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Title: Twos and Blues: 22/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick, Pete, Mica, Rhiannion
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Warnings: angst amongst the smut/fluff!
Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 4600

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2  So, in NY for my half-term break. We’ve just been to Ground Zero...this chapter is dedicated to firefighters everywhere...on 11 September 2001, all gave some...some gave all...   To those who fell in the line of duty and those who carry on...we thank you with all our hearts... xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!

Twos and Blues 22/?


Chapter 22

The morning rush was in full swing when Jack reappeared, accompanied by half the station! The crew crammed into a booth while Jack went round the counter to announce his return, squeezing a wool-blend clad behind as he pressed past to say a good morning to Sue, the surreptitious grope not escaping her eagle eye!

Ianto winked and handed him an order pad, the action bringing back fond memories and a surge of heat to their trousers...

Jack scribbled down orders from Tosh, Owen, Nick, Gareth and Spook and joined the queue which was moving rapidly under the Welshman’s efficient direction. “Hi hon!” Jack grinned when he reached the head of the queue, “I’m home!”

“I noticed! I’m assuming the school’s still standing as you’re all back so soon...” he smiled at the surprised look on his Captain’s face. “Pete came in for his usual breakfast just after we opened and he’d called in at the station to see what it was – he’s booked off for work, but he said Nick ran out on him at a most inopportune moment...” He arched an eyebrow “good to know it’s not just us! So did you find out why the alarms went off?”


The eyebrow arched higher “Bats?”

“Yep, the school’s got a pair of bats nesting and the bloody things set the sensors off...did you know it’s illegal to move them unless you’re licensed...and they can carry rabies so you wouldn’t want to touch them anyway...” he paused to load the mugs onto the tray “I learnt all that this morning...never too late to go back to school it seems!”

The final mug changed hands, the familiar electric spark sending tingles down Jack’s spine and he resisted the urge to lean over the counter, grab a handful of waistcoat and haul his Welshman in for a passionate kiss.

“All done, cariad, Rhi’ll bring the hot stuff out in a minute unless you want to go get it...”

“I’ll go and get it...she’ll get cross if I don’t go and say good morning – and that’s one scary lady when she’s miffed!” he twinkled at the young man, mouthing a silent love you as he moved away with the tray.

After dishing the drinks out, he took the tray through to the kitchen, combining the collection of a variety of warm pastries with a morning hug for Rhi. Finally, he joined his crew, dragging a chair up to the table and a laughter-filled breakfast session ensued, the usual exchange of stories that always seemed to occur whenever a group of firefighters get together... Ianto joined them briefly when there was a lull in the flow of customers, draping his arms around his Captain’s neck as he stood behind Jack’s chair and rested on his shoulders, listening with amusement to the story of Owen rounding up a load of sheep from a trailer that had been involved in a shunt...

“So, there was Owen, flapping his arms like a distressed seagull and the sheep were just ignoring him – bit like we do really!” Jack laughed as the medic gave him a friendly shove “so he had the bright idea of barking like a dog...” Jack broke off in helpless giggles as Owen lifted his head and barked and the whole shop fell silent momentarily as everyone stared over to their booth...

“Just like that! ...and the sheep moved very obediently! So we called him Shep for a while after that, although his herding techniques weren’t quite so effective on us!”

“Don’t forget the stunt you all pulled that Christmas at our station do...” Owen frowned and grinned at the same time, snarking in typical fashion “I’ll give you bloody sheepdog!” The others looked at Jack who was laughing too much to speak, turning their eyes back to the acerbic doctor who huffed at the memory...

Tosh giggled loudly, putting her hand on Owen’s arm “come on, you have to admit it was inspired! Badger had a great sense of humour – wonder how he’s doing...” she looked at the younger crew members “he left to join the Hampshire whole-time and moved down there about four years ago...he was an absolute scream! Anyway, at the station Christmas dinner at St David’s he persuaded the waiter to serve Owen’s dinner in a dog’s bowl...” she broke off giggling helplessly at the expression on her fiancé’s face. “And Owen...”

“I got on my hands and knees and ate it..!” Owen growled, unable to keep the grin from spreading over his thin features as Tosh dissolved into tears of hysterical laughter... “and yes Captain, I’ve still got my collar and lead!“

Ianto shared in the laughter, thinking how lucky he was to be part of this group of amazing people...all down to that one meeting with a handsome Station Commander just a few short days ago. Overcome with a sudden rush of love for his Captain, Ianto slid round Jack’s body and landed in his lap, cupped his face and planted a brief, but steamy, kiss on his lips, ignoring the cat calls and whistles and the “put the tea boy down!” from Owen.

Jack’s arms closed around Ianto’s body, kissing back enthusiastically. “What was that for?” he gasped, “not that I’m complaining!”

“Just because...” Ianto smiled as he slipped out of the older man’s embrace and stood up “...just because...” he winked “tell you at closing time...I’ve got one of these..!” he pulled an order pad from his waistcoat pocket.

Jack’s blood supply rushed south and he pulled his chair back under the table to hide the rather obvious bulge in his trousers. “Right you lot, scat! I’ve got work to do...” he looked longingly after the Welshman’s retreating back.

He missed Owen’s suggestive hip movements, lost in thoughts about the afternoon to come, and jumped at the sudden outburst of raucous laughter, which intensified at his bemused expression as he gazed quizzically around the table.

One by one they squeezed out of the booth and took their leave, waving to Ianto who was back at his post, creating more coffee perfection...The door closed behind Tosh and Owen and Jack began clearing the table, pausing to answer his phone when it went off in his pocket. He glanced at the caller id “Tony...what news’ve you got for me?”

“Good, I think...obviously as John’s commanding officer I have to keep you informed...” he paused meaningfully.

“Okay, got that...” Jack realised he would be getting information not for general release “fire away...”

“Hart had his appointment with Welfare this morning. Now, whilst the exact details of that session are confidential, I can tell you that when certain people were mentioned, he became very agitated and aggressive and as a result he’s been admitted to Cefn-Coed in Swansea as an in-patient. He’s likely to be there for a while as we’ve liaised with the Police psyche team who were due to see him for reports and they’re happy for us to handle it. He’ll face his charges once he’s deemed fit to go before the magistrate... That should make you sleep a little easier in your bed tonight... I’ll keep you posted of any updates and I’ll send the official paperwork in a day or so...

“Thanks Tony, that is good news...”

“...oh, and Jack...I’m not sure Hart’s going to make it back to active service this time...we’ll have to see how it goes – it might be one incident too many for the brigade...”

“I’ll have to deal with that as and when it happens; for now we’ll let them sort out his rehab treatment... Thank you, Tony...for the call and for the support...”

“Welcome, Jack... Bye!”

Jack finished clearing the table and waited impatiently for a gap in the stream of customers before going round the counter and leading Ianto out of sight under the archway where he hauled the Welshman in for a monster hug as he filled him in on the call from the Deputy Divisional Commander. 

Ianto was relieved beyond words, squeezing tightly as he nuzzled into Jack’s neck “brilliant news, cariad...what’s Cafn-Coed?”

“Hospital specialising in people who have mental health problems of some sort...he’ll be looked after and the most important thing is that while he’s there, he’s not bothering us....” He tipped Ianto’s face up to capture his lips in a soft and gentle kiss before releasing him reluctantly and propelling him back in the direction of the shop.

He stood, leaning against the wall, watching his gorgeous young man back in coffee magic mode, following his slim, elegant fingers, every movement precise and controlled and he couldn’t help the images that flooded his head...images of those fingers working another kind of magic sending delicious shivers desire down his spine...

Jack jumped as Rhi nudged him. “You want to tell me what all that was about?” her eyes narrowed “you promised me you’d look after him...”

“...and I am...really... You remember that ex of mine who was trying to create a scene in here the other day? Well, he’s been sent to a secure hospital so he won’t be troubling us any more...” Jack smiled softly, his eyes fixed on the man he adored with every cell of his being, “I love him, Rhi, more than I ever thought it was possible...” his eyes misted up and Rhi shoved him good naturedly,

“You daft sod! You’re a right pair of soppy buggers!” she smiled fondly before adding “now get that cute arse back to work”

Jack stuck his tongue out at her and skipped out of reach as she lunged after him, giggling. After relieving first Sue, then Rhi, for their breaks and clearing a few more tables, Jack went upstairs to fetch his laptop and tucked himself away in a corner of the shop to work on the list of customer accounts he’d promised Gav he’d look at. After a few phone calls and emails he’d sorted several small problems and organised the business trip to Ireland to visit one of their older clients who wanted some updated systems. It was a productive ninety minutes and he was surprised how quickly the time had passed when Ianto appeared at his side after closing the shop at two thirty.

They threw themselves into the clean up and restocking which was swiftly completed and the two ladies departed just before three. Jack wrapped Ianto into his arms and kissed him tenderly, the kiss developing rapidly as tongue slid sensuously against tongue and blood supplies relocated in hopeful anticipation. Their mounting passion was interrupted by a phone call from the company fitting the CCTV at Jack’s house who rang to advise completion of that address and a return of the key to the neighbour’s. They would be at the shop in the morning.

Thanking them, Jack rang off and led Ianto up the stairs where he stripped him slowly, pressing soft kisses to each inch of warm skin as it was revealed, until the Welshman was trembling with desire from head to foot, every touch like fire on heated flesh... Jack looked up, grinning, from Ianto’s hip, where he’d just left a fresh purple mark as the young man shuddered at the collision of the twin sensations of pleasure and pain “you wanna trade’ve got your order book..?”

“hhummrgh!” Ianto struggled to form a coherent word as the molten mass that was his brain flailed uselessly.

Jack chuckled and continued his trail of kisses, marking his path with occasional nips of teeth until Ianto was floating on a wave of euphoria and seeing stars as he exploded into the moist warmth of his Captain’s mouth. Scrambling back up his lover’s sweat-slicked body, Jack crushed their mouths together, the Welshman tasting himself as their tongues swirled energetically.

Pulling back from their kiss just long enough to gasp for air, Ianto tugged at Jack’s clothes “Off” he demanded, adding a breathless “want you in me...” a grin spreading across his face as Jack’s clothes were torn off and flung wildly in all directions. Mere moments later, his Captain was back in his arms and they sank back into hot, wet, open mouthed kisses...passions rising...until they were moving in sweet unison, finally collapsing in a tingling, sated heap, limbs tangled as they panted for breath.

Once their breathing had returned to normal they relocated to the bathroom to share a shower with soft kisses and gentle hands washing each other’s bodies. Finally dry and dressed they returned to the shop where a quick inventory showed plenty of all stock so no baking was needed for the following day.

“Do you mind if we go and check the new CCTV at my place? We could take dinner with us, stop off for some groceries or get a takeaway and spend the night if you want to?”

“Groceries...we can can impress me with your culinary skills!” Ianto raised a suggestive eyebrow “are you as good in the kitchen as you are in the bedroom?”

Jack grinned “challenge accepted! I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with...” he broke off as his bleeper sounded and they grabbed their coats, hurrying out to the SUV. Minutes later they were pulling into the station just behind Pete. Jack leapt out and rushed through to the kit bay, dropping his named wooden ball on the way in. Ianto followed more slowly, making sure he wasn’t in the way. Both doors were open and the first away already had Tosh in the driver’s seat, Gwen and Pup in the back and Gareth almost dressed in his kit.

“How many we got?” Pete glanced at the display board as Jack looked at the turnout instructions to see it was a call to a property fire.

“Seven...I’ll go OIC on the pump, you take Rhys and go IC of the Unimog...” as Rhys followed them into the appliance bay carrying his kit. Both men nodded, Rhys stowing his kit in the locker before climbing up into the driving seat of the second appliance Jack swung up into the passenger seat of one five Papa one and reached for the radio as Tosh pulled away, blue lights flashing...

Ianto watched as both appliances vanished down the road, two tones joining the flashing lights as they encountered traffic. Returning to the watch room, he completed the log sheets on the computer and the manual record book. The appliances had arrived at the address to find it was a case of an over-anxious neighbour – the ‘smoke’ she’d seen coming from the next door property turned out to be steam from the external vent for the tumble dryer, giving the appearance of smoke as it met the cool outside air.

Jack took a few details, spoke to the neighbour and reassured her they’d rather come out and find it was nothing than have her ignore it and the house to burn down... Public appeased, Jack called the stop message through to control and the crews prepared to return to the station.

Watching the messages as they were logged on the screen, Ianto updated the station call sheet and sat back to wait for their return. Forty-five minutes later, he and Jack were piling shopping into their trolley before heading to Marine Parade.

The melted wheelie bins had been taken away, but the grass was scorched and the window frame still bore the marks from the smoke damage. It was a chilling reminder of what might have been and they were quiet as they went inside.

Ianto began unpacking the groceries while Jack went through the instructions for the CCTV, contenting himself that the system was easy to use and could be checked remotely, the data being stored for a year on a rolling deletion programme.

Ianto, meanwhile, had prepared the lamb joint, peeled the potatoes and carrots and chopped the cabbage. The lamb and potatoes were in the oven and the vegetables in a saucepan ready for cooking later when Jack joined him in the kitchen, tugging the Welshman in for a tender kiss as they melted against each other.

“Thought I was showing you how well I could cook?” Jack murmured as he nibbled enticingly on the Welshman’s ear.

“You can prepare dessert...”

“What’s for dessert?” Jack’s face was puzzled as he mentally ran through the groceries they’d bought.

“Me!” Ianto smiled...that tiny little smile that just curved the edges of his soft and sensual mouth and made his Captain want to crush their lips together passionately before ripping the young man’s clothes off..!

“How long till dinner?” Jack’s wicked grin sent fresh shivers of desire down the Welshman’s spine to pool south of his belt buckle.

“Ages...” the hoarse whisper echoed around the room as Ianto took the hand that Jack held out and followed as he was led upstairs...

After an enjoyable dinner - which was preceded by an even more enjoyable dessert – they curled up on the sofa and watched some mindless TV, neither really watching, just content to stretch out on the sofa, Jack’s head in Ianto’s lap as the Welshman ran his fingers softly through his Captain’s hair... After the news, they made their way back upstairs and got ready to turn in, both men piling their clothes neatly on the floor on their own side of the bed in case of need in the night...

After gentle sweeps of tongue through minty fresh mouths, they fell asleep, wrapped in each other’s arms...

Shrill bleeping woke them in the early hours and they sprang apart, each reaching for his clothes and scrambling into them. Ianto was mere moments behind Jack as he leapt down the stairs, the Captain pausing briefly at the front door to spin around and pull the Welshman into a tight hug. “Nice work, Mr Jones, now back to bed...keep it warm for me..!” He planted a hard kiss on his lips, squeezed the young man’s arse and was gone, the door clicking shut behind him.

Ianto grinned and walked slowly back up to bed, shedding his clothes before sliding under the covers and cuddling in to Jack’s pillow, that unique scent that was just Jack flooding his senses as he drifted back to sleep with a gentle smile on his face.

Jack returned just over two hours later, cold and weary, after they’d finally managed to release the trapped horse, unharmed, from a drainage ditch. He crept up the stairs and into the bedroom and a smile lit his tired face as the moonlight from outside accentuated Ianto’s pale features, so young and innocent in sleep... Stripping his clothes off quickly, he dropped them to the floor and slid carefully into bed, not wanting to disturb his gorgeous Welshman.

As he lay down and tugged gently at the quilt, Ianto’s eyes fluttered open briefly “what was it?” he murmured sleepily, opening his arms to pull his Captain in closer.

“Horse in a ditch...all ssshhh, back to sleep...” he snuggled in closer to the welcome warmth of Ianto’s body, the young man hissing as Jack’s cold feet made contact with his warm flesh. Jack pressed a soft kiss to Ianto’s forehead and closed his own eyes. Minutes later they were both asleep.

They woke just before the alarm and lay warm and cosy, cocooned in their own snug world for ten blissful minutes before the Pointer Sisters blasted ‘I’m so excited’ into their ears, the song triggering the rather enjoyable memory of Ianto dancing madly around his kitchen, singing along... Ianto met his Captain’s eyes which were twinkling amusedly “don’t remind me!” he groaned, half laughing as he was pulled in for a morning kiss that took his breath away and the radio had long since moved on to something else by the time they surfaced...

A quick shower, a coffee and some toast and they were on their way back to @Yanno. Jack dropped Ianto off, collected his laptop and notes and set off for an early start at work, kissing his Welshman with a passion that made his head spin before he bounded back into the SUV and drove away...

The day passed swiftly, the shop was busy and apart from one text mid morning missing you Yanno ILY x Ianto heard nothing from Jack. Pete and Nick came in for breakfast, Tosh came in for lunch and the radio presenter from their opening day did an impromptu broadcast when he called in on his way to another venue, reminding the listeners that @Yanno did the best coffee in Wales!

The clearing up was all done by three, Sue and Rhi said their goodbyes and left. Ianto emailed his order to the wholesalers and threw himself into a baking session; another fruit cake, more cookies and shortbread and then emptied the feedback cards from the suggestion boxes. He put aside the few with phone numbers and offers of personal coffee tasting for Jack to look at and flicked through the others. One had an interesting idea and he added that to the pile to show Jack later.

Leaving the fruit cake in the oven on timer, Ianto did his clearing up and ventured out for a stroll around Penarth, driving his hands deep into his pockets against the chilly temperature. He bought some fruit and a couple of steaks, checked out the price of ground coffee in the supermarket and headed for home. He spun round as he heard his name and saw Owen striding towards him, a warm smile on his thin face.

“Hey, tea boy! Glad I caught you! Do you and Jack fancy some dinner at the weekend? We could try that club we never made it to last week? Let me know, yeah..? Oh, Tosh wanted to ask...” he stopped as his phone rang and he answered it after glancing at the display “Dr Harper...” a frown crossed his face and he waved an apologetic hand in Ianto’s direction, sighing heavily as he continued “okay, yeah, I’m on my way...” He snapped his phone shut. “Sorry Ianto, duty calls...let me know about Saturday? See ya, tea boy!” He grinned and took off back the way he’d come.

Ianto smiled and let himself into the shop, wondering absently what Tosh had wanted to know. He considered texting her as he dumped the shopping on the counter and sorted out the beans for a vanilla blend coffee. He jumped violently as two warm arms slid around his waist and the unmistakable, heady fragrance of his Captain assailed his senses as Jack nuzzled into his neck.

“Damn Jack, you made me jump!” he grumbled half-heartedly as Jack’s hot breath caressed the sensitive spot at the base of his neck and teeth grazed the skin to send pulses of desire charging through him. He turned in the embrace, wrapping his arms around his Captain’s neck and crushing their mouths together, tongues tangling deliciously as each fought for domination. Panting hard, they broke for air, hips grinding together and all thoughts of coffee were forgotten...

Grabbing Jack’s hand, Ianto tugged him towards the stairs up to the flat and they moved quickly, dragging each other’s clothes off as they went, to leave a scattered trail of coats, shoes, shirts, t-shirts, trousers and boxers until they tumbled naked on to the sofa. Ianto won the tussle for position, pinning the older man down on the sofa before sinking slowly onto him and loving him hard and fast, wild passion sending them spiralling into the cosmos as they cried their release within moments of each other and slumped spent and panting against the cushions.

Kissing softly, they luxuriated in the tingling warmth of the afterglow, arms wrapped tightly around each other until the heat of their orgasms had dissipated and goose bumps began chasing over their skin. Reluctantly, Ianto climbed off his Captain’s lap and they headed to the bathroom to clean up.

Neither were hungry so the steaks were dumped in the fridge for another day and they had beans on toast, hot chocolate and an early night, the numerous shouts of recent days catching up on them. With Ianto curled up on his side and Jack spooned around him, one arm draped possessively around his waist, they snuggled under the quilt and were sound asleep by ten o’clock...

With relentless insistence, the bleeper dragged them from their dreams around three am. They pulled their clothes on groggily and staggered down the stairs, a swift kiss and then Jack was gone. Ianto crawled back upstairs and dropped on to the bed still dressed, his intention to wait for Jack’s return failing as sleep reclaimed him...

When he woke again at six, Jack still wasn’t back. After a lonely shower he went downstairs and made a coffee, pulling his phone out and wondering if he should call. He bit his lip and shoved it back in his pocket; Jack would call when he could...he always did...

It wasn’t until he went into the kitchen that he noticed the order pad propped up on the worktop. He leapt at it, recognising Jack’s writing Yanno, I’m so sorry – I can’t do this. Please forgive me. J

Ianto stared at it, disbelieving, then looked around, half expecting the Captain to be hiding somewhere ready to jump out on him...this had to be a joke...didn’t it? was a had to be...

He read the note again, tears spilling down his cheeks as he finally took in the meaning and then it hit him...two was two weeks since they’d met... He slid down the wall to end up on the floor as his legs buckled beneath him, hearing Jack’s voice in his head as he’d explained his relationship with Hart “we had two great weeks that took us five years to end...” two weeks...two wonderful weeks...

Yanking his phone back out from his pocket, he dialled Jack’s mobile. It rang and rang until the answer-phone cut in, same result with his landline and again with TW Engineering. Jack was off the grid. Hugging the order pad to his chest, Ianto gave in to the deep wracking sobs that shook his body and his tears flowed... “Jack...where are you? Jack...”


chapter 23 



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