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Title: Twos and Blues: 21/? 
Author: zazajb
Rating: R - N/C-17 overall, adult concepts, occasional language, M/M
Pairings/Characters: Jack/Ianto, [past]Jack/John, Tosh/Owen, Gwen/Rhys, Andy, Gareth, Harris, Nick, Pete, Mica, Rhiannion
Spoilers – none – totally AU

Warnings: angst amongst the smut/fluff!
Summary:  Jack is the Station Commander of a retained* fire station. This is the story of their adventures. Words:  this chapter 4460

Previous chapters:

Disclaimer: I own none of the characters – anything you recognise is owned by RTD & BBC, even if they don’t know how to look after them properly...
With thanks to the wonderful fjorda77 for the awesome banner *hugs*

A/N So, I’ve finally gone completely departure for me – thank you for all the comments so far...and please excuse the liberties I’m taking with Welsh geography! Updates will now be posted to both LJ and DW

A/N1 Retained stations are crewed by part-time firefighters who live and work locally, responding to a bleeper signal when the fire appliance is needed – in all other respects they are the same as whole-time firefighters... SWFRS= South Wales Fire and Rescue Service PDA= pre-determined attendance [the minimum number of appliances sent to a particular premises no matter what the call]

A/N2  This chapter dedicated to too_beauty for her birthday – have a wonderful day sweetheart... xxx

Cross posted so you might get this more than once – sorry!

Twos and Blues 21/?


Chapter 21

Ianto laughed helplessly as Jack hopped around on one foot, desperately trying to keep his balance as he dragged his jeans on and the knocking on the locked back door was repeated, louder this time. Finally managing to get his other leg safely encased in denim, he flew down the stairs, zipping up as he went and was fastening his belt buckle as he opened the door to a grinning Rhi and giggling Mica and Lauren.

“Busy were we?” Rhi teased as Mica and Lauren danced inside, eying Jack’s bare chest and feet with obvious admiration “Oh, don’t encourage him girls!” she added, shooing the giggling teenagers through to the shop “go and get everything ready!”

“Nothing to do – it’s all ready..” Jack grinned as Rhi arched an eyebrow in a scarily similar way to her brother’s, fixing him with a do please explain look. “I had a shout at four o’clock, was too awake when I got back so got the shop ready, then went back to bed and we overslept...” he paused, winking, “which is why we’re running late now!”

Rhi shook her head, laughing “ where’s my little brother..?”

“Here!” Ianto strolled into the kitchen, fully dressed, although his waistcoat hung open and his tie was slung loosely around his neck as he buttoned up his collar and the fresh love-bite was covered by high quality maroon Swiss cotton. Ianto’s eyes sparkled mischievously as he moved into the shop to start the coffee, “get the croissants on sis..!”

When she joined them in the shop a few minutes later, the girls were still giggling, sat in one of the booths, and Jack and Ianto were laughing together over at the coffee machine, Jack with his arms looped around the Welshman’s waist as he stood behind him, nuzzling into his neck... They looked relaxed and totally at ease with each other. Not for the first time, Rhi thought what a lucky man her brother was...

The oven pinged in the kitchen and she went back to get the selection of breakfast pasties that she’d chosen and took them through, sliding into the booth and picking up her cappuccino with an appreciative smile. She nudged Jack, who now had his @Yanno polo shirt on. “You didn’t have to put that chest away for my benefit, you know!”

He chuckled, shooting a leer at Ianto, “maybe not, but Yanno’s such an animal when he’s in the to keep him contained during work-time!”

Ianto spluttered into his coffee, blushing scarlet as they all laughed and it was a riotous end to the staff Sunday breakfast before Rhi left them all to it...

The customers came and went in a steady stream, breakfasts selling well into the morning and they were running low on most things by the time two o’clock came round and they closed the doors. Nick and Pete had been in for a New York blend and bagel around mid-morning, fortunately coming at a quiet moment so they were able to catch up and chat for a bit. Ianto hugged them both tightly, thanking them for their help and support that morning, insisting that their breakfast was on the house...a battle they yielded in eventually as the four men laughed and cemented their friendship with a coffee-fuelled toast...

With the shop now closed, Jack organised the clear-up and re-stock of consumables whilst Ianto cashed up and sorted out the wages and the ledger. The girls were more than happy with their increased pay rate and threw themselves into full-clean mode with gusto, the result being the shop was sparkling in next to no time and they shot off happily when Rhi came to pick them up just after three...

A strained silence fell as Jack and Ianto stood in the kitchen after the girls had left, neither wanting to say anything that would break the good humoured mood of the past few hours, both knowing, however, that they had to sit down and talk about John Hart.


“Jack – we need..!”

Both spoke at the same time, rueful laughter breaking the awkwardness and they sank into each other’s arms to share a soft kiss. “He won’t break us matter what he tries...” that edge of steel was there again and Jack felt a surge of love for his gorgeous and loyal Welshman I don’t deserve you my Yanno, but I’m damn well gonna fight for you... He cupped Ianto’s face with both hands and kissed him hard, tongue sweeping his mouth possessively as the young man melted against him and Hart, and all his problems, were relegated to the insignificances they truly were. In trying to split them up, he’d made them stronger than ever... These thoughts, and others like them, charged through Jack’s synapses on a rush of light and he suddenly realised that everything was clear...that what had happened in the past wasn’t his fault and the guilt and self doubt he’d been harbouring all these years dissolved away...

His hands slid down the Welshman’s body and his arms tightened around Ianto’s waist, tugging him closer. When they came up for air, he buried his face in the young man’s neck, inhaling that wonderful scent that was just Ianto... He held on tighter still, drawing a gasp from pink, kiss swollen lips as Ianto’s freshly renewed oxygen supply was squeezed from his lungs!


“Sorry!” Jack’s grip loosened enough for Ianto to breathe and they grinned at each other, light brushes of lips before the Welshman stepped towards the coffee machine, his Captain hanging on to wrap himself around  Ianto’s waist as two @Yanno signature blends were put into production.

Finally releasing his hold, Jack dug his phone out as Ianto carried their mugs over to a table and sat down. Jack took a deep breath in and released it slowly. “Ready?”

A nod and a tiny smile encouraged him to show the picture he’d taken of the graffiti, noting that flash of steel once again in his lover’s eyes as he absorbed the message behind the rather childish act. “Okay...” Jack took a sip of his coffee, “I’ve sent a full report to HQ – I’ve been totally honest about our relationship and the fact we have no evidence other than past form, motive and opportunity... however, on top of everything else, it’s enough and they’ve bumped his appointment with Welfare to the top of the list. He’ll be visited tomorrow morning...

I’ve started a personal log – everything, however small, relating to Hart will be noted. If I’d done all this properly last time, maybe Rose wouldn’t have got hurt...” his eyes filled with tears and he blinked them away impatiently, Ianto’s hand reaching to entwine their fingers in a silent gesture of support. Jack gulped loudly and continued. “John was out of control and I covered up for him – not once or twice, but sometimes on a daily basis for months and months...if I’d done what I should have – reported him, called the police...done anything...he’d have been kicked out of the brigade and slung behind bars...”

The tears finally spilled down his cheeks as the memories ripped him apart. Ianto squeezed their joined hands reassuringly, willing his distraught Captain to carry on... “The guys at the station could see our relationship – not that it even was a relationship any more – was going badly wrong...they’d have to be blind to have missed that! But that was as much as anyone, other than Owen, got to see – Hart’s drinking and drug habits...I covered up...I thought I could...” his voice trailed away and he hung his head, chest heaving as he fought to control the wracking sobs.

Ianto bit down hard on his bottom lip, watching Jack re-live something that was so obviously traumatic was agonising, but he knew Jack had to get it the cork was out of the proverbial bottle after so long, the tale had to be finished if Jack, and me he told himself, were to move forward. “You thought you could..?” he prompted softly, rubbing his thumb lightly over Jack’s skin.

“I thought I could get him clean...I mean he said he loved me, wanted me...would do anything for me... I thought if I got him off the drink and drugs we could part amicably...I was so fucking stupid...” he slammed his other hand on the table, making them both jump.

“I booked him out on annual leave from the brigade and told Gav I’d be taking some time off from work to sort the John problem as he called it – we’d had phone calls, graffiti, drunken outbursts in reception and that kind of thing at TW Engineering and it was affecting my work, my staff and my business generally...Hart had to be dealt with...I knew that...that’s why it seemed like the only way...

I invited him back to the house for a drink...” a wry smile flashed over his face momentarily “guaranteed way to get him there! I had a bottle of Jim Beam – one of his favourites – and I poured him a glass...a very generous glass that I’d crushed some sleeping tablets into. He went out like a light and when he woke up he was handcuffed to the ancient radiator in the study. He was rabid with fury...that sounds crazy, but he knew what I was trying to do and he tried everything to get me to release him – threats, tears, the whole I’m sorry Jack, forgive me, I know you’re right...please hold me routine...

I kept him there for three days and he was really suffering with the withdrawal symptoms – watching someone go cold turkey is horrible...even someone you hate...and I did hate him by then...hated him for what he’d done to my work, the station, my friends...for what he’d made me...a coward...

On day four he was different...quiet and compliant, tiny smiles and the twitching and retching had stopped... He held his arms out and, foolishly, I went to him. I thought I’d done it...helped him off his addictions and I was pleased for him... I should have paid more attention...should’ve remembered who he was...what he was...

The floor was wet – he said he’d spilled one of his water bottles – he had several to combat the dehydration from the withdrawal process... As soon as I was close, he hit me with the bit of pipe he’d wrenched from the radiator and knocked me over, we fought furiously but he was possessed and so strong... He hit me time and time again until I was unconscious...” Jack used his free hand to push the hair back from his temple to reveal the thin scar that ran for three inches along his hair line “my battle scar...that’s what he left me with...”

Ianto’s blood ran cold as he pictured Jack lying bloody and beaten. He leant across and pressed sweet, gentle kisses along the length of the scar, then a brief brush of his lips, tasting the salty tang of Jack’s tears, before resettling in his chair.

I felt him going through my pockets as I lost consciousness, obviously he found the key to the handcuffs and he was free. At that moment Rose let herself in the front door on a surprise visit – they were living at the University where Doc was lecturing on the science of climate change – and she’d often come back for a chat and a coffee...she admits now, it was because they were worried about John and what he was doing to me...” He choked back a sob... “Poor Rose...

She met John and his pipe. He hit her and knocked her out and then took off...”

Jack stared down at their joined hands, his face pale and streaked with tear tracks. He looked so vulnerable and Ianto had to fight not to wrap his arms around him and hold him close, not wanting to risk anything that would stop this out-pouring... After a brief pause, Jack carried on...

“Owen found us. I’d missed a shout – that was unusual for me, and he’d tried calling my mobile and the house. He knew I wasn’t at work as he’d spoken to Gav. Rose was just coming round and all she said was John... She refused to let Owen call her an ambulance, so he dressed her cut where she’d hit a picture frame edge and they came looking for me. I was pretty badly beaten so they got me to the sofa and Owen patched up my wounds – luckily he always carries a bag of stuff in his car and was able to stitch me up...

Owen wanted to call the police but I convinced him I could sort it out. He wasn’t happy but he said it was my injuries...but if that didn’t work then he would report John himself and relieve me of my command. He meant it and I respected that. wonderful lovely Rose. I was devastated she’d been hurt and furious with myself for putting her in danger, but so relieved when she hugged me – very carefully! – and said she’d support my decision once I’d told her what I’d been trying to do...

That’s all...” he gave a rueful smile, “really all there is about Hart and me...the rest you already know – I sent him a message to meet him, told him I understood why he’d done what he had and that it was the effect of the drugs... He chose the rooftop garden...and you know what happened there...

When he came out of rehab six months later, the station thought he’d done well to put it all behind him and start over – Owen was the only one who knew what’d really gone on but I knew he’d keep quiet as long as Hart behaved himself...which he has managed, more or less, ever since...” He stared down at their joined hands before adding in a whisper “I’ll understand if you don’t want me to stay...people I care about always get hurt...” he broke down, pulling away from the Welshman’s clasp to bury his face in his hands...

Ianto dragged his chair round the table and hauled his distressed Captain into his arms, holding him as close as he could, rocking him gently and whispering words of love and nonsense as Jack sobbed, clinging on tightly, his fingers curled into the Welshman’s hair...

It was some time before the older man stopped shaking, finally resting his head on Ianto’s shoulder as the young man stroked one hand through Jack’s hair and rubbed his back in soothing circles with the other. Jack leant into the warmth of the embrace, immersing himself in everything that was Ianto, the familiar touch and scent of the man he loved with everything he was, grounding him and filling him with a sense of security.

They remained still for long minutes, both taking comfort in their closeness until Ianto tipped Jack’s face up to kiss him tenderly, lips moving sweetly against his own as they melted against one another.

“You okay cariad?” Ianto brushed away the tear tracks on Jack’s face, gazing deep into those red-rimmed, troubled blue grey depths.

Jack nodded gingerly “...better than I was...thank you...” he pressed a kiss to the end of the Welshman’s button nose “you’re a better man than I Ianto Jones, and I love you more than words could ever say...” He gave a watery smile before resuming the summary of his actions that day, linking their fingers once more...

“So, I contacted my security advisor from TW Engineering and he got back to me watch is now in place on my house and here as well. That will remain until the CCTV is fitted...” he paused and gazed into Ianto eyes, “if that’s okay with you..? I have to keep you safe...”

Lifting their joined hands to his lips, Ianto kissed Jack’s knuckles lightly, nodding grimly.

“I’ve also sent a copy of everything to Sergeant Stone – he asked to be kept in the loop and he’s been great. He’s suggested we have enough cause to apply for an injunction to keep Hart at a distance. Now whilst it will antagonise him beyond belief, I think we should do will put an end to his stupid stunts like this morning’s fun and games and if he breaks it, it’s straight to court. We can sort that one out tomorrow with my solicitor...”

Jack drained the last of his coffee and brushed his thumb over Ianto’s cheek. “I’m sorry this has involved you...Hart’s my problem and I should’ve dealt with him a very long time was easier to let everyone think he was doing well, that he was coping with everything...” he grimaced “I put you at risk and if anything happened to you I’d never forgive myself...I love you so much Ianto Yanno...”

Ianto leant into the touch. “I’d deal with a hundred Harts if it meant I’d still have you, cariad...” he pressed closer his voice dropping to a hungry whisper,”...take me to bed, Jack...”

Hand in hand they climbed the stairs...

Darkness had fallen when they resurfaced after a frantic session, kisses alternating from hard and urgent to soft and sensual, every touch of heated skin taking them closer to euphoria, Jack arching up to meet him as Ianto drove deeper, hitting that magic spot with every thrust until his Captain was a keening, whimpering, pleasure-crazed mess...and they danced with the stars on waves of exquisite pleasure...

A sated and sweaty heap, they fell asleep immediately, entwined in each other’s arms, waking after an hour, cold and sticky. A hot shower followed, kissing tenderly as the water cascaded down on them and they were ready for an intensive baking session to restock the shop, plus something to eat as they were ravenous!

With the Hart situation and history out in the open, proper security and records of behaviour set in place, Jack was able to relax slightly and appreciate once more the sheer beauty, loyalty and inner strength of his beloved Welshman and their baking session, followed by takeaway pizza, was full of laughter, loving looks and tender kisses until the various containers were once again filled with cakes, Welsh cakes and biscuits galore ready for the start of the week...

After stacking the dishwasher and tidying everything away, they returned to the flat and curled up on the sofa with a hot chocolate each, Jack sharing some more Fire Service tales from his huge repertoire of both humorous and decidedly strange incidents, with the story telling delayed at various intervals for whipped cream sucking-from-fingers [among other bodily parts!] –type diversions, accompanied by much laughter and a certain amount of enjoyable rolling around on the floor.

Two happy men made their way to the bedroom just after midnight and fell into bed to cuddle up in each other’s arms as they drifted off to sleep...only to be woken two hours later by the shrill bleeping from Jack’s alerter. Ianto flicked the light on and swung his legs out of bed, attempting to mirror Jack’s swift dressing as they’d decided he needed to practice before he became part of the crew, giggling helplessly as his feet tangled in his track bottoms and he’d only managed to get one leg in by the time Jack was dressed. The Captain pressed a swift kiss to Ianto’s forehead “love you Yanno...” before he shot out of the door and down the stairs, the outer door closing behind him moments later.

Ianto flopped back across the bed, one leg warm in track suit material, the other exposed to the air and gathering goose-bumps as he grinned happily at the ceiling... His mind wondered idly what the shout was, sitting up in horror as images of Jack’s house going up in flames swept through his head hot on the heels of Jack’s description of the previous night’s shout... Within moments he was dressed and downstairs pacing the shop anxiously in the dark until he heard the SUV outside an hour later and dragged the door open to throw himself on a very startled Captain!

“Yanno? What on earth are you doing up? I know you’re practicing your night-time speed-dressing, but the idea is that you go back to sleep after..!” He grinned indulgently “do you need a little something to help you sleep?” as he held the Welshman close and ground their hips together “Well, maybe, not so little!” Jack chuckled throatily at the immediate response from both their bodies, his amusement dying away as Ianto clung on tighter and buried his face into the older man’s neck.

“What’s wrong sweetheart?” he tipped Ianto’s face up, noting the worry in his gorgeous blue eyes as he brushed their lips together.

“The shout...was it your house?”

“No...oh God, no! I should’ve rung...I never thought...Yanno, I’m so was a minor road traffic collision with fuel spillage...some drunken idiot trying to drive over the roundabout, literally, split his petrol tank so there was petrol all over the place. Simple clear up operation and wait for the tow truck for the car, the driver’s sleeping it off in a cell as we speak...”

“I thought...I know it’s silly...but it wouldn’t go away...” Ianto mumbled into Jack’s neck, suddenly feeling rather foolish...

“Not silly...and after everything else that’s happened I should’ve been more aware...I’m sorry...” he tightened his hold, “can you forgive me...again?”

“Come inside and kiss it away?” Ianto suggested with an arch of an eyebrow and a hint of a smile, drawing a deep throaty chuckle from his Captain. Locking the door behind them, they made their way back to bed and shared soft kisses before falling back to sleep within minutes.

 Monday dawned bright and sunny and after sharing a shower and dressing, Ianto was secretly relieved when Jack rang Gav and told him he’d be working from home today...”@Yanno home...” he clarified, the words sending a delicious warmth and a sudden need to sing and dance madly through the Welshman as he prepared their coffee. Jack said goodbye and shoved his phone back in his pocket, leaning on the counter to watch those wonderful hands work their magic.

He ginned as Ianto turned round with two steaming mugs, handing one to the older man “what’s got you all happy and smiling..?” Jack teased as the mug changed ownership and that familiar electric tingle shot through them as their fingers touched.

“You!” Ianto blushed endearingly but met his Captain’s eyes, gasping at the intensity of emotion swirling in those blue grey depths.

Jack reached for Ianto’s hand “are we okay, my Yanno? I’ve put you through so much...I’ve...” his words were lost as Ianto’s lips crashed against his own and the Welshman’s tongue plundered his mouth possessively to kiss him senseless. They broke for air and to allow Ianto to slide over the counter so he was sat up with Jack pressed in close in the gap between his knees, before they sank back into hot, open mouthed kisses and they lost themselves in each other...

A rapping on the shop door and a familiar snarky tone put an end to their rather enjoyable snogging session “Oi, Captain, put the tea boy down and open the bloody door!”

Parting reluctantly, Jack gazed at the Welshman he loved so very much, taking in the mussed hair, rosy tinged cheeks and pink, kiss swollen lips, the young man’s eyes blazing with love as his Captain moved away to let a grinning Owen in. The medic clapped Jack on the back as he bounded in and headed for the counter.

“Coffee?” Ianto reached for the New York blend beans as Owen nodded “I came by to make sure the pair of you were all right as I hadn’t heard anything...” he frowned at Jack as his Captain rejoined them after relocking the door “I’m assuming you’ve heard of that wonderful modern invention a phone..?” the sarcasm was biting “a call or text..?” he paused, taking his coffee mug,” thanks...”

“Owen, I’m sorry...really...” Jack smiled as the acerbic doctor huffed indignantly “’s been...” he searched for the right word.

“...eventful?” Ianto offered “and I’m sorry too, we’ve been so wrapped up in ourselves...”

Owen waved a hand dismissively “I’m teasing, but I was a bit worried...” he winked “although with that show through the glass just now I can see I was worrying unnecessarily!” Nudging the blushing Welshman gently, he chuckled before becoming serious again “if there’s a next time, spare a thought for my blood pressure – and my ear drums from a Tosh attack ‘have you heard anything yet?’ – and send a short text, yeah?” He took a gulp of his coffee and sighed contentedly “Bliss! Now can we have some of those croissant things with the chocolate in to go with it?”

Laughing, Ianto started towards the kitchen, only to be overtaken when two bleepers shrilled in unison and they shot past him, Owen swearing profusely, his profanities fading as the kitchen door banged closed behind them...

Ianto smiled, his lips still tingling from the heat of Jack’s kisses, as he concluded that life with Jack was never going to be dull! He leant against the kitchen worktop and drank the rest of his coffee, his mind reliving the more enjoyable moments of the past twenty-four hours and his blood supply gathered hopefully below his waistline...





Date: 2011-10-30 08:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Poor Jack! He was too confident.
It is he tells all at Ianto.
As I understand it, Ianto hides a temperament of steel! Hopefully he will defend itself.

Date: 2012-09-25 02:45 pm (UTC)
gramblossom: (Default)
From: [personal profile] gramblossom
I'll not comment on every chapter, since I'm only a year behind, but will tell you I love this verse. Love the total close relationship of Jack and Ianto, especially the intense streak of Ianto and of course his protectiveness, also Jack admitting he was wrong how he handled Hart in the past. The the friendship between the other characters, even Gwen. Love your past chapter reference to Backdraft(one of my favorite movies).


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