swore I’d never let anyone in again – if I didn’t let them in, then they couldn’t hurt me... I had my friends, my family, my work, the fire station...what else did I need? I was okay...” he pressed a gentle kiss to the Welshman’s knuckles and looked deep into his eyes, his heart leaping at the intensity of emotion blazing out of those clear blue pools.

“Then I met you – who knew that one look and I’d be was like being a teenager all over again! I wanted to scrawl Jack Jones all over my Fire Reports...I saw your smile everywhere I went...found myself daydreaming about pressing my lips to yours...” he paused for breath, smiling into the kiss as Ianto leant down to capture his mouth... “and that was just the start! Since I’ve met you, the world is brighter, the sun is warmer...the stars seem to dance and I know we’ve had some torrid times but...” he knelt up, holding on tighter to the young man’s hands as he took a deep breath in,

you are my world Ianto Jones, my life and my soul mate and I give myself to you completely...if you’ll have me...” his voice trailed away as he realised the implications of his words and sudden fear sent a chill down his spine what if it’s too soon...what if he doesn’t want the same...wha...”

Ianto’s mouth crashing against his effectively wiped his fears away and they reached for each other, the photos and article fluttering gently to the floor as the two men sank back on the soft leather...

Finally coming up for air, long pleasurable minutes later, Ianto cupped Jack’s face softly “I love you Jack Harkness, with all my take me to bed...” Their eyes met, passion smouldering in twin pairs of blue, before Jack led the man he loved to the bedroom and they tumbled onto the bed, mouths locked together as they lost themselves in each other...

When Ianto woke several hours later, he was alone... He smiled as he stretched luxuriously, recalling their lovemaking; how Jack had taken him to the edge and kept him there until his every cell was on fire, every nerve ending stretched taut...never before had he experienced such intense sensation and when they’d finally exploded together...

Ianto squirmed under the quilt as his body reacted enthusiastically to the slow replay in his head and he resisted the urge to take himself in hand, instead, flinging back the covers and pulling on his trackies and t-shirt to go and find Jack...

He didn’t have to go far to find him! Jack was sat cross legged on the sofa in his coat with his laptop in front of him. He was typing busily and didn’t hear Ianto come up behind him until a soft kiss was pressed to his neck and he jumped. Ianto glanced at the screen to see an attractive blonde woman smiling at him as the cursor moved rapidly

So this must be Ianto...Yanno?

“Jack? I missed you...” Ianto smiled into the kiss as Jack captured his lips lovingly.

“Webcam...” he nodded at the screen when they pulled apart “this is Rose...” he said, turning to see a huge grin on the woman’s face as she clapped enthusiastically. “Doc’ll be along in a minute – he’s doing some late night readings for his research...they’re an hour ahead of us in Norway so it’s very late night there! He typed a reply, grinning at Rose’s wave and immediate response.

Agree – he’s gorgeous!

Jack chuckled, his fingers dancing across the keyboard. Ianto leant into him, reading the response, his blush intensifying as he read Jack’s words.

Nice to meet you Yanno! Thank you for putting the smile back on Jack’s face – it’s been gone way too long! We can’t wait to meet you for real...

Ianto grinned and tugged the laptop towards him, typing his own hello as Jack attempted to distract him by nibbling on his earlobe. They shoved each other good-naturedly, hands grabbing at clothing and they fell into a tangled, laughing heap on the floor, kissing happily as they attempted to get up...

The laptop pinged a new message notification and they glanced back towards the screen.

Put him down and introduce him to your dad!

Ianto had the rare pleasure of seeing Jack blush as he untangled them and struggled to a sitting position, before saluting “Yessir!” He draped an arm around Ianto’s shoulders and tugged him in closer. “Doc, this is Ianto, Yanno, this is my old man, Doc!”

Oi, less of the old! Good to meet you Ianto...

Ianto chuckled as Jack whispered in his ear, “I always tell him he looks at least nine hundred! He says it’s living with Rose!”

Jack, did Rose tell you our news?

They turned inquiring faces towards the screen, shaking their heads as Rose joined her husband on the screen, looping her arms around his neck as he tapped out the message

I’ve been asked to give a series of lectures on my research into the Greenhouse effect...lectures at Cardiff University who are hosting the Climatology Institute symposium this year, so... he stopped typing to give a lop-sided grin at his computer so, we’re coming back home for a few months...we leave in a fortnight – can you book us into a hotel if I email you the dates?

Jack shook his head, dragging his laptop back towards him to insist they had the house, explaining that he spent most of his time @Yanno anyway so the poor house was getting neglected and would love to have them back again!

We didn’t want to cramp your style, son, but if you’re sure, we’d love to go back to the house – I’ve really missed that view out over the marina and across the sea... Somehow, with all I’ve seen, nothing is ever quite like home... He yawned widely, setting them all off...

Okay, I’m beat! It’s good to see you looking so happy Jack, and Ianto, I can’t wait to taste this wonderful coffee Jack’s been raving about...he says you made a blend just for him?  We’ll see you in a couple of weeks boys...nite nite...  

Rose pressed a light kiss to the Doc’s temple and leant over him to add her own farewell Love you Jack, you look after your lovely man and I’ll email you all the flight details as soon as I have them... Rose xxx

The screen went blank as the webcam the other end was switched off. Jack turned his off too before turning shining eyes towards his beloved Welshman. “They’re coming home, Yanno...mum and dad are coming home!” He closed the laptop and moved it aside, dragging Ianto into his lap to kiss him senseless.

They broke apart panting breathlessly. “What if they don’t like me..?” Ianto couldn’t help the anxious thought that burst unbidden from his lips.

Jack smiled. “Don’t worry, they are going to love you, just like I!” He pressed a kiss to the Welshman’s forehead “...this bit...” another kiss to his cheek “this bit...” he nibbled Ianto’s neck “...this bit” warm breath against his skin sending trails of goose bumps down the young man’s spine, “one of my favourite bits...” as he captured his lips and they sank into hot, wet, frantic kisses...

Ianto won the duel of their tongues and pulled away from the knee-melting hot kisses to pepper feather-light brushes of his lips down the side of Jack’s neck, feeling the quivers of desire that shook his Captain’s body. He paused to suck at the soft spot behind Jack’s ear, grazing the sensitive skin with his teeth, the sensations sending a red-hot bolt of want to their groins.

They moaned in unison as Ianto lapped in the hollow of Jack’s throat, bodies shuddering with raw desire as heartbeats pounded wildly and their breathing became ragged... Ianto pushed open the heavy wool and continued his exploration of Jack’s body, kissing his way down his chest to encircle a nipple with his tongue, teasing the nub of flesh which sent sparks of want raging through them.  Jack’s body pulsated with desire, arching against Ianto’s, lips parted and head thrown back. He moaned loudly as the other nipple received equal treatment, tangling his hands in the younger man’s hair, urging him on.

 “..more...please...more” he gasped, pleasure soaring to new heights as Ianto continued his path downwards, relishing Jack’s every shudder and quiver as he kissed, nipped and licked every inch of bare skin...

He grinned at Jack’s gasp as he took him into his mouth, sensations of bliss surpassing anything within earthly description. Jack mumbled Ianto’s name over and over, thoughts tumbling wildly as the Welshman’s wicked mouth teased and sucked his sensitive flesh. He felt Jack’s breathing stutter as his body soared towards release, his own breath coming in trembling pants and gasps as he shared the bursts of hot lust that coincided with each of his cheek-hollowing movements. Knowing Jack was close to climax, he pulled back a little further before taking him deeper into his mouth, pausing when the hands tangled in his hair tugged sharply,

“...wait...not yet...kiss me...”

Sliding up the older man’s body, Ianto crushed his lips to his Captain’s, driving his tongue possessively into his mouth, moaning in unison at the shared spikes of desire. Jack wrapped his arm round the Welshman’s waist, shuddering deliciously as their hips pressed together. With one swift movement, Jack dragged Ianto’s t-shirt off, shoved his tracksuit bottoms down and rolled them off the sofa on to the floor, finishing on top, sharing Ianto’s gasps as he arched up against him. Releasing his hold on Ianto’s waist, Jack buried one hand into his hair and slid the other one down his body, grasping him firmly with slow sensual strokes and they soared together towards that ultimate pleasure, their kisses becoming ever more frantic as they devoured each other’s mouths.

Moving his hand from Ianto’s head and breaking into their wild tongue duelling , Jack pushed three fingers into his lover’s mouth, a low moan escaping as the younger man sucked on them hungrily, sending white hot tendrils of pleasure coursing through them both.

“, Jack...please...” Ianto begged, his body screaming out for Jack’s touch, panting and convulsing as he felt first one, then a second finger slide into him, hips bucking uncontrollably, every nerve ending responding to Jack’s touch. He felt the rise as he spiralled towards his release, and bit down hard on his bottom lip to delay, his breath coming in shuddering gasps...”Jack...oh, fuck..can’t...”

“...hold on, sweetheart...breathe for me...” Jack’s voice was low, soothing, calming, slowing the pace until Ianto’s control had returned, the frantic pounding of his heart slowing momentarily, before increasing as Jack pushed slowly into him, the sensations of hot, tight heat raging wildly through them both. Ianto clutched at Jack’s hair and pulled his face close, claiming his lips roughly, biting down and feeling the twin sensations of pleasure and pain collide with shuddering passion as Jack began to thrust, matching his pace to his hand strokes.

Ianto cried out against the older man’s mouth as the sensations raged through his body like bursts of fire on his heated skin, each new feeling taking him to a heightened plane that was like nothing ever before, exquisite pleasure that defied description, raw, electrifying and simply fucking amazing... 

Jack thrust harder and faster as he felt their release building, spiralling towards that explosive climax, breaking away from their frantic kisses to whisper “...come for me, beautiful...” a hoarse cry echoing as they shuddered together in ecstasy...

 Jack pressed his lips softly against Ianto’s, the Welshman feeling indescribable joy and pure bliss, incredible serenity and clarity as heartbeats slowed, their breath a series of tiny pants as the warmth of the afterglow radiated through them as they snuggled together, wrapped in Jack’s coat.

Jack stroked a lock of hair off Ianto’s sweat-soaked forehead. ”...are you ok..?”

“..ugh...huh..!” Ianto found he had lost the ability to use any form of coherent speech.

“...I soul life...” Jack kissed him, pouring his feelings into the kiss. He wrapped the Welshman in his arms, and urged him towards the bedroom, sliding in beside him before closing his eyes as they floated together into sated sleep.

continued chapter 25





Date: 2011-11-21 06:00 pm (UTC)
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Aww D just what I needed after a long day. I've sent you a quick e-mail. Lovely chapter and Jack and Ianto are lucky people to be in your story.
*love and hugs*

Date: 2011-11-21 09:12 pm (UTC)
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nice chapter! a bit much even hot!
After these moments of anguish, it feels good. thank you

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From: [personal profile] seabiscuit
love the update


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